ΔΕmΘ - ΞΣeΩt Empire
Timeline: Galactica Revisited
Capital: ΔΕmΘ city
Other cities: ΞΣeΩt, Morsiga, Lecca, sΔ. Sortham, Sleg
Language: Sorgata
Religion: K'rakner, sl'gret'mo
Demonym: ΔΕmΘian
Type of government: parliamentary monarchy
Grand Emperor: Razimic ste ΔΕmΘ
Prime Minister: Morsensv wrt ΞΣeΩt
Currency: ΔΕmΘian slo

the ΔΕmΘ - ΞΣeΩt Empire is the most badass nation in the game

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