The year is 1995, and the has changed very much. The Grand Alliance of Imperials are gone, destroyed by massive rebellions manufactured by the Liberation Front. Now, in the aftermath, the time has come for freedom and democracy to rise once more. But the remnants of the Empires still live on, and are scheming for their own return to power. Can you lead your nation to freedom, or fall to the pages of history.

Rules Edit

  1. Be plasuible.
  2. To join, simply sumbit your nation using the template on the talk page. If it meets the needed standreds, it is allowed. If not, it will be disqualifed.
  3. Mods have final say.
  4. Disrespecting the mod's will result in a warning. If done again, it is a ban.
  5. Nukes aren't allowed for a while. After all, the world has collapsed.
  6. Your nation can be anywhere from the sixe of Ireland to the size of Texas. However, the bigger your nation, the harder it is to control, and the more rebellions that may follow.
  7. Population at the start cannot be above 10,000,000. Depending on where it is located, it must also meet the expected population size of that area, but slightly, if not greatly, lower.
  8. At the start, and when other players join, no one is aware of the nations. Contact must be gradually made.
  9. The remnants of the GAI are all mod controlled. No one may sign up as one.
  10. Be respectful to other players.
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