This Map game is now closed since it was not edited for 7 days in a row!

Hello Everyone, My name is User:The2016, but you can Call Me '16. I hope you come join this map game I created!!! I have never produced a map game that has lasted longer than 3 days, so I hope you come join. I will need a map mod too, please. It is sort of Alt history, but will be fun. Be any country you like!!!. It doesn't even have to be correct!!!

Rules Edit

  • Swearing is allowed
  • No Rascism
  • Do Not go too crazy
  • Add more someone

Fallen/Occupied/Invaded Countries/States Edit

Mods Edit

  • Mod 1:
  • Mod 2:
  • Mod 3:
  • Emergency Mod:
  • Map Mod:

Players Edit

The Republic of Ireland: Call Me '16

Start Edit

Indonesia & Australia declare independence from the Dutch and British empires. The Republic of Maine is established. The Republic of Florida is formed. Ireland overtakes Northern Ireland and Invades France, Germany and Iceland.


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