Aczoreb & Abarri

South Central Æcasium - Year One

The Aczoreb Tribes are a confederation of tribal societies in the south-central region of Æcasium. The Confederation is a loose, despotic monarchy headed by a patriarchial government.


In Year One, the Aczoreb people belonged to a series of semi-independent confederation of tribes under the reiging sovereign of the Aczoreb tribe. The Aczoreb tribe is managed by a patriarchial monarchy.

Culture and Religion

The Aczoreb culture is very expansive, as it is composed of numerous tribes and civilizations. In basic, the Aczoreb people value competition and activity. Hunting, fishing, and trapping are skills which the Aczorbi hold in high esteem.

The religion of Aczoreb is another aspect which varies greatly in the confederation. In the south, near the water, the population is usually found worshipping a pantheon of gods and godessess, whom embody values such as piety, bravery, and honesty. In the north and the east, the religion is mostly centered around a monotheistic, omnipotent god. Aczoreb, a northerly tribe, fully blends this monotheistic religion with matters of state and monarchy, where the chieftain is commonly seen as the child of the god or a demi-god himself. 

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