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intro Edit

Welcome, welcome to earth. A world that had fallen apart many, many years ago. Sadly, when it fell apart, no good was present to build it back up. Only evil grew fast, and evil did build it up, creating a world to suit Itself, with no room for anything else. Welcome to the new age on earth. Welcome my friend, to the age of the oligarchs!

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mods Edit

head mod/creator: ~fires

secondary mod: 

backup mod(has the power to start late turns, And add non biased events to them) 

Algo mod: 

player sign up Edit

note: the Roman numerals in parentheses are the same as the nation is assigned on the map. (Duh)

Nations Edit

  • North American federation(I): 
  • South American Plutocracy(II)
  • United European Republic (III)
  • North African Confederacy (IV)
  • African Union (V)
  • Lower Egyptian empire (VI) 
  • South African Union (VII) 
  • Madagascar (VIII) 
  • Slavic imperium (IX) 
  • Iranian remnant (X) 
  • Arabian Union (XI) 
  • Japanese communist republic (XII)
  • Chinese empire (XIII) 
  • indian empire (XIV) 
  • Unified kingdom of Indonesia (XV)
  • Isles of Timor (XVI) 
  • Australia (XVII) 
  • New Zealand (XVIII)
  • Panama (XVIIII)

Corporations Edit

  • Titan security:
  • Johnson and Harks:
  • Arga Evolution:
  • Dominion World Security: ~fires
  • Nocius inc.:
  • Pacific Tech Alliance:
  • Space X:
  • Googleplus:
  • United Atlantic Shipping:
  • Ryder Defense Equipment:
  • Deutches Telekom
  • Microsoft
  • Lenovo
  • Monsanto
  • Nissan
  • BMW
  • BNP Parabalas Bank
  • Gasprom

terrorists Edit

soon to come

space colonies Edit

to be added 20 turns into the game Edit

soon to come

rules Edit

genral rules Edit

  1. treat others as you wish to be treated. If you attack someone, don't bitch and moan when they fight back.
  2. victory conditions are tbd
  3. no implausibility, 3 implausibilities is a week ban, and 5 after that is a full ban
  4. moderators are gods until proven wrong
  5. technology should remain plausible, although space travel is relatively common, no FTL or other tech like that

corporation rules Edit

  1. monoplys are allowed, there are little to no laws controlling corporations
  2. defense corporations can possess private armies
  3. the goal when playing as a cooperation is to make as much profit as possible
  4. some corporations will have private territory, that they control completely with no government ruling over them

terrorist rules Edit

  1. terrorists are allowed to do essentially anything, as long as it is plausible. (Which come to think of it, narrows the spectrum a lot)
  2. terrorist orginazations will have a stated goal, and anything the terrorists do must reflect that goal, at least marginally
  3. terrorists can be supported by nations and corperations
  4. terrorists can become nations, if they capture enough land

More rules tos to come(possibly)

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