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Alexander at the park, 1052
Tsesarevich of Novodonetsk
Reign 1056 — present
Investiture 9th January 1056
Predecessor Nicholas I
Full name
Aleksandr Nikolaevich Pavyluchenko
(Cyrillic: Александр Николаевич Павилученко)
(English: Alexander Nikolaevich Pavyluchenko)
House House of Hohensberg-Pavyluchenko
Father Nikolai, Tsarevich of Novodonetsk
Mother Anastasia, Tsarevna of Novodonetsk
Born 3 September 1047 (Age 20)
Münchner Zentralhospital
Religion New Orthodoxy

Alexander, Tsesarevich of Novodonetsk (full name: Aleksandr Nikolaevich Pavyluchenko; Cyrillic: Александр Николаевич Павилученко) is the first child and only son of Tsar Nicholas I of Novodonetsk and his wife Anastasia Volkova. Alexander is currently the heir apparent to the throne of Novodonetsk and is also fifth in line to that of Neubayern.

On 7th October 1058, the ten-year-old Tsesarevich disappeared, reportedly on the way home from school. A frantic search ensued, culminating in his escape from the hands of his captors, the Narodnaya Volya, and his return home on a ship from Democratic Alba. Alexander's father awarded him with the rank of Officer in the Order of the Grand Cross for his bravery.


  • 1047 — present: His Imperial Highness The Prince Alexander of Novodonetsk
  • 1056 — present: His Imperial Highness The Tsesarevich of Novodonetsk

His full title in Donetskian is Его Императорское Высочество Принц Новодонецкый Александр (Yego Imperatorskoye Vysochestvo Prints Novodonetskyy Aleksandr).

Prince Alexander of Novodonetsk
Born: 3 September 1047
Lines of succession
Preceded by
Nicholas I
Line of succession to the Throne of Neubayern
5th position
Succeeded by
The Princess Maria Nikolaevna
First Line of succession to the Donetskian Throne
1st position
Succeeded by
The Princess Maria Nikolaevna
Order of precedence in Neubayern
Preceded by
Nicholas I
Gentlemen Succeeded by
The Duke of Toyama
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