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Alliance to Restore Democracy to Terra Alba
Dëmak eq Terr Albnïc Íttif
Game: New World (Map Game)
NewWorldLocatorMap 1016
Location Democratic Alba
Anthem "Iśtïl Marš (Independence March)"
Capital Hul'kars
Largest city Aurelia
  others English, German
Religion None (state atheism)
Ethnic group Alban
Demonym Democratic Alban
Government Unitary presidential constitutional republic under a military dictatorship
  legislature National Assembly
Population 7,565,789 (990 census), 8,958,574 (1010 census), 9,857,859 (1017 census), 10,479,565, (1027) census), 10,875,575 (1040 census), 11,657,859 (1057 census) 
Established 8 October 974
Independence from the Holy Empire of the White Lands
  declared 8 October 974
  recognized Not recognised by the Empire
Currency Free Mark (not recognised)
Democratic Alba, known officially as the Alliance to Restore Democracy to Terra Alba, is a small nation bordered solely by the significantly larger Holy Empire of the White Lands. It is considered a terrorist organisation by the Holy Empire, which does not recognise the existence of the Alliance as a nation. In reality, Democratic Alba controls the western half of Veris Island off the south coast of Terra Alba, as well as an enclave that is completely surrounded by the Empire.
Democratic Alba emblem (New World Map Game)

Emblem of Democratic Alba

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