Allied States of America
Timeline: Shattered Stars and Stripes: The New Deal
Flag of the FSNY
Flag of Allied States
Capital: Albany
Other cities: New York, Buffalo
Language: English
Religion: Secular
Demonym: American (De Jure), New Yorker (De Facto)
Type of government: Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic
President: Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Vice President: M. Clifford Townsend
Established: 1932
Currency: US Dollar



Foreign RelationsEdit

Good RelationsEdit

  • Ohio:  Officially, the nations have been allied since 1933 and maintain close strategic ties. Politically however, the two nations are distant from each other.
  • Confederation of the Mississippi: The Nations are trade partners and maintain close strategic ties. The ASA maintains an active Miitary base in the nation.
  • New American Union: The nations maintain similar strategic interests, but are politically and economically distant
  • Alabama: The Nations maintain similar strategic interests, but have little official ties beyond a trade agreement.

Neutral RelationsEdit

  • California: The ASA and California recognize each other, but no official relations have been extended.
  • Georgia: The ASA recognizes Georgia, but no official relations are extended.
  • Dakota: No formal ties exist between Dakota and the ASA. The ASA does not recognize the communist government in Dakota but does little about it's existence

Poor RelationsEdit

  • Maryland: An ally of Virginia, Maryland is not in line with the ASA's interests and some politicians see Maryland as a dangerous nation

Hostile RelationsEdit

  • The Union of the South: The Union of the South Armed Pennsylvania in their attack on the ASA. The Union of the South is a potential threat to ASA strategic interests and a clear threat to the ASA's military inrrests. However, several politicians see the Union of the South as a potential asset to ASA's interests


  • Commonwealth of Virginia: The ASA sees Virginia as their largest  and only true Enemy. They aided Pennsylvania in the Pennsylvania-ASA war, jeopardizing the ASA counter-operation against Pennsylvania. Most Politicians, Military leaders, and civilians see the current government of Virginia as the largest threat to the ASA's Military, Economic, Political, and Strategic Interests.

Satellite StatesEdit

  • Pennsylvania: Following Pennsylvania's attack on the ASA. 


Flag of the FSNY
  • This Flag was used by the Republic of New York between 1932 and 1933


  • This flag was used only in 1933


  • This flag was used from 1933-1935
US 36 Star Wagon Wheel Flag
  • This flag was used from 1935-Now
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