Provinces of the united Kingdom

Provincial divisions

Previously two separate kingdoms the United Kingdoms of Alsache-Anatoray is a relatively large kingdom on the Continent of Atlantaea. Tracing its origins from the original Altaic tribes of Atlantaea following an unknown catastrophe the Two major Chiefdoms of both major tribes went their separate directions and founded the two Altaic kingdoms of Alsache and Anatoray. After hundreds of years of development both emerged are early kingdoms around the same time with populations exceeding their original boundaries.

Being primarily naval, Alsache and Anatoray expanded in their respective areas before reconnection in the early years of both kingdoms expansion. Being the same ethnicity and sharing the same pantheon of the gods the previous legends of both kingdoms origins were proven true and both kingdoms grew closer for nearly have a century culminating into a Dynastic union in which both kingdoms became equal halves to a whole.



Extending over large swaths of the Continent of Atlantaea the United Kingdom of Alsache-Anatoray contains three major portions to its goegraphy. in the South and on Anatorays home islands there are a combination of small hills, a few mountains, leading into flat agricultural plains. Containing a single river on Anatorays home island the Pantaea river, the areas of the Southern portion of the kingdom are incredibly fertile and heavily contribute to the population growth experienced by the people. The Alsachean isles are a grouping of mountainous and farmland typed islands that house the homeland of the Kingdom of Alsache. this area is well known to be good grazing lands for livestock and horses and is used as such. The Frontiers are not well known yet but are known to be hilly and mountainous in major areas with the central part of Atlantaea being majorly plains like and containing huge forests

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