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Map[edit | edit source]

Updated map with Players added.

Nation Color on the map Ruler
Athens Carmine Mr.Darius
Holland Dark Blue Prinsenvlag.svg Hail Sean, Master of Revolution! (Free potatoes)
Colonia Copia Claudia Medium Light Blue Revolution 9
Ulster Dark Green Spartian300
Mycenae Magenta QuebecanCanada (talk)
Edinburgh Dark Brown ThievingMagpyr
Udahaddar Green? Kras
Cambridge Yellow Bandon23
Leinster (Dublin) Pale Green Mangdublah
Nineveh (Orange-Brown) Daxinferno
Suehan&swedish federation of the tribes Radical Red(#FF355E) and other red/s/pink for the other members Hi there. I'm still that awesome guy.
Steraling(Today's Rostov-on-Don) light cyan --NativeAssyrian (talk)

== The Game==

1000 B.C.[edit | edit source]

Mod Events: Tribes are slowly settling down and creating new states.
Many small kingdoms, duchies, cities and similar formations rise and fall every year,
but there are some that manage to expand and thrive.
Will they keep growing stronger or fall just like many other? Only time will tell...

Mod message: Since the game is in early stage, army scores will be boosted. x5 for the first five turns, and twice for another five turns. After that they'll go back to normal.

Player Events:

Athens: Darius the Great is elected as a new tyrant of Athens and manages to unite quite a big part of Attica under his rule. Some islands are conquered or join his cause willingly. Army stands at around 2000 men. Recent campaigns almost emptied our treasury and so Darius focuses on economy for now. To use limited space as efficiently as possible, he gives order to heavily increase the output of iron and bronze tools. More mines are established and trade is encouraged. Non arable land is used for cattle and extraction of building materials like stone or timber. Even though Polis needs food, people tend to produce things that are good for trade, like olive oil. This makes Athenae more dependent on trade but also brings more funds from it. Our ships encounter a big new Polis in Κρήτη (Crete) that people call Κνωσός (Knossos). We consider the possibility of close-cooperation with this state but Darius leaves it for the future.

Mycenae: Mycenae is led by King Cyrus III, who helped the nation to strengthen its economy and military, making many new farms and many ships. Two expeditions are made this year by sea, one expedition lands in the land of Israel, where the Israelites live, and Aegypt (Egypt) in the South, Aegypt has a beautiful and green river called the Nile, the two expeditions help Mycenaean Cartographers to map the Mediterranean Sea (Mycenaean name: ?). the Expeditions come home after many months at sea and write about the History, Language and Culture of both nations, which is stored at Knossos Academies. Current religion is Greek Polytheism and Mycenaean Religion, Cyrus III says that the Mycenaean people shall have Freedom of Religion. The Athenian Ships are noticed, and this is seen as a trade request, although as their king Darius the Great chose to, we shall respect the decision. Farms and Arable land are gathered, which shall make food to Knossos and any other Mycenaean city. Knossos continues to grow as the city's buildings like Markets, Homes and Government Buildings continue being built, as long with the Docks, the cities of Apollonia (north coast of Crete), Itanos, and other continue to grow provided with trade from Aegypt and other and arable lands, which provides crops that are healthy for the inhabitants. 

  • Athens: Since Mycenaean people are very open and cooperative, Darius sees no need to wait and offers extended trade to Mycenae.
  • Mycenae: We agree, and shall trade with Athens.
  • Udahaddar offers trade to Mycenae, including copper, lead and wool.
  • Mycenae: We accept.

Edinburgh: The position of Chieftain of the Votadini is finally claimed by a new warrior after usurping and killing all rivals to the position changing his title to King of the Votadini. With a new start of the empire he sends two exploring ships out west. One to the North to places such as Orcas (Orkney) and to the South to explore the lands below the Alba Kingdom. Along with this he sends a group of men North to Dundee (purple) to ask their chieftain into an alliance for trade and unity against the stronger kingdom of the Pinks. As part of defensive preparations, with war and raiding parties being a common event in the North, he begins a rough training of 20% of all able men to create a permanent army of 1500: a new concept to the Votadini. For the majority of his lands he lets the people do as they wish letting the economy evolve slowly with small lumber towns and farming towns scattered throughout his lands. In the city of Edinburgh he improves construction upon their docks hoping to build a large ship system for fishing, trade and defense.

  • Dundee agrees to trade with Edinburgh.

Hollandia: Jan I wins the battle for control and thus becomes our first king. The capital is named Rotterdam, and Jan I effectively unites most of Hollandia, our homeland. We send three exploring ships, one which finds an island we name Vestlant, another sails north to a land we call Nortlant and another which sails to the south and the land we find there is called Suitlant. An army of 2.500 men is established. 

Udahaddar is formed as a fairly centralized state, as the tribe unites around a charismatic priestess, Issohadar, who is opposed to the spreading Phoenician influence. Using the influence of the priestesses, she is able to unite the tribe, who successfully expel Phoenician settlers from the city of Eglasar (OTL Iglesas). This gives them control over significant port facilities and infrastructure. The tribe readmits rival Phoenician traders to the city on condition of naval assistance, while the city's numerous ships are used to expand trade networks south and east. Several ships sail east and make landfall in the Peloponnese, leading them to offer trade to Mycenae to replace their dependence on the Phoenicians. Trade is established with the town of Mahon on Minorca, and a priestess is left there to convert islanders. A small regular army of 1000 is recruited from the countryside, and armed with bronze. The various mines in the nearby countryside are brought under close control to provide goods for trade. Using their newfound wealth, the tribe sets up temples of unprecedented size to the Bull-Sun and Water-Moon, as well as temples for lesser deities. Many come from hundreds of miles away to worship.

Ulster begins building up her military under the rule of King Brain of the Macdonnell clan. He sends a small force of about a thousand men to seize control of OTL Donegal. He also sends troops towards OTL Belfast, so as to established the borders of Ulster and secure it's status. Ships are built and sent out to find suitable trade partners aboard. Trade is established with several lesser kingdoms. Supplies are made for the army, such as swords, spears, etc.

  • Battle of Donegal turns out to be a complete failure for armies of Ulster. Due to lack of supplies (negative score) they are forced to retreat without fighting. Despite the fact that no fighting occurred, Irish tribes become aware of Ulster's expansionism.
  • just realized I am OTL Donegal. So I can't do that.
  • You do not control OTL Donegal, check the map. Also, no bailing out after you confirmed the attack and lost, please. This time you'll get your EDP even despite the war, but next time check everything ten times before waging war.
  • I realized the same thing, but was too embarrassed.
  • Just a game, no need to be.

Cambridge will be led by King George I and unites Cambridge most of it. Cambridge begins to build up the military. King George I sends explorers to London to see if there aren't any threats of buildings being destroyed.

990 B.C.[edit | edit source]

990 B.C.

Mod Events: City state of Sparta is established. David becomes a king of Israelites and
makes Jerusalem the capital of his state. Mycenaean cartographers improve the map of
Middle East.

Player Events:

Athens: Agriculture is still weak, and big part of food is imported by traders, but at least now those are our traders that pay taxes to us. Tyrant proposes a new system to increase the agricultural output. People, instead of working on their own small bit of land, are grouped into valley communities (since arable lands are mostly in valleys). All the people that belong to the valley community contribute with land and slaves, with some also working themselves, produced products are distributed accordingly. That doesn't magically help but all the lands that were left unused, due to lack of workforce or disputes between neighbors, are now producing food and trading goods. Port Pyrheus is expanded and polis builds more ships. Diplomatic relations are established with the new state to the south. Settlers are sent to the west, they claim 20 px of land near the Polis of Corinthos. 

Mycenae: King Cyrus III dies from old age, he was 54 years old, Mournings are held all over the Kingdom, he is succeeded by King Theodorus V, who was his cousin, Theodorus V's regime does not change that much from Cyrus III's regime. Trade with Athens and Udahaddar continues. Trade is offered to the new state Sparta (MOD RESPONSE). Explorers are tasked to seek for an new island in the east by ships, to help Mycenean Cartographers map the Middle East and to deal with the population issue at Crete. After 11 months at sea (Expedition was launched in early February), the Island is named Kýpros (Cyprus) and the city of Cyruspolis, named in honour of King Cyrus III (expansion of Cyprus' east coast is 5 pixels). To protect our Peloponnesian territories in the Greek mainland we build fortifications around cities and build walls around our territories to protect from invading Celts/Natives and Barbarians, the Wall will be called Theodorus' Wall, named in honour of our King Theodorus V, since he ordered the building of the wall, it will begin buikding in 970 BC. Agriculture and Military is improved. 

  • Sparta agrees.

Cambridge: While explorers still finding London in case of threats. King George I sees the London has no damage buildings and told explorers to tour back to the capital city of Cambridge. As explorers are preparing for finding a island. Some clues are not founded yet, but for explorers are exploring to send the information of the island.

Hollandia: Jan I orders expansion towards the north (20 px). Our explorers decide to sail to Vestlant again, this time landing on the island beginning their exploration of the island. Nortlant and Suitlant are not explored further

Colonia Copia Claudia: We decide our capital as Lyon. Mainly local religions are spread throughout the region as our culture. At the time, we are a moderately stable political power in our state. There is no social pyramid. Only two classes. High command, meaning our four regional governors Amator, Cyr, Dreux, and Merovech. As well as our national ruler, Asselin. New laws require him to not have all power, for example all four governors together have nearly as much say as Asselin. This makes our society and economy run smoothly and citizens seem satisfied with our decisions. We create great moral due to government and many citizens choose to join our local army.We spread a message to all the peoples and tribes of Gaul that we would like to annex all areas possible to become a larger state. If tribes accept, we will make large tribe leaders governors of their annexed region. Of course, you will be under our rule, but governors will get a say. We will create a parliament. (MOD RESPONSE) If enough citizens do agree to change something, the government will most likely listen to avoid rebellions.

  • Due to Colonia Copia Claudia not having big influence, only 20 px of tribes agree to join it.
  • If you make union with a state that large, my events will practically control you. Just saying so you know, if you want hardcore game - you can do it.

Udahaddar: The tribe expands its control north into the interior of Nuraghia (Sardinia), bringing more of the countryside under its rule (18 px). Naval development continues, with a second Phoenician port at Caralis brought under Udahaddar’s control. The Nuraghic cult, centred on the new temples at Eglesas, is promoted, especially in Minorca, where a temple is built. The port of Mahon is officially garrisoned with 50 men, bringing in new tax resources and access to trade in the west (2 px on Minorca). Many of the inhabitants of the area adopt Nuraghic to better communicate. The army continues to train, fighting against occasional bandit raids or small conflicts with other tribes. Trade goes well, and Udahaddar's traders begin to cut into the Pheonician market share in Sardinia and Spain, with many Nuraghi preferring to deal with their fellows than with foreigners.

Edinburgh: With King Cruithne son reaching adulthood he offers a marriage between him and the daughter of the King of the Dundee Kingdom (Purple) unifying them and bringing them both under the Votandini. (MOD RESPONSE) Along with this druids are transported by ship to the northern island of Orcas (Orkney) with a small garrison of 300 men to take control of the island in the Kings hope of uniting all the Pictish Kingdoms under one banner and ruler. (control of only the grey parts of the islands for now) At the same time the economy is developed by forcing all valley land to be turned into cropland and controlled by regional Druidic leaders and hill sides to be turned into grazing land. Sruighlea (Stirling) becomes the economical market town of the country with almost all produce and money going through it. In a new plan King Cuirthne disguises 400 of his soldiers as merchants and sends them into the Kingdom of Glaschu (Glasgow) and other northern tribes to trade with them. Whilst there they gain information on their military strengths and secretly set fire to grain houses and lumber yards to cause a downfall of their economies. None of them attack Kingdom around Dundee in case they do accept the marriage alliance. An explorers ship is sent to the north of the Pict Kingdoms to determine what new tribes exist above the tribes the King knows of.

  • Dundee refuses union due to no preceding political relations and strong ties with other Pictish kingdoms.
  • Despite losing around 50 men en route (unknown and pretty big route), expedition successfully lands in Orcas. Due to hard conditions, unknown terrain and minor bandit raids, 50 more people die on the island. 20 px of land is claimed.

980 B.C.[edit | edit source]

980 B.C.

Mod Events: Trade in Mediterranean region starts thriving again and more tribes
start thinking about their states. 
Mod Message: I suggest that anyone who wants more metagame would pop in to Nations page
and update "Other info" about their country. Also, I would be thankful if you invite
anyone who might be interested to join AltE.

Player Events:

Colonia Copia Claudia: Because we didn't get many tribes to join, only one new regional governor rules. Meanwhile, in the new joined tribes of the south, tribes convince Asselin to try and conquer 5 px in the south of enemy tribes. We surprise attack from on a large stripe of hills and close in on them a mile west. The army currently has no leader so it has to be run by Asselin himself. In the northlands, we improve relations with large tribes by communicating and trading our simple goods. Luckily, we speak the same language as the north tribes and we are fighting the south tribes, who are their enemies. A few explorers decide to see what the far north brings so they travel all the way to the Jutes who they meet and trade with.

Edinburgh: With trade at the moment to Dundee only really able by ship at the moment, King Cuirthne leads an army of 600 to attack Peairt (Perth) and claim the land for the Votandini and start the uniting of the Pictish Kingdoms whilst also improving their trade routes for their economy (if attack is successful gaining 7 px to create a land border with the Purple Kingdom.) 400 men remain behind to guard the Kingdom from any raids whilst 200 additional men and some villagers are sent up to join the 200 in Orcas and begin the building of a Fishing port and a temple to the Gods of the Sea under the orders of the druids. They also start to move out into the main island further (5 px north). A third explorers ship is sent north to map the lands above Orcas. Trade is offered to the Kingdom of Alba in exchange for maps of the lands below them (MOD RESPONSE)

  • Expands 7 px up without war.

Cambridge: The explorers are still finding an island and exploring across the ocean. The wall could be in progress, as King George I delivers the message for the builders for a defensive walls to keep in the danger of other enemies. King George I establishes culture as Angli, language as Anglish. With all the information he received about the Cambridge.

Udahaddar continues to expand its trade networks throughout the Mediterranean, undercutting Phoenician trade networks with abetter understanding of local needs, as well as nearer ports. The settlement on Minorca expands 20 px, bringing the entire island under its control (please add to map). On Sardinia, relations with nearby Nuragic tribes are improved, mainly through religious and trade contacts. More ships are constructed on Phoenician models, and the army expands, trains, and arms itself with bronze weapons. Trade is offered to three Celtiberian tribes, offering lead, wool and wine for tin and silver. (Mod Response)

  • Celtiberian tribes agree to trade.
  • Minorca is far bigger than that.

Mycenae: Economy is improved due to the trade with Athens, Sparta and Udahaddar. King Theodorus V continues his reign, ordering more explorer's to Kýpros (Cyprus) (Expansion on Cyprus' east coast is 9 pixels). Agriculture is improved, and the city of Cyrusopolis in Kýpros being expanded, with the establishment of the Governor's palace and the Cyrusopolis Senate. Since Peloponnesia has much stone we build stone-gathering sites to help the building of the Theodorus Wall, that will begin being built in 970 BC.

Ulster sends a mighty army of over 2000 warriors to take OTL Belfast and thus expand Ulsters borders enough to give it a massive coastline. King Brian MacDonnell has died, and his son, Finn, now rules as king. He begins massive improvements of Ulster's military and supplies, creating a standing army to help with this goal. Leather armour is now worn by most of the men, and many of them are equipped with robust shields and throwing spears. Swords are used by others. Cavalry is introduced, and as a test, as well as a means of securing the interests of Ulster and claiming vengeance for the defeat of two decades ago, 200 cavalry and 500 foot soldiers are sent to take over Donegal, in a move that would greatly expand Ulster's territory, if successful. Spies are deployed in several rival tribes, examining which may pose a threat to Ulster. Supply lines are established for the armies. Naval expansion and build up continues, with new ships being sent out to explore the neighbouring island. Written records are kept.

No espionage yet, too early.

Nearly 3000 men for this time, in Ireland, on the land this small seems pretty unlikely, too. Also, you can not decide how much land you get from the battle. Either you just attack, or expand and specify how many pixels and where.

Leinster: The O'Rourke tribe has become High Kings of Leinster and King Tiren O'Rourke sends a messenger to Ulster to inform the new King, Finn, that the O'Rourke tribe does not seek war. The King does however, begin to build an army up and encourages young girls to become blacksmiths and young boys do start training how to fight so that in the future, Leinster can seize nearby settlements.

  • Ulster will most likely leave Leinster alone, but should Leinster make any move the can be see as threat to Ulster will be taken as such.

Hollandia: Horses are now officially being used by the Hollandic army. The army reaches 3000 men, which are used to defeat southern tribes in OTL Brabant, to unify the people in the land of Batavia(Unification Casus Belli), but also because of strategic and political interests. 700 men are used as foot soldiers, and 300 men as cavalry. The infantry are equipped with spears, shields and swords, the cavalry with spears. The men who stay at home are ordered to work at the forgeries and the farms, to supply for our army, and this is successful. The men are well supplied, and King Jan I rides among them, 26 years old. His son Roelof is nine years old and stays in Rotterdam. We expand 20 px to the north. 

  • Bring your army down a bit

Athens: Agriculture is becoming stronger as we expand. To strengthen trade, we establish four outposts with 5 px each on the straits of Vosporos and Helesphontes. We finaly manage to claim territories in the west and so Athenians finally have easy access to the Gulf of Corinthos, where Port of Germeno is established. This also helps our economy by increasing trade with Italia, but main trading partners are still southern Lydians, Mycenaeans and Phoenicians. Trade deals are made with Thraki. The reforms on agriculture are finally finished and our food production had a slight boom in the last ten years. Tyrant Darius established three councils that will help him control expanding Polis, one for Economy, one for Military and one for Administration. He also starts saving some money from budget to establish national enterprises that would directly fill our vaults.

970 B.C.[edit | edit source]

AltE2 970bc.png

Mod events: Due to extensive trade in Mediterranean maps of Italia are improved. Latin
city of Rome is discovered by Nuraghi traders. Assyrian king changes. King of Israelites
 dies. Punic people in OTL Tunisia are rebelling against Phoenician settlers.

Cambridge: King George I establishing religion as Cambridge polytheism. While the explorers still try to get the job done. The wall is not ordered yet by King George I near Cambridge, he orders when his information of the wall building at Cambridge will be.

Colonia Copia Claudia: With the recent success in the South, we continue to battle the tribes using smart tactics and higher vantage points. We surround and infiltrate each tribe successfully again and again as we expand 20 px into the conquered South tribes. Many of the North tribes ally us in defeating the tribes of the south. Our travelers amaze the Jutes with their goods for trade and create a second trade route to the left and through water. Our government improves. Asselin I dies from sickness at an age of 42. His son Gallius, (22) becomes the new ruler and in his first year, he fortifies Lyon. In his third year, he makes Celtic Polytheism the official religion. All citizens follow with great worship and a strong society. Finally, in his 5th to present years he focuses solely on military and builds a large fighting force that continues to grow and expand.

  • Due to unnecessary force that is being used against them, Gaul tribes to the south of CCC are starting to think about armed resistance, minor guerrilla activity is used to sabotage supply routes of hostile armies.

Athens: After a big expansion of trade last decade, agriculture plays far less important role in our economy. More and more poor families and lone farmers choose to take a chance and move to Propontis region (Sea of Marmara). Due to new wave of settlers, all four outposts are expanded by 10 px each. To strengthen our positions in Italian trade, two 5 px outposts are established, one on the coast of Epirus and one to the south of Mesapia. Despite friendly relations with Sparta, Tyrant Darius is afraid they may claim Peloponesia and become a threat to Athenian Hegemony in Greek lands. Military council is slightly reformed to include all strategoses and strategoi, rather than only politicians. Regular land army of 1000 men is established. 20 ships with 400 navy men are patrolling islands and outposts at all times. First national enterprises start employing landless freemen and other poor people, not only doing favor to them, but also using pretty cheap workforce to increase the flow of gold to budget. Darius feels like he is not going to live for any longer and so assembles the first Demos since the Great Hellenic Crysis (Greek Dark Ages) to improve anything he can before dying. His son Atticus, aged 25, already being quite notable politician, is ready to take his place in the future.

Edinburgh: In 968 the druids of Orcas finish the building of their new temple to the God of the Sea and commemorate it by a ritual sacrifice of over 200 fish. The sighting of a whale off the coast of Orcas shows the Sea Gods approval and King Cuirthne who is now at least 50 takes part in a ritual whale hunt for luck. The druids expand their hold into mainland Orcas preaching of the new temple encouraging likewise Picts to come and join and work in the finished port and whale station. (Expansion 15 px north). The natives talking of a land further north still means that the Prince Domnal leads a new expedition of two ships with 50 druids and 200 men to this Northland. There they land and explore hoping to claim land (5 px) They discover a new breed of horse with strength and sturdiness outwieghing their own breeds. These horses are sent home to start a breeding program run by the Queen around newly captured Peairt (Perth). In 965 the King dies and the Prince is crowned the new leader using the newly found horses to open new iron ore mines and improve the farming methods with new plow horses. In 961 the King Domnal continues his fathers dream declaring himself King of the Picts and offers trade to all Pictish Kingdoms (MOD RESPONSE) whilst expanding further into the Kingdom of Glaschu offering its King the position of Lord of the South West. (30 px west) 

  • Due to Domnal's saying about being the King of Picts, many other Pictish kings are feeling the danger and refuse to trade. Both neighboring kingdoms agree.
  • Expedition to Northland fails but expansion in the west goes better than expected and extra 5 px are claimed there.

Udahaddar continues to expand its trade networks, especially into the Western Mediterranean, with the Celtiberians. Expansion on Sardinia continues, with more and more of the countryside coming under Udahaddar's control (30 px), largely voluntarily and peacefully. New supplies of silver and tin from Spain fund an increase in the military, particularly the navy, with new ships laid down. Seeking to gain further control of trade in the Western Mediterranean, an outpost is founded at Masrasaxlokk on Malta (10 px). Udahadar ships declare that any Phoenician traders passing through the Straits of Messina will henceforth have to pay tolls. The discovery of a large and organized Latin state at Rome is noted with interest, but the focus of trade remains in the west. The settlement on Minorca expands another 10 px. Protection is offered to the Punic rebels at Carthage provided they accept a preferential trade agreement. Mod Response Needed

  • Phoenicians ignore any demands and threat Nuraghi that any further provocations may not end well.
  • Carthaginian people are not responding since they have no representatives yet.

Mycenae: With the economy good enough and the stone and iron gathering complete, the Theodorus Wall begins to be built in Peloponesia. Five Expeditions are set on Italia, while an expedition was going for Italia, a powerful storm happened and blew the expedition east, the expedition discovers a strange land, which is named Illyria, the culture's are primitive and have tribes.

  • Kýpros: Kýpros officially made a colony. Kýpros expands 10 pixels.
  • Where do you want your wall exactly? Fending off Mycenaean lands in Peloponesos? 
  • In Peloponesia, it is to fend off Barbarian and Celtic invaders.

Ulster takes about 50 px from the Donegal area after an expansion into the region. Written records are kept of this. At the same time, however, King Finn Macdonnell begins preparing to take over all land east of Ulster, all the way to Antrim. Military build up and recruitment continues, with cavalry and infantry beginning trained for war. King Finn leads his armies on a massive invasion of the Antrim Glens, with the goal of seizing this area from the tribesmen living there. He leads a force of over 1000 men to do so. Meanwhile, he sends one of his generals, Lugh, to take OTL Sligo, in a bold move which is meant to ensure the the whole sea north of Ulster is under its control. Finn begins calling upon the various Irish tribes to unite with Ulster, promising that all those who join this proud kingdom will be rewarded for it greatly. His emissaries explain of the glories of a united Erie, which will prove to the world the power of the Irish race. Influence over other tribes continues. Naval Ships are sent to southern Wales once King Finn hears word of an island neighbouring Erie. They begin exploring and mapping the area, with some of the explorers encountering native Welshmen. Many of the Explorers call upon the king to establish a settlement on the island, but the King decides not to, as there are other matters to be dealt with first. He does, however, give permission for the formation of an Ulster navy. The duty of this small navy is to explore the neighbouring island, and possibly establish a settlement on it in the near future. A small settlement is established on an island off the coast of Ulster, which is called Glasvay Island.

How many are you sending to fight in "Sligo"?

960 B.C.[edit | edit source]

960 B.C.

Mod events: Libyan pharaohs start ruling Egypt. Punic rebels took Carthage and claimed most of the land settled by Phoenicians or Punic people. This cuts Phoenician influence in the western part of Mediterranean and self-proclaimed King of Tingis creates Kingdom of Tingis from Iberian and Berberic lands. Due to numerous violent acts towards their people, Irish tribes decide to unite against Ulster, more than 30 small tribes create the Confederation of Eire, Leinster is asked to help.

Athens: Tyrant Darius established Demos as a permanent council that supervises the leader of Polis and represents people in the government. He dies shortly after that and Atticus comes to power. The new tyrant continues the expansion. The outposts that were established last decade are expanded by 10 px each. One outpost of 10 px is created in eastern Sikelia (Sicily). All of the outposts in Propontis are expanded by 5 px each. It is estimated that islands and colonies now make up bigger part of our agriculture than Attica, the same can be said about trade and overall budget. Despite that, Athens still grow quickly and are a vital center for our economy. Polis continues establishing its own businesses, focusing on fishing and building/selling ships. Profit from these enterprises finally becomes noticeable, but most of it still goes to establish even more docks and fishing companies. Seeing as state makes reasonable money from fishing, private companies pop up across the lands of Polis, especially on the islands and in Propontis.

Cambridge: The leader thoughts the wall will soon to be built, as explorers still try to reach their exploration of the island. With no threats in their interests. King George I was told the explorers that if they found something, they have to go back from Cambridge. As no useless information is received.

Mycenae: King Theodorus V reaches 51 years old, and announces Prince Linus of Peloponesia as next king. More expeditions are sent to Italia, and an small colony is made by an expedition, named Koúkos, near OTL Catanzaro  (5 pixels), a outpost, dock, and few houses are made, and the Mycenean Government urges people in overpopulated cities to move there. Building on the Theodorus Wall continues, as the economy is improved. Military is improved with many ships are made.

  • Kýpros: Kýpros expands by 5 pixels.

Edinburgh: With the northern expedition failed the King declares to wait before trying a second expansion. Instead he orders the construction the new naval army of 20 huge boats. The flagship of this fleet being the Cuirthnay after the old King. The Queen mother's stables of new Sealtainn (Shetland) horses are flourishing with the ponies increasing production in all mines and labour in farms. She therefore starts a breeding program of the war horses of Scotland for new steeds which could be used in battle for chariots. King Domnal realizing the fear he poses to the independent Pictish Kingdoms tries to improve relations inviting the Kings to Dundee and Sruighlea (Stirling) by showing the flourishing of trade occurring already and the prosperity being brought to the Kingdoms because of it. The expansion into Glaschu increases with another 30 pixels. The druids set up a new temple in the center of the forest to the nature and earth gods. They head north from there preaching the faith to the other Kingdoms on the orders of King with druids from Orcas heading down by boat to do the same in the hope to increase belief and relations further. Expansion on Orcas continues by the 200 armed men for 20 px north.

Leinster Due to the vast aggression of Ulster and their crimes against the Irish people, and also due to fearing their own safety and wanting a united Ireland, Leinster join with the Confederation of Eire in their fight against Ulster to bring down the tyrant King Finn. In other news, the harbour by the River Liffey starts to thrive as more people move there and learn the craft of shipbuilding. The economy improves because of this. Also the program encouraged by the King 20-30 years ago is still in place and beginning to bear fruits. With so many children steered towards the military means that the Leinster Army has grown massively.

  • How many troops are you sending?
  • Sorry 900

Ulster prepares for war with the Confederation of Erie, and builds up the military by over twice it's strength, giving it over 2000 men ready for war. Colonization of the islands off Scotland begins, with the navy taking control of all the main ports in the islands. We capture the Antrim Glens, and prepare to seize OTL Belfast, so as to help unite the Irish tribes of Erie. Due to Leinster aggression, we launch our navy in an attack upon them, and move as much of our forces as possible to deal with them. This results in most of the plans for colonization being abandoned. The army, lead by Prince Lugh, is greatly increased, as he begins raising militia troops, who are trained by professionals to keep them in order. Swords, spears, and shields are made for the army. An invasion is launched against Leinster. Written records are still kept. We make a settlement in the Isle of Man, and begin conquering the Manx tribes, with over 500 men taking part in the subjection of the Manx. Economic expansion begins as our trade with the non-confederate tribes profits greatly for us. King Finn MacDonnell dies, and his son, Prince Lugh, takes the throne.

  • Provide the values in pixels and specify what do you want, if not, these will be crossed out/ignored.
  • You don't want to unite the Irish tribes of Eire, they have already united against you. Also is 2000 soldiers appropriate considering the entire population of the nation is 70,000 at this time, meaning the area you control probably has a population of no more than 4000-5000. Anyway that aside: Leinster holds a feast on the day of Finn MacDonnell's death and prepares for their attack with the Confederation of Eire in attacking Ulster.
  • where did you get this info? and btw, Darius has been letting me do this stuff so far.
  • That info comes from Mod events.

Udahaddar expands 30 px north into Nuraghia, while its commercial and cultural influence over the Nuraghi tribes increases. Each of the outposts established at Marsaxlokk and Minorca expand 7 px, and are fortified to protect their importance to trade. The navy continues to expand, with most military development focusing on that direction. Trade with Celtiberia continues successfully, and the Nuraghi religion and language increasingly influences Celtiberian culture. A fortified port is founded at Narbo (Narbonne), 6 px, and a trade agreement is requested with the Rutheni. Diplomats arrive in Carthage, where they offer the King an trade and propose a mercantile-military alliance to undercut Phoenician influence. (Mod Response for both)

  • Rutheni accept the agreement.
  • Carthage is not willing to fight against Phoenicians since they are not a problem anymore, but would gladly trade with Udahaddar.

950 B.C.[edit | edit source]

AltE2 950bc.png

 Mod events: Carthage and Kingdom of Tingis sign peace with Phoenicians, trade in Mediterranean recovers. Rome, as we know it today, is founded (That is very unpopular theory but for the sake of the game being more interesting, I'll do it). Disputes over Irish lands between Ulster and Leinster continues. (you can either complete your "battle  orders" such as army size in the last turn or this)
Mod message: Well, we have completed five turns. Some people are more active than other, but in general I'm satisfied with what we have. I'd also like to know what you have to say about AltE so far, let me know in the Talk Page.

Athens: Tyrant Atticus sends delegations to Carthage, Udahaddar and Tingis with requests to establish extensive trade. While waiting for them to respond, he halts the expansion of colonies and orders a huge expansion of 70 px in the mainland. Settlers spread so far, they manage to reach Corinthos, so we establish our administration there. Agriculture outputs much more products and once again is the main source of our income in mainland. State continues establishing fishing companies on the islands. Colonies bring huge amounts of gold into the treasury and Atticus expands the now-official "Polis Reserve" to store ten-years worth of army supplies in gold. Administration reforms are promised and planned, but no one knows if Demos will reach agreement with the Three Councils and Atticus. While that is in progress, army reforms are ready, it is decided to create two official "army centers" and two "navy centers", in Athens/Corinthos and  Pyrheus/Germeno. They will act as training facilities and mobilisation points in the Polis. This will possibly increase organisation of our army. To dominate the seas and protect our colonies in the future, Polis noticeably increases its spending on expanding and the equipping navy.

  • Athens and Atticus in particular are not happy about Myceni aggression towards greeks and similar people, most of the traders start avoiding Knossos choosing Lydia and Phoenicia instead.

Mycenae: To reconquer our homeland, Island of Kriti (Crete), we launch invasions of neighbouring weak tribes, and expand 15 pixels on Kriti (Crete). King Theodorus V reaches 61 years old, and Prince Linus of Peloponesia, his chosen next king, reaches 14 years old. Building on the Theodorus Wall continues, with half of it being completed.

  • Kýpros: Kýpros expands 10 pixels, a trade route is established.
  • Koúkos: The Colony of Koúkos expands, with Farms, small walls, more houses and a Senate being established, a trade route is established to connect with the resg of Mycenae and Knossos. Expansions by 10 pixels.
  • Battle for Western Crete doesn't go as planned. But even despite big losses, Myceni manage to break through Greek defensive lines and fully defeat them.

Udahaddar accepts Athens' offer of trade. Although trade in the Western Mediterranean has now resumed its normal course, Udahaddar's non-involvement in the recent conflict has enabled it to gain an increasing share of the region's trade, at the expense of competitors like the Phoenicians. Naval expansion is prioritized to protect these new contacts, with dozens of new ships being laid down. As the resources necessary to maintain the fleet increase, the amount of land needed also increases. Udahaddar, through regional alliances and healthy trade contacts, expands its sway 60 px north along the coast. Trade is offered to Tingis (Mod Response), and the settlement at Marsaxlokk expands 10 px. Eglesas has become an increasing cultural and economic centre, and walls are constructed to defend it.

  • Kingdom of Tingis agrees to trade.

Cambridge: The explorers still exploring the island. Meanwhile, King George I looks to tell the builders to build the wall around Cambridge for a defense. With naming Cambridge Wall. He told that the wall material will be stone.

Ulster  Military recruitment continues, and the militia troops are raised for defensive purposes. The settlers in the North of Man begin fighting off attacks by the native Manx, and the navy is sent to help them. We gain at least 30 px from the settlement in Man. Having secured the Antrim glens, a vassal is made in the form of the Kingdom of Antrim, a small area of about 20 px, which is ruled by King Lier, of the Boru clan. It raise an army of about 500, but this army is kept for defensive purpose. We hire 200 well mercenaries, and deploy the the whole Antrim army, plus 100 militia, to combat the Leinster invasion.

Edinburgh: King Domnal with his newly built fleet decides to use it to map out the North of Scotland and find out what tribes and villages live up there using the navy to land men on all parts of the far North to write maps of the tribes and regions and report back to Edinburgh. With trade now only existing between two countries the Kings ask the tribes again to join him in an alliance of the Pictish tribes for trade and aid in war. (Not expanding into them though.) Down south with no knowledge of what lies below Alba, druids are sent south to map out the lands below as well. Later on in 954 when the Queen mother dies a wall is built along the border between Alba and the Votandini in case the Alba kingdom ever falls to a greater threat below. Expansion is continued again to Galschu but this time in a thin strip of land so as to reach far as to the edge of the Lord of the South West's terrain as possible (Narrow strip of 70 px west).

  • Fidach agrees to cooperate (plae blue) in exchange for extensive trade and sells many useful maps. (All Scotish lands and route to the land of celts are discovered)

Colonia Copia Claudia: Gallius turns the state into a military empire which most citizens support, however, a small amount don't. Economy improves. Market is a fast running system that gets citizens goods and riches. We continue relations w/ the Northern tribes and they give us major aid in another attckk to the south. This one is the biggest one of all. Guerras de sangue, it is known as. The plan involves attacking from the east with our large new army. Meanwhile, so many north tribes unite to attack and finish the south tribes. We will attack and gain 40 px from the war. We will send quiet warriors to sneak in. Then a yell will be shouted. Our army will circle around, closing in on all tribes while brute warriors kill resistance from the inside. We want our 40 px. The north tribes will wage a huge war in the west. We fortify Lyon and build up more army. Trade with the Jutes continues and travelers carry weponss now to avoid attacks. Religion only grows brighter and brighter.

  • Due to extreme violence, gaul tribes unite against Gallius, gathering some 800 men and sacking town after town. Raiders set different building in Lyon on fire and cause extensive damage to the city.

Leinster- As well as assistance from the Confederation of Eire. Not sure if last round went through or not but an army of 900 men are sent in to invade Ulster. Also with the now flourishing port, Leinster's navy has improved considerably and whilst many of the army has been sent to Ulster, the navy journeys to the Isle of Man to liberate the Manx from the invasive Ulster.

Ulster is taken aback by this move. To fend off the Leinster navy heading for Manx, we deploy our own navy, over half of the mighty force, which is about ten ships, all ready and well prepared for war.

  • Battle of North LeinsterDespite being outnumbered, Leinster and Irish tribes manage to hold their positions thanks to the support of local population. 
  • As Leinster only provided data on the battle of North Leinster this turn, new battle will occur in the next turn. Please provide army size in your turns.

940 B.C.[edit | edit source]

AltE2 940bc.png

Confederation of Eire reaches its goal and stops Ulster, leaders are willing to offer peace
to Ulster if they change their king. Different gaul microstates are beginning to appear. 
King of Tingis dies and kingdom "dives" into a brutal civil war.

Ulster will not accept peace if King Lugh must abdicate. Also, Leinster is attacking, and thus, must be dealt with. Added to the 300 already defending is a force of 600 men from the standing army, who have been recently recruited, bringing the total to 900. The navy engages the Leinster naval force off the Isle of Man, with ten ships in the battle. Ulster sends the standing army in an attack upon the Erie confederation, to show the tribesmen that, as long as they insist in the abdication of King Lugh, there will be war. 1000 men are taking part in the attack. Antrim sends a small force of about 100 men to help in the invasion.

  • You do not have 2000 men.
  • People of Ulster, due to big losses and defeats, are demanding the king to stop the war.

Udahaddar focuses on expanding Marsaxlokk and Minorca this year, expanding each 35 px (any leftover px if the expansion fills the islands can go into Sardinia). The economy continues to prosper as trade expands, although the civil war in Tingis disrupts trade routes. Udahaddar's traders continue to search for new partners, leading some to sail through the Tartesian Straits (Straits of Gibraltar), leading to the discovery that the world continues beyond the straits. After encountering a Phoenician ship beyond the straits, new voyages are planned for next year to discover if opportunities await in this new sea. Meanwhile, trade is offered to Lusitanian tribes encountered on these voyages. Udahaddar offers to support any claimant to the throne of Tingis provided he will cede Tartessos (Gibralatar) or Ceuta. (Mod Response for Both) Meanwhile, an alliance is offered to Athens.

  • Lusitani tribes agree to trade
  • None of the fighting sides responds.
  • Athenian Diplomacy agrees to ally Udahaddar.

Mycenae: King Theodorus V dies, and Prince Linus of Peloponesia takes power, he takes the name King Linus I. He apologizes for the idiotic actions of King Theodorus V against the native Cretans, and pologizes to Athens, asking for diplomatic ties to be re-established, and secretly (only Mycene and Sparta can know) offers Sparta a military alliance (MOD RESPONSE). King Linus I trains a large military and a large navy is established, and slaves are sent to work for the military.

  • Sparta will consider alliance in exchange for all Mycenaean lands in Peloponesia.
  • Mycenae can send Sparta 5000 gold bricks, but we will think about the exchange.
  • Genocide for on non-Greeks is freaking implausible as F*CK and I do think a mod should correct this. At this time Greeks barely considered themselves "Greek" and identified far more with their local city-states or kingdoms, not to mention our modern idea of what Greek culture looks like hasn't even fully developed at this time. Also, Cretans were already Hellenic polytheists, in fact, anyone familiair with early Greek history could tell you that most Greek culture, particularly Mycenean culture, was actually borrowed from the Minoans, who are Cretans.
  • He can do that, we're not too concerned about historical accuracy as you can see from nation names and policies. 

Cambridge: King George I made a further notice to explorers to go back to Cambridge, a lot of things could be made for explorers. The builders building a Cambridge Wall with stones. For our defensive purposes to cure people and military. King George I looks to establish some bunkers. The Cambridge Military has got 250 in training.

Edinburgh: Galschu has been taken and the King Domnal set about building a strong fortress as its spot as well as a dock for future expeditions to land beyond the Pictish Kingdoms. With the long path to Glaschu very small and hard to control easily the King reorganises the Army into two groups of 750 men and 300 horses at Glashu and Edinburgh, Two squadrons of 200 archers are sent to the forest and Orcas to defend the druids. A new expedition is sent to the Northern land again to land and map it out. The project to continue expansion into the Pink lands continue with as much land below the long path expanded into (70 px) ((Are the dark grey parts supposed to have colour now being mapped out we are buying maps of the Kingdom of Fidach?))

Leinster- After a strong defensive victory, Leinster now uses the remainder of their 500 man army to counter- attack Ulster and claim 20 px off their Eastern Border. In an unexpected move, the Leinster Navy splits into two, sending eight ships to defend the Manx, (attempting to seize all the pixels taken by Ulster so that they can be safely governed until the period of turmoil is over, when they shall return to the Manx) and three to support the troops push for claiming Ulster territory on the Easter Border. Meanwhile, King Tiren O'Rourke dies and his eldest son, Seannaigh O'Rourke becomes King.

  • Battle for the Isle of ManDespite having a huge disadvantage in attacking position, low morale of Ulster troops and their lack of local support helped Leinster and Irish tribes lead a succesful attack. Leinster gains 10 px on the Isle of Man.
  • People of Leinster, despite victorious war, are not satisfied with gains from the war and think that the King should negotiate for peace.

Assyria: A new king is crowned in the capital of Ashur. Under his reign new roads are built and new armies mustered. Trade with the East is expanded, and as a result of exposure to Persians and Medians a noticeable but small cult of Zoroastrians appear in the eastern regions of the country. Assyrian trade in the eastern Meditteranean also expands modestly, with Assyrian traders reaching all the way to Crete to sell goods. The king, seeking expansion, declares war against the Babylonians (alg please).

  • This is played exactly like the last AltE, you can't take over the whole state, you start with 500 px. (But if you want, Assyria can collapse and you will take 500 px around Assur, that is the best I can offer)
Sorry for not posting a turn, but it was Friday, I bet you had things to do too.
 Also, folks, please keep the turns clean and if you are commenting on someones turn
 and not doing diplomacy, use bullet and underline, not bold text or caps.

Athens: Tyrrant Atticus dies early and is succeeded by Alexander. Being a part of Demos for over ten years he is a very strong sympathiser of the idea that regular people should have power. Alexander is the first tyrrant to rule Polis from somewhere else than the Athens, he travels through cities and colonies to see how people are living and what has to be done. Properly organising Demos is the most important thing for him, but as a son of Atticus he must finish his fathers work and finally establish administrational division of Polis. Expansion is continued close to mainland (70 px) and we manage to bring Thebes and some islands in Aegean under our control. Current tyrrant brings up businesses controled by Polis that were a bit forgoten by his father, and keeps expanding them. 

Suehan: Like OTL, it is a small-medium tribe 'state'. (OTL Suehan starts at 900 BC, however) The population stands at around 100. The leader, Tacen, is the chief of this tribe. We build some wood huts and a grander house for the chief. the population growth rate is about 7% per ten years excluding nearby hunter-gatherers which some of these were coming to offer 'citizenship'. Overall, the growth rate is 8.3% per ten years and a death rate of 4.4%. Some kind of settlements begin to emerge. We expand 6 pixels.

930 B.C.[edit | edit source]

AltE2 930bc.png

Tribes in Greece and Italia are feeling the threats of existing states, many warlords are
trying to establish their own states. Kingdom of Tingis is devastated by the war but there
is still no peace, with two sides on two opposite parts of Tingis remaining. Minor germanic
states are trying to unify the land, all of them fail. Mysterious disease kills many people
in Assyria, including royal family and many soldiers, the state collapses.

Athens: Tyrrant Alexander finally introduces the promised administrational reform. It divides Polis into regions, provinces and colonies. Region is a fully recognised part of the Polis, there are two of them: Attica and Aegeana (also called The Islands). Province is a cluster of colonies, as of now, there is only one - Propontis (colonies of Helesphontes and Vosporos). Colony is a singular settlement and there are three that do not belong to provinces: Sikelia, Italia Grecia and Epiros. This year tyrrant sets a new goal to establish colonies in new lands. Three colonies, 20 px each, are established in Eastern Kipros, Cyrenaica and Tripolitania. We also expand 10 px in each of our existing colonies. Trade flourishes, as does agriculture. Now Alexander can focus on his personal goals of reforming Demos and giving people more freedom. Meanwhile, the state is encouraging people to start creating "professional" wineries and olive oil making enterprises to centralise production of these goods, this is expected to increase output of these things at least a little bit.

Cambridge: With explorers done for exploration with island, the wall in Cambridge is established. King George I wants to pay attention to the army of Cambridge to keep control of capital city. King George I establishes 5 px total. He admits he doesn't want Cambridge to be huge, but most small of it. Regarding for the statement of King George I, the walls look stoned, but for the intial threat, the Cambridge looks to be well solid status, for responses of other enemies and several foreign threats.

Mycenae: After a decade of debating, the Government let's Sparta to take Mycenaean Peloponesia, in exchange for a military alliance (MOD RESPONSE)

  • Sparta agrees and slightly expands to take control over the new territories.

Nineveh: After the collapse of the Empire the priests and priestesses of the temple of Ishtar congregate and crown the governor and King of Nineveh, and thus Sada bet Oraha is crowned king. His first order of business is to grab as much power in the new vacuum in that is the former Assyrian empire, and he expands the borders to the surrounding country side as much as possible (all possible expansion in all directions). He reorganizes the military and also begins tax collection and the storing of food in attempts to consolidate resources, and most spare income is used on new irrigation and roads in attempts to make the city flourish.

  • I just realised you have 0 expansion limit. Read >Click<

Udahaddar expands its navy and its economy, and expands one half of the maximum amount north on Sardinia.

CCC: We continue to attack the south tribes and try to gain at least 80 px with our new and vastly improving army. We push with fast speed to surprise our enemies during attacks. Galius leads through morale and conquests of the south. North tribes relations get better. We add one more regional governor. Trade w/ Jutes continues successfully. We again try to create a single state with some of the Northern Frankish peoples. Economy runs smoothly as ever with religion becoming a main focus. Lyon builds more fortifications to stabilize itself.

  • Due to continuos aggression and no reaction to previous raids, gaulic resistance increases in size and now counts around 1600 people that are raiding and pillaging lands of CCC.

Suehan: two proto-city is emerged: Kelisten and Ribul, and both have around 200 peoples. We move our Mud-and-Stone 'palace' to Kelisten(but we still didn't have a capital since Kelinsten is not really a city) and some small farm was settled near these settlements. The population stands at 2078 at the end(since we don't have a lots of people, it is supremely easy to census) of 922 BC. We invented our own constellations and they were basically our alphabets. We still have no official status since we didn't contact with any other kingdom-tribe yet. However, some other smaller tribes begin to form at the south tip of OTl Sweden. We improve our relationships with them. We invented a better bow(only 13%better). (Well, since we are a tribe, a good amount of people is hunters) We now have a loyal army, standing at 60(That is actually pretty high. 3percent of the population!) We didn't expand at all.

Edinburgh: The King of the Votandini finally dies but with no male heirs. His daughter Eithne only manages to gain control by making an alliance with the Lord of the South West to marry his son but it soons become clear that she is cleverer then anticipated and breaks the alliance once gaining the support of the druids. Work is continued on the long path with new stone after opening mines in the lands above Glaschu. She aims the Kingdom towards a more religious stance with a lot more resources poured into the temple of the Forest Gods and the Sea Gods. New paths are built north out of the Kingdom for trade with Inverness and west for West Scotland. Expansion South continues into only Pink land ready for the upcoming wall on the edge of the Kingdom of Alba. (60 px of pink land south). In the North expansion on Orcas continues with 30 px west. 

920 B.C.[edit | edit source]


Both sides in Tingis are negotiating for peace, war may end soon. Latins engage in series
of wars with Umbrians and Etruscans. Dark Ages end in greek lands. Israel splits into 
Kingdom of Israel and Kingdom of Judah.

Athens: Tyrrant Alexander dies and is succeeded by his son Alexander The Second. New tyrrant has very similar views to his father and so he dives straight into reforming society and Demos. First of all, he gives the slaves right to buy themselves out of slavery and become free-men. Free-men have a right to serve in the army and navy to get Athenian citizenship, that can be also bought for gold or awarded for special deeds to Polis. All citizens are given right to vote in the elections to Demos. This is just a beginning and many more reforms are on the way. Agriculture and trade continues expanding. Polis keeps establishing new wineries, shipyards and marketplaces. On the order of Alexander II, first Asklepia (ancient "hospital") is established in Athens where anyone can come to get recomendations from asklepi. He also orders academies to be established so Polis would have more educated citizens. We expand 15 px in all six of our colonies.

Mycenae: Emperor Linus I dies, and Emperor Alexander I the Magnificent suceeds him, Alexander I follows the reforms in Athens, he establishes the Megálo Gerousía (Grand Senate) where every senator is elected by the people (except slaves). Economy and military is improved.

  • Kýpros: Expansion by 15 pixels.
  • Koúkos: The Strategical and Geographical location of Italia makes the colony thrive. Expansion by 15 pixels.

Leinster: Due to the requests of the Eire Confederation and the people of Leinster, Leinster asks Ulster if they will consider peace offerings to end the wholly unnecessary Erie War. Also, in an effort to reduce the negative effects of the war, King Seannaigh O'Rourke peacefully expands 10 px to the north border. The King also suggests that the Eire Confederation amalgamates with Leinster as the two fought so closely as allies for so long, especially now as it will make peace negotiations easier.

  • Confederation of Eire was created to unify tribes militarily, not politicaly, so the whole territory is controled by many different tribes. However, 75 px of tribes to the north-west suffered heavy destruction due to war and agree to join Leinster.

Cambridge: The Cambridge Wall is finished, while the builders sort if there is any circumstances to check and repair. Explorers gain more tradition to exploring the island, but it all goes good for them. King George I's statement follows that expansion will be around 10 px. He warns if Cambridge is too big, he will be in trouble, so he sets the minimum expansion.

Edinburgh: The wall the Kingdom has been working on for 30 years has finally been completed and is worked on further to stretch from the East coast to the West. At the same time the fortress at Glaschu is completed. (MOD MAP RESPONSE Could the first line of I think its 20 px be put on to split us from the Alba Kingdom along with the Glasgow fortress? I don't know if its taken from when the wall is started or when it is ended. If its started it will be less px I think.) Queen Eithne realising the importance of the defense of Glaschu and Edinburgh begins work on a second Navy at Glaschu which is completed in 915 BC. This navy is used to expand onto Grand Cumbrae where defences of River Clyde will begin (10 px on top of the island). She also expands further into Pink lands South west towards the coast (50 px). In Orcas the Druids get ready to finally get control of the main island which is soon turning into a fishing capital with the Sea Gods temples moved from the wooden structures on the Southern isle to a stone buildings on the Main island. (expansion of 30 px in the lands around Orcas).

  • Wall and fortification will be added, and yes, I'll put them together, later you will be able to request modification. (move some pixels around, as long as total number remains the same.)
  • Turns out 40 px of wall plus 5 pixels wide fortress isn't enough to make it all the way through.
  • I'll just keep building then

Nineveh: Expansion continues as maximum pace up and down the Tigris, incorporating many strife-ridden lands, which Nineveh luckily brings security and prosperity to as King Sada maintains the policy of steady and efficient expansion. Due to the power and trade vacuum now in the Levant and Mesopotamia, and the fact that much of it is in chaos, Nineveh become a notable center of commerce for traders coming and going from the east to the west, as a result trade, along with irrigation and infrastructure policies, cause the realm to flourish. Introduced by Arab traders, extensive use of camels is now commonplace, and the kingdom begins implementing large-scale use of camel cavalry in the military. Along with the camel cavalry, the armies begin implementing the strategy of heavy infantry supported by light javlineers and slingers. The building of a suitable river-based navy begins.

  • It is not good for you economy to be expanding at "maximum pace", your expansion rate remains the same all the time. If you expand at half the limit you get some land and more expansion in the future, consider that.

Udahaddar expands half the maximum, dividing this equally between Narbo (Narbonne) and Minorca. Trade continues with new partners. The navy continues to expand aggressively to protect trade, taking control of sea lanes.

CCC: Due to southern tribes circling around the west and attacking us and the north, we decide to direct our attention west. We offer any south tribes peace if they join our state. Gallius dies and next to power is his grandson Asselin II. He decides to follow in his grandfather's work and attacks south tribes advancing in the west. We decide to use warfare where we run as a combined unit while a small force attacks from behind the enemy armies. We try to advance 75 px in the West to establish dominance. We burn villages while we give great morale to the northern tribes. This motivates them to fight harder, with larger armies. Asselin II continues to establish trade w/ jutes and fortify places outside of Lyon. We really suggest that Gaul tribes join our nation.

  • Since CCC is becoming even more aggressive, many more people join Gaul resistance, they now control about 900 px to the south and have army of around 3000 men while constantly plundering villages to the south of Lyon. CCC manages to push in 75 px westwards but Gauls station their troops to prevent any further expansion of Asselin II. (If you want to expand, you'll have to either attack or negotiate peace with gauls)
  • Really bad idea to go aggressive against tribes that have gazzilion times more land and people than you, just saying.

910 B.C.[edit | edit source]

910 B.C.

Mod events: Sides in Tingis finally reach agreement and peace is restored, northern side
 secceedes and becomes Kingdom of Iberiana. Carthage starts expanding. Latins manage to
 win wars against Etruski and Umbrians, gaining some land. State of Umbria is formed with
 Piceni as their vassals. Phoenician, Babylonian and Lydian trade becomes far weaker due
 to collapse of Assyria and Israel, in result, Carthage expands and starts overtaking the
 Mediterranean market as a next economical superpower.

Athens: Tyrrant Alexander II continues his reforms in social law. He says that all slaves must be treated with respect and fed well, if misstreatment of a slave can be proven, state has a right to take him away from the owner. Use of violence against anyone is prohibited unless necessary to stop crime or defend yourself, this also applies to and towards slaves, freemen and foreigners. 

Until this is adopted, tyrrant also changes administrational apparatus. Demia is established as a permanent institution. Here, all people that participate in political affairs of Polis are gathered to vote for laws together. In total there are 800 votes, Tyrrant has 300, Demos has 250 with every representative having one, Three Councils have 150 with 50 each, Colonial Governorate has 100, Five grand strategoses have 20 each. Colonial governorate is a separate council of all colonial governors. Five grand strategoses are five military commanders appointed by tyrant. These two are new formations and so they have limited functions for now. Plans are made to further structurise our administration.

Expansion continues in the colonies, 10 px each, 30 px expansion in The Islands.

  • Athens is now officially a City-State.

Cambridge: The expansion looks to continue as ordered for King George I for 10 px each. As the Cambridge Wall finished last year, and now defending the capital city.

Nineveh: Expansion continues half-pace pace, but the King decides it must change course and expands North on the Tigris, which he thinks will be more secure. We continue development of our river-navy which is used most as archer platforms and troop and supply carriers. We continue to tap into new trade resources and new northern taxable citizens to keep our economy stable. 

Edinburgh: With the walls partially completed the Queen begins training a new guard of 500 men using bows and spears to permanently guard it. She also expands further from Grand Cumbrae onto the Isle Arrain where a new outer port will begin construction (20 px to cover the all the border as much as possible). Trade is offered to the Orange Kingdom and the Greens (MOD RESPONSE) From Orcas a small navy lands at the tip of Scotland to build a new port at Thurso. (30 px at north) whilst another is sent North again to expand and gain control of the whole of outer Orcas (as many px needed) The Kingdom also expands closer again towards Dundee and a messenger is sent to the long time allies asking whether the King would send his prince to marry Eithne and let the Kingdom of Dundee become a vassal beneath them with them being the Lord of the Eastern Waters (MOD RESPONSE ... all remaining px to get 90 should be used to expand into pink lands around purple...even if no vassalisation)

  • Edinburgh traders are welcomed in both kingdoms.
  • Dundee refuses.
  • Edinburgh is now officially a City-State. 

Mycenae: Violence against a slave is prohibited by Emperor Alexander I, a trade agreement is proposed to Israel and Egypt (MOD RESPONSE). Megálo Gerousía has its first "election", Monarchical wins by 499 votes and Senatorial by 428 votes, while minor senatorial parties like Oligarchia (88 votes) and Independent (3 votes) ans Agricultura (2 votes) also have a minor sucess, and Megálo Gerousía has now 1020 members.

  • Kýpros: Ekpróso̱pos ti̱s Gerousías ti̱s Kýpros (Representative Senate of Kýpros) is established. Expansion by 15 pixels.
  • Koúkos: Ekpróso̱pos ti̱s Gerousías ti̱s Koúkos (Representative Senate of Koúkos) is established. Expansion by 18 pixels.
  • Melissopetra: A small colony is established in the south of Lydia, expansion by 10 pixels.

Udahaddar expands its colonies of Narbo and Minorca 1/2 the maximum, with Minorca expanding onto the larger island it borders. The navy continues to expand, seeking to preserve control of trade in the area. With the straits of Tartessos now open again with the end of the civil war, trade with the Lusitani resumes, to great profit. An expedition is planned to cross the mountains east of Narbo.

  • Udahaddar is now officially a City State. 

Leinster: Despite hearing no word from Ulster, Leinster's King, Seannigh I announces that the Eire War has ended as the Eire Confederation has disbanded and Ulster appears to be inactive. However, in the excitement of the event when he announces this, Seannigh has a heart attack and dies. His first son, Seamus, died in battle against Ulster so his first daughter, Sinead ascends to the throne as Queen Sinead I. Leinster attempts to get the economy to thrive by allowing outsiders to remain in the state. Leinster also expands 30 px on its northern border.

Suehan:improve our relationships with the Southern tribes. We improve our economy and we expand northeast 3 px. The population grows and hit 3.2 thousand(2 turns!). Tacen dies and his son Tekel-ahista gets his chiefship. Some Southernly tribes begin merge into us since we continue the influence. A disease however killed 12 people and blah blah blah.(It is like OTL flu) Somebody says they saw OTL Denmark and there's tribes and stuff but we don't care after all. We build our first wood canoes and we saw our first piece of iron(Yes, Sweden have iron). We continue to influence Southernly tribes. Kelisten is officially a city with 800 people and Ribul is continue growing, at 600. Kelisten is now officially our capital. Loyal army is at 110. We build our first 'artifact' about our story of our gods. We invent our rumb numeral system though nobody cares, the system is abondoned. A better arrow is invented using stuffs like hardened braches and copper/stone, improving our hunting/battling efficiently. We begin to build a small protection wall(small ones, like really small, 30 cm wide and 0.7 m high) around Kelisten for raider protection. Though in the 902's, we saw a ship(Danish).

900 B.C.[edit | edit source]

900 B.C.

Mod events: Following huge unification against Colonia Copia Claudia, Gaul tribes form Gaul Federation as an official state. King warrior Gericus unifies german tribes to create a first Germanic state. Swedish tribes in the south west are suffering from Jutish and Danish raids, so 70 px of them come to Suehan asking for protection in exchange for loyalty.

Special turn: Improve your economy with unusual/interesting decisions to get double edp.

Suehan: We accepts the Swedish Tribe offer, but we formed more like an HRE to protect them while giving them some autonomy. The tribe's name will be changed to The federal union of the Swedish tribes later. The tribes confirmed that there is OTL Denmark(We named it Rikias)And we use our just-invented-wooden-raft to get here. We see about the same culture in these land. Some military tensions between us and the Jutish occurs, but our relationship with Danish tribes didn't get really bad and we sometimes even trade a little.our population(without the southern tribes)is at to 4.6 thousand at the end of the turn. The military stands at 210. We have invented some kinda tax stuff and currency now. We now also developed social classes with Loyal family and Army at the top, farmers in the bottom, and everybody else is in the middle, though the system is not developed. Atheists dies out, though there's still no priests. We continue to influence more tribes. we improve our economy.

  • Bohuslän: Being one of the Swedish tribes that offered loyalty for protection, we own 30 px of land and 540 people. Our current chief is Mulio. We expand 1 px south (we are the southernmost).
  • Bahist:Being one of the Swedish tribes that offered loyalty, we own 15 px of land and 213 people. Our current chief is Tera-Aliben.
  • Vanick: Being one of the Swedish tribes that offered loyalty, we own 13 px of land and 198 people. Our current chief is Caucet.
  • Gønel and Hasen: Being one if the Swedish tribes that offered loyalty, we own 12 px of land and already a federation of two major tribes. We have a population standing at 266.

Athens: Alexander II continues his reforms in social law. Now he allows women to participate in state politics and even orders to accept them into the army support units and academies. Tyrrant announces that Polis has no official religion and any religion that isn't against our law will be accepted and treated well.

Administrational reforms also continue. Province of Propontis gets a right to self-govern. 40 representatives are replaced by one Provincial governor that is elected in the province and has 50 votes. Demos is reformed to have 150 people from anywhere in the Polis including colonies and provinces. Another 100 form a separate section of 100 people from two regions, 50 people from each. This only changes what people are elected and ensures 100 people will be from Attica and Aegeana, vote values aren't changed. Two "secretaries", one for each region, are also introduced into Demia, having 100 votes each. Changes bump the total vote amount in Demia to 1010, with 600 of them guaranteed to belong to mainland greeks.

The word about Iliad and Odyssey starts spreading and Homer becomes a well known person, though no one knows where is he and whether he is alive. Nevertheless, many people become interested in art and this causes a massive flow of population into academies. Alexander II is glad to see that, he uses about one fifth of the national reserve to fund a decade of improving our educational system, gymnasiums, academies, workshops and other facilities. Science starts slowly advancing. 

As a tool to increase trade, Polis encourages people to make and improve our medicine, ceramics and even literature, aiming at the educated and wealthy people that may be interested. People start selling recipes for different herbal medicine and minor technologies (like better ceramic-making) to foreigners.

Regular land army is split between Athens and Corinthos as garrisons. Major changes in naval doctrine are introduced. All 20 triremes we have are rebuilt to have sails, this decreases the number of rowers we need so a ship with 100 rowers can carry about 70 soldiers. All the rowers in professional navy have to be trained as skirmishers. 70 regular soldiers must consist of 20 hoplites and 50 skirmishers, prefferably bowmen. When being at the distance from hostile ships, strategoses are advised to sacrifice speed by sending hoplites down while some rowers go on the board to increase "firepower". Any physical contact with enemy vessels is heavily discouraged and if this turns out to be a good decision, ships may be built without rams to decrease amount of rowers even further while maintaining the same amount of active troops on board. The standart type of ship is now called Argo, after the one from Homer's popular epos. Total manpower of our navy is 2000 rowers, 1000 soldiers and 400 hoplites.

As navy gets better, Alexander II wishes to expand his dominance in the Aegean and so massive expansion of 225 px is held here. To keep expansion safe and secure our interests, tyrrant resorts to diplomacy.

Diplomacy: Seeing as Mycenaea is expanding into Lydia, Alexander II offers Alexander The Magnificent a secret alliance to weaken Lydian influence in the region.

  • Mycenae: We agree with the offer. 

Leinster:Queen Sinead I continues to encourage immigration in order to stimulate the economy and improve EDP, Leinster also continues to stay neutral from all wars as well as only expanding by half of their potential, pushing a further 30 px north of the border (MOD Decision pending ofc, same as last year). The economy flourishes in the docks particularly, where shipbuilding continues to prove popular amongst locals. 

Edinburgh: The Queen begins the organisation of her land into their tribal leaders. The Votandini and the royal family takes the West, the Damnonii become the middle and Laird Protectors of the Wall whilst the Lords of the South East take the West. All families take control of one part of the army. The Gabrain of the West and the Royal family takes 750 men and 300 horses whilst the Laird Protectors take 500 archers. The training of women archers also begins to allow more men to work the farms and the snow mines with the Northern Ponies.

The druidic religion also expands. All familes must make a payment of a bushel of corn or a lamb four times year to the nearest small altar at the solstice. 2/3 of this produce is taken into the druidic stores and sold to research new technology. The druids start a third Temple town in the hills for the Gods of Stone and Earth ready for mining for new stone and research into buildings. Likewise Loch Lochmond's temple expands using stone buildings and the druids start the art of coppicing for more Wood from the forests. In Edinburgh a fourth temple is started for research where the druids begin the first written record library. A census begins to be taken every ten years. In Orcas work is put into new boats for better travel between Orcas and the mainland.  

Expansion also continues in the North of Scotland (150 px down) and the Isle of Arran (25 px). In the South West expansion heads up in a new path north (50 px of a path upwards to Lochness). Two ships are sent out of Glasgow to establish contact with any tribes West of the Mainland. 

Cambridge: King George I encourages explorers for a backup, the expansion still continue for about 5 px, as King George I noticing about military, that Cambridge looks for a good specific bunkers to be build around Cambridge in order and responses to other enemies. While we stimulate the economy. The wall is looking good and builders admits the wall is perfect builded with stones.

CCC: We request a treaty of peace with the Gaul Federation. OR We still also try to sway them to join the country. With both powers, we will elect ten new state governors from the annexed state. We will offer citizens state rights and we will give them protection. We can rule an equal and fair government, while maintaining (MOD RESPONSE) Meanwhile, we start a massive expansion in the south east direction to claim other lands as our state. We expand 80 px East. This is led by the holy leader, Asselin II who is much less violent than Gallius. With his new reign, we establish a small piece of land near the Jutes tribes where we can trade easier. Economy improves with the Grand Market in Lyon opening. Military builds up.

  • Gaul Federation demands compensation for all the destruction caused by CCC, they also want any generals that were leading CCC troops to be handed to them as prisoners.

Mycenae: The Military is vastly built up. Emperor Alexander I The Magnificent continues his rule, giving many liberties to slaves. Hellenic Polytheism continues to rise. Economy is also vastly improved, with many farms being built. After an expedition we find two civilizations in Italia called Umbrians and Etruscans, ee offer the trade agreements (MOD RESPONSE).

  • Kýpros: Expansion by 20 pixels.
  • Koúkos: Expansion by 25 pixels.
  • Melissopetra: Expansion by 40 pixels.
  • Umbria and Etruscans agree to trade.

Udahaddar expands 200 px north on Sardinia, bringing vast new areas of the hinterland under its control. The navy continues to expand, with Udahaddar seeking the match the naval size of its main mercantile rival, Carthage. Ironworking reaches Udahaddar for the first time, and is quickly adopted fairly widely, especially in the military. It also enables ships to be built more quickly. A new port of 25 px is founded at Ouenza on the African coast, where a large iron mine already exists, and production begins, to supply both domestic needs, and, eventually, export. As this port is near to Carthaginian territory, a plan to undermine the Carthaginian economy is put in place. Any slaves fleeing Carthage to the port are allowed their freedom. As a result, thousands of slaves begin to leave Carthage for Udahaddar, bringing new skills with them. Many are resettled in Narbo.

  • Sorry, you can't control foreign slaves.
  • Also, you have no access to Ouenza so colony will be created on the coast to the west from Carthage.

Nineveh: Expansion continues half-pace pace northward along the Tigris. The economy improves as forgotten trade routes are tapped into and competitive pricing fromn the kingdoms of Judah and Israel lower prices for many in the Levant for goods going west-east. King Sada dies and is replaced by his son. Due to closer trade-ties with the east Zoroastrianism begins to grow with the merchant class, as well as tthe farmers. Unfortunately, as Zoroastrianism is incompatible with slavery it is frowned upon greatly by the nobility; many Persian coins flow into Nineveh. 

890 B.C.[edit | edit source]

AltE2 890bc.png

Mod events: Seeing other tribes are treated well in Suehan, more tribes agree to pledge
allegiance to The federal union of the Swedish tribes. Gaul Federation is awaiting for
decision of CCC. Kingdom of Lydia is unhappy about someone expanding into their territory
and warn Mycenae. Edinburgh-Lochness passage is very vulnerable and many raiders plunder
the new settlements of.

Athens: Alexander II dies and is succeeded by Achilles. He is a man of sword rather than word, and so leaves politics to Demia, at times even refusing to participate in it. He refills the budget with tax money from new territories and orders expansion of national businesses so he would be able to support possible campaigns in the future.

Just like his grandfather - Tyrrant Alexander, Achilles is ruling Polis while constantly traveling. He orders to build a giant ship - Kratos. With 250 rowers, huge sails and 150 soldiers on board it is the biggest ship ever built by greeks and serves as a personal ship of Tyrrant and flagship of our navy.

To Establish dominance in the Mediterranean, Achilles sets out for a journey with his flagship and ten Argoses. They disembark on a small island between Carthage and Sikelia, it is immediately colonised, fortified with walls and named Mediana. From there navies move on to settle big chunks of coast in Sikelia and a pretty big territory near Oscans in Italia.

Since Achilles is mostly focused on naval power and expansion, he continues reforms in this sphere. He orders 50 biremes and 100 uniremes to be built this decade and establishes "hieararchy" for ships. Argos is a main ship of the formation, biremes are called Pyro and used as support ships for Argoses, uniremes are called Ornith and used for transportation or scouting. To allow Argoses board hostile vessels more freely and with less risk, tactics are changed. Two Pyros are usually "attached" to each Argos and in case of it engaging in a close fight or boarding, Pyroses are usually skirmishing from the sides or setting hostile vessel on fire, that being the reason of their name.

Mycenae: We ignore Lydia's warning's, and ask Athens to help weaken Lydian power and territory. Ships continue to be build, and the military is vastly improved, standing at a army higher than thousand. We expand 20 pixels on Crete without violence and conflict, and build farms and small villages and even cities in the territory. Trade with Umbrians and Etruscans continue, with we selling armor and swords to them. Economy is vastly improved, with many trees being cutt down, and with stones and iron and gold being gathered in stone quarry's, and with stone quarry's being constructed. More information about the Minoan civilization (that ruled from the 2th Millenium BC to 1400 BC) is gathered, which is stored at the Knossos Academy.

  • Kýpros: Stone Quarry's are made to make walls around Cyrusopolis and other cities. Expansion by 25 pixels.
  • Koúkos: Koúkos becomes a major trading place with Umbrians and Etruscans, in response to that markets are built, containing food, armor, swords, books. Expansion by 5 pixels.
  • Melissopetra: Megálo Gerousía tis Melissópetra (Grand Senate of Melissopetra) is established to govern the colony, the Grand Senate of Melissopetra decides to make a large army to protect from Lydians. Expansion by 20 pixels.
  • Athens: As we signed alliance to do that in the first place, we reassure Mycenaea we WILL help them weaken Lydia. However, we think our and Myceni position should be passive-aggressive, therefore we shall wait for Lydia to take actions, specifically military actions, and counter them.

Cambridge: The expansion continues with 10 px each most in Cambridge. King George I trying to identify some circumstances for explorers what they explored. But he notices explorers for their exploration of island is done. 

Leinster expands 50 px into the orange section of the Isle of Arran and if this is less than 50 px then lob the remainder onto Isle of Islay (if this is still less than 50 px, then expand into Isle of Bute as well), but i don't want to expand more than 50 px. They also use their somewhat replenished naval capabilities to send a diplomat to Edinburgh to form trade relations with the nation, recognising that the two are now in much closer proximity to each other than in recent history, due to expansion from both nations. The Queen also announces her jubilance that the economy has exceeded pre-war heights, showing true recovery. 

  • Since Edinburgh was there first and expanded into it this turn, it's all taken before you get to establish your settlements.
  • Some of these places weren't even expanded into by Edinburgh though (MOD RESPONSE)
  • Quote from turn of Edinburgh (see just below): On the Isle of Arran expansion inwards increases by (25 px) There were only 23px of land, and since Edinburgh was already there, it figures they would manage to get Arran first. Other islands are not colonised but you expanded 50 px, that is far below the size of the second island so I wasn't even looking at the third one (since you got such a small patch from the second one). But that is very nice you specified your 2nd and 3rd priorities, saved us both some time and effort. :]
  • Awesome thanks- sorry one last thing - I'm light green but the area has been shaded dark green on the map which is Ulster?
  • Yeah I used Ulster colors while counting pixels and forgot to re-color it, sorry, although it has already been fixed, check out full resolution of the 880 B.C. map because preview has hard time changing to a new version sometimes.

Edinburgh: The messenger from Leinster is gladly accommodated in Glaschu fortress and the Queen is delighted at the idea of Trade with a new Celtic nation. The building on the wall is completed and the Lairds Protectors now are in control of all a wall stretching from coast to coast. A banquet is held to celebrate both events. With the path to Lochness so fraught with bandits and fragile the Lords of the South West take their army personally to patrol the route. The path is also made wider by (200 px) and a fortress is begun to be built at the end at Lochness itself as a refuge from bandits when arriving. On the Isle of Arran expansion inwards increases by (25 px) and a fortress is also begun to be built on the Southern tip along with a great port where the West navy will be moved to. 

The Federal Union of the Swedish Tribes: As our relationships with the Danish improve, our tension with the Jutish starts to cool down. We discover the first proper nation, spanning more than 550 px, around Holland and another one called Germanica which is even bigger. We send some mappers to the north and east so some of them can be changed to lighter shades of grey. We build our first 'port' next to Kelisten. We offers trade with the Danish, which improves our economy. The total population stands at 5500 at the start and 6500 at the end, some more cities were emerged and the official captial for Bohuslan, Recipa is finally upgraded to a city. We countinue influnece on other Swedish tribes. About 15 px of tribe came to us this time, while we also expand a total of 8 px South. We helped to build a Sweden-backed tribal state in Denmark (Turn One of Three).

  • What do you mean by Sweden-backed tribal state?
  • Suehan: The population stands at 5100. We build our first port and we send some mappers to the north. Some people like to go to the other states since they have more living space. The same disease appears again. We build 13 ships total for the trade for now. We start to fortify Kelisten (Turn One of Two). Aid was given to the other tribes to help 'modernize' them.
  • Bohüslan: We start receiving aid from Suehan and they helped us build the city of Recipa. We came up with the idea for education and it is submitted to the cental loyal government. The population stands at 650 and 150 Suehanians moved to here. We expand 6 px South and our total is now around 36 px.
  • BahistOur population stands at 257and another 44 Suehanians moved here. We start receiving aids from Suehan, and We expand 1 px east.
  • VanickOur population stands at 244 and some 33 Suehanians moved here. We start receiving aids from Suehan. Being landlocked, we did not expand.
  • Gønel and Hasen: Our population stands at 300 and some 26 Suehanians moved here, We start receiving aids from Suehan. We send two explorers to the east to map the region and check out if there is any interesting stuff. We expand 1 px East. We also received some aids from Suehan.

Nineveh: Expansion continues half-pace pace northward along the Tigris. As commerce continues to remain the lifeblood of the country, more and more Persian, Lydian and Phoenecian traders flood the cities foreign tongues become common along the Tigris River and the capital. Along with these foreign tongues are foreign faiths, as Zoroastrianism continues to gain popularity, and though it is frowned upon the state continues its policy of non-discrimination. The king decides that Nineveh needs to offer more into the trade routes to ensure a more stable economy and decides that several large breweries should be opened for the purpose of selling, which proves to be a succesful policy and beer from Nineveh begins to flow across the Fertile Crescent.

  • So what would my current max expansion be and what would it be next turn?
  • Currently it is at 60/30, next turn it will be at 100/50.

CCC: We will give you some compensation for the damages as well as our old generals, but not new ones that weren't involved. Also just to be clear, we have peace now. We also ask if we have peace with the other tribes of Gaul. Military and economy increases. Market trade is successful. Asselin II dies and his son, Asselin III begins his reign as leader of the CCC. Due to his vast interest in the east, he expands 100 px eastward.

  • Gaul Federation executes CCC generals that were involved in killing non-combatants and announce that they are satisfied, peace is established.
  • Just to be clear, by expanding more than 50 px you are not getting any economy points, are you sure you want to do that?
  • This time, yes.

880 B.C.[edit | edit source]

AltE2 880bc.png

Mod events: 80 px of tribes offer to join Suehan. Local wars are raging in Assyrian cities, many factions arise as "successors" of Assyria, smaller cities are trying to get protection under bigger factions and 70 px of them offer to join Nineveh. Foreign kingdoms are slowly bringing assyrians under their control. Seeing good opportunity, Median and Parthian tribes move west. Fleeing Assyrians bring the knowledge about Anatolia and lands east of it. The Kingdom of Lydia warns Mycenae again and starts assembling armies. As Edinburgh-Lochness passage becomes far wider, raiders have troubles trying to raid it and most of them either stop doing it or get killed by guard troops.

MOD MESSAGE: If you know anyone that might be interested to play AltE2, be sure to invite them, I would like to see another player in Eastern Europe and perhaps Africa.

Athens: Despite not being the brightest mind amongst Tyrants, Achilles was raised with a royal background and so has a strong sense of empathy and honor. To everyones amazement, in 988 BC he comes back to Athens and hosts Demia for the first time and introducing new reform of social law. It states that no Athenian soldier can take action to cause any damage to non-combatant population regardless of the side they support. This law can only be ignored in cases where it is absolutely necessary. As tensions between our Myceni allies and Lydia grow, Tyrant withdraws navy from Sikelia and moves it to Pyrheus. Five Strategoses are ordered to keep 5000 men prepared to serve in the land army. Ten more Argoses and ten Pyroses are built for possible war. Hipei and Psiloi units are introduced to regular army formations as support troops for peltasts and hoplites. To secure good position against Lydia we settle Island of Chios and expand 108 px into Ionia. 2000 men are instantly moved to garrison Ionian lands and Orniths constantly patrol Lydian coasts.

Due to Lydian actions, Achilles had no choice but to declare war along with his allies. 800 men are taken from Athenian and Corinthian garrisons and sent to Melissopetra to reinforce Mycenaean lines. 3000 newly recruited men are sent to Ionia to join 2000 we sent earlier. 3400 men from the navy are sent to East Hellesphontes, East Vosporos is evacuated to avoid spliting forces, non-combatant population is being moved to West Vosporos. That is a huge number of troops when our total population is taken into account and Achilles cannot afford to lose all of his armies, there are simply no reserves left except 200 men in garrisons of Polis and some more navy men in colonies. For that reason, he sends his younger brother, strategos Aches to command main forces in Ionia, another strategos is sent to Melissopetra, Achilles himself takes command of Kratos and with 400 personal crewmen reinforces the main navy in Hellesphontes.

CCC: We expand 50 px east. We also improve relations with Gaul Federation. Trade continues as successful and Asselin III is in agreement with the people. Our military massively expands as well as our technology.

Mycenae: We again ignore Lydia's warnings, as we have the strong-power Athens on our side, and station a large army in Melissopetra. Emperor Alexander I "The Magnificent" dies, and is suceeded by his cousin Emperor Heron I, who vastly improves the Military and Economy. Trade with the Umbrians and Etruscans continue. A small raiding fleet of 50 ships are sent to raid nearby Lydian villages near Melissopetra, stealing armor, swords, food, etc.

  • Kýpros: Expansion by 10 pixels.
  • Koúkos: Expansion by 10 pixels north.
  • Melissopetra: A large army is established to combat invading Lydian's. Expansion by 5 pixels.
  • Nea Knossos: Nea Knossos (New Knossos) is established in western Sikelía (Sicily). Expansion by 5 pixels.
  • Lydia reacts to a now-open aggression of Myceni and King gathers 15,000 men to repel any raiders, war is declared upon Mycenaea.
  • Athens: As an ally of Myceni, we declare war upon Lydia.
  • Sparta: Declares war upon Lydia as an Mycenaean ally.
  • Mycenae: We are thankfull of the Athenian and Spartan declaration of war against Lydia, and send 90 gold bricks to both nations. Heron I gathers a vast, large army to battle Lydia, war has now begun.

Leinster expands to claim the rest of the Isle of Islay (and if this is less than 50 px, which is the max i would like to claim, then could the rest be used on Isle of Jura (it's the one right next to Islay). Leinster also announces plans that they will attempt to build naval bases on both Isle of Islay and Isle of Man, to give them a more global position in the world. The queen also gives birth to one son, Prince Tiren, named after his great-grandfather.

Cambridge: King George I just got a statement for Cambridge that the expansion will still continue by 20 px at least. He wants to gain and plans to build some buildings. At the matter of time, the Cambridge still in the order for a naval base.

Edinburgh: Massive expansion is undertaken west from Glaschu and down the strip towards the Port of Arran (225 px along the strip by Arran, and Bute). The lumber from the forest temples is sent to Lochness where a fifth temple is begun construction to Gods of the Lochs. The lumber is used to begin the building a floating temple in the middle of the Loch. In Edinburgh itself the druids start to map the night sky with the plans to use these for a second expedition North of Orcas in a decades time. The Lairds Protectors start replacing male archers with women in the ranks so the men can be sent back home to the collective farms. 

Steraling is a new nation born near Today's Ristov-on Don and we take 550 pixel of land and (as the rule says) one fortified city (Northern Rostov-on-Don) as the capital. We also improve our economy and we have around 20,000 people. Also, we encountered some other tribes in the South, but not in the northeast.

Nineveh: We welcome our new subjects with open arms and also continue expansion north on the Tigris at 1/2 pace. The economy remains one of the most stable in the region. Zoroastrianism continues to grow, but due to the acquisitioning of new successor states the balance between Zoroastrians and local cults remains. The coming of the Parthians result in more North-South trade and strengthen commerce along the Tigris, Euphrates, and Nineveh, but they also freighten the king and the military is expanded upon.

The federal union of the Swedish tribes: 80 px of the tribes were welcomed. Because of our growing economy, the trade with the Jutish and the Danish improves as we improves our relation. We continues to build a Suehan-backed tribal nation in OTL Denmark. We offer trade with the Saxons.  We expand 16 East. We held our first conference of the elders and the Chiefs, which delays temporally the educational system, but come up with the new system of writing and mathmatics. We finishing fortify Kelisten and starts to focus more on economy. Our standing army stands at 600 while the population hit 10,000 (With the help of these 80 px). We set up our motto (Swedønes Lei Stakie, Build a unified Sweden). (A Sweden-backed state in Denmark indicates that we attempt to build a pro-Sweden state) (A note: I own 325 px now) we send eight ships and discovered OTL Finland. We then attempt to military build up to prevent any invasion, but our political still wants to be nice with anyone(OTL Swiss policy).

  • Suehan: We countinue to lead the influence on the Swedish Tribes. After the completion of the fortification of Kelisten, we improve our economy. The population now stands at 6067 and about 2100 lives in Kelisten. Expansion 11 px Northwest.
  • Bohüslan:  Recipa is finally complete. We also improve our economy. The popuation stands at 610 in case you are wondering... we epand south 5 px.
  • Bahist: Population stands at 325. We improves our economy, and we expand 3 px.
  • Vanick: Population stands at 302. We improves our economy, and we expand 3 px.
  • Gønel and Hasen: Population stands at 347. We improves oru economy, and we expand 1 px. We now acts like a major port, Sending goods and tradies to Denmark and North Germany.
  • Micsel: We are one of the six new members to the Federal Union of the Swedish Tribes and our population stands at 911 and we have 33 px of land, while the army stands at 50. Expansion south by 2 px.
  • Teckel: We are one of the six new members to the Federal Union of the Swedish Tribes and our population stands at 418 and we have 17 px of land, while the army stands at 22. Expansion south by 1 px.
  • Tenisae: We are one of the four new members to the Federal Union of the Swedish Tribes and our population stands at 300 and we have 13 px of land, while the army stands at 18.
  • Meltaken Kel: We are one of the four new members to the Federal Union of the Swedish Tribes and our population stands at 403 and we have 7 px of land, while the army stands at 20. We already have some sort of city.

870 B.C.[edit | edit source]

AltE2 870bc.png

Mod events: 70 px of tribes agree to join Suehan. 40 px of cities join Assyria. King of Lydia starts his campaign 7000 are sent to take Melissopetra, 5000 attack Ionia, 2000 attack Vosporos. Sparta sends 1000 men to Melissopetra. Due to technichal problems map will be available later.

Mycenae: With war being declared, Heron I leads 1532 soldiers to Melissopetra, Heron I, a experienced warrior, joins all the battles. Propaganda is made to improve morale, and the military and economy are vastly improved. More ships are sent to raid villages, as destroying villages would destroy trade routes, and Lydian trade routes are destroyed. While Heron I is battling in Lydia, he appoints Prince Theodorus (Theodorus III) to temporialy govern Kriti (Crete), Prince Kallisto to govern Sikelian colonies and Koúkos, and Governor Gennadios of Cyrusopolis to continue his rule in Kýpros, although giving him higher nobility and power. Economy is vastly improved

  • Kýpros: Governor Gennadios of Cyrusopolis continues his rule, with him gaining more power and nobility. Expansion by 10 pixels.
  • Koúkos: Koúkos continues to trade with Umbrians and Etruscans. Expansion by 5 pixels.
  • Melissopetra: Good defense is made. Expansion by 10 pixels east and 5 pixels west to conquer the conquered villages.
  • Nea Knossos: Expansion by 5 pixels.
  • Athens: Our strategos thinks it is a suicide to go into Lydian territory attacking and stays in Melissopetra with his 800 men.
  • Spartans insist on defending Melissopetra rather than attacking due to huge disadvantage in numbers.

Leinster: Queen Sinead I dies after the longest monarch's reign in Leinster's reign. Ironically, her son becomes the youngest ever monarch, as King Tiren II is crowned aged 9. The Queen's cousin, Prince Colm becomes his chief advisor until he reaches the age of majority. Leinster continues to expand 50 px: mainly into the Isle of Jura and also into Holy Island (this is the tiny one next to Anglesey in Wales, I sincerely doubt it's any more than like 3 px), but regardless the total sum of both should be 50 px. In the unlikely event that this is less than 50 px, then any excess can be put into Isle of Man.

Cambridge: The expansion continues with 20 px still in the tables. King George I warns the tribes could attack us, if they ordered to. So he need a better military and a good defense over of them. Defensive walls are still defending Cambridge, as he aims to take Norwich.

Athens: Lydian movement is closely observed by our scouts and Achilles decides it is far more important to secure Ionia, he sends his brother to command navy in Propontis while taking Kratos with his personal 400 men army to Ionia. Due to war Polis is officially ruled by Demos and Three Councils, Demia is not active. Supplying armies requires strong economy and we simply can not rely on our own agriculture, for this reason huge expansion of 550 px is made in Sikelia, Italia and Beotia. Whole Polis is patiently awaiting for the outcome of this war.

  • (Not that it is important, but second rolls for both battles were 105 and 103, pretty big statistical miracle)

CCC: We improve relations with Gaul Fed. We continue to expand 50 px in the east to create a bigger state. Asselin III is murdered by an unknown killer. With this his last heir to the throne Asselin IV takes control. After this a new royal family must be chosen. This puts much pressure on Asselin IV, but still he continues to show success. Unlike his family, the new Asselin is a peace keeper. He decides to stop any future expansions and become a holy state of religion. Now he has the state on his side. But his foolish governors despise him. One even tries to rule over Asselin. He only settles him down with wisdom, preventing confrontation. The economy grows great due to Asselin IV and the Grand Market is thriving with many distant people. Fortification building is slowed and military buildup stops. Asselin realizes that true peace is the only thing that can make them thrive.

Edinburgh: With expansion to the West going well the Queen decides to cement the tribe of the Epidii living there by marrying them into the present Lairds of the South West of who have returned south from Lochness to create a new house Laird Epidii which will take over the running of the South West of the Pictish Kingdoms. They expand further into Epidii lands to bring them under their control. The first act of business organising them into their collective farms for the druids increased produce plan. (Expansion west and slightly south 150 px)

The druids themselves are almost completed on their floating village which is made from lots of rafts and boats built together. Using ropes they fix it to the construction of the Fortress at the South of Lochness. A guard of 400 archers patrol the Loch becoming the Temple guard. In Orcas the new maps of the sky are used to send an expedition back to the Northland this time with 500 men and five ships and lots of food (Expansion 25 px south of Shetlands)

The Lairds Protectors of the Wall have decided that a new fortress will begun to be built west of Edinburgh by the wall and the wall shall be reinforced around it to strengthen it further, The plans are fully endorsed by the newly formed druid council who send wood and stone from the working temples of the Gods of the Forest and Stone respectively. The Queen herself declares that the Votandini need more living space so they expand (50 px further north of Edinburgh).

Nineveh: We continue expansion, changing to 1/3rd of our max expansion going north on the Tigris and 1/3rd going south. Zoroastrianism continues to be on the rise in the kingdom. We continue expanding our military and begin to fortify the capital of Nineveh (Turn One of Two). We begin building a very large library in our capital and scour the bazaars for books in Greek, Cuneiform, Phoenecian, Aramaic, or Pahlavi.

  • Your capital is already fortified, 2/3 > 1/2.
  • I assume my expansion limit still increases although I'm going a bit more than 1/2.
  • Not like 1/2 of the limit stays 50 all the time, it's always half no matter what.

860 B.C.[edit | edit source]

AltE2 860bc.png

Mod events: Last Hollandian ruler dies and state falls to Frysian tribes. Lydia takes Vosporos without any resistance, since Melissopetra fell Lydian king sends 2600 surviving men from there to reinforce the defences in Ionia. 1000 new recruits are stationed in the south to defend it from possible counteratacks. 2000 men from Vosporos are stationed near Athenian navy base in Hellesphontes to make them attack. Map'll be available later, again, sorry.

Athens: Polis is happy to hear the news of victory from Ionia, but that is overshadowed by the fact king Achilles died in action while defending the center of formation with his personal unit. His brother Aches has to become a new tyrrant and strategoses advise him to come back to Athenae as fast as possible. We lost Vosporos but grand strategos is refusing to take ofensive actions for now. 1000 men are moved from Hellesphontes to Ionia, as are remaining 200 troops from Melissopetra, there are 4500 men currently stationed there. We request Spartans and Mycenae to send their surviving/new troops there to strike a decisive blow to Lydia and force them to negotiate for peace, but due to insufficient amount of troops it is delayed until we manage to recover. Even despite war, we expand 550 px in mainland.

  • Mycenae: We agree to so so.

the Federal Union of the Swedish Tribes: Takel-ahista dies and a new leader, Miral II of Micsel ceded his place. Miral II is not as good, but he still not bad. New members are welcomed and aids are given. We continue influence more tribes and showed them why they want to come together to form a federation. Some more exporation were operated and some of the land is expected to change to a lighted shade of grey. North Expansion by 13 px along the coast and East 12 px. We have our second chief meeting about our religion standard, in which they are still debating(The 1st long debate of Sweden). The Pro-Sweden state is finally build with 1000 native Danish and 450 Swedish, occupying 18 px of land(OTL Zealand,Denmark). We also expand 20 px South and set up another port for trading in the Baltics/German/Saxon. Jutish viewed us as friendly as we improve our relationships with 'em. We build 45 trade boats and ten battleboats, which puts the total at 81 trade and 16 battleboats. Our boat-building technology is getting better. About 70% of the population are farmers now and the rate is getting lower almost each year since we have better farming technology. Though the difference between farmers and nobles is not big now, it is expected to get bigger over time. Also, we awarded the explorers from last turn some gold (Yes, Sweden has some gold, but ya know, not a lot).

  • Suehan: population stands at 7000. We start to fortify more cities. We give aids to the new tribes. We also have the control over the Danish state of Sikela for now. About 2768 live in the city of Kelisten and lots of small farms surround the city. We start to build a second layer defense around Kelisten, though not as good at the first one. A layer of defense is build around Ribul(from 930BC).
  • Every other tribe except the new guys: We are now economically independent thanks to the previous aids. Some big cities are moderately fortified. The total population stands at 4000.
  • Hem: We are a big tribe that offered loyalty: spanning 67 px, we are the second biggest tribe after Suehan, and we already have some 'fortified city' and a stable government. Only because of Suehans influence we came and joined, and we decline the aid offer since we already have some 'good' economy. Population stands at 1100.
  • Grenman: We are another tribe that offered loyalty, we have 600 people and 13 px of land. More on that next time.

Mycenae: Heron I orders 2700 more men to take back Melissopetra. More than 1000 other people are sent to attack other Lydian territories, and 100 are sent to Athenian and Spartan docks to merge armies, this war has been very costly to all three nations, although Heron I promises that Mycenae will not collspse like the Minoans, and he promises that Lydia will fall to ashes. Military is vastly improved, so is economy.

  • Kýpros: Governor Gennadios sends 50 men to the Lydian War.
  • Koúkos: Economy is improved.
  • Nea Knossos: Expansion by 5 pixels.
  • The stuff that I underlined, backstory raiding or legit attack?
  • A mix between raiding and legit attack, i will continue to battle until they accept peace or something.
  • But do you want an algo for that? (I don't recommend that)
  • I do not know, but why i it not recommended?
  • Because while defending Lydia has nearly +20 points from economy/military alone.

Cambridge: King Jordan II will become the next king for Cambridge if King George I announces the retirement of leading the Cambridge nation. King George I says there's nothing much left for the supplies of the Cambridge, to allow the citizens eat. The military is in training, with 500 in military and 100 training.

Steraling: improve Eco and expand 5 px north as friendly as possible.

Nineveh: We continue expansion, going one-third of our max expansion going north on the Tigris and one-third going south. Zoroastrianism continues to rise in the kingdom. The library is finished and also begins the act of translating all medical and mathematical textbooks as well as maps into Assyrian cuneiform. Military build up continues. Major cities begin to flourish and a new age of culture reigns, and as a result many new statues and grand buildings are created. A new architecture becomes popular in the kingdom, mixing Assyrian and Persian designs.

Edinburgh: With a now structured base of operations in Northern Scotland the druids approach the Cornavii living there to help them gain the support of the people in the North offering them a place as Lairds of the North. In Orcas the tribal leaders of the Orcades are also honoured as Lairds of the Upper Isles and start work on building a navy of 25 ships. This is the last act of Queen Eithne who dies in 855 BC. Her nephew takes the throne as she has no heirs and is crowned King Drest. His first orders is to set an expedition of 500 men and five ships north past Orcas to the isles above and to land on them and map them out. (Not expanding there but just mapping it in.) This expedition is led by the Laird of the Upper Isles and his son.

Down south the Lairds finish building the expansions to the wall (So it should be a complete bordering line from East coast to West coast I think) and continue work on the fortress. The Lairds of the South West also expand farther into the old Kingdom of the Epidii (50 px) whilst the King expands north further towards the Kingdom of Finach (200 px). The druids continue expansion in north to create more grazing lands for the horses they hope to bring south from the Northern isles. (75 px south)

Finally the port on the Isle of Arran is completed and a small fishing village is built there. Whilst this happens the navy of the West is moved there and a new naval commander is elected from the members of the House Epidii

Leinster begins to build a fortress around dublin and also expands 50 px east of their border in the Isle of Man. King Tiren II is now well into his reign and his old advisor Prince Colm is dead, meaning any rumours flying of a power struggle are firmly put to rest.

850 B.C.[edit | edit source]

AltE2 850bc.png

Mod events: Angles are very unhappy about the Suehan-backed state in Zealand, they raid and pillage suehan settlements. Lydian king, seeing easy victory in Melissopetra, decides to take initiative and invade Mycenaean Kipros, 2000 men are taken away from Ionia and 1000 men are newly recruited. Sparta replenished its troops to 1000 men.

Athens: With war costing many lives and our allies losing, Aches is trying to come up with a plan to finally end this. Seeing Lydian preparations to engage in offensive actions he orders 1400 men from Hellesphontes and 2000 men from Ionia to be moved to Knossos and help Mycenae defend their capital city, weakening Lydian army in process. With war becoming pretty usual thing and only few men being recruited to change retiring soldiers, life in Athens is becoming stable, state starts opening businesses again, new asklepias and libraries are built. Royal Academy of Athens is established under tyrrants patronship to keep records of Athenian history and act as a center of educational system in Polis. Once again we expand 770 px in the mainland and on the nearby islands, strategoses think it would be about time for Aches to tap into unused potential of colonial recruits and mercenaries.

Leinster: Leinster expands the final tiny tip into Isle of Jura (again no more than 3 px, I imagine), and depending on whether the Isle of Man was seized fully last round or not they continue to expand into Man. If any of the 50 px quota is still not filled than the remainder goes into expansion of Angelesey (North Welsh Island). King Tiren II dies under suspicious circumstances in his early 20s and with no heir, the state falls into confusion. A local emergency council is called, and the country is temporarily ran by democratic rule by the 15 local tribe leaders of Leinster. The fortress around Dublin continues to be built.

Edinburgh: The fortress is finally completed on the eastern end of the wall and the Lairds Protectorate having finished it finally have a fully defensible up and running barrier between the Kingdom and any who may wish to harm it. The wall only has four main holes in it and the Lairds improve the masonary at these points to make gatehouses improving the roads leading up to each one, especially the links to Stirling. Glaschu, the Great Temples and Edinburgh. They also expand south down into the final parts of the Epidii Kingdom where they will build a dock to bring more trade to Alba. (expansion south in the orange part by 75 px)

Meanwhile on the Isle of Arran the Lairds of the South West continue the organisation and building of the fortress. They improve earlier plans with the idea of making it the base of their seat of power relinquishing much of the land around Glaschu to the Lairds Protectorate. Likewise the druids continue the construction of their fortress at Lochness with the floating temple soon being turned into a floating city. It is named Diviciaciam after the first elected archdruid Diviciacus who follows the calling of the Gods of the Lochs. A small group of five swift ships is built in the Loch itself under the leadership of the druids and a newly formed house from a minor chieftain in the part, the house Decantae to protect the the and around the loch which is newly expanded into (Expansion from the base of Lochness up 100 px to surround the Southern side).

Finally in the North the members of House Cornavii expand south further by 150 px and raise and army of 750 men and 300 horses to protect the land up north. The expedition to the Northern Isles returns home and bring the maps to Edinburgh to add to their collection and horses to the lands marked out for them in the north. The King is delighted at this and readys a third expedition to finally settle in the Northern Isles.

  • Next turn Edinburgh will get higher category and 910/455 expansion rate.

Cambridge: The expansion continues with 5 px, more to come. As King George I is staying to lead Cambridge. Explorers gain through for a break, also planning for another exploration.

Colonia Copia Claudia: Asselin IV continues to bring peace to the region, and rules with order which helps the society and economy. Culture ceremonies are held to honor the state with it's wise leader for the 150 year mark as a civilization. Asselin sways the tribes of Gaul and the Federation to join the country, and hopefully with them will come new lands. (pixels) Market trade continues successfully. (SECRET MEETING OF CCC GOVERNORS: Governors become extremely angry at Asselin because of his passive behavior. Plans to overthrow him are made and many soldiers are bribed to join the cause.)

Nineveh: We continue expansion, going 1/3rd of our max expansion going north on the Tigris and 1/3rd going south. Zoroastrianism becomes the predominant religion in the kingdom though the establishment has yet to change to match this. Military development continues.

the Federal union of the Swedish Tribes: seeing that the Angles is raiding our villages, we warn them to stop and position almost all of our troops(710, numbers increased from last turn) near the village. We also promises the families that have at least one soldiers that if the soldier dies, they will be awarded ten year's worth of grains or some luxury. We continue influence. We improve our mp. Peaceful expansion North 15 px, East 15 px and South 20 px. We then build up our navy, with 14 new boats and 30 total.(more tocome) (note: I fortified Kelisten. Please show this on the map, please

  • Suehan: Population stands at 8200. We start to fortify Ribul. We start to give some of the tribe more aids.
  • Bohuslan: Population stands at 1000. Economy system is renewed.
  • Bahist: Population stands at 810.
  • Vanick: Population stands at 775.
  • Gonel and Hasen: Population stands at 834.
  • Miscel: Population stands at 1301.
  • Teckel: Population stands at 611 and we start to receive aids from Suehan.
  • tenisae: Population stands at 400 and we start to receive aids from Suehan.
  • Meltaken Kel: Population stands at 317 since a mysteruis disease begin to spread. We start to receive aids from Suehan.
  • Hem: Population stands at 1324.
  • Greman: Population stands at 625.
  • If only I would know where Kelisten is ...

Mycenae: Heron I dies in while battling in Melissopetra, trying to take back the territory, Heron II becomes the new Emperor, and orders 240 ships to surround Kýpros and places fire archers to sink the Lydian ships. 1100 infantry soldiers are placed in Kýpros and 100 mounted soldiers (on horses), and 300 infantry soldiers are placed in Knossos. With the eastern colonies collapsing to the Lydians, we invest and fund the western colonies like Nea Knossos in Sikelia and Koúkos in Italia (also known as Magna Graecia). Expansion by 25 pixels in mainland Kriti (Crete).

  • Kýpros: Expansion by 15 pixels. 1100 infantry soldiers are placed in Kýpros and 100 mounted soldiers (on horses). Heron II orders 240 ships to surround Kýpros and placeas fire archers to sink the Lydian ships.
  • Koúkos: Expansion by 20 pixels. Heron II sends 200 gold bricks to the colony.
  • Nea Knossos: Expansion by 15 pixels.
  • Lydian Invasion of Kipros Lydian armies fail miserably and are forced to retreat with minor casualties amongst defenders.

840 B.C.[edit | edit source]

AltE2 840bc.png

Mod events: Ulster collapses. Angles ignore suehan warnings and intensify their raids, stationing several thousands of free warriors near suehan-backed settlements. Lydia gathers 7000 men from their remaining armies and starts moving them to Ionia challenging Athens to fight a final face to face battle.

Athens: Aches dies leaving no successor, gladly, Achilles had a son that now becomes a new tyrant, his name is Photios. Seeing Lydian maneuvers, he thinks it is just about time to end the war and takes Lydian "challenge". He gather all men from Hellesphontes, Ionia and Kipros to intercept Lydian armies on their way to Ionia. Two new armies with thousand soldiers each are gathered in Aegeana and western colonies.

New tyrant also continues his uncle's work and encourages people to educate themselves and work in different fields of science. Royal Academy branches are established in Corinthos, Thebes, on various Aegean Islands and in Sikelia. Having mainland grow almost three times the size it was few decades before, Athens have a considerable amount of people that could be used to colonise new lands. 240 px expansion in Sikelia, 130 px in both Tripoli and Cyrenaica, 200 px in Italia. Increasing population is also used to partialy revive Athenian navy that almost fully merged with land armies due to war. 5500 men are hired and/or recruited to man Kratos and 30 Argoses, Pyroses and Orniths are brought back under the control of strategos that is responsible for navy, unfortunately, it tooks way too long to gather these men and it is too late for them to reinforce main armies in Ionia.

  • Second battle in Ionia Athens win the battle completely destroying Lydian army and taking 604px with surviving 1000 men.
  • Lydians, after losing its entire army and seeing Athenians near their capital city, ask for truce. Negotiations between Photios and Lydian king begin.

Cambridge: The expansion still continues with 10 px, for a better room of buildings, bunkers and outposts to be established east. The navy also could be established, but on route for explorers gain more and still planning to do some objectives on their mind.

Leinster : The Tribal Council is still going strong as no heir to the throne has yet been found. Leinster holds a feast to celebrate the collapse of Ulster and expands into the 50 px surrounding their formally fortified city of Derry. (He asked me to post for him for the moment as he can't get to the computer ... he'll sign it later for proof.) Yeah hi, this is Mangdublah and i approve this message. Oh, also, I'm pretty sure that my Dublin fortress has been completed, can this be added to the map please?

Edinburgh: With the Shetlands now mapped out King Drest send a group of colonists from the Orcas to settle there. (expand 50 px on the Shetlands). The King also deciding that the Pictish Kings need to look beyond the borders of their homeland sends ships out west south and north from Glaschu to see what they can discover. These boats head out as far as they can to map and find new civilisations within trade distance.

The two fortresses are finished (So could you add them on the map. One on the Isle of Arran and one at the South of Lochness. I think there is also one on the East of Scotland by the Wall you didn't add). The druids in Lochness continue their expansion north to the Lairds of the North and the likewise the Lairds of the North continue expanding South to meet them. (A path of 250 px to connect the South to the North meeting at Inverness) The spot they finally meet each other is honored and a new city is begun to be built there. Expansion moves out from this point. (I'm unsure if the expansion leap happens this round or next so all the rest of expansion to half way should happen out of Inverness along the two paths north and South West)

In other news a group of druids start learning fighting skills and claim to follow the Gods of War and demand seats in the council. Diviciacus calls them abominations due to their warlike nature and chases them out of the Council. They flee to Edinburgh and the Druids of the Sky and of Knowledge and take refuge there whilst Diviciacus gathers support from the Druids of the Sea, the forest and the Lochs to petition the King to exile them from the country.

Nineveh: We continue expansion, going one-third of our max expansion going north on the Tigris and one-third going south. Zoroastrianism becomes accepted by the establishment during the crowning ofa new king. A massive Zoroastrian temple is to be built in the capital. Military development continues.

Mycenae: Heron II dies while riding a horse, while the horse accidentially pushed him off, making Heron II break his neck, his son, Pelagios III, who is 19, suceeds him. Mycenae is tried of the War in Lydia, as the war has made thousand people die, and has ruined the stable economy, and thoughts of withdrawing from the war begin to be spoken of, but Pelagios III says he will not give up, and sends 200 soldiers to help Athens. Pelagios III's reign mainly focuses on the economy, he builds 300 new farms in Kriti, mainly near villages, and builds 50 farms in Koúkos, Kýpros and Nea Knossos, and awaits a economic boom. With the horror of the War in Lydia, Pelagios III tries to improve the military, both navy and army, as much as he can, to prevent further invasions. A huge temple is set to be built in Cyrusopolis, in Kýpros, set to store as much as 200 people at one time, the temple is set to be a place to worship the Hellenic gods, as Hellenic Polytheism is our official religion, in order to do this, many stone quarries are built in Kýpros, mainly near hills and mountains, the temple, that will be named "Ναός των Θεών", which means Naós to̱n Theó̱n (Temple of the Gods), the temple is set to be finished in 800 B.C. Pelagios III also builds small fleets around Koúkos, Nea Knossos and Kýpros, to prevent the colonies from invasions. Ships are sent to explore the Mediterraean, one expedition discovers a land in Sikelia, near Nea Knossos, it is named Kallithéa, quickly 20 houses are built in Kallithéa, and a Senate, and two docks, one expedition lands in   West Greece, it is named Pyrgíon. The Megálo Gerousía is renamed Gerousia. Pelagios III tries to make Mycenae the new Minoa, as the Minoan culture was beautiful and fascinating, but as their civilization ended in 1400 BC, not much has been recovered from the civilization. A massive expansion by 50 pixels happens in East Kriti, that is Mycenae's mainland.

  • Kýpros: Expansion by 5 pixels.
  • Koúkos: Expansion by 10 pixels.
  • Nea Knossos: Expansion by 10 pixels.
  • Kallithéa: Expansion by 5 pixels.
  • Pyrgíon: Expansion by 15 pixels.

830 BC[edit | edit source]

AltE2 830bc.png

Mod events: Seeing rising greek empires in the south, three big greek states arise in the north, these are Epiros, Macedonia and Thessaly. Urartu people defeat Phrygians and Partians and create their kingdom. Lydian King is ready to seal the peace treaty on Athenian terms if they are realistic.

Mod message: Pretty major changes in algorithm that removed giant bonus for the defenders and made army size a bit more important. (See here and here) Further balancing is possible.

Athens: Since Photios really wants peace in Polis, he will not ask for too much, but our demands are still pretty high: 200 px in Melissopetra to Mycenae under condition they will not expand any farther, 500 px in Hellesphontes and 500 px plus lands we lost in Vosporos, full recognition of Athenian hegemony over Greek lands in Aegean and to the north of Athens. As a final request, we would like to get 4edp as contribution for destruction and lost lives to us and one EDP to Mycenae. The only thing we have to give other than peace is redistribution of lands in Ionia, where we would agree to take some coastal lands instead of that in inland so Lydians could feel safe about their capital city. 

Athenian navy of 5500 men is already near Lydian coasts just in case they are trying to win time by negotiations, due to that we expand less than usual. Small outpost of 50 px on eastern tip of Crete to act as a gateway between us and our Tripolitanian/Cyrenaican colonies, 50 px on Kipros and Italia Grecia. 75 px in Epiros to have some space in case new states would act aggressively. We start building a fortress in Epiros.

  • Lydia has no choice but to agree and their King is fairly satisfied to only lose small part of his lands.

Mycenae: After the peace treaty has been made, Mycenae officialy accepts the terms. Pelagios III choses Prince Alexander III as his heir apparent. Economy is vastly improved, with 500 new farms being built in inland Kriti, his of course makes the economy rocket, wood is also cut down for ships. A Gold mine is established near Apollonia (near Knossos), this also improves the economy. A daughter is born to Prince Eugenios Papadopoulos, who is the cousin to Prince Alexander III, who is the heir apparent of Pelagios III, she is named Cassandra. Massive expansion 60 pixels east.

  • Kýpros: Expansion by 29 pixels.
  • Koúkos: Expansion by 15 pixels to the north and 2 pixels east.
  • Melissopetra: The colony was brought back to Mycenae after the peace treaty.
  • Nea Knossos: Expansion by 20 pixels.
  • Kallithéa: Expansion by 30 pixels.
  • Pyrgíon: Expansion by 15 pixles.

the Federal Union of the Swedish Tribes:Seeing that the angles are ignoring our warning, we recruit 300 more army and declare war upon them , saying that we have defending our people (since they were raiding) Casus Beli and manage to start fortify the small colony while delaying the other one. (Algo needed) we remove citizens here to ensure no citizen death. Expansion South 30 px and east 25 px(both mainland). Also, four more boats are built.(To lazy to post everything else, LoL)

I can guarantee you will lose just based on the army size and defence bonuses of Angles, are you sure?

Leinster-After Leinster seizes Derry, a local Derryman tribe leader named Seannigh O'Purghaeil, (first cousin, once removed from old King Tiren II) has developed a significant following in Derry and joins the Tribal Council as Derry's representative. The Council also decides to expand 90 px into the remainder of Angelesey and Isle of Man. If this 90 px is not made up from these two territories, then Leinster also expands a strip between Derry and the main area of Leinster in Western Ireland. Also to combat the weak economy, the now established Tribal Council encourages a similar economic policy to what the late Queen Sinead I of O'Rourke Clan used, by openly econuraging immigration from local Irish tribes, as well as the Pictish Kingdoms and English Tribes. (Leinster also queries whether the Channel Islands could possibly be added to the map).

They are too small.

Edinburgh: In 830BC the petition of Diviciacus reaches the King by courier but he declines stating the druids of War belong to the council just as much as the main druidic colours and embraces the Druids of War into the capital. Diviciacus outraged demands a meeting of the council the next year with the Loch, Sea and Forest druids coming forth. The druids of stone send an envoy too but only to infrom them that the Druids of Stone have demands also for a new colour to enter the council: the Druids of the Gods of Metal who have chosen the color silver for their robes. Hearing of this, the Druids of the Sky and Knowledge also send forth a messenger demanding that the druids of Life who have been studying the arts of healing with the colour yellow also enter the council.

Diviciacus hearing these requests gets so angry he casts them out of the religion and begins the construction of a new city at Inverness to be a new capital of religion moving the council's base taking power away from the King at Edinburgh. The church begins to schism and the King realising the danger this poses especially to trade and economy quickly organises the remaining druids into a new council managing to get at least three druids from each colour. By 825 BC there are two bases of power in the country with neither side willing to budge. Matters escalate as the Lairds of the North and of the Upper Isles declare Inverness to be home to the true religion. (The Upper Isles begin to consolidate their power at this point expanding further into the Shetlands by 100 px) The lairds begin to choose sides but no one wants war and so for the common people life continues as normal.

By 821BC Diviciacus has finished his city and the power struggle within the druidic order has reached breaking point. Production has decreased by half in all Great Temples as the druids are more concerned with politics than work so all of the new druidic orders expand north to Inverness to demand Diviciacus acknowledges them as the King and all the Lairds approach from every side to reach a final agreement. (Expansion north to Inverness by 355 px).

Cambridge: Expansion still continues for a 20 px, to build some more buildings. The Navy has been established finally. As King George I is embarrassed about the military might come up in handy for invading.

Colonia Copia Claudia: Asselin IV grows older and older by the day as he continues to support his state and the economy grows. The corrupt governors put their plan into full affect and storm Lyon. The entire military is on their side now and only the royal guards and servants defend Asselin. Asselin and his state surrender to the governors. For intimidation and fear, servants and the rich are murdered in Lyon. Asselin IV is exiled from Colonia Copia Claudia, left only with survival tools. Asselin IV, now 70 years old asks the Gaul Federation for a home. (MOD RESPONSE) Now the governors were in absolute control. The main governor, Aeternos the Great is decided as ruler. Aeternos believes in force and power, so he decides to expand military and boost moral to get new men to join. Many are forced into the military. Expansion begins again. We expand 350 pixels east into the unknown.

New turn?. QuebecanCanada (talk) 15:47, February 4th, 2015 (UTC)

New turn starts at around 18:00 UTC.

820 B.C[edit | edit source]

AltE2 820bc.png

Mod events: Gaul Federation accept Asselin IV as a refugee but he is not allowed to take part in Federation politics.

Nineveh: We continue expansion, going 1/4rd of our max expansion going north on the Tigris and 1/4th going south. After the building of one of the largest Zoroastrian temple in the Fertile Crescent and probably the largest library as well, Nineveh become a new center of learning and knowledge. The King sends gifts to the king of Media, Israel and Uratru, these gifts being a gold-covered book each regarding matters of astronomy and astrology. We continue building up our military.

Mycenae: Missionaries are sent in Melissopetra to fully convert people who want to join Greek Polytheism, those who do not want can stay with their own religion. Trade improves, mainly with the Umbrians and Etruscans, and more exploration teams are sent to discover more land. A Temple of Ares is built (Hexastyle Pseudoperipteral type), to remember that Ares led us through Wars, into victory, as Ares' sacred animals are vulture, snakes, dogs and boars, ten of every animal is sacrificed by the Priests before the temple is opened. The Greek temple that is in consttruction, set to be the largest greek temple that is planned to host 200 people, and to be finished in 800 BC, is revealed to be not one god's temple, but all Gods, all Demigods, all titans and all spirits temple, thus making it the first greek temple to be a worshipping place for all deities, Cyrusopolis remains the construction place. Economy and Military is improved. Expansion on Kriti is 25 pixels west and 50 pixels east.

  • Kýpros: Expansion by 29 pixels. Building on the Temple of Gods continues, with enough stone quarries supplying the construction.
  • Koúkos: Expansion by 25 pixels. A Temple of Artemis is built (Pronaos type temple), and 20 animals are sacrificed before the opening, it was built to remember that Artemis helped the colony with food. A Temple of Demeter is built too (Temple in antis type)
  • Melissopetra: A Temple of Athena is built in the colony (Tholos type).
  • Nea Knossos: Expansion by 30 pixels.
  • Kallithéa: Expansion by 15 pixels.
  • Pyrgíon: Expansion by 30 pixels. Missionaries are sent to convert Pagans that believe in their own folk religions, however, we notice that there are many Greeks already there, suggesting migration from other tribes, and notice that only a few practice the folk religions. A Temple of Poseidon is built. (Tetrastyle Amphipprostyle type)

CCC: We expand 50 pixels east. Citizens are mourning the deaths and want revenge on the government.

Leinster expands 275 px on their northern border on mainland Leinster, joining their Derry constituent to their mainland. During this time of huge expansion, Leinster sees a huge increase in population, finally stimulating the economy after remaining stagnant for several years. O'Purghaeil of Derry also successfully overthrows the Tribal Council government and becomes first King of Leinster of the O'Purghaeil Clan.

Cambridge: King George I really upbeat for the expansion of 50 px, to become even the latest expansion, but it doesn't made any worse for Cambridge. The Navy is already established, building about five ships in total to made them for exploration around the world and make a wonderful travel. Military does look at the break moment, as we have no further consequences of information or statements around our country. It is to be believed.

Athens: Photios is happy to finally end the war and know Athens are safe, unfortunately, three new states in the north are now posing threat to our dominance. Nevertheless, tyrrant doesn't panic and colonial expansion is prioritised over mainland. The reason for that is Propontis, since it got far bigger and is pretty much connected to the mainland, tyrrant is getting ready to introduce it as the third Athenian region. Ionia is officially merged with Aegeana. Sikelian and Italian colonies will be gathered into two new provinces. This requires changes in Demia and so it will take some time to figure everything out. 100 px expansion in Kipros, 136 px in Rhodos, 64 px in Peloponesos, 145 px in Tripolitania. Fortress in Epiros is built. As our possesions increase, our trade and agriculture follows the trend and brings in far more tax money to the budget. Population is steadily increasing and official census is planned in Polis, possibly including colonies. As of now we do not have a land army but our navy stands at 5500 men, having pretty good economy Photios is considering bringing the navy to its full manpower capacity and maybe even expanding it.

Edinburgh: In 820 BC the lairds, the king, the old and the new council meet together in the fields by Inverness. The King demands Diviciacus accept the new colours and orders or else he personally will dissolve the council of the druids. Diviciacus disagrees and demands that the people shall rise up and depose the false King who has no business in druidic affairs and becomes swept up in a rage ordering the destruction of the King and cursing the lairds stating the druids are the true rulers of the land but his rage has an adverse effect as the Lairds of the North and of the Upper Isles remove their support as do the Druids of the Forest shocked at his arrogance stating the druids have always been to serve the people, not rule them. With only two orders now supporting him the new council hosts a mock re-election and in five days a new Archdruid has been chosen from the druids of the Forest who calls the old council a group of heretics and the King arrests both Diviciacus and the heads of both the Druids of the Lochs and off the Sea. They are sacrificed at Inverness temple to the high gods and the new council and King decides to take over Inverness as a more center point of the Kingdom and make it the new capital.

By 815 BC The new Archdruid reorganises the whole council into a more efficient bureaucratic format and begins the construction of three new Great Temples for the three new orders and colours whilst the King expands a new path from Edinburgh to Inverness for the move of the royal court including the royal children to the new capital. (Expansion 455 px between inverness and Edinburgh but avoiding the Purple Kingdom)

810 B.C[edit | edit source]

AltE2 810bc.png

Turns ...

Mycenae: A Temple of Artemis (Hexastyle Pseudoperipteral style) is built only meters from the largest farm in the largest farm network in Kriti, as Pelagios III thought it would be a good idea to givr farmers a worship place for their favorute god. Economy improves with the new farms. A separate sect from Hellenic Polytheism emerges in Apollonia, called Enallaktikiism (Allternateism) that believes that a human reincarnates, and some few other additions, the sect has the greek gods, with a few other ones, the government does nothing about the sect as it is still Hellenic Polytheism. Military is improved. We discover an island named Kythira south of Sparta's coast, we immediatdly colonize it and claim it for Mycenae, and we establish a city named Chora, and the colony is named Kythira. We claim the small unoccupied strip between Sparta and Athens in Peloponnese, and name it Peloponnese.

  • Kýpros: The Construction of the Temple of Gods continues to be built. Expansion by 60 pixels.
  • Koúkos: A Temple of Hermes (Oktastyle Dipteral) is built near the main city Koúkos (which is also the name of the colony). Expansion by 20 pixels.
  • Melissopetra: A Temple of Uranus is built (Tetrastyle Amphiprostyle) in the colony.
  • Nea Knossos: A Temple of Zeus is built (Tholos style). Expansion by 25 pixels.
  • Kallithéa: Expansion by 10 pixels.
  • Pyrgíon: A Temple of Apollo is built (Oktastyle Pseudodipteral). Expansion by 29 pixels.
  • Kythira: With the discovering of the island by a exploration ship fleet of five ships, the city of Chora is built, two temples are built, a Temple of Poseidon is made (Hexastyle Peripteral type), as he guided the fleet to this beautiful island, and a Temple of Artemis (Tholos type), as she gave the island beautiful trees, animals and fruits. Expansion by 10 pixels.
  • Peloponnese: The small Peloponnesian strip between Sparta and Athens is claimed by Mycenae, and name the capital Aphroditia. We expand 15 pixels into the unoccupied unknown.

Leinster: King Seannaigh II rejoices due to his achievement of uniting the two main towns of contiguous Leinster. He now turns his attention back to naval expansion by expanding into the Isles of Tiree, Coll, Rum and Wight respectively. These are all quite small so the remainder of this 275 px expansion goes into a strip between the Southern tip of mainland Leinster and OTL Cork. When Wight is claimed, Seannaigh orders the start of a 30 year fortress on the port in South Isle of Wight. Also, despite being a new House, Seanaigh II assures the Edinburgh leaders that trade relations will be maintained from the previous government.

Inverness: With the country still reeling from the almost civil war after the Great Schism the sudden death of the King Drest in 809BC is felt by all to remind them that the country stability is still fragile and that old rivalries need to be patched up. The new King Domnal II makes sure of this by increasing marriage links between the Northern Lairds and the Southern Lairds to try and make sure there is never a northside divide again. The trade routes from the North to Edinburgh are also strengthened with the Druids of Stone and Earth being made to work closely on the upkeep of the roads.

In the Council of Druids the new Archdruid Cathbad tries to also smooth over anger after the death's of the Druids of the Lochs and the Seas key leaders. To deal with this a new project is developed to widen the channel from the loch to the sea with druids of the Loch, Stone, Earth, the Sky and Knowledge and the Sea all working together to attempt this huge feat.

King Domnal II also continues his fathers ideas of expansion with men sent south below Alba to map it out (MOD RESPONSE) and the Lairds of the Upper Isles expand in the Shetlands but also head west to take over the islands of Harris and Uist (Max expansion on those islands and others not yet taken by Leinster but also on the coastal reigons of the north to create links towards the islands)

  • Alba and its people, despite being viewed by Inverness as savage people and raiders, welcome the travelers and allow them to go wherever they want, but due to a huge size of the kingdom it will take time to map it out.

Colonia Copia Claudia: Aeternos continues to rule with fear and oppression on the helpless civilians of the state. A secret resistance is created to stop the tyranny of Aeternos. He absolutely recommends that Gaul Federation join the state. Ten rulers minimum from your nation. New laws you can make within reason. (MOD RESPONSE) Huge amounts of people are forced to join the military, literally thousands and thousands. This does not sit well with the public. We expand 50 pixels, under bonus loss point. We continue trade w/ jutes.

  • Gaul Federation has no reasons to join CCC, therefore offer is declined.

Nineveh: We continue expansion, going one-fourth of our max expansion going north on the Tigris and one-fourth going south. After the building of one of the largest Zoroastrian temple in the Fertile Crescent and probably the largest library as well, Nineveh become a new center of learning and knowledge. The King sends gifts to the king of Media, Israel, and Uratru, these gifts being a gold-covered book each regarding matters of astronomy and astrology. We continue building up our military.

  • Nineveh becomes a city state (expansion multiplier 50)

Cambridge: Expansion still going further, a 30 px will done its job, while the military are still training the troops. With few bunkers and outposts will be established and placed, it would be encouraging defense.

Athens: Photios dies and is succeeded by his son, Alexander III of Athens (not to be confused with Alexander III, Prince of Mycenae). 

Administrational reforms also continue. Province of Propontis gets a right to self-govern. 40 representatives are replaced by one Provincial governor that is elected in the province and has 50 votes. Demos is reformed to have 150 people from anywhere in the Polis including colonies and provinces. Another 100 form a separate section of 100 people from two regions, 50 people from each. This only changes what people are elected and ensures 100 people will be from Attica and Aegeana, vote values aren't changed. Two "secretaries", one for each region, are also introduced into Demia, having 100 votes each. Changes bump the total vote amount in Demia to 1010, with 600 of them guaranteed to belong to mainland Greeks.

Expansion by 100 px in Italia, Sikelia, Kipros and Crete, 25 px in Peloponesos. Expedition to Nuraghi lands is led from Mediana, 2000 men of Athenian navy with flagship Kratos and three Strategoses onboard finally land north of Nuraghi state (Udahaddar) and claim 20 px of land for Athens. In mainland it is celebrated as a first colony in western Mesogeios.

As promised, census takes place and every person that lives on Athenian lands (including newest gains and colonies) is required to check in. To encourage this, food and money is given to poor people. After years of work, Council of Administration announces the end of it, results are published. According to them, population of Polis is as follows: 1816 px of land in Attica region except city of Athens has around 72,000 people with 40 ppp (density, people per pixel), 14 px of city of Athens has around 10,000 people with more than 700 ppp. 1777 px of Aegeana, including Crete and Ionia, has around 53,000 people with 30 ppp. Region of Propontis with 1060 px has 25,000 people and 25 ppp. Colonies of Kipros, Epiros, Tripolitania, Cyrenaica, Mediana and Nuraghia with 975 px in total, have around 24,000 people with 25 ppp. Province of Italia has 610 px with 18,000 people, and province of Sikelia has 688 px with 21,000 people, both provinces have 30 ppp. In total, there are 223,000 people in Polis, with nearly 7000 px and 32 ppp.

Hey guys, I have lots of stuff to do in real life, couldn't even get turns up for this weekend. I'm thinking what to do with AltE,  would you still like to play it if map would be released every other or every three turns instead of each turn? Or maybe any of you would like to do some modding to make it easier for me? Hit me up on talk page or here if you have what to say.

800 B.C[edit | edit source]

AltE2 800bc.png

Mod events: Due to extensiveness of Leinster lands, garrisons have a hard time fighting raiders off, many people are killed and many settlements are pillaged in Dublin/Cork passage, economy in these lands starts struggling. Uddahaddar undergoes civil war. Thraki leaders start uniting under the influence of Thessalians and Macedonians.


CCC: We expand 350 px north.

Mycenae: With decades of waiting, the Temple of Gods is finally finished in Cyrusopolis, Kýpros, the Temple of Gods is the largest greek temple ever, it is an Oktastyle Dipteral temple, and fits 250 people. Pelagios IV dies, and is suceed by Prince Alexander III, who gains the title Emperor Alexander III (not to be confused with Athenian Alexander III), Alexander III begins working on economy. We send explorers to the lands beyond Lydia, hoping to encounter another unknown nation. Alexander III changes Cyrus III's policy that everyone can have religion, to that all must follow the true faith - Hellenic Polytheism, however, this new policy only applies Kriti. Economy is improved, as the harvest has suceeded and the farmers have been payed by the government.

  • Kýpros: The Construction of the Temple of Gods is finished. Expansion by 15 pixels
  • Koúkos: Expansion by 20 pixels.
  • Melissopetra: A Temple of Hera is built (Tetrastyle Amphiprostyle) in the colony. 
  • Nea Knossos: A Temple of Poseidon is built (Tholos style). Expansion by 40 pixels.
  • Kallithéa: Expansion by 10 pixels.
  • Pyrgíon: A Temple of Zeus is built (Oktastyle Pseudodipteral). Expansion by 40 pixels south to Peloponnese across the sea, just north of Sparta.
  • Kythira: Expansion by 9 pixels.
  • Peloponnese: We send explorers to the north, and after months we learn that Sparta and Athens have claimed the unknown of the north, thus preventing expansion. A fortress is being built around the city of Aphroditia to defend from any attackers (takes two turns, please mark fortress on the map once it is done).

Cambridge: Citizens are normally in defense. King George I still wants for the 30 px expansion for Cambridge, and continues to unite. With normal expedition, the military still in sight for invasion. But some of the ships will be built in Navy factory, responding in no further targets to invade.

Inverness: The new Great Temples promised by the New Council when it took over are finally agreed upon where they shall be built. The Druids of Life will have theirs at the New Capital of Inverness and will be builded ontop of the present temple whilst the Druids of Metal start their temple south of Glaschu where a large quantity of Iron is found. Finally the Druids of War move their temple to the Fortress of the Lairds Protectorates where they will help defend the wall if ever needed.

Whilst that occurs the expansion continues and like three generations before him King Domnal asks the King of Dundee whether he could marry their daughter and make the Kingdom their vassal and him the Lairds of the West. (MOD RESPONSE) Whilst this occurs the Lairds of the North and or the Upper Isles continue the expansion of the north west areas of Scotland (As many px as max expansion allows after Dundee if it joins).

  • Kingdom of Dundee is struggling with their economy and the King is forced to accept the offer.

Leinster- First of all, Leinster expands into The Isles of Tiree, Rum, and Coll. However, as these do not full up the quota of 275 px, Leinster also addresses the pillaging issues of the Dublin-Cork Strip, by using the remaining px expansion to thicken the strip by expanding as close to the South-Eastern Coast as possible. The King also rides down to the strip on horseback to ensure the natives that economic upturn is imminent.

Athens: A very calm year in Polis. Economy keeps slowly growing, Alexander III orders to continue the expansion in colonies. 150 px in Italia and Sikelia, 215 px in mainland towards Epiros. Demia is considering tyrrants proposition to give a right of self-governing to Sikelia, Italia and possibly the colonies.

790 BC =[edit | edit source]

Mod events: Princess of Dundee marries King Domnal of Inverness. Local tribes in Dublin-Cork passage are still not happy, since raids continue to occur and in some places even got more frequent. Some villages even refuse to pay taxes.


Cambridge: King George I is talking for the environment of publishing more buildings across the nation of Cambridge and also a military. He gains a few approvals for citizen, but for his destiny to stay for Cambridge

Leinster- In an attempt to stablise the Munster Strip, King Seannaigh II moves parliament and the capital city of Leinster to Cork. Also, the 60% of the Leinster military is now positioned in the strip to ensure that the area remains loyal and will pay tax. To further strengthen the area, Leinster expands all 275 px into the areas on either side of the strip to thicken it. Also in an attempt to improve the situation, King Seannaigh II orders the beginning of a 30year project to build a fortress around Cork to ensure security in this city.

Sorry, quick thing, I think the Isle of Wight should be on the map for me already with a fortress.

Inverness: With the economy in Dundee faltering the King makes sure that the druids quickly reorganise the workers into communal farm valleys and druids of all orders are sent there to convert new people and start new temples to create resources for the upkeep of the country. The construction of an updated docks funded by the Druids of the Sea also expands the economy. The King pleased with his new wife allows her to govern in his place in Inverness as he begins to move leaving the Kingdom to other nations around including Leinster and Alba to increase diplomatic links. The expansion in the North continues with the idea to reach the Northern edge of Lochness in 20 years or less.

Mycenae: Alexander III dies, and his son, Alexander IV becomes ruler. Buildings are built in Knossos and Apollonia. Farms continue to be built, making the economy boom. Famed Religious leader Apollodoros (born 833 BC) proposes the writing of the holy scripture of Hellenic Polytheism, the proposal gains much popularity, and Apollodoros says he will begin writing a holy scripture of Hellenic Polytheism, that would describe all Greek folklore and legends, and the creation myth, over 50 people are set to write the scripture. Military is improved.

  • Kýpros: Several Stone Quarries are built in warm areas, near huge stone mines. A Temple of Ourea is built (Double temple in antis). Expansion by 10 pixels.
  • Koúkos: Koúkos is good enough for the Italic climate, thus making the harvests suceed. Trade with Umbrians and Etruscans continue. Meanwhile, a Temple of Demeter is built (Hexastyle Periptera). Expansion by 20 pixels.
  • Melissopetra: As the desert prevents good farms, many harvests fail, this of course crashes the colony's economy. However, we dig into the ground and find water. However, this is not enough to boom the colony's economy, and many people die because of this, and as we see that Athens does good work with making it's colony's good, we propose to give Melissopetra to Athens. A Temple of Poseidon is built (Tholos style).
  • Nea Knossos: The Tropic temperature is good for farms, and Nea Knossos gives Kriti several fruits and new exotic dishes that were farmed. A Temple of Artemis is built (Oktastyle Pseudodipteral) for the food given to the colony and the Empire. Expansion by 20 pixels.
  • Kallithéa: Kallithéa has the same temperature as Nea Knossos, this produces suceeded harvests, which is good for the colony's economy. A huge network of farms is built outside of the capital Ayía, similar to the Kritian Farm Network. Expansion by 20 pixels.
  • Pyrgíon: A Temple of Hermes is built (Tholos style). Expansion by 20 pixels south to Peloponnese across the sea, just north of Sparta. We find the island of Cephalonia, and build the city of Iachaniá as the capital on the east coast, and expand 10 pixels on the island.
  • Kythira: A Temple of Poseidon is built (Tetrastyle Amphiprostyle). Expansion by 15 pixels.
  • Peloponnese: A Temple of Aphrodite is built near the small cliff in the middle of the city. A fortress is being built around the city of Aphroditia to defend from any attackers (takes one turn now, please mark fortress on the map once it is done).

CCC: We Expand 350 px east. We ask Gaul fed. to join, MOD RESPONSE.

The game is officialy closed, thank you all for playing!
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