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Game detailsEdit

Rules (also see extended rules)Edit

  1. Be plausible and(Quote from wiki rules) don't do drugs while online.
  2. Gaawd, be polite, turn off your ego and try to be friendly. (That does not include genocide of OTL nations and insulting OTL leaders/countries)
  3. If you need to resolve something insert [ALG] or [DIP] after your issue.
  4. Be interesting, creative and tidy. Keep the posts clean.


Head Mod and MapmakerMr.Darius


AltE3 0YNE

Every player gets 2000px of land (Not an existing nation!) and a fortified city at the start, some territories in red are given on the map as examples of such area (to get the sense of scale).

Nation Color on the map Ruler
Athens Dark green Mr.Darius 10:01, December 15, 2016 (UTC)
Armania Hot Pink bibleboyd316


Saffron Dev271
Illyria Dark Brown
Hispania Red (I'll add to the map later) Reclaim of Hispania

The GameEdit

0 Y.N.E.Edit

 Mod Events: New king takes control of Saxony, many Saxons believe he will unify the lands 
under one banner. With a new southern threat Jutes and Angles cease hostilities. New state arises 
in Iberia. Different tribes in mainland Europe start efforts of centralizing their people.

Athenae: King Per continues his expansion of the polis and sends ships to Crete and several Greek cities in Aegean. Trade by sea with Lydia, Phoenicia and Egypt is strengthened to be less dependent on mainland routes, in case the rapid expansion causes wars on Greek lands. Standing army merely has a couple thousand men with ten or so thousands in reserve. Seeking to establish naval dominance polis continues aggressively expanding its economic interests in Italia.

Saxony: Hamburg expands in to the rest of Saxon lands. The Saxons accept the new King as their leader. As the horsemen of the King ride through the Saxon lands, they are greeted by the people. The Order of the Saxon Knights is established. We fortify our borders with temporary fortifications. The system is centralized and the taxes are being collected based on the land the people own. The Saxons have a Pagan religion centered around Germanic gods and have a rigid caste system. We expand our cottage industries, encouraging artisans and craftsmen. We maintain good relations with the Teutonic tribes but the relations with the Angles and Jutes are sour. Our army stands at 20,000 men along with the knights and consists mostly of horsemen. The city of Hamburg becomes a center of trade in Saxony. We develop our ports and our navy. We also integrate some Germanic tribes (which haven't been centralized and thus won't create a war). We speak West Germanic language.

Delayed until January of 2017!


ROUGH early Eur-Asian history cultures.

A very rough guide to the apparent local cultures at this time.

  • Sometimes picture thumbnail is not accurate, so before editing it or asking why I didn't, check the full resolution.


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