The American Union is a supranational organisation designed to make the Americas a strong, stable and a peaceful place, away from any European affairs. However, if a European nation attacks 1 member from the Union all the union would have to go to war with that nation and its allies. The USA promised to give any member aid to build there country and put down any revolts. All members of the union has to be democratic.

The union was founded on the 3rd January 1915. The capital of the union is New York.

Members Edit

America - AH28

Chile -

Bolivia -

Ecuador -

Peru -

Colombia -

Venezuela -

Guyana -

Suriname -

Brazil -

Argentina -

Mexico -

Paraguay -

Panama -

Costa Rica -

Nicaragua -

Honduras -

El Salvador -

Belize -

Guatemala -

Cuba -

Haiti -

Uruguay -

Discussion Edit

This is where nations do proposals for the American Union to do.

Americas Rebuilding Plan Edit

The Untied States of America will help build infrastructure and give aid to all the members in the union.

Signatures Edit

America - AH28

Applications Edit

This is where nations could apply to be either in the Union or have an alliance to the Union.

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