Ameshar Barzenev (2072- ) was a Martian colonist of Russian ancestry who took power in 2106.

Ameshar Barzhenev
Game: Solar Wars (Map Game)

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Portrait of Ameshar Barzhenev

President of Socialist Republic of Mars
2106 – Present

Birth: 2066Marinersburg (Now Nova Leningrad)
Spouse: Lara Barzhenev

Early LifeEdit

Barzhenev was born to a modest family on September 26, 2072. His father was Pyotr Barzhenev, the grandson of an obscure Soviet commander, of which, with his wife Anastasia, was one of the first human inhabitants on Mars.

In 2096 he finished a degree in economics at St Basil's University, the very first academic institution on the Red Planet. He first worked as a professor of economics, but decided to run for politics later.

Rise to PowerEdit

Barzhenev first entered politics in 2100 as mayor of Marinersburg, the capital of colonial Mars, but he resigned two years later. Seeing that Earth and his home planet had been drained mostly of natural resources and some regions were in a state of poverty, he began to imbibe Marxism.

Soon, he developed a charisma among the laborers and the poor, which allowed him to merge the labor unions into the Worker's Liberation Movement. In 2104 he led a massive strike in the capital, with repercussions on other colonies. As a result he was convicted of high treason and sedition, and imprisoned in a high-security compound for 18 months before he was acquitted in 2105.

Setting him free, he then went to exile, established a liberation army, known as Emancipation. He invaded the Red Planet, but unsuccessful. He and his remaining forces formed the 26th of September Movement, where it began to gain momentum. He established a provisional government with himself as Chairman.

Taking powerEdit

Defeating the UHN soldiers, he was sworn in as premier of the planet on May 17, 2106. He now faces a new problem: the upper class, aided by their private armies, dedicated to topple him. As a consequence,  he authorized the formation of a national armed force, the Martian People's Liberation Army, to destroy them. To spread his socialist ideology, which according to him can uplift the poor,  supported the revolution in New York City, facing threats of an invasion to overthrow him. Despite threats of an assassination attempt, he married his long-time fiancee, the movie actor Lara Konstantinov, whom he met just before the revolution even broke out. She was then immediately  appointed as Deputy Premier, making her the second most powerful in the Communist regime, and the ultimate successor to her husband.

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A young Barzhenev in his early days in power

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