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During World War 2 the Soviet Union manages not to suffer so bad and by the end of the war, they are the world's most powerful nation rather than the United States. Communism spreads like the plague in most of Asia, Africa, and Europe. With capitalism becoming less appealing, the United States breaks into a main US remaining government and quite a few independent states in 1985 due to hyperinflation, not many allies, and public disagreement. With the red spanning the globe now, non-communist nations are in great danger as the Soviet Union plans to invade them.

Rules Edit

Game Rules Edit

  • Plausibility is necessary but it can be somewhat far out because this game is about a power hungry nation trying to conquer the globe while other nations scramble to survive
  • Make technology reasonable for the mid-1980's at the start
  • An algorithm shall be put into place for all wars
  • If a nation rejects union, you must wait 10 turns before trying to absorb peacefully
  • If a player is inactive for 6 turns they will be removed unless a mod is informed
  • Players may get a nation back if they sign up again and their nation has not been taken
  • 1 Nation per-person
  • There are no alliances allowed between the Soviet Union and a remaining capitalist or Islamist nation
  • Players may not carve a client state out of their main nation
  • Turns are full years
  • A map will be posted every turn
  • No colonies in space until 2020, 2010 if the world is advanced enough
  • If nuclear bombs are launched too much by one nation, there will be revolutions
  • Have Fun!
  • The Soviet player must be willing to wage war

Moderator Rules Edit

  • 3 mods will be picked out
  • Mods cannot target or or be implausible
  • Mods may not give any punishment unless agreed upon by another mod as well
  • Mods may be impeached if the majority of players vote against them

Map Rules Edit

  • The mapmaker is the only one who can edit the map
  • Every country is a different color

Moderators Edit

Put your name in the given space and which mod position you would like, and if I agree I will add you to the mods list




Head Mod and Mapmaker: Revolution 9 (Talk)

Algo and War Mod:

Regular Mod:

Regular Mod:

Map Edit

Nations Edit

Italic requires 300 edits or more

Bold requires mod approval and will only be an experienced player

Capitalist and other nations Edit

Communist nations Edit

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