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0000 basemap

World map for 1914.

Mod events

  1. Anti-war movements are founded in the warring European countries.
  2. Border war between Brazil and Paraguay.
  3. Berber tribes start to organise a rebellion in Morocco.
  4. Pan-Scandinavian movements are strenghtened in Sweden and Norway.
  5. Garvio Princip assassinates Franz Ferdinand, Heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary. Using the event as a Casus Belli, Franz Joshep declares war on Serbia. Trough the chain of alliances, Europe falls into war in a few weeks.

Player events

  • Russia: Russia starts mobilisation which is slow due to the huge size of the country and the horrible state of the economy. However, a large number of (mostly poorly armed) troops are deployed to the fronts, forming five field armies. Two of them launches an immediate attack against Galicia, while the other three tries to capture East Prussia. Almost all food produced by the agriculture is sent for the military which triggers famines and food riots, together with the strengthening of the communist party. 
  • British Empire: The British reiterate the terms of the Entente Cordiale Treaty of London of 1867 and Treaty of London of 1839. Portugal is reminded of British duties and Portuguese duties under the Treaty of Windsor. We are committed to fighting along side France if Germany attacks France or it's Empire. Belgium and Luxembourg are also under British protection as long as they wish to be like this and they will be defended by the British if anyone invades them. The British Empire starts mobilisation. It is started at a quick, but low level in the British Isles, but it a bit more slower in the Empire due to the huge size of the Empire and the more primitive nature of some colonies like Rhodesia and British Somaliland. The British Dominion Nations of Labrador and Newfoundland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are told to prepare war war if it ever arises. 150 infantry troopers are sent to Gibraltar, Egypt, Kuwait and the Sultanate of Jahor just in case of future trouble. The British and Canadian economies are prepared for a future conflict in France and/or the Low Countries, but official neutrality in the emergent war is still maintained. Trouble still bubbles on in Ireland due to separatist rebels known as the Finieans and the IRA.
  • Ottoman Empire: Declares neutrality in the great war.
  • Austria-Hungary: The military start mobilization and 7 field army of 95000 mens are raised we expect Italy and Germany to honnor their alliance, 5 of the mobilized units are send to the the Russian frontier to hold the frontier and counter-attack if possible. The other two are send Against Serbia to capure Belgrade with the hope of a quick victory. Propaganda to promote unity in the empire start to slowly appear in the major cities. Franz Joseph promise a short victorious war to the citizen of the empire and start to send more ressources to the military to help the war efforts. 
  • China: We declare ourselves neutral in the War in Europe unless we are provoked.



Mod eventsEdit

  1. Romania declares neutrality.
  2. Italy decides to join the war on the side of the central powers.
  3. Portugal starts sending supplies to Britain but declines joining the war.
  4. Irish terrorist groups start fighting for their independence.
  5. The Berber tribes of Sahara launch an attack against French Morocco. They ask the Central Powers to help them.

Player eventsEdit

  • Russia: The economy is nearly collapsed. A large-sized counter-attack is started against Galicia, with nearly a million troops of five armies. Three more field armies is started to build up. POWs are used to build railroads to the fronts to help the fighting troops. We ask our western allies to send supports.
  • Austria-Hungary: Using the early victory against Russia, we slightly improve the nationalism in the empire but everyone know it will be temporary and some terrorists attacks destroy some factory, reducing. The Ukrainian are promized a home land if the Russian are defeated but the generals at the front are still dubious about the creation of Ukrainian units. With Italy on our side, we remove many divisions from the Italian border, allowing 875000 troops to fight on the Eastern front. Meanwhile, our offensive against Serbia is renew while two fields army or 95000 soldiers are add to the Balkan front to subdue the Serbs. 
Devided Ireland WW1R

Plans for Ireland.

  • British Empire: We thank Portugal for the supplies. Our homeland forces are now standing at 150,000 (up 50,000 over 1914) and 50,000 more will be recruited. 8,000 Canadians are to be recruited over this year. Last year saw a similar gain in all the Dominions, but Canada will only continue recruiting now. British troops 5,000 go to Ireland to keep the peace. 5,000 go to Egypt and 1,000 go to Malta to scare Italy off. Many more rifles, pistols, ammunition and artillery peaces are made in the British Isles. A security crackdown is implemented in Ireland and several violent arrests are made. The government starts secret talks with some moderate Republican leaders on a truce and plans for home rule as according to the Third Home Rule Act. The British Parliament passed the ATL version of the OTL Third Home Rule Act, which passed (as in OTL) on 18 September 1914, but will be enacted on 18 September 1916 (not in 1918 as was in OTL). The part Loyalist north of Dublin, the strategic port at Cork, 3 Irish Treaty Ports and sparsely populated County Donegal will remain British along with the 6 Protestant/Loyalist counties that form OTL Northern Ireland. It is very hush, hush; since if word if the secret talks got out Ulster Protestants would go crazy. Fearing for the end of tsarism and the rise of both Bolshevism and Anarchism, the British send £10,000 of gold bullion, 8,000 rifles, 30 artillery peaces and 1,000 tonnes of wheat to Russia's government as a one off aid package. Greece ts promised that the British will help maintain there independence as stipulated in the Treaty of Constantinople of 1832 and the London Conference of 1832.
  • Germany: With Russia's economy gone, we launch an attack to break them, and drive upon France once more. We begin conscripting men for the army. We call upon Italy to aid us, and request that Austria-Hungary also help out for a coming assult next year.
    • A-H diplomacy: Once the Balkan front will be over, we will send your reinforcement but for now, we need most of our force to devastate the Russian army. 
  • British Diplomacy: The British will honor treaty obligations to help France anginst a foreign assault. France was the first to start the fighting on the Western Front after it had advanced in to Germany, so the British will only help France maintain it's legal borders. Russia is promised aid and ammunition next year to fight a defensive war.The Ottomans are asked to consider giving rebellious Arabs in Kingdom of Hejaz, Saudi Sultanate of Nejd, Kingdom of Yemen, Emirate of Asir a degree of home rule like we plan to do in Ireland in 1916. We reassure the Ottomans that we are more interested in the European Conflict and are not so interested in the Middel East. Canada, Australia, NZ, South Rhodesia, Newfoundland and S. Africa agree with the British plan and policy.


Mod eventsEdit

  1. Communist revolution happens in Saint Petersburg, capital of Russia. The tsar escapes to Moscow with his family.
  2. One group of Irish leaders accept the British offer, but more radical groups continue terrorism.
  3. Seeing the Russian successes, Romanian nationalists march to streets demanding war. However, the government still stays neutral.
  4. Bulgaria strenghtens her borders with Romania and offers to join the Central Powers.
  5. Italy launches an attack against Egypt and Malta.
  6. Portugal invades German Southwest Africa.

Player eventsEdit

  • British Empire: A mass call up is enacted in Britain as 200,000 men take up arms. 100,000 Indians, 5,000 New Zealanders, 10,000 S. Africans, 50,000 Canadians, 100 South Nigerians, 100 British East Africans, 500 South Rhodesian and 200,000 Aussies are also called to arms during the year. The British Dominion Nations of Labrador and Newfoundland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are told to go to a war footing and their economies are set to a war time level. The colonies of Egypt, India and Malaya are also set on a far footing. Sea mines are put across all British east coast harbours and about Gibraltar to keep hostile raiders out.
10,000 British and 5,000 Canadians go to France in case of a collapse under a German counter attack. 1,000 British Troops go to Ireland. 1,000 Aussie Troops go to Papua and Egypt. 5,000 British and 5,000 Indian troops are sent to fight the rebel Dervish State in British Somaliland. British send 5,000 troops to Egypt to fight the Italians along with 1,000 British, 500 Egyptians and 500 Aussies already in Egypt. S. Africa sends 500 troops to Walvis Bay. Several British warships shell out the fortifications and ports on Italy's Pantelleria Island just north west of Malta, as 1,000 British and 500 Canadians try to make a beachhead on it. The Royal Navy’s Mediterranean fleet also start a counter attack on the Italian as the try to dig in on Malta. 1,000 British, 100 Canadian and 1,000 Indian troops land in Malta, in the name of the British Empire and the nationalistic/political baggage that is connected to it! The Italian aggression is used to discredit the peace movement, who are accused of planning to abandon the empire. 
​The North Atlantic Fleet, Western Approaches Fleet, North Sea Fleet and Home Fleet go out on patrols just in case of trouble. A destroyer from the High seas fleet is sent to help the Mediterranean fleet. 1,000 British, 100 Canadian and 1,000 Indian troops land at Ulcinj in southern Montenegro. No one in Britain likes the Balkans, but the squishing of tiny Montenegro has paradoxically sparked off the British need to protect the hopeless 'underdog' (I was already planning this since last turn regardless of mod events. :-) .) The British offer William, Prince of Albania whatever he needs to stop any attack by Austro-Hungary, assuming he wants it. 1,000 rifles, 6 Vicars machine guns and 1,000 Pistols are presented to the Albanians as a gesture of good will, assuming they want to take them. 10,000 rifles, 100 Vicars machine guns and 5,000 pistols are given to Russia, who is our allies in the Triple Entente.
We start the year long development of the heavy tank. The rebel South African Republic that formed in 1914 during the Maritz Rebellion is attacked a force of 35,000 South African troops often being overlooked for a year (luckily Germany also overlooked the rogue state since we were dumb enough not to notice this event OTL happened in 1914), which is about the size of OTL Lesotho, on the S. African sided of the S. African GSWA border.Any captured leaders are jailed until the end of the war, whenever that will be.
Sir Roger Casement Kt. CMG is arrested and hung for treason (he was trying to set up a Irish rebel army backed by Germany), but of the others who served in the 1916 Easter Rising rebellion, any who are not German proxies will be arrested and jailed, not executed as in OTL, since we plan to show the Irish we are not barbarians.
  • British D: The British offer William, Prince of Albania whatever he needs to stop any attack by Austro-Hungary, assuming he wants it. 1,000 rifles, 6 Vicars machine guns and 1,000 Pistols are presented to the Albanians as a gesture of good will, assuming they want to take them. Bulgaria is reassured they are not a target. Romania is offered an alliance against Austro-Hungary.
  • Austria-Hungary: Surprised by the harshness of the Russian winter, the military command hastily order that the troops at the eastern front get every warm clothes in the countries, The British landing do not surprised the king much and 25 000 troops of the 100000 still in the region go on the offensive to push back the British to the sea while the navy, including most of the battleships, are send to counter the British navy and close the Adriatic Sea if successful with most of the fleet. 280000 soldiers that participate in the Balkan campaign are send to reinforce the eastern front. We support the Bulgarian application to the Central Power and ask them to occupy Macedonia in order to free more troops. The surviving troops in the east dig and the 50000 reinforcement their defense with machine gun nest and we propose to Germany a joint counter attack to destroy the military power of Russia.
  • British D: Even more talk of an alliance with Romania if they want to lay in to Austria-Hungary. Both Greece and Albania are promised help if they are attacked.
    • Romanian D: We don't want being involved into your world war. We stay neutral.
  • Germany: We forifiy our defences on the Rhine, and launch an attack upon Belgium, Holland, and move into France. We call upon Italy to send troops to aid us against France by invading the South. 100000 men are deployed for the fight on the west, and we send in Vladmir Lenin to Russia.
  • Hungarian Democratic Republic:  A revolution in Hungary led by socialist count Mihály Károlyi broke out, and  the Social Democratic-led Hungarian National Council (HNC) was estabilshed, which demanded the end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  In the early morning hours of 31 October 1916, with support of the soldiers from the Hungarian Army, HNC protesters wearing the aster flower helped seize public buildings throughout Budapest. Prime Minister Sándor Wekerle resigned and former Prime Minister István Tisza was murdered.



Mod eventsEdit

  1. The Communists start a civil war in Russia and capture the area bordering St Petersburg. The Red Army is raised from peasants and factory workers and start their fight against the Tsar's army. They quickly advancing towards Moscow, with the leadership of Lenin.
  2. All of Hungary rise in rebellion against Austria joining the Democratic Republic. Romania declares war on Hungary and launches an attack against Erdély (Transylvania) to "reclaim the lands ruled by Romanians since the Dacian times".
  3. Bulgaria declares war on Romania. Greece supports Romania economically.
  4. Libya declares independence from Italy. Italian governors are killed and Italian police is fought on the streets. The rebels ask Britain for help.
  5. Ukraine and Poland declares independence.

Player eventsEdit

  • Russia: Civil war erupts. On the Bolshevik side the Red Guard is formed and starts it campaigns in 
    Armistice 1917

    The proposed borders.

    Northern Russia. In Tashkent, another communist force rises and captures bordering areas. Moscow is sieges but in the city, Tsar Nicholas II is dethroned and executed together with his family. An anti-Bolshevist force rises led by General Yudenich, Admiral Kolchak and General Denikin. After months of siege the city is saved and in the Battle of Moscow the Red Army is defeated. They sign an alliance with the Cossacks of Ukraine and fight off the anarchist rebels emerging there. Also, an armistice is proposed to the Central Powers. We would give up Poland, the Baltic and Belarus. By the end of the year the Withe Guard consists of 250,000 men fighting against the 300,000 Bolsheviks.
  • British: The coal, steel, weapons, railway engineering and ship building industries get upgraded in Britain, Canada and Australia. Food rationing, war bonds new anti-spying laws and alike introduce in Britain, Ireland, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Malta and Egypt. The first of the few MK1 heavy tanks are tested out in Britain after a year of covert development and look promising despite of their huge size. New fighter bi-planes are produced for the first time and growing numbers of existing spotter bi-planes are made. The channel ports are mined and fortified. A mass call up is enacted through conscription in Britain as 200,000 men are told to take up arms. Several Pals battalion are formed by several thousand patriotic volunteers who did not need conscripting. 200,000 Indians, 5,000 New Zealanders, 150 Gherkers, 500 Newfoundlanders, 10,000 S. Africans, 50,000 Canadians, 5,000 South Nigerians, 100 Jamaicans, 1,000 British East Africans, 1,000 British Gold Coasters, 1,000 Egyptians, 500 North Rhodesian and 200,000 Aussies are also called to arms during the year. The Malaya Division and Hong Kong’s garrison double to 3,000 and 1,000 men respectively. 1,000 British troops are sent to Sudan and Egypt. 500 British are sent to Gibraltar. 5,000 British Indians are sent Egypt, Aden and North Somaliland. 500 South Africans are sent to Walvis Bay. 1,000 Aussies go to Papua, Belgium, Egypt and Oman. 100 Canadians go to the British Gold Coast. 1,000 Indian troops go to Cyprus.
80,000 British troops, 10 British Tanks and 10,000 Canadian troops enter France via the English Channel Ports and join the 10,000 English and 5,000 Canadians already there from earlier turns to counter the German advance in to French territory, and move on Ostend and make a corridor of safe land running it to France to further hinder the German operations in the region. The North Sea Fleet will engage any German ships involved in the advance in to Holland and Belgian. We hope France will unify its northern campaign with ours on a common front rather than fighting independently else was. Noticing Luxembourg was not attacked when Belgian and the Netherlands were, so 100 British troops are detached from those in France and enter Luxembourg.
A British naval blockade of Germany’s home ports begins. A British cruiser sinks a German freighter near Heligoland after the captain refuses to throw his cargo of 150 Artillery shells over board after being told to do so by the British cruiser’s captain. The German crew of 30 are taken prisoner of war (they are well treated).
The Channel Fleet, Caribbean, Indian Ocean Fleet, Malaya Fleet and East Africa Fleet are now on war footing and patrol their waters to. All fleets are on alert and patrolling now.
The tzar is thrown over by republicans, however they're still friendly towards Britain.
Russia is given a £100,000 loan, 5,000 rifles and 15 armored cars. 1,000 rifles, 50 machine guns and 5,000 pistols are sent to Portugal to help defend their empire. 15 armored cars, 1,000 rifles, 500 pistols and a spotter aircraft are sent to help Romania fight on. 1,000 rifles, 500 pistols are sent to Hungary to help there war effort to The British start talks with Social Democratic Party of Finland and Tsar Nicolas II of Russia non-Reds over a common front against Lenin. Finland would become an independent client state of Britain and Russia in the plan. 50 Nepalese Gherkers, 50 Aussies and 2,000 Indians march across Afghanistan and tactically attack Russia's near empty southern flank. All Bolsheviks are suppressed by any means at our disposal and a safe haven is made for non-Reds Tsarists in the region. AshgabatMaryAnauTejenMurghabKhorugh and Ishkoshim are to be 'de-Bolshivised'. and given to the tsar as a small safe haven.
South Africa invades German Southwest Africa with 30,000 men via its southern border and via Walvis Bay. An Aussie frigate attacks German Samoa as 1,000 Australians and 500 New Zealanders land with the intent of capturing German Samoa. 1,000 British troops dispose of the Darfur tribal rebellion.
Talks continue with the Fenians, IRB, IRB, Shin Fein and the IRA. Southern Ireland is given home rule as a dominion and is semi-independent to the same extent as Australia (and thus same shade of pink) at this OTL/ATL time. The Irish Tricolor flag flies proudly in Dublin.
Devided Ireland WW1R

Plans for Ireland.

A pair of British secret agents throws 2 bombs at a minor Austria-Hungary convoy in Ulcinj, southern Montenegro.
2,000 British, 500 Canadians, 100 South Nigerians and 5,000 British Indians all storm Tripoli intent on capturing it and kicking Italy out of Libya. As the landing occurs a Canadian Cruiser drives of any navel threat. Genoa harbor is also reduced to matchwood as it is shelled out by the Royal Navy's Mediterranean fleet. If we can see it, we destroy it, until either it’s all rubble or we are driven off/sunk.
We politically recognize the Hungarian Democratic Republic, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Romania’s claims to ethnically Romanian parts of Transylvania and Libyan independence.
  • British D: 
    The 1916 debolshivised zone.

    The 1917 'De-Bolshivised Zone'.

    We are willing to stay friendly with the new Republican  Bolshevik Regime if they exile the tzar and don't kill him and if they let Finland (with OTL 1918 borders) become an independent client state under join British and Russian Soviet rule. The Basmachi are to keep the debolshivised  towns and surrounding land as a independent Republic if they keep out of Bolshevik Russia.
    • As I've written above, the tzar have been already executed by the republicans and now they control Moscow and most of Russia. The  territories in red are currently occupied by communist rebels who are hostile towards the western powers.
    • I did not notice his death. I thought the tzar was just overthrown not dead and that Russia as a whole was still friendly. Thanks for clarifying it up. 
  • Austria-Hungary: With the Hungarian revolt, separatist sentiment grow in several area but the effect of the rebellion is slightly reduced after that the propaganda accuse the Hungarian rebel to be under the authority of the communists. Several minister continue to pressure the king to federalize the empire, the option is seriously consider in case of victory. Plans to establish a Ukrainian kingdom vassal start, meanwhile, we start to purge communist and establish a temporary government. We accept the Russian offer and diverted 400000 troops against the Hungarian Democratic republic, only 150000 troops are left to patrol Ukraine. We declare war on Romania after the king claim that while Hungary is not a state, it mean that the Romanian has attack our country, 200000 troops cross the frontiers of Modova. the potencial landing zone in Montenegro are reinforced with small bunkers and artillery.
  • Hungarian Democratic Republic: Raises an army of 70,000. However Mihály Károly's provisional government immediately proclaimed Hungary a republic, with Károlyi as both prime minister and interim president as well. This event ended 400 years of rule by the House of Habsburg. We also call on to our South Slavic subjects to join us. As a result State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs was created as a puppet entity for the South Slavs. Also asks help from the British and the allied powers. We also deny any connections with communism. Also attempts to install a puppet regime on the ethnically Romanian parts of Transylvania to counter Romanian interests, thus restructuring the country into a multi-ethnic confederation of republics, in an effort to salvage traditional borders.
    Hungarian Dem Rep extent 1917

    Area held by rebel forces (and inhabited by Hungarians) in flesh pink

  • British D: We support the DHR and the State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs. We ask Bulgaria not to get involved on this front. Well, if all Romania wants to do is kick Hungary after Romania gets in Transylvania, then we move all our help to the HDR. We offer the HDR an alliance.
  • A-H interior Dip: The government announce political reforms to the citizens of the empire and of the rebel states, the federalization of the empire and control of the internal affair within the province.


1918 2

With correct Austrian military situation and British occupied German colonies.

Mod eventsEdit

  1. Ukrainians start an offensive against the Bolsheviks in the region forcing them to give up Kiev. Their forces are devastated. After the victory the Ukrainian army turns against the Austrian and with an army of 200,000 starts fighting them.
  2. Finland declares independence.
  3. Italy launches an attack against Corsica and abandons Libya.
  4. A Greco-Bulgarian army attacks Serbia Romania.
  5. 100,000 Hungarians serving in the Austrian army join the rebellion and marches home.

Player eventsEdit

  • Russia: St Petersburg is recaptured by siege. For now, nearly one million people are serving in the White Army whil 1.3 million in the red army. 500,000 of them escape to the north with Stalin and Lenin and start a campaign against Helsinki, why others with the lead of Leon Trotsky flee towards Siberia. Yudenich and Wrangel of the White occupy Petersburg and the local areas why Kolchak starts chasing the Bolsheviks to the east. Kornilov moves to Ukraine to fight the uprising together with Austrians, while Denikin goes to Kazakhstan to destroy the last Bolshevik armies near Tashkent. A caretaker government is formed. Their aim is to reorganise the army and re-start the economy. One mor million of soldiers are mobilised all around the country. The Republic of Russia is proclaimed and recgonises Hungary and Yugoslavia.
  • Hungarian Democratic Republic: The rebel leaders turn down the offer, as reforms came late. To counter a Romanian takeover a battalion marches towards Transylvania, to crush a pro-Romanian uprising. A Croatian batallion aided by 50,000 Hungarian troops crosses the Sava river, gaining acess to the sea, allowing British aid to flow freely. We accept Britain's alliance. After a defeat in Slovenia, we begin to fortify the OTL Croatian-Slovienian border. Following the Slovenian defeat, the Hungarian Communist Party, founded by by Béla Kun, rises to popularity. Desiring to foment a counter-revolution in Hungary, the Communists held frequent marches and rallies and organized strikes. Also he communicated by telegraph with Vladimir Lenin to garner support from the Bolsheviks. Kun acquired a sizable following although the Social Democrats, Hungary's largest party at the time, continued to dwarf the Communists.
Hungarian Dem Rep extent military 1918 WW1R

Extent of the Republic in 1918 by current military control.

Hungarian Dem Rep and SHS extent politcal 1918 WW1R

Extent of the Republic in 1918 by current political control. The State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs is shown in light blue.

Proposed federal units HDR WW1R

Proposed 'constituent republics' of confederate Hungary

  • British Empire:  Mass public education and urban sanitation works occur in Ceylon, Jamaica and dependent states and our east African colonies. Australia opens an iron mine opens in Briken Valley, Broken Hill and Mt Isa. 
Our war dead are mourned with Pride and sadness. 50,000 British men take up arms. 100,000 Indians, 5,000 New Zealanders, 2,000 Sikhs. Africans, 50,000 Canadians, 100 South Nigerians, 100 British East Africans, 500 South Rhodesian. 200 fighter plains and 20 tanks are made. Anti-Communist news and in cases blatent anti-Red propaganda hit the British, Canadian and Aussie newspaper presses. Things become more bitter as Russians are vilifyed in general by the sleazier parts of the British press. 20,000 British come home and stop fighting in France, 5,000 are sent to fight the Bolsheviks in Bokhora and Parnu; and 5,000 are sent to Corsica to see of Italy. 70,000 still remain on the Western Front facing of with with Germany. The forces on the Western Front get 120 fighter plains and 10 tanks. The British public becomes war fategued by the variose news reports and large death tolls.
A£100,000 loan, 15 armored cars, 2 Tanks, 1,000 rifles and 500 pistols are sent to Hungary.  
4,000 British, 1,500 Canadians, 100 South Nigerians and 5,000 British Indians all storm Tripoli intent on capturing it and keeping Italy out of Libya. As the landing occurs a Canadian Cruiser drives of any navel threat. 1,000 British, 5,000 Indians, 1,000 Aussies and 100 Egyptians land at Benghazi and prepare to run Libya as an Anglo-Egyptian Codominion like Sudan is. Independence is scheduled for 1925 since we need to upgrade the county facilities.
2,000 British, 100 Canadian and 1,000 Indian troops land at Ulcinj in southern Montenegro, supported by a Frigate from the High Seas Fleet. 3,000 Aussies, 500 New Zealanders, 100 British East Africans and 5,000 British Indians all storm as far in land from the coast of Italian Somaliland as they can just north of Mogadishu as a South African Cruiser drives of any navel threat. Cagliari harbour is shelled out by the Royal Navy's Mediterranean fleet. Nearby Chia has 15,000 British, 1,000 Canadian, 5,000 Australian and 1,000 Indian troops land as part of an invasion. The North Atlantic Fleet confronts the German high Seas Fleet as in the OTL Battle of Jutland, but in it's home waters near the Island of Helegoland, which is shelled to. 32,000 South Africans invade German South West Africa from the Southern border with South Africa and dive for Lunditz and Windhoek. 
An Aussie frigate attacks the German Sammoan islands 1,500 Australians and 500 New Zealanders land with the intent of capturing German Samoa. 
An Aussie Corvette as 500 Australians and 100 New Zealanders land with the intent of capturing [New Britain] Island.
An Aussie Corvetteas 500 Australians and 100 New Zealanders land with the intent of capturing [New Ireland] Island.
An Aussie Corvette as 500 Australians and 100 New Zealanders land with the intent of capturing [Bougainville Island] Island.
2 forces of 500 British, 100 Canadian and 50 Indian troops land in Pärnu, Estonia and Espoo, Finland. They begin fighting both the town’s content of Germans, Russians, Reds and well, basically whoever is not Estonian, Finnish, British, Canadian or Indian.
The Debolshivised Zone is formally annexed to Afghanistan and run as a British dependence under the exiled Sultan of Bukhara for the time being. 5,000 Indian, 4,000 British, 300 Sikh and 100 Gurkah troops march out of Afghanistan and Kashmir in to today’s Gorno-Badakhshan and Khatlon regions to fight the reds in the name of the Sultan of Bokhora. We head for Qurghonteppa,  GazzariaFaizobodMurghabDarg and Dushanbe. The British Empire force contains 10 fighter plains, 10 spotter plains and 8 tanks. We dig in else were in the british eld sectors.
  • British D: Will Finland join us or the Bolsheviks? We offer the Finnish an alliance against the Bolsheviks and Russia as we recant the previous years's diplomacy on a condominium with Russia. The Reds are condemned for killing the tzar. The democratic Russian Republic is given a £100,000 loan, 5,000 rifles and 15 armored cars to kill Reds with. Peace is offered to Austria-Hungary and Italy. The rump Austrian Empire Federation recognized. Peace is offered to Germany if they give independence to there part of Poland.  
  • Austria-Hungary: As rebellion erupt everywhere, we accept the British offer and ask them to not support the separatists. As promized, several political reforms transform the empire into a federation of state with constitutionnal monarchy. We refuse to recognize the rebel states of Hungary and his Slavic ally. We speed up the process of independence in Ukraine and recognize the independence of Ukraine and offer an alliance to the new country against the reds.Debate to discuss about the fate of Serbia, Montenegero and Romania start and quickly end. Serbia is quickly deal with and is to be annexed, Montenegro is to be released as a vassal and Romania is to renounce their claim on the regions they claim, the peace treaty offers are send to the respective nations. Nearly 950000, many coning from Ukraine, are use in an attempt to subdue Hungary with a large scale attack toward Budapest Hungarian majority area with the hope that the other rebellious people will give up the fight. To encourage the rebels states back in our fold, we offer amnesty to all the citizens of the breaking state.The Czech and Polish receive more autonomy as national states are created. We recognize Finland.
  • Are Bulgaria and Greece invading me?
  • I think they are attack Serbia and invading Romania. I don't know.
  • Damn, sorry, I've written Serbia instead of Romania.
  • British D: We will only support Hungary and the South Slavic state within their current borders. No expansion into new land is allowed, nor do we back other separatists else were in Austria-Hungary.
  • Hungarian Dem Rep dip: The government needs to ask for asylum in Britain in case if we are suppressed by Austria or deposed by Communists.
  • British D: Asylum deal Agreed. 
  • Germany we accept Britains offer of peace, and send troops to destroy the communist rebels in Russia. We begin rebuilding, and the economy slowly begins to revive itself. Finland is recognized.
  • British D: Another 10,000 British and 5,000 Canadians are demobilised, leave France and are sent home.
  • Empire of Japan: We start celebrating as the Great War is finally over, as we now look at our own conquests. We encourage our jobless to go to the colony of Korea, as we would like to start a permanent base there. We start building up our economy as we would like a trade deal with French Indochina. We support the anti-communist movements as we offer the non-communists supplies.




Mod eventsEdit

  1. The Finnish army defeats the Bolsheviks.
  2. Romania surrenders. Its sputhern parts are occupied by Bulgarians.
  3. The Yugoslav rebels defeat the Italian army and re-conquer Slovenia.
  4. The Austrian occupied Serbia rises up against the occupying forces and declares independence,
  5. Ukrainian nationalists attack Austrian Ukraine.

Also, the players who took part in the Great War, please make the peace conditions clear! SuperGalaxys (talk) 12:27, April 11, 2014 (UTC)

Did italy make peace with the British, I asked them.Whipsnade (talk) 19:01, April 11, 2014 (UTC)

Player eventsEdit

  • Russia: The communists who have fled to Siberia are now defeated in the Battle of Ulan-Ude. All Republican armies now turn against the rebels in Taskent. Nearly four million white soldiers attacks the one million reds in Kazahstan and Central Asia. Meanwhile, democratic elections are prepared. We declare that we keep our position in the Triple Entente and remove our armies from the territory of Finland. Democratic elections are prepared to be held next year. The country is devastated; the industry is in ruins, the farmlands were either sacked during the war or have been left by their owners. We ask the USA and Britain to give us a loan. We recognise Ukraine, Hungary, Yugoslavia and Finland.
    • Japan Dip: We ask the Republicans if we can attack the Communists in Siberia, with a slight fee. (The deal will be fixed later).
    • Russian D: Please, don't cross our borders, we can deal with the rebels alone. If you do, we will treat it as aggression.
  • Hungarian Democratic Republic: With Slovenia reconquered, moral support for the Mihály Károlyi government increases, becoming a great blow for the communists. More aid is given to the South Slavic rebels to capture Bosnia. We recognize Serbian independence. Some Nationalists begin to advocate for the creation of an Hungarian navy. Begins a series of defensive measures to counter Austrian attacks. (algo please)
  • Danube Confederation: The Danubian confederation is proclaimed. We recognize the independence of Ukraine and remove the last 50000 to help at home. Romania is offer peace and we only ask a small amount of money equivalent to the damage they done. We ask nothing from France and Britain. The military command decide to try one last attack to subdue the Hungarian, using thirty early tanks and nearly 800000 troops, another attack against the South Slavic using fifteen tanks and 300000 troops is launched to captured Zagreb and Croatia. The parliament start to prepare a peace treaty with Hungary in the case that the operation failed to reach any progress.
    • Romanian D: We accept the peace offer.
  • British Empire A £1,000,000 loan, 15 armored cars, 2 Tanks, 2,000 rifles and 500 pistols are sent to Russia, Finland, Albania and Ukraine. 1,000 rifles, 500 pistols and an armored car are sent to help Libya,the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, Sultanate of Sulu, Kingdom of Hejaz, Saudi Sultanate of Nejd, Emirate of Asir, Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen and Albania. Mass demobilization occurs around the Empire. Only Libya, Luxembourg, the occupation zones in Russia, German Samoa (Australian Samoa) and German S.W. Africa (S. African Namibia) still see troops fighting or on a perminant frendly tour of duty. We hold the first ever Remembrance Sunday. We set out the ideals for a long turn world peace in the Lincoln Peace Treaty of 1919. Coal mining is increased in Alberta. The British sink an Italian cargo ship of the coast of Corsica and repeat there request for Italy to surrender. A final 5,000 Indian, 1,000 British, 4 British tanks, 150 S. African, 150 Aussie, 100 Punjabi, 50 Nepali and 50 NZ troopers march on and attack the Bolsheviks at AshgabatKara_KumKopet_DagBereketBalkanabatKhujandGulistonKyzyl-KiyaTermiz and Qarshi, which we wish to take over and debolshivse. The Russians are less violently ejected from Mashhad in Iran. We will advance no further in future and dig in. We send 100 British troops to help the French fight the El Riff Berber Tribal Federation's further advance in to coastal Morocco and tell them to stay in their desert part. We recognize Serbian independence.
    • Italian D: OK, we surrender if we can keep all territories we control.
    • British D: OK.
  • Germany: Dissatisfaction with the Kaiser sees a new leader arise, greatly loved by the people: Adolf Hitler. He begins encourageing rebellion against the Kaiser, and formers the National German Army. It starts a German Civil war by taking control of major indutrial reigons in Germany, in the Southwest. The Nazi Party becomes the head of the NGA, and massive conflict ensues across Germany. Munich becomes the Capital of the Great Germany Reich, ruled by Adolf Hitler. Fighting is very bloody as Nazi forces push to Hamburg, which is in rebellion against the Kaiser.
    • The Kaiser: Flees to England where he signs the treaty of Lincoln in hope of getting help against the nazis.
    • British responce:OK, he can.


1920 2

Mod eventsEdit

  • The Albanians successfully win their rebellion against the Ottomans and sign the Lincoln treaty. Street riots occur in Istanbul and revolution breaks out with the lead of Kemal Atatürk. The sultan is dethroned and the Turkish Republic is proclaimed.
  • The last Bolshevik forces give up the fight in Kazahstan.
  • Italy goes bankrupt.
  • Bulgaria signs the Peace of Sofia with Romania. Wallachia is ceded to Bulgaria. This way, Bulgaria doesn't sign the Peace of Lincoln.
  • China launches a massive attack to recapture the Russian-held territories whitin her borders. However, they stop at the de jure borderline. They also send an ultimatum to Japan to retreat from Manchuria and South China. Five million troops are rised.
  • Massive economic crisis breaks out all acros Central Europe.

Player eventsEdit

  • Russia: Democratic elections are held. Georgy Lvov is elected as a president. A new constitution is constructed. Russia is to be turned into a federation and autonomy is given to Kazakhstan and the Caucasian peoples. The previously Bolshevik-occupied territories are now controlled by the military. Two Military Zones are formed: one in Central Asia and one in the Far East. The Chinese claims are recognised and we retreat from Mongolia, Ukraine and Finland. With western loans we start to restart the economy. Distribution of land between peasants and kulaks is started. New money is introduced to stop hyperinflation. Demobilisation occurs and proletars are given jobs in factories. Major constructions are started such as building railroads and new, industrialised farmlands. We expect that in 20 years the economy will flourish.
  • Danubian Confederation: With the economy greatly affect by year of war, we offer a peace treaty to the Hungarian and their allies as long as the current frontier are respected. We agree to sign the treaty of Lincoln. Further seccession is made illegal and the province now can use their language for internal affair and have great autonomy for the interior affair but the federal government still use German and control foreign policy. The Danubian constitution is agree on, the new constitution garantee more freedom to the citizen of the confederation, whatever their origin, Hungary and the South Slavic will alway be welcome to join. The king lose his much of his power and become a symbol, the first elections are win by a liberal faction with 55% of the seat but the communists gain some seats (3%), the conservative and the Socialist gain the rest. The Liberal are worry about Hitler ascension but the local Nazi do not get any seat, further more, we are unable to send any supplies as WW1 and the following civil war ravage our country and the people is tired of war. Recognize Albania and ask offer a trade deal to Ukraine to relauch the economy.
  • British: Our sad factors that economists have pointed to as potentially causing or contributing to the downturn include: troops returning from the war which created a surge in the civilian labor force, a decline in labor union strife, a shock in agricultural commodity prices, tighter monetary policy, expectations of deflation. Demobilisation finishes at near pre-war levels in the dominions and returnies are given jobs in factories and on farms. Major construction and transport works start in India and the Dominions. We expect that in 20-25 years the economy will flourish. Tobrouk and Benghazi harbours are upgraded and transport in Bombay is massively renovated. The rebuilding of France, Belgian and the Netherlands boosts the economy. War surplus stuff and demoblised troops are used for the rebuilding and upgrades we do in variouse places. Namibia's Caprivi strip is given to North Rhodesia. The coal, steel, weapons, railway engineering and ship building industries get upgraded in Britain, Canada, S. Africa and Australia. Food rationing ends. The Kaiser gets our support and can live in exile in England until the Nazis are crushed. Some riots occur in Glasgow and London's East End. Southern Namibia is formally annexed to South Africa and the north becomes a South African colony. A literacy campaign is run in Malaya's major cities. Whilst the last few reds totter about in the OTL Turkmenistan area, we attack and kill them in Ekerem and Alaja. Political thoughts turn to possibly annexing the port of Ekerem if Russia agrees. Russia can decide this one and we will agree to stick to it. Polatcians and econamists worry about the bancrupsy of Italy.
    • Russian D: You can build a military/naval base there if you want, but you may not annex any of our cities.
    • British D: OK.
  • Germany: National German Army forces secure their holdings in south and west Germany, and begin to push upon the east. More tanks are produced from the factories, and we send agents to kill the Kaiser. General Erich Ludendorf leads Nazi forces to victory in several places, notably in Frankfurt, and we begin raising troops to fight the British. Aircraft are built to help fight in the civil war.




January 1st, 1921.

Mod eventsEdit

  • As Japan didn't react, China launches her assault against the Japanese-occupied zones. After nearly a million casualties half of the territories are re-conquered. However, anti-war groups and the communists are growing stronger constantly. The German-controlled part is reconquered too.
  • A fascist coup occurs in Italy and Benito Mussolini becomes the leader of the country. He sends economic support to the German Nationalist Army.
  • As the Red Army is defeated in Russia, its remains continue to work as a terrorist organization in the southern parts of the country. They attack caravans, trains and civilian houses as well as military targets.
  • Poland intervenes in the German civil war together with Lithuania but their armies are repelled by the Nazis. With this battle the rebels show the world how big treat they actually mean. Poland asks the great powers to intervene in Germany. France, who has her own economic and political problems declines this.
  • Syria, Arabia and Palestine declare independence from Turkey. They found the Legaue of Independent, seated in Damaskus, Syria. They create the Arabian Liberation Army which starts building up and fighting the Ottoman forces. An operation is launched from Bahrain to liberate Arabia and Iraq, while an other front is opened in Palestine and Syria.

Player eventsEdit

  • Russia: Economic progress is continued. Most of the army is sent to Central Asia to counter the Bolshevik terrorists. We offer trade deals to Britain, the USA and Japan. We support the Royalists in the German Civil War. A new long and modern railroad is planned running from St Petersburg to Tbilisti. Oil mining on large scale is started in the Caucasus. While the situation is much better than a few years earlier, we still close to bankrupcy and highly rely on foreign support. Inner trade between the western and eastern parts of Russia is encouraged. We plan to build up an industrial centre in Central Siberia around Krasnoyarsk. We ask Britain to hold a referendum in the Anti-Bolshevised zone about the re-joining to Russia.
  • Germany: A massive assult on Berlin stalls, and it soon becomes a siege. NGA push towards the Eastern part of the Germany, mainly East Prussia.  More Tanks, small arms, and aircraft are made, and Nazi forces move to take Hamburg, while an attack upon Silesia is made. We send an army to take Danzig, and encourage more people to rebel and join the NGA. Russian support for the Royalist is completely condemed by the Nazi Party, who state that the lower Russian class are starving because of this.
    • Berlin soon falls. Most of the royalist generals leave Germany for Britain to join the Kaiser in exile. Danzig is sieged for months but before christmas it surrenders too. The last royalist armies lay down arms. Togo and Kamerun declare independence with the leadership of local German governors, while German East Africa stays royalist.

New borders.

  • British: 40 tanks, 40 figter aircraft, a corvette, 30,000 rifles and 20,000 pistols are made. A British Secret agent bombs a pub in Wilhelmshaven frequented by Nazis and a brothel used by nazis in Gera . 10 Tanks, 10,000 rifles, 5,000 pistols, 100 tonnes of cement and 15 armored cars are sent to Poland, Russia and France. 5,000 Australians are recruited and join the small garrison in Papua new Guinea, storm the German colony of German New Guinea and try to conquer it.The governors of royalist colines are offered British protection and the Kizer is declared to be their king by the British. Tibet and Bhutan are given independence. The Anti-Bolshevised Zone and Afghanistan are reorganized in to new provinces (1= Turkestan, 2 Bokhora, 3 Tajikistan, 4 Badakhshan and 5 Fergana; pending a resolution on British/Russian ownership in 1922. Waziristan gets home rule and Herat is given to Persia.
  • Germany Dip: The bombing is blamed upon Jews abd communists, and we begin punishing them. Hitler, however, proposes a peace treaty between the German Reich and Britain.
  • Danubian Confederation: The economy start to recover but the success of the Nazi alarm the Danubian parliament who pass a resolution to outlaw the Austrian Nazi party. With the rise of Mussolini, we propose the creation of a defensive alliance to Hungary, Yugoslavia and Poland. The military bases in the province of Austria are expand. A military intervention against the Nazi is proposed by the king but failed to gain support of the parliament. We seek to repair our reputation and seek trade with the countries of Eastern Europe except Serbia which is saw as the cause of the destruction of the empire. Several NAZI partisan from Austria and the Sudeteland illegaly leave the country to form voluntary brigades against the German royalist.
  • Hungarian Democratic Republic: With the growing power of the Nazi Party, plus a fascist coup in Italy, and economic crises in Central Europe, the political stuation becomes complicated. An election legalized the mandate of Károlyi to the presidency, and Dénes Berinkey becomes prime minister. With an economic crisis troubling the country, the Communists begin to grow in power. Now they have 20% of the seats in the National Assembly, plus right-wing groups, who wanted the restoration of a monarchy, begins to foment riots in major cities. We propose the creation of a defensive alliance to Poland, in an effort to shore up a plan for an Intermarium confederation. 


Mod eventsEdit

  • Arabian states claim the unoccupied lands of their peninsula.
  • The anti-Ottoman rebellions successfully continue.
  • After a petition to the British government, Egypt is given independence,
  • Poland accepts the alliance offer of Danubia but not Hungary's as they're led by communists.

Player eventsEdit

1922 ww1rr

January 1, 1922


  • British: Turkestan, Bokhorah ,Tajikistan, Ireland, Badakhsha, Fergana, Afghanistan, S. Africa, Egypt and Libya are given independence. 1,000 rifles are given to France, Switzerland, Greece, Poland, Austria, Hungary, S. Africa, Latvia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Sirya, Rusia, Azerbijan, Jordan, Palestine, Ethiopia, China and Peru. A literacy campaign starts in Malaya. Peace is made with Germany. Free Healthcare, Housing, no economic classes or no "low income families" or "high income families", 'money and private ownership is abolished, everything belongs to the people, no wages, taxes, etc, for all over 75.
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  • Germany: Hitler revokes ownership of the colonies, and begins rebuilding from the civil war. The factories begin building weapons to defend the nation, and schools, hospitals, and housing are built. A process of True German education begins, focusing on the purity of the Aryans, and we setting fines upon Jews and communist for the bombings of last year. Shocking evidence is found, however, when a Jew named Saul Buckliger confesses to both bombings, and state that Poland and Lithuania were behind the bombings, and Germany invades to punish them for the murders that occurred.
  • Danubian Federation: The Austrian liberal majority government offer Hungary a defensive alliance against the Nazi and invite the countries of eastern Europe to unite in a defensive alliance. The economy start to return to normal. The Unity of the confederation is proven when Austrian nationalists try to overthrown the government and the people refuse to recognize its authority along all of the army. We refuse to support Poland with our force but nevertheless mobilize our forces to prepare ourselves in the case of an attack and sneak supply to the Polish forces. Many Nazi partisans start to attack Czech and Poles in Vienna but those actions are severely repressed by the police.
  • Hungarian Democratic Republic: With the monarchists and right - wing groups growing bolder by the passing days, the president reluctantly accepts Communists to the government. A sweeping reform movement begins.  A literacy campaign starts, emphasizing more Marxist ideals. Free Healthcare, Housing, no economic classes or no "low income families" or "high income families", and private ownership is abolished, everything belongs to the people, no wages, taxes, etc, for all over 75. The same goes to their counterparts in Croatia and the Banat Republic.
  • Russia: We ask Germany to halt their invasion against Poland and we declare that we'll protect Polish land. Russian armies occupy the eastern half of Poland, but does not attack German forces. We offer a secret deal to Germany about a future division of the eastern half of Europe. Meanwhile, industrialisation continues, as well as the building-up of infrastructure. Large portions of the Siberian steppes are turned into farmlands. Krasnoyarsk is developing fastly. However, guerrilla war and terrorist activity continues in the southern half of the country.

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Mod eventsEdit

  • France, Britain publicly ask Germany to immediately retreat from Poland as their invasion violates both international right and the Treaty of Lincoln. English warships blockade German shorelines and a French army of 700,000 personnel marches to the German border in Netherlands, Belgium and Franche-Comté.
  • The Polish and Lithuanian governments flee to Moscow and they ask Danubia to attack Germany. The remains of the Polish army join the Russian forces controlling the area.
  • Benito Mussolini, leader of Italy declares that they'll side with the Germans if a conflict breaks out. Meanwhile, despite the growing military, Italy suffers a never-seen economic crisis.
  • After annexing half of Romania, Bulgaria is the strongest state of the Balkans. Feeling threatened, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Greece form an alliance. The former three also found an economical union to solve the crisis caused by the war.
  • The USA proposes the creation of a global organisation called Legaue of Nations. Its aim would be to solve international conflicts peacefully and to act as a peace-keeping force in future wars, while also forcing international right. They also denounce the aggressive expansion of Germany and ask them in ultimatum to stop their war against Poland and Lithuania.

Player eventsEdit

  • German Reich Republic: Feeling that Germany cannot fight a war so soon after the World War, Hitler states that he is punishing Poland and Lithuania for their crimes in the Bombings of 1920, but he will accept a compromise that will punish Poland for their actions, and to a lesser extent, Lithuania. He request that the territory currently occupied by Germany is recognized as German, and he will cease the war in return. He secretly accepts Russia's offer, and sends aid to help train and prepare the Italian Army in case of war. He begins starting farms in many places, particularly East Germany and Prussia, so as to produce food for Germany to counter the British Blockade, and begins trading with Russia, if they accept. Reduction continues, and Jews and communist are forced from their homes, for fear they might kill pure Aryans, and sent to Ghettos. Hitler asks for a triple alliance with Russia and Italy. Weapons manufacturing continues, and we begin fortifying the Rhine in case of attack, deploying troops to defend it, and we begin building tanks and Aircraft.  We propose an alliance with the Danbuian Federation against Hungarian communism, and order our troops to halt the invasions of Lithuania and Poland. He sends aid to help Italy recover from the economic crisis.
    • Russian D: Publicly we decline the alliance offer but in secret we offer the Germans our support in a potential war against Britain.
    • British D: We offer you the captured territories in Poland, but you have to retreat from Lithuania and sign a truce of five years. Also, a western allied army will occupy Alsace-Lorraine for three years to punish you for your aggression.
    • German Dip: We will accept if the Saarland is unoccupied and Alsace-Lorraine is only occupied for one year, and six months.
    • British D: If it is needed to save the peace, let it be. Please, sign the Peace of London .
  • Hungary: As a countermeasure to the German Reich, a referendum begins in the Banat Republic and Yugoslavia to be integrated to a federation. The next day, Hungary becomes the Hungarian Republic of Councils. At the same time, Yugoslavia becomes the South Slavic Socialist Republic. The next month, a new federation, United Proletarian Republics, was proclaimed. Dénes Berinkey resigns as prime minister and flees to Great Britain, establishing a government-in-exile. To cool down foreign criticism, the Banat area is reverted to status quo prior to the referendum.
    • In the Banat 86% of the people voted for the integration, and 75% in Yugoslavia, so both countries are annexed by the United Proletarian Republics.
    • As this is against the Peace of Lincoln, Great Britain asks the countries to secede again. They start supporting patriotic and nationalist movements inside the new federation and declare that they'll militarily protect Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro and the Danubian Confederation in case of a communist attack.
  • Danubian confederation: Nearly entirely surround by potencial threat, the second Danubian government understand that we cannot stay neutral. We start to study the threat and interest we could get in both alliance. While the conservative party has always denie the recognition of Hungary and seek to restore order, the liberal believe in peace. A huge debate start to take postion in the current crisis as the opinion about the "Polish responsibility" and the "Nazi legitimacy" start to divide the people and the parliament, declaring that we had our our revolution and that Germany had his own before being invaded by Poland. We nevertheless prepare our military in the case of an aggression from wherever it would come.
  • Russia: The army is built up. We plan to have one million soldiers serving by 1925. We ask the British to hold a referendum in the Central Asian states. As elections are coming next year, many parties are founded and start their campaigns. Three major parties have a great chance for leadership: the Liberal Democratic Party, the Nationalist Party and the Imperial Party. The first one is the current leader and most people like them. Economy progresses as the firsts of new railroads and factories are finished. Hundreds of sqare kilometres of Siberian plains are farmed. Unemployment is still around 40%, but it gets better with each year. However, the value of the new Russian rubel is still not high on world market and inflation is growing. We support the peace in Poland and we declare our protectorate on Poland. We start trading with Ukraine thus our economical and political influence grows there. The Baltic states are offered an alliance but they decline.
    • British D: We will only hold a referendum in the Central Asian states if you move your armies out of Poland.
    • Russian D: Okay, then we will.


Trade 1923

Map showing most important trade contacts as of December 1923.


1 January, 1924.

Mod eventsEdit

  • Olypmic games are organised in Paris. Every nations of the world are invited.
  • Britain holds a referendum in Central Asia, however not about the re-integration to Russia, as they promised, but on independence. 83% of the population wants this, so the Central Asian states become independent again.
  • Most of the western powers accept to join the Legaue of Nations.
  • France holds a referendum in Alsace-Lorraine. They declare that this is not a violation of the London Treaty, as it stated that they should control the province as it would be theirs. However, only 4% of the population wants to re-join France. Despite this failure, lots of nations blame France for this trick.
  • Surprisingly, a new communist rebellion rises up in Georgia.
  • Turkey and the rebelling Arab states sign an armistice. A peace conference is planned to be organised in Genf by 1925.

Player eventsEdit

Arch 24

The results.

  • Russia: We delegate a group of athletes to the Olypic games. Meanwhile, the army is sent to the Caucasus to supress the new communist revolt. After the easy victory, a new Military Zone is founded there, similar to the Central Asian one. After the referendum in Central Asia, we brake diplomatic connections between us and Britain. In the elections the Nationalist Party wins in a coalition with the Imperial Party. Vladimir Purishkevich is elected president. To re-connect our nation to world trade, we offer a deal to Japan. We continue influencing Ukraine and offer alliance to Germany.
  • German Dip: We accept the alliance, and ask for one with Japan, to create an anti-communist alliance.
  • German Reich Republic: We send pure-blood Aryans athletes to the Olympics in Paris, but feel that France has bretrayed the London Peace treaty, and so begin fortifying the Rhine and Saarland. We secretly stir up rebellion in Alasic-Lorrine, and begin developing the economy, so as to challenge France. Jews are resetteled in the Ghettos, and we consolidate our holdings in Poland, where Polish resistance movements are very active. A communist plot to kill the Fuhrer Adolf Hitler fails, and we begin shipping them off to the Ghettos as well. Military growth begins, and begin making jobs for the Germanic people. However, all non-Aryans are banned from owning jobs, and we encourage anti-jewish feelings. Hitler meets with his generals, secretly, and has them build a plan for the taking of Bohiemia, and Moriva from Danubian Confederation, but offers to buy the Sudentland from them, as he has received reports of Germans living there being mistreated badly by the Czechs. Racial Purity is encouraged, and we establish the SS to serve as Hitler's bodyguard. The Hitler Youth and League of Maidens are established. Economic aid is sent to Italy, and we encourage a Fascist uprising in Spain. 
  • United Proletarian Republics: The new government, led by Bela Kun, permits communist refugees from the German Reich, and Russian communists. Private industry is gradually brought under state control through a series of programs including state seizure of controlling interests, and compensatory payment to others. A 'responsibility system' was implemented. It means that each household, after contacting local auhtorities,  to produce its quota on selected crops, was free to sell any traditional output on the free market. 
  • Danubian confederation: With Russia on German side and the Hungarian communist revolution, tension in the parliament lead to new elections. Surprisely, the fascist manage to secure 35% of the seat, the conservative 15% and the liberal lose seat and only hold 19%. Nevertless, the fascists, conservatives and reactionnary manage to make a coalition out of fear for the communists to hold 65% of the seats. The military start to grow as planes and tanks quickly roll out of the factories, creating jobs. We ask to join the Russo-German alliance and many fascist militia attack several communist journals, the socialist and the liberal condemn the attack while the parliament approve measure to reduce the inflence of the communists. 
  • Lithuania: Quite big crisis hits Lithuanian market and economy stops growing, government still tries to keep export rates as they were but it causes several food shortages. Civil unrest increases and parliament successfuly votes for impeachment of current president. Two months after new elections are held and two main parties, nationalist and conservatist. After two rounds of elections nationalistic party wins and forms new government. Three goals are set for upcoming years. 1. Restoring and boosting  economical growth. 2. Re-establishing diplomatic relations with Germany, that were damaged due to previous government. 3. Re-taking native Lithuanian territory - Vilnius. (We send diplomats to Poland asking to approve our rightful claims)


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Mod eventsEdit

  • A fascist revolution breaks out in Spain led by Francisco Franco. He tries to commit a coup'd état but he fails and leaves Madrid. A month later civil war breaks out.
  • Poland rejects Lithuania's offer but then riots break out in Vilnius and the city declares its secession and asks for Lithuanian protection.
  • Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro form an international organisation called the Blakan Union. Its aim is to create a federative state out of the three countries. However, Serbian nationalistic movements are getting stronger and they claim the restoring of the pre-war Serbian borders.
  • Communist revolution happens in Sofija, Bulgaria and the communists seize the power. They declare the People's Republic of Bulgaria and asks for alliance with the United Proletarian Republics. However, their ideology is a bit mixed, because they still plan a Bulgarian-dominated Balkan.
  • Britain's economy is skyrocketing, the GDP growth is exceptionally high.

Player eventsEdit

  • Russia: Elections are held in Ukraine and we support a Russian-friendly president. Thanks to the thnic Russians living inside the borders of Ukraine and the great monetary support of the Russian state, the candidate wins and Ukraine becomes a de facto protectorate of Russia. We don't support Lithuanian claims on Vilnius. A conference is organised in Moscow, where we invite Germany, Danubia and Britain to make a plan about destroying the new communist regimes in Central Europe. Meanwhile secretly we start organising a rebellion in Mongolia, where the last khagan died last year and a new, yet instable republic was established.
  • Lithuania: As economy stabilises and situation with Poland became tense we decide to increase our army to 15,000 with as much as 70,000 (real numbers ca. 1921) in total ready to be recruited. Government officialy accepts Vilnius as part of Lithuania but Kanus remains a capital. Food is growing steadily and we offer trade to any country that needs or wants our food. Revenues from export allows mass modernisation of agricultural sector and so more people can work elsewhere. We ask Germany and Sweden for extensive coal and iron trade (respectively) so we could create our small heavy industry. 
  • German Reich Republic: We send aid to the Nationalists in Spain, and agree to the Lithuanian offer, and Russia plan to defeat communism. Pure Aryan education continues, and military production continues at a decent rate. The economy continues to improve, and we begin removing political opposition to the Nazi Party. Non-Aryans are sent to ghettos, and Heinrich Himmler proposes a plan for a Final Solution. We begin studing more advanced tanks and aircraft, and 50,000 troops are recurited into the army. We encourage anti-jewish feeling, and promote Nazi-ideology. Erich Lunderdorf dies, and Erwin Rommel takes his place.
    • Danubian D: The fascist dominated parliament ask for an alliance with Russia, Italy and Germany.
    • German Dip: We accept the alliance.
    • Russian D: OK.
    • Italian D: We accept too.
  • Danubian Confederation: The fascist pass several laws to outlaw the communists parties and arrest their leader. The factories across the countries start to mass production new planes, tanks and gun to defend our frontier from the communists, it result in the creation of jobs and unemployment quickly fall to 2%. Our intelligence units start to search for insurgency movement in the UPR. With Bulgaria no longer a potential ally against the communists. The fascist launch new election in the hope of gaining more seat and succeed to gain 55% of the seat after that a terrorist attack strike the parliament, the communist are accused but the Fatherland Front, the most powerful fascist party, is in fact behind it. Urgency power is declared the next day, abolishing the right of the people and democracy, it is said, for a short time.



Mod eventsEdit

  • Great Britain, France, the USA and Portugal form an alliance called the Atlantic Alliance to counter the nationalists in Eastern and Central Europe, while still denouncing the communists. They secretly start supporting the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War.
  • Riots break out in Tibet protesting against the British rule and demanding full independence. Seeing it, similar movements start working in Nepal.
  • The British economy is still on the top. Their military is expanded.
  • China mobilises its army to intervene in Tibet if needed. They also sign a peace treaty with Japan. The government starts to expand the fleet.
  • The war in Spain continues. Portugal intervenes by occupying Galicia. The fascists capture Madrid.

Player eventsEdit

  • Russia: We ask the members of the nationalist alliance to let the Russian army occupy Romania to use it as a base for attacking the Proletarian Republic. We support the Tibetian independence and declare war on Mongolia in order to "destroy this base of communism on the Far East". One million Russians march against the capital, Ulan Baatar. We start building up the Pacific Fleet. The military industry is upgraded which gives a great boost to economy.
    • Danubian D: We have no problem with this and offer troops to support the Russian occupation and invasion when it will come.
  • Lithuania: Economy keeps growing. Due to successful agreements with Germany and Sweden (?), Lithuania can now build it's own heavy industry. Different factories pop up in major cities and country funds establishment of two military factories to produce guns, ammunitions and possibly artillery. One more minor factory is built to produce some armored vehicles and government decides to fund projects of A. Gustaitis (real person), experienced pilot and plane constructor. All factories are already working and along with those that may be built in the future it is expected to fully rearm our army and give it some aerial as well as artillery support. Diplomacy: We send our diplomats to Belarus to try and convince them that they should be pro-European rather than pro-Russian. Diplomats are backed up by some spies that are ordered to kill pro-russian politicians and officials. We also improve relations with Latvia for the future plans.
  • Danubian federation: The military continue to expand and a military parade is made in Vienna. The generals are asked for a war plan to quickly subdue the Proletarian republic, propaganda to prepare the people to the next war start. The rebels organization in the Proletarian republic start to receive support to weaken the communist regime. A purge start to destroy the political enemy of the state, mainly the liberals and and socialism. The press is put under the control of the government who claim that the federation will free the Hungarian and South Slavic from communism and reunite the nations.
  • German Reich Republic: We allow Russia to occupy Romania, and begin developing the economy so as to challenage Britain and France. The military continues to play a prominate role in politics, and education of German children is focused on the need to remove the inferior races. The Hitler Youth and League of Maidens become highly popular, and children as young as 10 are encouraged to join. Military production continues, and Berlin undergoses a massive construction program.  Camps for "resettlement" of non-aryans and communist, along with Catholics, mentally disabled, and political oppostion are built in secret in German Poland. We continue to support the Fascists in Spain, and help Italy train her army and repair the economy.
  • British D: We send an ultimatum to Russia. If they occupy Romania, we will declare war.



Mod eventsEdit

  • Spanish civil war continues.
  • China starts negotiations with Britain about the status of Tibet.
  • The members of the Balkan Union abolish the custiom borders between them.
  • Korean nationalists start rioting in Seoul demanding independence. Japanese police forces react aggressively.
  • Anti-communist riots break out in Budapest, Zagreb and Pressburg.

Player eventsEdit

  • German Reich Republic: We support Japan, and ask them to join our Fascist Alliance, to create International Alliance of Fascist. We invite represetives from Russia, Italy, Danubian Confederation and Japan to Berlin to sign the treaty that would create this alliance, and thus provide a counter weight against Britain and the Atlantic Alliance. Romas, Slavs, and homosexuals are noe also sent to the camps, and they run at optimal power. The economy begins to boom, and German citzens enjoy great luxuries, such as cars. Military development begins so as to improve the power of the army, and they play a key role in politics. A Jew, Esther Sychular, kills a high ranking Nazi offical, Odildo von Diedrechs, and it is uncovered that she recvived aid from the Polish Governemnt, causing outrage across Germany, and we launch an invasion to finelly destroy Poland, with Tanks and Aircraft being sent to remove the Poles.
  • Lithuania: Seeing a great opportunity to improve our relations with Germany we also declare war on Poland. It is justified with facts of lithuanian minorities being opressed and highly persecuted for their pro-lithuanian politics there. After quick mobilisation 50,000 men, some planes and artilery are sent to help germans. As country is at the state of war government declares temporary war tax. More money goes for army and military factories so that modernisation will possibly take 1-2 years less. 
  • Danubian Confederation: The invasion of Poland make the government fear about a Polish insurection and the police forces in the area start to repress the seccessionist movements in the regions of Galicia before they grow too strong. A scientist affiliate with the Nazi party finish its study about the race of the confederation and conclude that the Austrian race is superior with the Czech and Slovak slightly behind but still acceptable to be respected, the Polish culture is deemed as primitive and is to be eradicated trought assimilation. In the Proletarian republic, which we want to reconquer, The Hungarian are declared a high rank race above the Czech while the South slavic depend upon the regions, the Serbian race is the worst on the list. We send a diplomat to sign the alliance treaty in Berlin. The army start to be mobilize to prepare war. We continue to support the rebels in in the Proletarian republic.
  • United Proletarian Republics: Now plauged by a rebelion, Communist leader Bela Kun begins to subdue them. With fingers pointed on the royalists and right-wing groups as ringleaders of the uprising, a massive purge within the party for accused rightists begins. This was called the 'Red Terror". Also, an alliance by Bulgaria was accepted. A volunteer batallion was sent to Spain to aid the Republicans. This action caused communists from other countries to join, and form the International Brigades. Also tries to secretly aid Mongolia, anxious of losing a potential ally.
  • Russia: We continue our invasion against Mongolia. We don't join the fascist alliance, but keep the treaty we've signed with Germany before. We declare that nor Russia, nor its government are fascist. The only reason we're allying with Germany is the common fight against communists. Thanks to this declaration, popularity of the Nationalist-Imperial coalition grows. Meanwhile, the build-up of military industry and infrastructure continues as well as the fight against the remaining communist guerrillas in the southern parts of the country. We support the rebellion in Hungary and start supporting them. We start mobilising our army and ask the Danubian Federation to allow our armies to march across their territory. We declare our neutrality in the German-Polish conflict.
  • United States of America: We begin building ships fro the navy, but the army is not improved much, but new rifles are issued. We declare neutrality in any overseas crisis, and begin building housing for many people in the nation. Jim crow laws continue in the South, and many southern whites feel that blacks are inferior to whites. In the North, however, there is much sympathy for the blacks. Charles Lindburgh is praised as a hero by the US citizens, and debate begins over which new state should be made: Alaska or Puerto Rico. People begin moving east into California and other areas.

We begin a rescue operation for the passangers of the RMS Empress of Ireland, and search for survivours. Many come to the US, were we begin providing homes for them until Britain can supply proper aid.


Mod eventsEdit

  • Great Britain blockades the German shoreline while France re-occupies the Saarland and annexes Alsace-Lorraine. Massive riots break out in Straßbourg but they're supressed by the police. The USA also sends ships to strenghten the blockade and they start planning an invasion against Germany.
  • Thanks to the military actions, the British military industry grows as well as the country's economy. Great Britain is now the fastest developing country in the world.
  • The Balkan Union joins the Atlantic Alliance and starts mobilising to attack Hungary.
  • The Spanish civil war still goes on, the fascists loose Madrid.
  • China signs a pact with France and Great Britain in which she gets back the occupied territories in exchange for an alliance treaty.
  • Argentina is concerned over any future break down of commerce or any pirate or submarine raids on it's beef and wheat industries.

Map will be posted later!

Player eventsEdit

  • Danubian confederation: We agree to the Russian in exchange of the garantee that Hungary and all the lands they own fall into our sphere. We start to supplies the Spanish fascists trought Italy and Germany. The troops stay ready for general mobilization in the case that the West decide to attack Germany. The major Polish independence parties are abolished after the arrestation of their leaders and of many thousands members but the majority of the Polish population continue to be threat well to make them productive. The rebel in Hungary continue to be support. We start to work hard to increase the output of the farm by buying modern equipment to the farmers.
  • United Proletarian Republics: Weary that she is surrounded by enemies, we begin to mobilize our troops. They are massed along the border of the Danubian Confederation, Romania, and the Balkans.More Tanks, small arms, and aircraft are made, and a meeting of the Comintern is convoked in Budapest, on how to defend Hungary from the imperialist powers, and supress the rebellion. 25,000 troops are sent to crush the rebels. We also propose a defense treaty with Bulgaria. Also asks to collaborate with France to make a Jewish homeland, either in Palestine, Madagascar, or New Guinea, as an answer to the increased persecution of Jews.
  • German Reich Republic: With Poland defeated, we launch an invasion of France through Holland, Belgium and Luexomberg, so as to defeat them before they become to great a threat. Massive recuirtment begins so as to help defeat France, and we invoke the International Fascist Alliance, vowing to aid our allies against aggeression from Britain, France, or the UPR. Production of military weapons becomes highly important, and U-boats are built to break the Blockade. We use Poland's farms to feed the German people, and strip Poles of their possioens so as to further this goal. Reducation continues, and many young boys, at least 18, join up to defend the Fatherland. A state of total war is declared, and we continue to build tanks, aircraft and small arms weapons to defeat our eneimes.  The camps run at optimal efficiency, and over 4000 non-Aryans are killed each month.
    • Danubian D:  We fully mobilize along the Proletarian frontier and send severals "volunteer" brigade to directly support Germany, against France.
  • Lithuania: We continue improving our heavy industry and military factories. First artillery pieces are produced in Kanus and whole army will be fully armed next year, in three years our ministry of war expects to arm every men with automatic guns. Air force hits a total of 80 planes, 50 ANBO fighters and 30 bombers. Armored cars are next on the line as well as tanks but for now our engineers keep developing prototypes. More schools and universities are opened and education becomes cheaper. To increase quality of life we build more power plants and prepare a project for Kaunas HE power plant as well as some other HEPP's.
  • United States of America: We continue to maintain neutrality, and attempt to find a peaceful solution to the Ypiranga Incident. Naval expansion continues, and we build 2 new capital ships, the USS Michigan and USS Jefferson. Both are deployed for the Atlantic, and we begin being more open about trade. Immigration from other nations sees the Ku Klux Klan begin gaining support in the South, and mounting raids upon Immagrents in the US. The federal Government tries to keep the peace, but it is half hearted.
  • Russia: We declare war on the Proletarian Republics and start a full-scale invasion against them. Advance is stopped in Mongolia I order to move as much troops to Hungary as possible. However, we still hold our lines in the Far East, too.


Mod eventsEdit

  • Italy declares war on the Proletarian Republics.
  • Bulgaria declares war on the fascist alliance.
  • The Balkan Union declares war on Bulgaria and the Proletarian Republics.
  • The members of the Atlantic Treaty call the USA to arms against fascism
  • Civil war breaks out in Japan between fascists and Republicans.

Map will be posted later! Sadly my own computer went down and I don't have a proper picture editing software. I hope this issue will be fixed soon!

Player eventsEdit

  • Danubian Confederation: We declare war on the Proletarian republic and launch a full scale invasion capture as much territory as possible with Zagreb and Budapest as the priority. The fascist manage to secure every power from their allies in the parliament, ending all opposition, the province of Austria and Czecha saw their local parliemant seize by native fascist. Galicia is now rule by a Austrian military governor. Plan to reintegrate Hungary and large part of the South Slavic land are put on the table. We invite Mussolini to Vienna to discuss about the sphere of influence in the Balkan, we propose to cede them some enclave on the Adriatic coast, and include Greece, Albania, Montenegro and Macedonia in their sphere. We will get the rest of the south Slavic land, Hungary and Transylvania and Bulgaria. The sphere are not yet final. A draft is prepare for nest year.
  • German Reich Republic: War is declared upon the UPR, and we send troops to support the Danubian Confederation. Massive production is made towards the War Effort, and we prepare for war with Bulgaria and the Balkan Union. We support the Fascists in the Japenese civil war. Reducation continues in many schools, and many young boys join the Hitler youth.  We ask to have Albania and Greece as vassals, and prepare to invade other nations. Plans are laid to invade Britain, and we begin planning for war in the future. Meanwhile, we laumch an invasion of Scandinavia so as to give our U-Boats ports to attack Britain Ships, and the camps prove to be most useful in ridding ourselves of the Jewish mence.
  • Danubian D: We had no claim on Greece and Albania as long that we can invest in those countries after the war.
  • Russia: We continue our invasion against the UPR while holding our positions in Mongolia. Our neutrality is still maintained in the western conflict an or government starts making top secret plans about the winning of  apossible future war against the fascists. Our advancing armies sart storming Bulgaria too, while the Black Sea Fleet blockades the Bulgarian coastline. Romanian rebels are supported in the Bulgarian-controlled, but formerly Romanian territories.
  • USAUnited States: We continue to be neutral in the Great War. We are improving the infrastructure of roads and rails especially in the urban cities. We continue to build up our military in the event that the United States were to get involved in the Great War.
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  • United Proletartian Republics: Due to an invasion, 400,000 troops, plus 20,000 Bulgarian troops, we start the defense of the homeland. Propaganda is made, saying that the invaders are here to crush the spirit of freedom, and dismember our lands. The right-wing groups begin to coalecse into the Arrow Cross party. Riots erupt in Budapest. We also ask Mongolia to send volunteers here. Algo please.
    • Mongolia: We're sorry, but we can't send any volunteers to you. You're too far away and we need every single troop here.




Mod eventsEdit

  • South Africa is given autonomy.
  • France capitulates. Great Britain offers and armistice to Germany. Fascist Spain occupies Southern France.
  • Saudi Arabia, Hejaz, Palestine, Iraq, Asir, Syria and East Arabia form the Arab Legaue and start negotiations with Britain about giving independence to her Arabian subjects.
  • Iceland and Greenland declare independence.
  • Japan occupies French Indochina without a declaration of war.
  • British economy stagnates.

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Player eventsEdit

  • German Reich Republic: We deny the British Armsitace, and begin bombing British cities from occupied France, hoping to break them. We prepare our forces for further invasions, and continue to send troops to defeat the UPR. 500,000 troops are recurited, and tanks are mass produced at an execllent rate. The camps in Poland are improving in the rate at which the non-aryans are exterminated, and more are built. We begin planning for a further invasion soon, in the British Isle. Purely Aryan movies and art are promoted, and reducation continues, with many accepting it.
  • United Proletarian Republics: In an attempt to stop the Russians we blow up dams on the Tisza river to flood it. The same is done on the Sava. To intimidate the Danubian Confederation a dam is secretly built to flood the Danube river. We also ask for the Spanish leftists to aid us. Bela Kun retires the leadership, succeeded by Matyas Rakosi. He then travels on a state visit to London to join forces against the fascists.
    • Britain: We agree.
  • Danubian confederation: We renew our attack to capture Belgrade with 600000 troops heading toward the center of Hungary, a smaller force of 400000 troops with full air and tank support is launch toward Zagreb to capture Croatia. We start to recruit fasicst volunteer in the occupy area to support and try to create temporary puppet regime to rule the liberated area ( for example Hungary and Croatia being two different regime). We start to preach unity of the Balkan people to free the Balkan from the communist oppressor. The flooding is use as propaganda to increase support of the attack against United Proletarian republic. We send three squadrons of fighters to Germany to support the war against Britain.
  • Russia: We sart mobilisation and thanks to this two million Russians are armed and are able to go war. We end 400,000 to Mongolia to continue the war there. We declare war on Azerbaijan and the Central Asian republics and move 1,000,000 troops against them. We research new types of tanks and airplanes to help our fight. The Atlantic Fleet is expanded while we continue blockading the Bulgarian shoreline. Seeing that the British are unable to attack us we declare war on Romania too and move 200,000 troops from Hungary to Romania. However, inflation heavily incerases.






Mod eventsEdit

  • Britain collects an army of 1 million from her colonies and deploys them to Portugal, from where an invasion is started against Fascist Spain. The armies advance quickly. However, the British economy still stagnates.
  • The Battle of England happens just like in OTL, the Luftwaffe couldn't succeed in breaking the British. However, the La Mache is weakened a bit as a big chunk of the British fleet was ordered to transport troops to the new Iberian front.
  • Japan declares war on Thailand with a made-up Casus Belli and with their superior technology, quickly captures Kuala Lumpur. A puppet regime is installed and the king is dethroned.
  • Tensions heavily rise between Japan and China.
  • Seeing the Dutch defeat, Indonesia declares independence and a dictator commits a successfull coup'd état against the Dutch colonial regime. The exiled government of the Netherlands demand a British intervention.
  • A fascist coup occurs in Turkey and Civil War breaks out. The rebublican forces flee to the eastern part of the country but most of the army is with the rebels who reorganise it into the National Guard.
  • Congo declares independence.
  • Britain occupies the Italian colonies in Africa.

Player eventsEdit

  • German Reich Republic: Hitler meets with his Generals, and tells them of a cunning plan to defeat Britain, which is recorded as follows: "It has come to my attention the Germany lacks the strength and power to defeat Britain as of this moment. We cannont hit their shores, but their Navy is overstrected, and this leaves one other area vunerable, an island ignored by all, but I know that once this invasion begins, all the British Isle shall fall. For soon, the green hills of Ireland shall run red with Irish blood, and the noose on England shall be tightened!" Many of the Generals are shocked by this decsion, as Ireland is a neutral country, and poses no threat to Germany, but Hitler has already sent 50,000 men across the seas to invade Ireland, with Hitler believing that Britain will not aid the Irish. We send support to Italy, and continue to send troops to aid against the UPR. The Camps are improving in the methods of Jewish extremation, and many are sent there for the threat they poses to Germany. 1,000,000 men are sent to aid Spain. More men are recurited, and tanks and Aircraft are produced at optimal rates.
  • Danubian confederation: Croatia is establish as a temporary regime before its annexation after the war. 600,000 troops start to advance against the Hungary with the confidence that the rest of the country will be subdue. 550,000 troops are launch south against the British allies in the Balkan, starting with Serbia and Montenegro as the prime target and an assault against Greece and Macedonia if the situation is going well and allow it, the air support is heavy. We tell our citizens that once the Balkan will get secured, the economic mobilization will be reduce for a short period to slightly improve the economy.
  • United Proletarian Republics: We do not recognize the puppet regime in Croatia, so we secretly helped guerrillas there. We tried to hold on to our remaining terditory, so we are asking a Britiih landing in Kotor.
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  • Trukey: Civil war continues with the republicans asking for russian help with troops. the republicans fight the fascists to a stalemate east of arkana.
  • Russia: We start the pacification of Mongolia and continue our invasion against Azerbaijan and Central Asia but order our armies to stop at British borders as we are officially not at war yet and don't want to break this peace. We'd likely support the republicans of Turkey as the people of Russia start recognising fascism as a bad idea, but we're still allied with Germany and are co-operating with other fascist countries, so the president decides to send secret support to the republicans (food, supplies, weapons, tanks, artillery, etc.). However we're de jure neutral in the Turkish conflict. The invasion is continued in Hungary. We collect the republican Hungarian leaders and form the puppet government of the Democratic Republic of Hungary, also declaring that we will not recognise any other Hungarian government or state.




Mod eventsEdit

  • British and Portuguese forces gain ground in Iberia quickly moving towards France. They also send supports to the Republicans whose army was about to be defeated when the intervention happened. Now they start having successes too.
  • Brtiain asks the USA to join the war to fight the fascists who will harm them too if are not stopped now.
  • Japan continues fighting in Thailand why also building up the fleet and the army. Secret plans are started to be made about an attack on the Philippines.
  • Street riots break out first in Havana, capital of Cuba protesting against the United States' right to intervene in their domestic affairs. These ideas quickly spread to Haiti and the Central American states too.
  • Britain makes a landing attempt in Kotor and blockades the Dalmatian coastline.

Player eventsEdit

  • Russia: We install a republican puppet government in Mongolia and declare its independence but continue the occupation. The states of Central Asia are unified in the Central Asian Republic and turned into a puppet state with a de facto military dictatorship, while Azerbaijan is annexed. Elections are held and the Imperial-Nationalist coalition wins again, however the liberals are gaining more and more seats with every election. Moldavia is seceded from Romania and turned into a puppet state, however Wallachia is re-given to Romania. We give independence to the Democratic Republic of Hungary and declare that we will protect them against every harm and will help them to re-gain their rightful lands. 100,000 troops are sent to strenghten our forces in the Balkans and to continue the invasion against Bulgaria. We ask Danubia to stop their unrightful aggression against Serbia and negotiate this conflict peacefully.
  • Turkey: republicans secretly thank russia for its soupport and tell the russians that the facsicts of turkey hate outsiders and want any help at all. meanwhile the 2nd battle of araka is won by the republicans after 2 months the fascit army is in dissary and the dictatior is captured. the republicans give the fascits an ultimatum to surrender or face more losses.
  • Danubian Confederation: What is locally seem as a Russian betrayal shock the Danubian fascist regime who announce that the captured land will be kept and that we do not recognize the new republic. However, we do not launch any invasion of the Russian held territory and propose a cease fire to Serbia as a way to gain time and create a strategy, we send an envoy to Germany to ask their opinion about the Russian situation. We recruit 30000 Croat volunteer and offer asylum to all the fascist in the Russian held territory. A referendum in the occupied about their futur is to be held next year, meanwhile, a purge in the region start and the referendum issue is certain as everything to make the "Join the confederation" choice will be made from corruption to intimidation. We increase our troops number in the Balkan and on the frontiers with Hungary and Russia to 1.2 millions to defend ourselve from a potencial Russian attack.
  • German Reich Republic: We declare our comdemnation for Russian betrayal, but have more pressing matters to deal with. Over 1 million men launch an offensive to retake Spain land from Britain, with Italt sending aid. Thousands of men are recurited for the fight, and bombing on britain continues, but much of the Lufftwaffe have been sent to Spain, while over 4000 tanks are also part of the attack. The Camps continue to improve, and resistance to Germany is crushed.



Mod eventsEdit

  • After the close victory in Spain, the British continue their attack against Germany in France. A major attack is launched against the former French Africa from Sudan, Egypt and Libya. The United Kingdom recognise the Russian expansion in Central Asia and Mongolia, as well as the Democratic Republic of Hungary and the territorial gains of Romania. They hope that Russia will turn war against Germany.
  • The British economy start falling. The German bombings are effective, hundreds of civilians die in London and the rest of England, however the Luftwaffe is still too weak to destroy British economy.
  • Japan attacks the Philippines.
  • The fascists lay down arms both in Turkey and Spain.
  • The referendums are held in the Austrian-occupied territories. For some reason, almost everybody votes for joining the federation...

Player eventsEdit

  • Russia: A democratic government is installed in Bulgaria and the Peace of Moscow is signed by Bulgaria, Romania and Russia in which Bulgaria recognises the territorial gains of Romania, Moldavia is ceded to Ukraine and both Bulgaria and Romania become de facto Russian puppets. We still maintain diplomatic relations with Germany. We offer an alliance and a trade deal to Turkey. Armies are repositioned to Byelorussia and Ukraine. Another trade deal is offered to Hungary. We propose peace to the Balkan Union. They would get all Romanian and Bulgarian territories they're occupying if they retreat from Hungary.
    • Balkan Dip.: We accept.
    • Turkey D: we accept
  • German Reich Republic:  Hitler, enraged at the defeats of Germany, orders more men to recurited, and foritfes the Spainish-French border into a near impregenable defence, while the bombing raids on Britain are called off so as to help defeat the British in Iberia. Meanwhile, many tanks are made for the fight in Iberia, and more men are sent to the Iberian Front. U-Boats are deployed in the Atlantic to disrupt British shipping. Aircraft are built, and The Camps continue to improve in the methods needed to end the Jewish threat. We request aid from Italy and the Danubian Confederation in defeating the British. Troops are sent to stop the British in Africa, roughly 100,000 men, supported by as over 4000 tanks, fresh off the production lines.
    • British D: We don't want war to devastate the world anymore. Millions have already dead and other millions will if we don't do anything right now. We sue for peace .
  • Hungary: With the UPR smashed, Rakosi, with the communist high command, flee to Spain, awaiting a British landing. A new government, backed by Russia. was installed. The government is led by Kálmán Darányi, as prime minister. He denounces the annexation of portions of territory, and vows to retake it. But with Britain sypmhatizing with leftists, he turns to his Russian master for help. We also propose in the treaty that the territories taken by the Danubian Confederation must be reverted to status quo ante bellum.
  • Danubian confederation: With the Balkan front de facto close, we maintain 1 million troops and 100000 in reserve while we fortify the beach of Croatia who inherit bosnia to create fortress. With the coastal area reclaim, we start to build a new navy, we offer peace to the Balkan Union to take care of the British. half of the Danubian air force is send in support of Germany along 265000 troops in total with one third of our tanks, much of our war production is send to Germany. We draft 200000 people to the defense of the continent.
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  • Turkey: Begins to improve military and the industry. the formanation a a new unit called the republican gaurd is declared the guard numbers at 200,000 men. the fascist generals who were captured along with the former dictator are executed.




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Mod eventsEdit

  • The peace is signed but global economical breakdown starts, called the Great Depression. It breaks out in Britain and spreads across the world trough trade contacts.
  • Albania joins the Balkan Union.
  • Thanks to the depression major civilian uprisings break out worldwide. In Italy the protesters kill Benito Mussolini causing a great destabilization. A new dictator seizes power but he has many enemies who start organising rebellions.
  • China invades and occupies Tibet causing a great diplomatic turmoil.
  • As the worldwide war ends Japan starts focusing on expansion again. They ask Russia for a referendum to be held in Northern Sakhalinsk about the seccession to Japan.
  • Great Britain expands her consulates and embassy in Russia and offers them trade deals and economic cooperation.
  • Politologists and scientists criticise the British for making their fault again: they've signed peace with Germany before totally defeating them. They predict that it will cause at least one more world war in fifteen years, and that the United Nations won't be successful in solving conflicts.

Player eventsEdit

  • German Reich Republic: Taking advantage of the Great Depression, we begin increasing trade with other nations affected by the Great Depression, so as to gain allies. Tanks and aircraft are produced at optimal rate, and guns and other weapons are also made. The camps continue to destroy the Jewish race, and others are sent there as well. Reducation continues, and a fair amout of people begin accepting Nazism. Plans are made to install a more Pro-German ruler in Italy, and troops are trained, but the army is demobilzed.
  • Danubian Confederation: We demobilize our troops and our government announce that the honor of the nation as been restore with the recapture of the coast despite the failure to take over Hungary. The first ship of the newly created Danubian navy is launch but the development of the navy is currently limit to small ships with nothing near a battleship after the new merchants navy receive the priority. We create within our Hungarian territory and with the support of a few Hungarian fascists who has flee, the Hungarian fascist party is establish with the hope that it will spread in the democratic republic of Hungary. The economy become the priority and big project to repair the damage done by the war start, creating jobs for the next years. A war monument to commemorate the deaths also start to be build in Vienna. We sign the London treaty.
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