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The Arizona Raiders are a raiding group based of the cities Phoenix and Tucson. Due to limited resources and lack of ability to farm, this group goes on major war party attacks on other cities to take them. While they patrol the area, the newly acquired regions are ruled by triumvirates familiar with the region. 


Phoenix Metro Area



New Vegas (Vassal)

Inland Empire (Vassal)



Papago National GuardEdit

Papago Armoury

Luke Air Force Base

Yuma Proving Grounds

Barry M Goldwater Range

Davis-Monthan Air Base

Camp Navajo

Fort Huachuca


Ajo Air Base GATR

Kingman Air Force Station GATR and Transmission

Thunderbird National Guard

Tucson National Guard Air Base

Sahuarita Air Force Range

Desert Training Center

Mount Lemmon Air Station GATR and Transmission

Laguna Airfield at Yuma Proving Grounds

Williams Air Force Base and Training facilities) (Closed)

Winslow Air Station (Closed)

New VegasEdit

Nellis Air Base

Creech Air Base 

Indian Springs Air Fields (Closed)

Nevada Test and Training Facility

Groom Lake

Tonopah Test Range

Inland Empire RegionEdit

Naval Air Facility El Centro

Chocolate Mountain Gunnery Range

Twentynine Palms

MCLB Barstow

NAWS China Lake

Edwards Air Base

Mach Air Reserve Base

Fort Irwin


Northern Arizona University

Grand Canyon University

Emory Riddle University

Arizona State University

University of Arizona

Arizona Christian University

Various community colleges

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