The Asteroid Worker's Confederation is a Confederation of Small Celestial bodies which encompasses the Asteroid Belt.


Prior to the Solar Wars, the celestial bodies in the Asteroid Belt were claimed by both Earth and her Colonies. Due to terraformation being impractical, Very few permanent settlements were created. Little government was in place. minerals would be extracted, brought to the home planet of the mining fleet, and then, eventually to Earth. In 2107, An overabundance of ores in the solar system caused a tremendous depression which hit those in the Asteroid Belt especially hard. Many began to turn to piracy. Once the Solar Wars began, these pirates became warlords, and began to battle for control of the asteroids. Most of the time, they would fight over passes through large masses of debris. Ships traveling through the pass would now find themselves forced to pay a "tax" to the warlords, making theese strategic passes incredibly important points of control. In 2110, One warlord, Neil Adir, managed to unite Ceres, and proclaimed the Asteroid Worker's Confederation to be independent, with its De Jure capital in Ferrum, Ceres. through diplomacy, bribes, and "convenient deaths" of a few other warlords, Vesta, Pallas, and Hygeia were soon under the control of the Confederation


  • The De Jure Government is comprised of the Worker's Council, which is supposed to contain representatives from all over the belt, but contains very few representatives who cannot even agree on where individual representation should be allotted. Neil Adir is the Chairman of the Council.
  • the individual objects of Ceres, Vesta, Pallas and Hygeia each have their own councils
  • Warlords control approximately 67% of all objects within the Confederation.


The navy is very makeshift, with few heavy guns that would be suitable for combat against a large vessel. mainly it comprises old mining vessels, and pirate raiders, whose main choice for combat is a direct boarding action. There is a small force of troops under the control of the government, but they are mainly stationed on the larger celestial bodies. An estimated 80% of all military assets in the Asteroid Belt are under the command of other warlords. 

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