Audit means:

  1. a formal examination of an organization's or individual's accounts or financial situation.
  2. the final report of an audit.
  3. a methodical examination and review an energy of a building.
  4. An examination of records or financial accounts to check their accuracy.
  5. An adjustment or correction of accounts.
  6. An examined and verified account.
  7. A thorough examination or evaluation: an audit of.
  8. To examine, verify, or correct the financial accounts of firms, people and governments.
  9. To attend (a course) without requesting or receiving academic credit.
  10. To examine or evaluate (something) thoroughly.
  11. an official examination and verification of accounts.
  12. a report or statement reflecting an audit.
  13. a final statement of account.
  14. the inspection or examination of a building or other.
  15. facility to evaluate or improve its appropriateness.
  16. technical investigation like an energy audit.
  17. Archaic: a judicial hearing.
  18. Obsolete. an audience.,, and

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