The following is the background for Seeds of the Revolution.


  • Hillary Clinton becomes the 45th POTUS in the most controversial election in American history.


  • The US economy begins to crumble after a severe stock market crash in Shanghai. This sends the world into a recession similar to the Great Recession of 2008.
  • Hillary begins enacting policies to deal with the crisis in response, being forced to cut back on some campaign promises in the process. This leads to a decrease in popularity on Clinton's part.


  • Unemployment is the US reaches a 11.4% high point.
  • Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is killed in an American air strike in Syria.


  • A series of bombings target BLM supporters in Baltimore, followed by violent clashes in Dallas between local police and BLM supporters.
  • Hillary Clinton loses the Presidency to Republican Joe Walsh.
  • The earliest documents for Operation: Leviathan emerge around this time.


  • President Walsh passes the Revised Homeland Security Act in Congress following an increase in domestic terrorism.
  • The US economy begins to recover, as unemployment drops to at least 7.9%.


  • President Walsh is killed by a lone-wolf terrorist with a grenade just before departing to meet other NATO heads of state regarding reignited tensions over Ukraine.
  • Following the assassination of Walsh, Vice President Greg Abbott becomes the 47th POTUS.
  • A series of shooting against BLM members leads to the formation of the Black Liberation Movement or BLIM for short (this is to avoid confusion with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement).


  • Greg Abbott's refusal to run for reelection allows Jerry T. Peterson to beat Democrat Jennifer Barnes in the race for POTUS.
  • The Cascadia First (CF), the Free Aztlán Army (FAZA) and the New England Forces for Secession (NEFS) are formed.
  • Operation: Leviathan is formalised.


  • A series of terror attacks release smallpox in major cities across the States as Operation: Leviathan is executed.
  • The re-released smallpox begins to spread elsewhere into the US and the rest of the globe despite efforts to contain it.
  • Riots ensue across the country as the national guard is deployed into affected areas.
  • The Southern Secessionist Forces (SSC) are born.
  • After a massacre in Los Angeles' Castle Heights neighbourhood, the New Sons of Liberty (NSL) are born.


  • A series of car bombs explode in Philadelphia, as the NSL is suspected of conducting the attack.
  • President Peterson begins to increase military deployments within the States to combat domestic terrorism and civil unrest.
  • As civil unrest intensifies, President Peterson declares martial law across the United States and its territories.
  • The Democratic Front (DF) emerges following a series of arrests against political dissidents following the declaration of martial law.
  • Michael T. Finn forms the Free America Army (FAA) out of rogue US military personnel following the declaration of martial law.


  • The Second American Revolution begins.
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