• Here are the rules on getting your self banned-
  • "Flaming off" and cutting a tantrum or going crazy- 1 day ban to calm down.
  • Don't do anything hurtful like sending hateful messages, and being a "troll" that directly or indirectly attacks another member of the wiki or the user's work as a personal feud.- permanent ban.
  • Use politically appropriate usernames- permanent ban.
  • Slander and false allegations of a legalistically damaging nature- Retract them with in 24 hours or get banned for ever.
  • Swearing more than 10 times in a post or 20 times in an hour- 1 hour ban.
  • Spam and adverts for companies and organisations- 6 month ban.
  • Terrorist related links- permanent ban.
  • Porn links and porn images- 1 year ban.
  • Intimidating a user and bulling them off the site- 1 month ban.
  • Threatening to harm a user in real life - permanent ban.
  • Edit warring (excessively reverting others' edits without discussion) - 1 week ban.
  • Wiki is CC-BY-SA., but the movie theater and TV are not and you can't diretly rip it off or you get permanent banned.
Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.