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Poofoster Poofoster 17 February 2019

Howdy i'm Oge

  • hi i'm new to the wiki i'm here to contribute my map game , and make some interested stuff! nice to meet ya :)
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AllianceScoutAiothai AllianceScoutAiothai 7 May 2018

Oppenheimer's Comet

Howdy neighbors! If anyone's interested, we just started a post-apocalyptic map game over on Future called Oppenheimer's Comet . If you're interested, feel free to join!!

Dios te bendiga,

AllianceScoutAiothai (talk) 06:55, May 7, 2018 (UTC)

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Todetode Todetode 9 October 2017

A new leadership team.

Fancy setting up an new admin team? I will have to ask this question of all current users and those who I wish to recruit to get thire opinions over the next week or so.

I will then pass the findings on to Wiki so they can set it up, if my idea is agreed to.

  • The new Administration team I propose:
  1. Todetode = Bureaucrat.
  2. Mli048 = Bureaucrat. 
  3. Colgan dog = Beaurocrat.
  4. EoGuy = Admin.
  5. Didcot1 = Rollbacker.
  6. Aluminium bronze hair time? = Chat mod.
  7. Bronwyn the 2nd = Chat mod.
  8. Katie P Perry = Chat mod.
:. Under the Hood, Connect to Basic information? Todetode (talk). 23:45, October 9, 2017 (UTC) (admin on the and
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Bibleboyd316 Bibleboyd316 8 June 2017

LA-41 rockets

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Mli048 Mli048 4 February 2017

Europa Gloria II

On Monday afternoon,. EST, I will make Europa Gloria II. If you would like a nation before the map game is made, please post your nation as a response. Here are the nations;

Triple Entente:


United Kingdom


The Germanic Alliance:




Mediterranean Alliance:






Benelux Union

Here is the map:

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Warrioroffreedom123 Warrioroffreedom123 1 December 2016

I should not have lost my temper

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Local Mafia Boss Local Mafia Boss 10 September 2016

The WIki

So, I just came back here to see what's going on.

It would appear the answer is "Not a whole lot".

Why is that?

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HAL3000 HAL3000 2 August 2016


This is done from HAL8200 on every wikia...

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OreoToast555 OreoToast555 6 February 2016

Coming back from the dead...

I did not expect to ever be able to truly get back into wikiing. I used to be a diehard Alternate History wiki user before their administration hit the fan and life started to kick in. It remains an uncomfortable place to edit, evn to this day.

I have been unfathomably busy since I last really played a browser-based map game, and have really been into games like Europa Universalis 4 and Victoria 2, both excellent map games. There is a quality to Wikia-based games that can't be topped by Paradox Interactive games, that being the flexibility of game mechanics, the lack of technical limitations and the guarantee of human interaction (allies won't randomly cancel alliances out of the blue)

I rediscovered this wiki about two weeks ago(?) and join…

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Edgeofnight Edgeofnight 13 January 2016

Wiki Reform.

It has become readily apperent that this wiki is not adequetly equiped. With talks of diverting Map Game traffic to this wiki from althist, it is time to implemenet reforms. What I propopuse is the following

  • 1 Reforms of the Rules
  • 2 Reform of Wikia powers
  • 3 reform of catagories
  • 4 Possible solutions

  1. The Current Rules we have are outdated. I propouse breaking the entire thing down and rebuilding it.

  1. Here is what I think it the greatest fault. The amount of people promoted to brass rankings because the where "good and fair editors" is ridiculous. We have no active brass, baring maybe Daxus. We don't need all these people to have admin powers. Unfourtantly, to get their powers removed would require wikia interventon, which would be difficult to garuntee…

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Claus the Mighty Claus the Mighty 27 September 2015

need some help

on the althist wiki I was blocked by nuclearvaccum for duplication

i noticed i duplicated and put a delete request on the pic, can someone tell him this

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Firesofdoom Firesofdoom 27 March 2015

Dead hand

Okay, so I am starting the dead hand game. Hope everyone who joins likes it!

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Shadow Inferno Shadow Inferno 21 February 2015


Hi, I'm new here (although that is pretty obvious), I discovered this wikia while wandering on wikia for a while and I like the concept. I'd like to learn about the Map games and may contribute at some stage, but for now this is just me, Shadow Inferno saying hello.

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Edgeofnight Edgeofnight 9 February 2015

A few important announcments

So as some of you know, I am a junior in highschool. What I am approching is really my last, truely carfree, summer. As such, i have a few things to announce.

  • I am taking most of August off from the wiki, during this time, User:TechnicallyIAmSean and User:Upvoteanthology temporary powers. Both will have Rollback, Moderator, and Chat moderator powers for the month of August. Should something bigger come up, messeage me on my talk page.
  • Shattered Stars and Stripes:The New Deal, origonally planned for a May First Release, will begin 1 week following the end of Vivempires 2.
  • Shattered Stars and Stripes Four (lets be honest, this was always my better franchise) will take place either in July or October of this year.
  • The fith (and possibly final) Sh…
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Ydon205 Ydon205 30 January 2015

Players needed

Stellar Domination is a new map game and players are needed! We need at very very least 6 players to start the game. I know it is not exactly completed, but it will be done in this week. So, and, it will be launched when we have 6 players! Also, Mapmaker and Some mods are open! All of the superpowers except France is open!

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Bandon23 Bandon23 27 January 2015

Posting the blog whatever I can

Well I can post the blog if I want to, this shows me for my updates.

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Ydon205 Ydon205 20 January 2015

Why my achievement is not working

There's no achievements on my user page for some reason..

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Revolution 9 Revolution 9 17 January 2015


Hey! I'm Revolution 9 on this wikia and am a newer player.  I enjoy border changing rather than economy and complex algorithims like some games on here.  I am active on this wikia about every day at least once and try to contribute to all games.  Though I'm not very skilled, I have good grammer and a loyal member to Map Game Wikia.  Also, if you're wondering where I got my username from, it's not as in a historical revolution.  Instead, it refers to the Beatles White Album song, "Revolution 1".  Later, on side four of the album a track was built as an added ending to revolution 1 that features loops and music in reverse.  This extra ending track was titled, "Revolution 9".

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CaptainCain CaptainCain 16 December 2014

Fallout Nation State Map Game

Hey everyone, there any Fallout fans on this wiki? If your familiar with the series go ahead and let me know, if not visit the wikia or watch some of the excellent Lore videos ShoddyCast makes. Anyway, let me know how this sounds to you guys but how about a Map game where the players get to play as factions from the Fallout universe? Naturally most would start of fairly small (minus the NCR and Caesar's Legion) but I think it would be a cool game to try and play. Let me know what you think, Cain.

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Surferdude1219 Surferdude1219 21 October 2014

Thinking of joining the wiki... What do I need to know?


I've seen some Map Games on Wikis and I find them kind of interesting. However, I need to know how to play. Here are some of my questions:

  1. Can I join whenever?
  2. What kind of things can I do in a turn?
  3. How do I declare war/conquer territory?
  4. Once war is declared, how does that work?
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Likercat Likercat 31 August 2014

Medieval World 3

Hi, im not sure if this is the right place to adversite other map games from other wikis but, on Althistory, which i think many people are from there now, have a new map game that will start on monday, the map games name is Medieval World 3 , so i was thinking if people here would like to sign up and play it

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Teutonician Teutonician 8 July 2014


Map Game 


Hello This Is And English Map Game Called SergiWorld  

You Guys Tell Me in the Comments What to d we Start at 2010 Nearest to 10s Because a snapshot is 10 Years



Sergiuszwil - ( God ) ( Super Admin ) ( Host ) 


Map Now



-Lexemborg Collapes Bits Go to [Germany Mostly] France

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Ninjasvswarriors Ninjasvswarriors 31 May 2014


I was banned on alternative history wiki, so I'm going to retreat here and not, on the other hand, create a sockpuppet everyweek. 

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Rcchang Rcchang 30 May 2014

Hi Everyone

Hi! Just joined the Map Game Wiki, looking forward to playing some map games, contributing, and stuff. I see that most of the people here seem to be from Althistory.

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Whipsnade Whipsnade 24 February 2014

A Google search on Edward Snowden's games.

The bloke claimed-

By Nov 1, 2013, President Obama cancelled his trip to Moscow in protest at Russian president Putin's protection of Mr Snowden. The Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff cancelled her state visit to Washington in protest at the US spying on her computer and mobile phone. The Bolivian president Morales had his plane forced down in Vienna amid suspicion that Mr Snowden was being smu…

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ThatGuyDarius ThatGuyDarius 8 January 2014

Perfecting Map Games

Heeey guys. I think most of you saw the map game that I was creating. Of course that was meant to improve mapgame realism. Enough players came so I started it earlier than it was expected, and didn't make some things. But thats the problem, even now I don't really know how for example stability would work, and even if I would there would be more data to put up together. The way to solve it is to do most of calculations on not-wikia calculators, but then again, the more factors we include the more calculators (or difficult calculations) we need. So the question is, would you guys preffer more free play and less realism or more realism and more complexity and where is The Golden Mean between two extremes, complex realism and free play?

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Kytax Kytax 3 October 2013

I can't wait to play civilizations: the dawn

I can't wait to play that map game.

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Reximus55 Reximus55 22 August 2013


Hi, guys. I know a lot of you really well, and some of you just ok. I hope those of you who I only know OK won't be too upset by this, but it may interest those of you who know me well.

With that out of the way...

  • 1 A Blog Gone Wrong
  • 2 NC/NC Debate and Ban
  • 3 Merit
  • 4 What I am Asking

You may know this, but I have been banned from the Alt. Hist. wiki, possibly for a good reason, but I still think the terms are a bit extreme. To be quick about it, I noticed a blog post by FirstStooge (who I have never met personally, to be honest) that celebrated Eid Al-Fitr. I am a devout Christian, and it is my personal religious belief that Islam is a religion of hatred that directly clashes with Western society, progress, and American values. With that being said, …

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Rdv65 Rdv65 28 July 2013


Just want to propose this support to make more accurate map (

You can see any map from 3000 BC to today by entering a date in the case at the bottom of the map, you can also see the leader and the event that happen in a country by clicking on Go to timeline above the map. symbol on the east allow to change the layers. 

It is not perfect but it can help to do more accurate map.

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Local Mafia Boss Local Mafia Boss 12 July 2013


So, apparently I have been made an admin. I don't really know what admin is supposed to do. Ban trolls? And revert changes I guess...does anyone else know what I should be doing. And thank you Whip, I'm glad you think I seem sensible 

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OreoToast555 OreoToast555 6 July 2013


Hi, i'm oreotoast555, one of this wiki's chat moderators.

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Whipsnade Whipsnade 12 June 2013

The ratings war?

The rival Ultimate Mapgames Wiki is now less active than we are!

  • 1 Useful Info.
  • 2 Hot Spots
  • 3 Useful Info.
  • 4 Hot Spots
  • 5 06/01/2014

  1. Number of Views: 0
  2. Number of Active Users: 14
  3. Number of Edits: 2,870
  4. Number of Admins: 2
  5. Also have a look at this!

Pages with the most editors in the last 30 days.

• 11 editors

  1. Doomsday (Map Game)

• 4 editors

  1. Doomsday Algorythm

• 3 editors

  1. Legions of Rome

• 3 editors

  1. World Game

• 2 editors

  1. The Fallen Eagle Map Game

  1. Number of Views:
  2. Number of Active Users: 24
  3. Number of Edits: 8,138
  4. Number of Admins: 6
  5. Also have a look at this!

Pages with the most editors in the last 7 days.

• 8 editors

  1. An Alternate 1921 Map Game

• 3 editors

  1. War Algorithm result page (An Alternate 1921 Map Game)

• 2 editors

  1. Nuclear weapons arsenal (An alternate 1921 game)

• 2 editors

  1. So…

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