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Republic of United States of Brazil
República dos Estados Unidos do Brasil
Game: 1898 (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Brazil
Flag of Brazil (before 1889) Coat of arms of Brazil (before 1889)
Flag Coat of Arms
Map of Brazil
Location of Brazil

"Ordem e Progresso!" (Portuguese)
("Order and Progress!")

Anthem "Brazilian National Anthem"
Capital Rio de Janeiro
Largest city São Paulo
Other cities Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, Florianópolis, Porto Alegre, Salvador, Santos...
  others Spanish, Tupi-Guarani
Roman Catolicism
  others Protestantism, Atheism, Spiritism
Ethnic groups
  others Pardo, Black, Asian, Amerindian
Demonym Brazilian
Government Oligarchic federal presidential republic
  legislature National Congress
President Campos Sales
Vice president Francisco de Assis Rosa e Silva
Area 8,515,767 km²
Population 17,348,295 people
Established November 15, 1889
Independence from United Kingdom of Portugal Brazil and the Algarves
  declared September 7, 1822
  recognized August 29, 1825
Currency Brazilian real
Time zone UTC −3
  summer UTC −2

Brazil, officially the Republic of United States of Brazil is a oligarchic federal presidential republican nation, located in South America. Before 1889, it was a monarchy, but then there was a military coup transforming it into a republic.

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