Brotherhood of Steel
Game: Swords, Banners and Rifles
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms

Victoriae decus ac humanitate ({{{language}}})

The Brotherhood of Steel are a knightly order located in Terra Saltus.
Brotherhood of Steel (Swords, Banners and Rifles Map Game)
Timeline: Swords, Banners, and Rifles Map Game
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Type of government: Terra Saltus
  government: Ordensstaat

History Edit

The Brotherhood of Steel was created 1 month after the Great Collapse. As the empire collapsed, the military bases on west Terra Saltus banded together. It was not long until their leader, Roger Maxson convinced them that humanity was not safe, that events like those would kill them all. He told them that this was now the time to create an order, an order dedicated to the preservation of humanity no matter the cost. With great moral and many standing with him, the Brotherhood of Steel was created. At first, they were small, consisting of 2 military bases and a airbase. Maxson had his forces create a city, for resources, income, and numbers, the city would be named after their leader Maxson. The city started off as a village, some settlers came, mainly refugees from north Terra Saltus.

Meanwhile, Maxson also had his forces enter a small harbor/town to the west.

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