The Californian Federation is a nation in the Former United States

Federación Californiano
Californian Federation
Timeline: Shattered Stars and Stripes: The New Deal

OTL equivalent: California
Flag Of California Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms

I shall serve/Me serviré (English, Spanish)

Anthem "By the Great Cross!"
Capital Los Angeles
Largest city Los Angeles
Other cities San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento
Language English, Spanish
Religion Catholicism
Ethnic group White, Hispanic
Demonym Californian
Government Californian Presidential Federation
  legislature Federal Senate
President James Rolph
Vice-President Jonathan Silver
Area 423,970 km²
Population 6.341.679 
Currency Californian Dollar(CFD)
Time zone PST (UTC-8)
Internet TLD .ca
Flag Of California

Flag of the Californian Federation adopted in 1933


California has the following political parties, which convene every month in the National Meeting

  • CPC(Conservative Party of California): Conservative party, currently the leading party, successor of the Republican Party
  • DP(Democratic Party): Democrats, 3rd largest party, successor of the Democratic Party
  • P33(Progressives '33): Progressive, 2nd largest party
  • PotW(Party of the Workers): Socialist, somewhat small party, not to be confused with:
  • CCB(Californian Communist Bloc): Communist, more extreme than PotW, supporter of aligning with the Soviet Union
  • NSCP(National Socialist Californian Party): Fascist/Nazist, extremely right, supporter of aligning with Germany
  • USRP(United State Recreation Party): Unionist(an ideology close to Nationalism), it's only goal is the recreation of the United States, which it seeks to do in any way possible
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