Canada (Ravaged World - The Hitlerian Hell (Map Game)
Federation of Canada
Timeline: Ravaged world- the Hitlerian hell (map game)

OTL equivalent: Canada
Canadian Red Ensign 1921-1957 Coat of arms of Canada 1957-1994
Flag Coat of Arms

("From Sea to Sea to Sea")

Anthem: O' Canada
Capital: Ottawa
Largest city: Toronto
Religion: Mixed
Demonym: Canadian
Type of government: Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
  government: House of Commons
Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II
Prime Minister: Louis St. Laurent
Population: 14,459,432 
Established: 1867
Independence: from United Kingdom
  declared: 1 July 1867
Currency: Canadian Dollar
Internet TLD: N/A

Canada is a federation consisting of 8 provinces and 2 territories. It is considered to be a great power in the Ravaged World- The Hitlerian Hell timeline. It is a member of the Pro-Democracy allies, and one of the founding supporters of the United Nations, which is still a global work in progress. Considered to be a diplomatic nation under Louis St. Laurent and his liberal party, it has not been involved in any wars since the Second World War.


Canada was formed in 1867, gaining effective independence from the United Kingdom. Prior to that, it was a British Colony known as the Dominion of Canada.

Canada's origins date back to the early years of the age of exploration, first being settled by French Colonists. During the war of American Independence and the formation of Brtish North America following the Treaty of Paris. The French legacy in present-day Canadian territory remains strong, with Quebec being considered one of the three major provinces of Canada, along with Ontario and Manitoba.

Since Confederation in 1867 Canada has grown from it's original territories in the east, and controls every piece of land in North America, north of the 49th Parallel save for Alaska.

Canada fought in the First World War, which was won by it's faction, the allies. At that time, Canada was legally required to participate in the war under late British Colonialism. Canada also played a major role in the Second World War, liberating several territories in the Low Countries before the German Army pushed back allied forces.


Flag Name Incorporated Capital
Flag of Ontario
Ontario 1867 Toronto
Flag of Quebec
Quebec 1867 Quebec
Flag of Manitoba
Manitoba 1870 Winnipeg
Flag of the Dominion of British Columbia
British Columbia 1871 Victoria
800px-Flag of New Brunswick-1950-Blue.svg
New Brunswick 1867 Moncton
Red ensign of Nova Scotia (1868-1929)
Nova Scotia 1867 Halifax
Hypothetical Alberta Blue Ensign
Alberta 1905 Edmonton
2000px Saskatchewan Blue Ensign
Saskatchewan 1905 Saskatoon

Armed ForcesEdit

The Canadian Armed Forces number 300,000 total, with 230,000 active duty members and 80,000 reservists. The Armed Forces consist of the following

Royal Canadian Army

Royal Canadian Navy

Royal Canadian Air Force

And other specialised units. The armed forces divisions answer to the Ministry of Defense as a central object.

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