The Caramachians are a collection of tribes living along the Southern bank of the river Gourr (pronounced [ou:r] or [ju:r]). They are divided to Eastern Caramachians and Western Caramachians. Also some groups related to the Caramachians are living to the North of Gourr. They speak Caramachan languages.


Not much is known about the ancestors of the Caramachians. Old tales tell that they came from southeast and then settled along the Gourr river. They were then divided to Western and Eastern Caramachians, due to different languages and rivarly between different tribes. King Naekhlosson of the Makhoans united the Eastern Caramachians under his rule and established the Caramachian kingdom (makhoan: Karumakhosus Raknaruos) about 625 YIG.

Eastern CaramachiansEdit

Eastern Caramachians consist of the Makhoans, Carans, Utrasians and Ghozukeans. The Makhoans are the most numerous and live in central, southern and eastern parts of the Caramachian Kingdom. Carans are the northernmost of the Eastern tribes and the second most populous. Utrasians and Ghozukeans are closely related, small tribes that live  in the western parts of the Caramachian kingdom.

Western CaramachiansEdit

Western Caramachians consist of the Duthanes, Rhudes, and Frealians. They live to the west of the Caramachian kingdom along the southern bank of Gourr. They live in small tribal societies. They aren't farmers like their Eastern relatives and live mostly by fishing and gathering. Not much else is known about them, since Eastern Caramachian sources only mention them briefly a few times.

Other Caramachian related peoplesEdit

Few Caramachian groups that live North to the Gourr river are mentioned, such as the Poleans, Vaurians, Nomiteans, Hyts and Gilres


The Caramachian Kingdom was founded by Naekhlosson of the Makhoans, later entitled Naekhlosson I, king of all Caramachians. It is an early monarchy. It lays by the Gourr river, in a meander.

Caramachan languagesEdit

Caramachan languages are very similar, and usually Caramachians can understand other Caramachan languages than their own, expect some groups living to the North of Gourr who have developed languages that differ from the Western and Eastern Caramachan languages. Caramachians use a runic system in writing. Pronounciation of words often differs from the written language, because the runic system doesn't have all the different sounds that the spoken language does, since the runic system is mostly borrowed from other peoples, and because pronounciation varies a lot regionally.

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