A Map Game Created by The2016 Edit

I hope you all decide to join this game.

Rules Edit

  • No Swearing/ Foul language
  • No Racism (You will be instantly banned)
  • You will be deleted if you don't post for 5 map game years
  • Add some rules please :D
  • Only Play as a real nation

Mods Edit

Head Mod: User: Hexarafi

Mod: Sidewinder291102

Players Edit

Fallen/Merged/Occupied Nations Edit

  • Russia (Eurasian Union)
  • Japan (Eurasian Union)
  • Mongolia (Eurasian Union)
  • Iran (Eurasian Union)
  • Kazakhstan (Eurasian Union)
  • Kyrgyzstan (Eurasian Union)
  • Armenia (Eurasian Union)
  • Belarus (Eurasian Union)
  • Tajikistan (Eurasian Union)
  • Azerbaijan (Eurasian Union)


Game Start

2025 Edit

  • Russia We let Iran join the Eurasian Economic Union. We ask Japan & Mongolia to join Eurasian Economic Union.
    • Mod Response Japan and Mongolia both accept and sign the required paperwork
  • Russia We ask all Eurasian Economic Union members to unite as the "Eurasian Union".
    • Mod Response They all accept the offer.
  • Indonesia: We start build our military. We build military industrial in Solo. We ask Malaysia and Singapore for non-aggression pact [Mod Response Needed]
  • Flag of South KoreaSouth Korea: We upgrade our military and infrastructure and ask for peace talks with North Korea as we want a unified Korean peninsular. We ask all sovereign nations bordering the East and South China Sea to come together and form the Seoul Treaty, the equivalent of an Asian NATO.(Response Needed) We ask for trade deals and non aggression pacts with all nearby countries.
  • Mod Response: Singapore and Malaysia both accept the non-aggression pact. The Seoul treaty comes into effect.
  • Eurasian Union Flag Eurasian Union: We ask Finland to join the Eurasian Union. (Mod Response Needed). We ask the US if we could buy Alaska. (Mod Response Needed).
    • Mod Response: Finland will holds referendum to join Eurasia Union. US declined. Tajikistan and Azerbaijan asks to join Eurasian Union.
  • Eurasian Union Flag Eurasian Union: We accept Tajikistan and Azerbaijan request to join Eurasian Union. We send a secret Message to Ukraine- Мы получаем готовы к вторжению в Маньчжурию и просить Украину, чтобы помочь нам, и они получат участок земли, а также.
    • Mod Response: Ukraine replies Russian message, (original message) "Ми приймаємо вашу пропозицію. Ми посилаємо наші 25.000 війська для підтримки Росії." (Translated to Russian) "Мы принимаем ваше предложение. Мы посылаем наши 25.000 войска для поддержки России."
    • Eurasian Union: We start a surprise bombing on Manchuria and ask all Post Soviet States for assistance.
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