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Welcome to Chromatic, a map game based on colors! This map game's currently under construction, and it's probably going to take a while before players can actually play. However, we do have sign-ups and guidelines below.

Guidelines and rulesEdit

  • The map game's phase will be one turn every 5-7 days, with one year passing between turns.
    • The game will begin in the year 1.
  • The object of the game is to steer your nation to success, and have a load of fun in the process!
  • The rules will always be in flux for a while, but currently, stick to your map-game intuition and type whatever seems reasonable.
  • The map for select years will be posted alongside the year's roleplay/timeline.


If you'd wish to join, please add your name under "Members"!


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  • Any Map Game wiki moderator may intervene as they see fit


  • Dominion of Light: A crumbling and shattering empire controlled by the moderator(s).
  • Red: Bluepotato81(ummm, am I supposed to write country names or just my name?)
  • Rose: Firza(Leader/Emperor: JohnTheEvil)
  • Magenta:
  • Violet:
  • Blue:
  • Azure:
  • Cyan:
  • Spring:
  • Green:
  • Chartreuse:
  • Yellow:
  • Orange:


Year 1Edit

The Dominion of Light has been slowly crumbling over the past few centuries. Once a great marker of the advancement of chromatic civilization, it now stood in real danger of demise. It seemed that subclasses of colors, each wanting an individual identity, wished to gain independence, and with a series of corrupt leaders and poor choices, there seemed to be nothing to stop them from doing so. (TL;DR Any new signed country right now immediately announces independence from the Dominion of Light. Therefore, the map will not be posted until players join, sign up, and make a post.)

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