Church of the Mechanized OneEdit

The Church of the Mechanized One is a religious movement that preach the advancement of technolohy as a way to be connected with God. At first , the number of follower was low but within a decade, it become a large institution that has the portential to become the dominant religion and supplant the traditional religions of the East and the West.  


The founder of the Church and actual leader of the Church is Gayano. in 2036, he had an accident that lead to think that he was doom to die, and to save him, almost half of his organs and one of his eye by mechanic device. After the operation, Gayano tell his doctor that he had spoken to God who had tell him that he destiny was to spread his word as his prophet. According to him, enhancement was natural and he soon start to preach his idea to the public but meet few success, being merely considered as the leader of a small sect. It is only in the early 2040s that enchance human start to become more widespread. At the same time, the pope of the Roman Catholic Church, follow by the other traditional religions of Islam and Judaism and finally the Eastern religions talk against the Enchance human before making discrimation, refusing their conversion to those religion. It is in this spirit that many millions across the world join movement of Gayano who by 2045, have establish a hierarchy that would become officially the Church of the Mechanized One.


  • United North American Confederacy:
  • Latin American People Confederation:
  • Union of Slavic Republics:
  • African Union:
  • Pan-Asian Federation:
  • Indian Cooperative:
  • Mediterranean Coalition:
  • Celto-GermanicUnion:
  • Pacific Commonwealth:
  • Arab League:


We are against all terrorist organization, the most evil being the purity front.

We have relation with Atlas and Icarus.

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