Clan of Ross
Clann Ros
Game: New World
Clan member crest badge - Clan Ross
Flag of Ross
NewWorldLocatorMap 1016
Location of Ross

Spem successus alit! (Latin)
("Success Nourishes Hope")

Anthem "Lang bide th' Chief (Long live the Chief)"
Capital New Kildary
Largest city New Tarbat
Other cities Milntown, Dingwall, Tain, Fortrose, Repton.
Scottish Gaelic
  others English
Religion Christianity
Ethnic group Scots, English
Demonym Ross, Rossian
Government Absolute monarchy
Clan Chief William Campbell Ross
Population 18,530,240 (990 est.) 19,535,240 (1015 est.) 19,535,245 (1020 census.) 19,730,240 (1025 est.) 19,457,240 (1025 est.) 
Established 4 AF (est.)
Currency Rossian Pound (RSP, £)

Ross, officially the Clan of Ross (Scottish Gaelic: Clann Ros) is an absolute monarchy occupying the western half of the continent of Terra Rossa. It is the second-most powerful nation on the continent, after its former vassal the Republic of O'Brien, and is also one of the oldest continuous monarchies on the planet, with its origins tracing back to at least four years after the first countries formed. It is led by the Chief of Ross, who is the head of the Clan Ross, Ross' ruling family. The incumbent is William Campbell Ross.

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