It’s 2035, an Official Cold War of massive proportions has broken out between the People’s Republic of China and the United States of America. This Cold War is not much one of ideology, but one of economical influence and military dominance. Africa has unified under one flag and one government, Pan-Africanism has succeeded and is strong in Africa, Africa is a flourishing democracy and a world power, with a rapidly growing economy. Taiwan is no longer home to the Republic of China, and has been a part of China since 2025. Russia is in Civil war between the now elderly Putin’s Reactionary Russian State and Alexei Navalny‘s Democratic Russian Federal Republic. Technology has seen fast advancement, and video watching websites such as Youtube and Netflix have exceeded television in terms of watchers and users, and the complete extinction of television as we know it is near.

Welcome to the world, and very much the near future, of Clash of Powers


These are the rules and regulations of Clash of Powers

  • please no metagaming, metagaming is where you allow in real life opinions and issues to effect what you do in the game, such examples would be making Iraq majority Christian because you believe that Christianity is the true way and want to save everyone in Iraq, this obviously is a little extreme and probably won’t happen, but I think you get the point. Metagaming is implausible and doing so will have huge consequences.
  • Please be plausible, plausibility is needed to keep this map game stable and running, and any sort of implausibility will be struck down with force.
  • No Inappropriate behavior please, this is a map game where people can have fun and see what the possible future could be like, not to fulfill your sexual ideas, so please keep it professional.
  • Of course, Fandom rules and Map Game Wiki rules apply here, and any violation of these rules will be reported and taken care of by the authorities.
  • of course, the most important rule is have fun! Even though we have strict rules here, that shouldn’t stop you from having fun!


Nobody but us Zigons


To come.

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