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Rules Edit

  • Do not spam other users
  • This map game is set in 1912-1946
  • No completely implausible events, i.e. The french general is beamed away by aliens, giant cheese pasties attack south america and kill all the cats etc
  • Be kind
  • No more than one empire and four colonies or three nations at one time.
  • The admin is Triangle21
  • Turns start… Whenever i want them to
  • Have fun!

Empires Edit

British empire:Triangle 21

Lands: UK, Gibraltar, Kaliningrad, Chad, Mali, Western South africa,India (protectorate), Azerbaijan, Jordan, Israel, Syria, Bangladesh,Hong Kong

US Empire: Awesome History 28

Lands: US, Japan, Guam, Kiribati, Micronesia, Gan

Spanish empire

Lands: Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Paraguay

Dutch empire

Lands: The Netherlands, Eastern Belgium, Luxembourg

French empire

Lands:France, Andorra, Egypt

Japanese empire

Lands: Tokyo, Shanghi

Doge empire

Lands:No where

Irish empire

Tanzanian empire

Confederate empire

South American league

South african empire

Boer empire

Colonies Edit


East poland



Hannover-Celle:Triangle 21

West hannover

Bulgar microstate

White russia



North Sweden

Fenno-Scandinavian union


Irish Zimbabwe:Triangle 21

Ivory coast

Ebony coast

Gold coast


South America


French Bogoto

Wars Edit

At the moment the following conflicts are going on:

  • Gold coast V Piano makers union (Ivory and Ebony coasts)
  • White Russia V USSR
  • Denmark V FS union and North Sweden

1912 Edit

Week one

Hannover-Celle: all forces are mobilised by General Schmidt Irish Zimbabwe: We request a treaty with The British Empire.

  • British dip: We accept treaty.

British Empire: Our Vickers Canada airships bomb West Hannover. We declare WAR!! British empire: We create a protectorate in India.

British empire: Our Casus belli for the invasion of West Hannover is that West Hanoverians attempted to assassinate our King, George XIV.

Britain: George XIV is assassinated by a Londoner. A revolution sweeps the country after four years of political unrest. King Charles VI assumes interim control until parliament can find a new king. Massive changes are instigated in the army, including new Khaki camouflage, and we are launching a research programme with Germany into powered aircraft.

Irish Zimbabwe: All our lands are ceded to the British empire and they become the protectorate of Irish Zimbabwe.

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