The Commonwealth of Virginia is an independent nation located in the Former United States. It was the 14th 

Commonwealth of Virginia

Shattered Stars and Stripes: The New Deal
Official Language English
Demonym Virginian
Capital Richmond
Largest city Richmond
Before statehood Colony of Virginia

Admission to the Union

Withdrawal From Union

June 25, 1788 (10th)

January 1, 1932

President Harry F. Byrd (C) 
Vice President Howard W. Smith (C)
Legislature Congress
 - Upper House Senate
 - Lower House House of Delegates

state to leave the Union. It includes all of Virginia plus a part of former West Virginia.


Virginia was one of the original 13 Colonies, and the home state of 4 of the first 5 US Presidents. It was extremely important in American politics. When the Civil War broke out, much of the fighting occurred in Virginia, which was part of the Confederacy. They lost, but the battlefields and white supremacy remained. As the country began to fall apart in 1931, Virginia announced that it would be independent starting in the new year. The constitution was completed in 1933, and Claude A. Swanson was the first Virginian President. In 1936, Virginia intervened in the Great Lakes War, helping Kentucky and becoming allied with Pennsylvania. They also received a small portion of West Virginia as a result. 


The Virginia Military was helped because it inherited a lot of weaponry and equipment stationed at bases in Virginia. Virginia was a naval hub of the USA, in order to protect Washington DC, and as a result, Virginia's navy is better than its army. 


Political PartiesEdit

Party 1936 Presidential Candidate 1936 VP Candidate Ideals
Conservative Harry F. Byrd Howard W. Smith White Supremacy, strong military, Anti-New Deal
Democrat Claude A. Swanson S. Otis Bland Segregation, Jeffersonian Democracy, New Deal
Virginia Nationalist A. Willis Robertson John W. Fishburne Nationalism, military buildup, expansion of borders, New Deal
Liberal James H. Price W.L. Gibson Progressivism, Women's rights, desegregation, New Deal
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