Commonwealth of West Borealis
Game: New World
NewWorldLocatorMap 1016
Location of West Borealis

Unity and Strength (English)

Anthem "The Song of the North"
Capital Keggstown
Largest city New Albury
Language English
  others Christianity, Islam, Albanism
Demonym West Borealian
Government Confederal parliamentary constitutional republic
  legislature Council of Republics
Chancellor Orson Rigelsford
Speaker of the Assembly Ilias McTaggart
Population 43,640,249 (1047 est) 
Established ~420 AF
Currency Boro (฿)

The Commonwealth of West Borealis is a confederal parliamentary constitutional republic located on the western half of the Borealian continent. It is bordered to the east by the Borealian Empire and to the west by the Holy Empire of the White Lands.

The Commonwealth began to form around 400 AF when several small states scattered throughout what is now West Borealis recognised the threat posed by the growing Borealian Empire in the east. In an effort to prevent domination by the Empire, these states banded together in a customs and economic union. By 420 AF, the West Borealian states had integrated themselves into what would ultimately become the Commonwealth.

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