The primary culture of the country is Cevairean, with the Cevai being the primary ethnic group, with many Ayoranese, Ado-derarrian, Agosiellen, and Pantenacan minority groups.


The main religion of the country is Solarastrix, a sun based religion which approximately 90% of the country adheres to. The next prominent religion is Aicazh, a monotheistic religion mainly followed by Adelarians and Derrarites.


The main language of Cevaire is Cevairean, spoken fluently by 97% of the population. The dialects of Ayoranese, Adelarian, Derr, and Pantenac belong to the wider Cevairean language group.


Cevairean AplhabetEdit

A B C D E Eu
F G Gue Gui H I
Ie Ix J L M N
O P Pes Q R Ro
S Sul T U X Yi


A - Ah

B- Beh

C - Seh

D - Deh

E- Eh

Eu- Ooh, oogh

F - Effi, effy

G - Gah

Gue - Geh

Gui - Gee

H- Atch

I - Aye, Ai

Ie - Eeh, ee

Ix - Eex

J - Hah

L - Ell

M - Ahm

N - Ahn

O - Oh

P - Pah

Pes - Pahs

Q - Keyew, kyoo

R - Eeer, ir

Ro - IrOh, Eeeroh

S - Ess

Sul - essool

T - tee

U - Oogh, oo

X- Ahckss

Yi - Eghee, 

Nouns and ArticlesEdit

- A

An - An

Ans - And

Lec - The

Deu - Of

Asale - Many (when attached to a word, the word becomes plural)

Asulra - Much

Guerdi - Guardian

Guer - Guard

Bar - Ship (as in guardianship, flagship, friendship)

Buar - Ship, boat, vessel

Aguadas - Port

Terra - Land, ground

Aguena - Water

Carciena - Ocean

Bajicien - River

Alterra - Mountain

Asalterra - Continent (literally translated as "many lands")

Alte - Tall, high

Heirate - Heir, successor 

Solagros Trix, solagrostrix - Religion (literally translated as "sun belief")

Asaletrix - Religion (literally translated as "many religions")

Trix - Belief

Solagros - Sun

Raya - Bright

Jevilla - Jewel

Baji - Small

Martyi - Adherent, archaically used as martyr

Gas - Metal

Zutiengas - Bronze

Intraigas - Iron (literally translated as "intriguing metal")

Anca - Building

Cost - Currency

Costanca - Bank (literraly translated as "currency building")

Jevialta - People (literally translated as "tall jewel")

Reformina - Act, reform

Reformando - Treaty

Teribar - Country

Jevialterra - Public (literally translated as "people land)

Ruciena - Government

Tulcisbar - Council

Jevitrix - King, Queen, Head (literally translated as "jewel believer")

Ereual - Royal

Lomar - New, mostly to refer to objects, ideas, events. Not commonly used to describe location or place.

Afilomar - Old

Neuve - New (commonly used in northern Cevaire, mainly of Derr origion. Mostly used to desribe location names derived from older places. Ex. Neuve Derarri)

Afflicien - Disease, Affliction

Altima - Good

Gul, Gultima - Bad

Elcempa - Composure

Gulcempa - Bad composure, rude

Altimpa - Good composure, good manners

Peninsula - Peninsula, water surrounded by watter on three sides.

Lago - Lower, in the geographic sense, than something else. Mostly synonymous with southerly.

Altigo - Upper, in the geographic sense, than something else. Mostly synonymous with northerly.

Mathematics and NumbersEdit


Eten - Zero

Abeq - One

Celeq - Two

Nuneq - Three

Tarse - Four

Olphise - Five

Olphatas - Six

Jardinan - Seven

Selceta - Eight

Haldais - Nine

Etence - Ten

Abequis - Eleven

Celequis - Twelve

Nunequis - Thirteen

Tarsan - Fourteen

Olphisan - Fifteen

Olphatasan - Sixteen

Jardinuisan - Seventeen

Selcetas - Eighteen

Haldan - Nineteen

Celeqad- Twenty

Celeqabec - Twenty one

Celeqacac - Twenty Two

Celeqanun - Twenty three

Celeqatar - Twenty four

Celeqaphi - Twenty five

Celeqaphat - Twenty six

Celeqajar- Twenty seven

Celeqasels - Twenty eight

Celeqahal - Twenty nine

two or more digit number endings:

-one = bec

-two = cac

-three = nun

-four = tar

-five = phi

-six = phat

-seven = jar

-eight = sels

-nine = hall

Nunaca - Thirty

Tersi - Forty

Olpho - Fifty

Olphata - Sixty

Jardino - Seventy

Salcato - Eighty

Haldre - Ninety

Abequin - One hundred

Celaquin - Two hundred

Nunaquin - Three hundred

Tersiquin - Four hundred

Olphoquin - Five hundred

Olphatasquin - Six hundred

Jardinaquin - Seven hundred

Selectaquin - Eight hundred

Haldaiquin - Nine hundred


Six hundred and seventy six (676): Olphatasquin ans Jardinophat

Forty two (42): Tersicac

Six hundred and eighty (680): Olphatasquin ans salcato

Three hundred and eighty one (381): Nunaquin ans salcatobec

Two hundred and twenty two (222): Celaquin ans Celeqacac

One hundred and eleven (111): Abequin ans abequis

Twenty six (26): Celeqaphat

Thirty seven (37): Nunacajar

Nine hundred and ninety (990): Haldaiquin ans haldre

One hundred and thirty (130): Abequin ans nunaca

Five (5): Olphise

Fifteen (15): Olphisan

Thirty five (35): Nunacaphi

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