The Custom House Treaty was a peace treaty signed between the Brotherhood of Steel and the Gunners at the Custom House Tower in 2288.


  • The state of war existing between the Gunners and Brotherhood of Steel shall cease immediately.
  • All territory seized by the Brotherhood of Steel from the Gunners shall be recognized by the Gunners as Brotherhood territory henceforth, and the Gunners shall relinquish all claims to these territories. This includes, but is not limited to, Greentech Genetics, the Mass Fusion building, the Boston Bugle building, and the Custom House Tower.
  • The Gunners will recognize Brotherhood claims in Chelsea, Everett, Cambridge, and Boston, and shall make no attempts to colonize, settle, or conquer in these regions. Specifically, the Gunners will make no attempt to settle south of Vault 75 or north of the Mass Bay Medical Center.
  • The Gunners shall cede the remainder of Malden and Everett to the Brotherhood of Steel, specifically the Med-Tek Research center. They will also cede some territory in South Boston around the Gwinnett Brewery, and the South Boston Police Station.
  • The Gunners will pay an indemnity of caps and supplies to the Brotherhood of Steel monthly for the next five years.
  • The Gunners will hand over any technical documents, technology, or pre-war knowledge they might possess within their territory at this time.
  • The Gunners will prohibit synths within their borders, pledge to kill any synths they come across, work toward the eradication of the Institute and their synths, and hand over any synth or Institute related technology to the Brotherhood should the Gunners discover any.
  • The Brotherhood of Steel will make no attempts to directly interfere in Gunner politics or their foreign affairs and wars ongoing at this time.


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