A Confederation of South Dakota, Montana and parts of North Dakota and Nebraska. 
Dakota Confederation flag

Flag of the Dakota Confederation.


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United States of Greater Ohio - Ally

Agrarian Commonwealth of Minnesota - Warm/ally

Federal States of New York - Neutral

Republic of Missouri - Warm/ally

United States of the West - Warm

North Carolina - Neutral

Pennsylvania - Neutral

Atlanta - Neutral

Arizona - Neutral

One Star Republic - Neutral

Virginia - Neutral

Rhode Island - Neutral

Florida- Neutral

Pacific State- Neutral

Utah- Intense Hatred

Colorado- Neutral

New England- Neutral


The Dakota Confederation is currently governed by a Militarty Dictatorship headed by former South Dakota Governor; Chancellor Shaun MacGregor.


Dakota Self-Defense ForceEdit

  • Currently numbers about 40,500 men and women
  • 7,000 in reserves
  • about 1,000 of those in the service are in the Air Force.
  • We have no active Navy or Maritime Patrol Force.
  • We are currently developing Exo-Suits, nicknamed the Achilles.
  • We have a large number of old M-60A3s in service, these however are soon to be replaced by newer M1 Abrams and its variants.
  • The F-22 Raptor is our current fighter, however only about 85 are in service.
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