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Darian Federation
Darianischer Bund
Game: New World
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Darius
Location of Darius

Libertatem, nobilitate, et virtus (Latin)
("Freedom, Nobility, and Courage")

Anthem "Gott Erhalte Unser Staatsoberhaupt! (God Save Our Head of State!)"
Capital Adelstadt
Largest city Gottsmar
Low German, German
  others Dutch, French
None (secular government)
  others Christianity (more specifically Lutheranism), Judaism
Ethnic groups
71.38% German
  others 18.12% Asian, 5.7% Dutch, 4.5% French, 0.3% others
Demonym Darian
Government Federal parliamentary semi-presidential republic
  legislature Parliament
President Karl Strausmann
Prime Minister Alois Dreiter
Population 12,013,815 (1050 census) 
Established 885 AF (181 years ago)
Independence from Leeder
  declared 728
Currency Darian krone (DAK)

The Darian Federation (German: Darianischer Bund) is a large country located in the south of Sebastiana. With its central regions mostly composed of desert, the majority of its 12 million inhabitants live around the coastal areas of the country. Its largest cities are Gottsmar and its capital, Adelstadt.

Darius is named after its founding father, Fritz Albert Darius, who led the movement for independence from the Kingdom of Leeder, which had founded a Sebastianan colony decades earlier. The loss of Leeder's colonial possessions to the movement ultimately resulted into it unifying with its neighbours to form the United Reich of Neubayern.

After a successful bloodless revolution, the Leederian colonies declared their independence from their parent nation and formed the Federal Republic of New Leederstadt, following which Darius was elected its first President. After Darius' death in 759, the government chose to distance themselves from Leeder, renaming the country after its former leader. Thus, the Darian Federation came into being.

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