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The Grand Duke Consort on a state visit to Britannia, 1025
3rd Tsar of Novodonetsk
Reign 1030 — present
Coronation 5th July 1030
Predecessor Roman I
Prime Minister Mikhail Arshavin
Grand Duke Consort of Rhineburg
Tenure 1005 — 1025
Investiture 9th August 1005
Spouse Helena of Neubayern (1005 — 1051; her death)
Issue Aria, Crown Princess of Neubayern
Nikolai, Tsarevich of Novodonetsk
Full name
Dimitri Sergeievich Pavyluchenko
House House of Pavyluchenko
House of Hohensberg (by marriage)
Father Sergei I of Novodonetsk
Mother Anastasia, Queen of Novodonetsk
Born 5th June 983 (age 84)
Vladimir State Hospital
Religion New Orthodoxy (983 — 1005)
Lutheranism (since 1005)

Demetrius, Tsar of Novodonetsk (full name: Дмитрий Сергеевич Павилученко; pronunciation: DI-mi-TREE Ser-gey-YE-vich PA-vee-lu-CHEN-ko) is a member of the House of Hohensberg-Pavyluchenko, and is the younger son of Tsar Sergei I of Novodonetsk. In 1005, he married Helena, Crown Princess of Neubayern, and thus married into the House of Hohensberg. He became the Prince Consort of Neubayern in 1025 after the abdication of Kaiser Heinrich III and coronation of his wife; he was himself crowned as Tsar of his homeland of Novodonetsk following the assassination of his older brother Roman in 1030. He abdicated in 1056 in favour of his son and heir, Nikolai, who became Nicholas I.


  • 983 — 995: Master Dimitri Pavyluchenko
  • 995 — 1005: His Royal Highness Prince Dimitri of Novodonetsk
  • 1005 — 1025: His Imperial Highness Prince Demetrius (Dimitri) of Novodonetsk and Neubayern, Grand Duke Consort of Rhineburg
  • 1025 — 1030: His Imperial Highness The Prince Consort of Neubayern
  • 1030 — 1051: His Imperial Majesty Demetrius, Tsar of the Realm of Novodonetsk, Prince Consort of Neubayern
  • 1051 — 1054: His Imperial Majesty Demetrius, Tsar of the Realm of Novodonetsk
  • 1054 — 1056: His Imperial Majesty Demetrius, Tsar of the Donetskians and the Donetskian Constituents of the Federated States of Neubayern-Novodonetsk, Lord of Nachalzemli, Joint Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Armed Forces
  • 1056 — present: His Imperial Majesty Demetrius of Novodonetsk

His full title in German is Seine Kaiserliche Majestät Demetrius von Neudonezk. In Russian, his title is Его Императорское Величество Димитрий из Новодонецк (Yego Imperatorskoye Velichestvo Dimitriy iz Novodonetsk).

Princess Aria of Rhineburg
House of Hohensberg
House of Pavyluchenko
Born: 3rd July 1006
Lines of succession
Preceded by
The Crown Prince
Line of succession to the Donetskian Throne
2nd position
Succeeded by
Princess Aria of Rhineburg
Order of precedence in Neubayern
Preceded by
Prince August
HIH The Prince Consort
Succeeded by
Prince Nikolai