The Jovian Moons declared independence in the year 2106, in the 'bloodless revolution'. The Military Units stationed there, sourced from Mars, left when Mars declared independence, two years earlier, and were replaced by the only units that were spare. Units from the Moons themselves. The Jovians however, realised that many of the Jovian Troops were stationed on Earth, and would die if they rebelled. So they bided their time, from 2104 to 2106, when a Strike on a Gas Refinery orbiting Jupiter caused the Jovian Units to be mobilised. They ignored the Strikers, and instead landed on Ganymede. The Moons declared independence. Europa was then granted independence in its own right. 


The main industries of the DRJM are the Collection and Refining of Hydrogen and Helium from Jupiter, and the Mining of Ore from the Asteroid Belt.

Occupation of the Asteroid BeltEdit

The Jovian Moons already used the Asteroid Belt for mining, and with our large military, (33% of the original military of the UHN Colonial Division), we are easily able to enforce our claim, although we hope we will not. Peace messages have already been sent to Mars, which has remained silent to the rest of the System for the past years.


President: Heiko Buhr


Ganymede: Heiko Buhr

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