Welcome to Deus Ex: The Second Collapse, a game based on the Deus Ex Franchise. following the aftermath of Invisible War, Alex Denton precceeds to kill every living human leader on the planet. However, as he continues his march of madness, the old factions are constantly growing stronger, better and deadlier. But nothing, absolutely nothing, can prepare the Earth for something as catastrophic as this.

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  • If you'd like to participate, simply put your name down as one of the Factions
  • You may only take control of one faction
  • A month pass per turn
  • You are able to advance your faction in five of eight aspects per turn. These aspects comprise of: Technology, Ethics, Infrastructure, Military, Espionage, Economy and Scientific Achievements.
  • Games will be archived every twelve turns.
  • Some subcategories will not be available from the start and you will have to wait until later in the game to access them.
  • A map is made every 6 turns.
  • Ask me to become a mod.
  • Mods are allowed to correct the algorithm at any given time
  • Please do not engage in sockpuppetry
  • There can be civil wars, though normally this would just be to change government and not create a new nation.
  • Be as plausible and rational as possible (no Death Star, Infinity Gauntlet, Son Goku, etc.)
  • Once the game reaches a certain point, you may create your own faction (As long as it follows the above rule)
  • Please (and I mean PLEASE!) be respectful and courteous to other players. Do not engage in flame wars or heated debates. If a flame war occurs all participating parties will be removed from the game and their territories put under mod control until a replacement player signs up. Instead, engage in a polite debate, and ask for a mod to mediate the discussion. Also, please do not place yourself in one of the Mod slots without asking for permission first. Doing so, would result in a month long ban. If this behavior continues, the only consequence that the offender shall heed, is a permaban. Vandalizing the page is also discouraged, and doing so would also result in a permaban.
  • Have Fun



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  • World Trade Organization
  • Order Church

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  • The Knights Templar


  • The Omar



The game will commence when it reaches ten players, 2/10.

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