"Diddly-squat" means:

  1. Uncountable.
  2. Absolutely nothing.
  3. Uncountably small.
  4. Nothing (USA).
  5. Nothing whatsoever (USA).
  6. A small or worthless amount.
  7. Anything with little or no meaning to it (USA and Canadian).
  8. The least amount.
  9. Argentina's minimalist diplomatic efforts to resolve the Falklands sovereignty dispute. (Falkland Islands).
  1. Diddly squat.
  2. Doodly-squat.
  3. Doodley-squat.
  4. Diddly-squat.
  5. Diddlyshit (USA).
  6. Worth squat all (USA)
  7. Squat all (USA) 
  8. Squat (USA)
  9. Tiddely swat (Falkland Islands).
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