There are various divisions in the United Reich of New Bayern, existing for either administrative or symbolic purposes.


Duchies (Herzogtümer) are the most numerous and significant regional divisions in Neubayern. Duchies are semi-autonomous and are led by separate Ducal governments. These governments are headed by Staatsleiters (State Leaders). The head of state of the duchy is the Duke or Duchess (Herzog/Herzogin), who are either part of the royal family or are created such by the Kaiser.

This list is incomplete and under construction.

Coat of arms Flag State
(Native name)
Part of the Reich since Duke/Duchess Holder succession Population Capital Abbrieviation
Coat of arms of Hessen Flag of Hessen Grand Duchy of
(Großherzogtum Hessen)
871 Friedrich Wilhelm II House of Hessen 5,827,972 New Leipzig HE
Coat of arms of Blumenhoff Flag of Blumenhoff Duchy of
(Herzogtum Blumenhoff)
871 Prince Peter, Duke of Blumenhoff Descendants of Prince Friedrich 4,294,506 Blumenhoff City BL
Duchy of
(Herzogtum Hoffmann)
871 Princess Elisabeth Descendants of Princess Elisabeth 5,872,980 Hoffmann City HF
Coat of arms of Einsbach Flag of Einsbach Duchy of
(Herzogtum Einsbach)
871 Richard Wilhelm II House of Eisenstadt-Preuss 4,891,903 Eisenstadt EB
Coat of arms of the Netherlands Flag of the Netherlands The
(Die Niederlande)
873 Anton III House of Nieuworange 2,985,398 New Amsterdam ND
Duchy of
(Herzogtum Karlstadt)
871 Nikolaus Peter I House of Tennens-Köthenhaus-Meilburg-Karlstadt 4,382,506 Karlstadt City KS
Coat of arms of Weimarsberg Flag of Weimarsberg Duchy of
(Herzogtum Weimarsberg)
969 Prince Friedrich, Duke of Weimarsberg Descendants of Prince Friedrich 7,435,490 Nürnsbad WB
Coat of arms of the Grand Duchy of Rhineburg Flag of the Grand Duchy of Rhineburg Grand Duchy of
(Großherzogtum Rheinsburg)
971 Helena, Crown Princess of Neubayern Heir to the throne 9,425,306 Rhineburg City RB
Duchy of
(Herzogtum Neiß)
1001 Adolf I House of Neiss 3,624,194 Alexandria NS
Duchy of
(Herzogtum Heinrich)
1001 Prince Joachim Descendants of Prince Joachim 2,689,520 Heinrichsburg HR
Duchy of
(Herzogtum Kirschblüte)
1037 Prince Natsuo Descendants of Prince Natsuo 824,304 Sakura KR
Duchy of
(Herzogtum Toyama)
1037 Prince Natsume Descendants of Prince Natsume 951,539 Zwillingsburg TY
Duchy of
(Herzogtum Silberwaldland)
1037 Prince Franz Descendants of Prince Franz 2,395,502 Schierling SW

Free StatesEdit

Free States (Freistaaten) are similar to duchies in that they are semi-autonomous. However, they do not have a duke or duchess as head of state and instead the Staatsleiter acts as both head of state and government.

Coat of arms Flag State
(Native name)
Part of the Reich since Population Capital Abbrieviation
Coat of Arms of Lübeck Free State of
(Freistaat Lübeck)
873 1,895,609 Lübeck City LB
Coat of Arms of Drensgau Free State of
(Freistaat Drensgau)
874 4,534,920 Kronenburg DG
Coat of Arms of Baden-Hoffmann Union of
(Bund der Baden-Hoffmann)
871 8,423,915 Baden BH
Coat of arms of the South Kreinland Flag of the South Kreinland Free State of the
South Kreinland
(Freistaat Südkreinland)
904 3,865,912 Lonenberg SK
Coat of arms of the North Kreinland Flag of the North Kreinland Free State of the
North Kreinland
(Freistaat Nordkreinland)
904 2,650,934 Franzburg NK
Coat of Arms of Kreinland-Blumenhoff Commonwealth of
(Gemeinwesen Kreinland-Blumenhoff)
904 3,798,241 Pressburg KB
Coat of arms of Rotinsel Flag of Rotinsel Free State of the
Red Islands
(Freistaat Rotinsel)
1016 52,830 St Martinsburg RT
Wappen Heidelberg Free State of
(Freistaat Heidelberg)
1022 68,350 Heidelberg City HD
Havenstown flag Commonwealth of Havenstown
(Gemeinwesen Hawensburg)
1068 32,514,500 Havenstown HW

Imperial CitiesEdit

Imperial Cities (Reichsstädten) are special municipal divisions of which several exist. Imperial Cities include Munich, the imperial capital.

Coat of arms Flag State
(Native name)
Part of the Reich since Lord Mayor Population Abbrieviation
Coat of arms of Munich Flag of Munich Imperial City of
(Reichsstadt München)
871 Friedrich Türing 2,630,455 MN
Imperial City of
(Reichsstadt Königstadt)
871 Georg Müller 2,324,910
Imperial City of
(Reichsstadt Georgsburg)
1001 Branden Friedrich 6,534,195 GS
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