Donald Woodwick
Game: Settlers of the New World
Spouse Mary Woodwick (born MacAllen)
  • Richard Woodwick (1612-1668)
  • Elizabeth Woodwick (1617-1654)
  • Peter Woodwick (1618-1619)
  • Margaret Woodwick (1620-1624)
  • Donald Woodwick II (1628-1658)
Father Duncan Woodwick
Born 12 August 1578
Montrose, Kingdom of Scotland
Death 24 January 1645 (aged 66)
Longshank, Colony of Flaadland
Religion Presbyterian
Occupation Covenanter leader
Donald Woodwick (1578 - 1646) was a Scottish minister and religious leader in the first half of the 17th Century. Presbyterian of faith, Woodwick was inspired by the teachings of John Craig and quickly became a member of the Covenanters. He would become important enough that in 1827 King Charles I deported him to the New World. There, he would play a major role in the establishment of the Colony of Flaadland and its first two decades. In the middle of the Bishops' Wars and the First English Civil War, Woodwick led his own revolt against the colonial government, called the Woodwick Rebellion, and died during its last battle, which ended in a victory for Woodwick's Covenanters. The town of Woodwick and the Woodwick System (system in which small plantations are run by religious leaders and worked by their congregation) were named after him.
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