This is a Map Game about Doomsday 2012.


On the 22nd of December 2012, millions of people across the world watched the TV in terror as the Mayan Prophecy is proved right, and a 50 metre tidal wave hits New York. Minutes later an earthquake destroys San Francisco, and Yellowstone erupts. These are just the first of many disasters. The USA collapses into smaller nations, and as the world loses contact with the satellites, the communications system collapses. Suddenly across the globe you have medieval-eqsue states with modern day weaponry, and in other areas you have states carving out empires.

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North AmericaEdit

Loyalist USA: Feudalplague (talk) 05:44, July 11, 2013 (UTC)

  • United Boroughs of New York: 

Secured by US

  • Confederate States of America (CSA):  Surrendered to the US after its military surrendered.
  • Allied States of America (ASA): Surrendered to the US after coup d'etat.
  • Michigan: 


  • New England: Secured by the US Remnant
  • Republic of Texas: Forced to rejoin USA.

Grand Duchy of Florida:

San Franciscan Republic: Mafia (talk) 00:17, July 10, 2013 (UTC)

Democratic Republic of Los Angeles:This is UglyTurtle, Signing off. 23:47, July 9, 2013 (UTC) Surrendered to Arizona raiders. 

Free City of San Diego:This is UglyTurtle, Signing off. 01:10, July 12, 2013 (UTC)

Free Peoples of Alaska:

Commonwealth of Hawaian Islands:

Arizonan Raiders:  G greg e (talk) 16:38, June 30, 2013 (UTC)

  • New Vegas: Vassal of Arizona Raiders

Washington-San Francisco Union:

  • San Fransisco Republic:
  • Christian Republic of Washington:

Carson-Reno City Union


Canada: S321

Republic of Cuba:



Rocky Mountain Confederation: Canada2hy AlbertaEnsign AustraliaFlag OreoToast555(Talk) 04:23, July 6, 2013 (UTC)


British Colombia



New Brunswick-Nova Scotia

South AmericaEdit

Argentine Republic:

Federative Republic of Brazil :

Republic Chile:

Carli Drugs Cartel:

Republic of Columbia: Sine dei gloriem (talk) 20:25, July 3, 2013 (UTC)

Republic of Paraguay : User:KingdomofBacon




Oriental Republic of Uruguay :

The Falklands

Plurinational State of Bolivia: 



England: Dibs have been called (talk) 19:41, August 9, 2014 (UTC)

  • Scotland
  • Wales

Independent City-state of London:

Reunited Republic of Ireland:

French Republic:

Iberia: Reximus55 (talk)


Federal Republic of Germany:Yay an Edit conflict (talk) 19:15, July 13, 2013 (UTC)

Italian Republic:

United Scandinavia

Russian Federation: warman555

Federal Siberia


Hellenic Republic of Greece:

Republic of Macedonia:



Republic of Turkey:

Republic of Iceland:

Republic of Romania


Republic of India:

Peoples Republic of China

Republic of China Octivian Marius (talk) 00:50, July 10, 2013 (UTC)

Korea (Unified by South Korea) Daeseunglim (talk) 18:03, July 13, 2013 (UTC)

Japan -Kogasa

Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Kingdom of Cambodia

Laos People's Democratic Republic

Kingdom of Thailand

Isan Republic (N,E. Thailand)

Shan Republic (Shan State)

Sri Lanka

Malasian Federation:

Republic of the Union of Myanmar:

People's Republic of Bangladesh:

Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Republic of Iraq

Islamic Republic of Iran Rdv65 (talk)

  • Iraq:
  • East Syria:

Saudi Arabia

State of Israel

Syrian Arab Republic


Tamil Nardu



JordanJordanian (talk) 19:30, August 9, 2014 (UTC)


Commonwealth of Australia:

New Zealand:

Republic of the Philippines (Philippine Rebels): IstocnoSarajevo (talk) 08:08, August 16, 2014 (UTC)

Democratic Republic of Timor L'este:

Melanesian Union:

  • Solomon Islands:
  • Papua, New Guinea:

Kingdom of the Tonga:


Republic of South Africa:

Berber Pact:

  • People's Democratic Republic of Algeria: Inferal (talk) 02:18, July 25, 2013 (UTC)
  • Kingdom of Morocco: Inferal (talk) 22:36, July 6, 2013 (UTC)
  • Republic of Tunisia: Inferal (talk) 02:18, July 25, 2013 (UTC)
  • State of Libya: Inferal (talk) 02:10, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

Arab Republic of Egypt:

Islamic Somali Republic:




Issues With MapEdit


North AmericaEdit

Yellowstone has suffered from a mild eruption blanketing much of the Continent in volcanic ash and blotting out the sun harming many attempts at growing food etc. An Earthquake has also occurred on the West Coast damaging Cities such as San Francisco, Las Angeles, and San Diego. The East Coast has suffered from huge hurricanes and flooding the likes of which have never been seen toppling skyscrapers and badly damaging the East coast. Canada has suffered from a Mild Ice Age caused by the Volcanic Ash up in the Air killing millions in the Cold wave and Ice front advancing from the north forcing many Canadians to migrate to the Border where the remaining government forces stop them to try to maintain the country. Mexico, suffers from a lack of usable water as The Rain has unable to be used without huge purification efforts and a major drought brought on by unexpected heat waves in the former country. A sandstorm cuts off power to Little Rock, Arkansas

South AmericaEdit

The north of the continent suffers from minor ash and sky blotting as the Super Volcano was predicted to reach these proportions. However both Coasts of the Continent have been slammed with huge flooding, Super storms, and Tsunamis coming from both sides crashing upon coastal cities while the vastly uninhabited interior is crudely colonized by the millions of migrating survivors in an attempt to survive. Many of the Central American islands have been rendered uninhabited by the tsunamis while Cuba suffered from major hits from a Hurricane. An earthquake destroys Lima.


Earthquakes ravage the continent opening up deep earth Chemical vents which kill millions across the Continent. The Eruption of Yellowstone has also started a minor ice age which is causing problems for the survivors in Europe. Directly affected nations are United Scandinavia, all British Isles Nations, and Russia while the Ice could very well move South to affect the rest of Europe. An earthquake destroys Banbury.


A mass eruption of Every Volcano on the continent is caused by earthquakes which devastate the nations of Africa forcing many into a tribal state and bringing the semi developed nations to the ground. The Ash clouds contributes to the huge Ice Age problem developing in the North. The Earthquakes cause Tsunamis radiating out in every direction which add to the Super storms in South America. The lack of many emergency services has led to the obliteration of the majority of Africa's population leaving just shy of 300 million people on the Continent. South Africa is one of the least affected nations on the Continent. An earthquake destroys Kampala.

Middle EastEdit

Earthquakes and the abandoning of the oil fields have led to the complete halt of all oil production and the igniting of the oil fields as they are not properly supervised. The Earthquakes also open huge fissures where cities once were and the population of the Arab world is devastated. Cities such as Damascus, Baghdad, Mecca and Medina have all been completely destroyed while severe damage to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Dubai have left the developed Middle East in complete chaos as well. Israel due to its small size and relative isolation has left it with a medium amount of repairable damage. An earthquake destroys Bahrain.

Southern AsiaEdit

Earthquakes in the Indian and Pacific Ocean have contributed to massive waves ravaging Coastal India, and South East Asia, while cyclones ravage the interior. In the Smaller nations such as Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, population centers are non-existent as transitional governments try to assert control over their scattered and battered people. The Indian government maintains Control over the Country even with the natural disasters but still suffers from mass supply shortages and the inability to feed the people. A rough count puts the Death Toll in India at 400 million more than the Total population of Pre Apocalypse United States. Pakistan is less lucky as while the Disasters have hurt India Badly, They have suffered even worse as minor Earthquakes caused a mass immigration of Pakistani people to Iran causing a Localized conflict between the only two surviving organized governments in the Area, Pakistan and Iran without the proper communications to contact each other engage in months of Conventional Warfare. An earthquake destroys Dakar.

Is that 400 million more than the OTL USA population, like; OTL population USA+400 million, or is it 400 million, which is more than the OTL USA population?

Yeah, I meant that 400 million people died - not 400 million more than US population.

Central/East AsiaEdit

Massive Typhoons cause most of Coastal China and Japan to be leveled while Earthquakes finish the Job. The pollution released by destroyed Chinese factories cause a massive ecological collapse not seen since the darkest days of the United States resource exploitation. South Korea recovers quickly and manages to unite Korea quite easily as the North accidentally destroyed Pyongyang in an attempt at a last revenge nuking of Seoul, the missile was an attempted launch out of Pyongyang and detonated just out of a bunker under the city ending the Supreme leaders life. China has also suffered from a population loss of almost 500 million as the pollution, weather, and ecological collapse have brought the population down heavily. Siberia considered a Safe haven turns out not to be as a semi-organized Russia deals with an ever advancing ice age which may Drive Russia south to take the Resources and land it needs. An earthquake destroys Almaty.


Tsunamis, as well as an earthquake level Indonesia while the west coast of Australia suffers from the complete leveling of the cities. The Australian East Coast is relatively untouched except for the distant earthquakes disabling their power grid and the earthquake by new Zealand and subsequent Tsunami affect New Zealand for the most part while the other part of the Tsunami continues on to the South American west coast. An earthquake destroys Suva, Fiji.

The GameEdit


North America: Following the massive amounts of disasters and the fallout from the Yellowstone eruption many small nation states have arisen in the Former United States of America the most powerful of which is the United States Remnant. However, the Glory of Reunifying the old US will have to wait as chaos reigns supreme over the Entire continent. Canada in particular has lost almost half its population to a new ice age forcing them south to the border cities and fracturing them.

South America: Millions more here suffer from flooding, Tsunamis, and Earthquakes which devastate the entire continent. Chile is completely leveled while nations such as Argentina and Brazil Colonize the Interior temporarily in an attempt to save as many as possible.

Europe: The Chemical vents opened up from earthquakes have wiped out many in Europe rending entire swathes of the continent uninhabitable until the vents close or their vapors cease to rise to the surface. Scandinavia, Russia, and the British isles all Suffer from the ice age that was predicted to remain a North American problem. The ice age causes the splintering of the once powerful Russian Federation and forces the Legitimate government of Russia to try to unite its scattered peoples and then figure out how to move south in an attempt to secure resources that an unpredicted ice age seems to be claiming rapidly.

Africa: Much of the continent is left uninhabitable as volcanoes across it erupt and blanket it in ash. Countries and people disappear in anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours as Volcanic Africa is formed, few nations survive the natural onslaught.

Middle East: The Nations of the Middle east are all but obliterated by earthquakes and sinkholes that swallow entire cities. Historic cities like Mecca and Medina are nowhere to be found while Damascus, Tehran, and Islamabad suffer from crippling infrastructure damage. Israel remains lightly touched and manages to hold it together despite the situation of the area.

Asia: Chinese populous drops to 600 million as their actions before the disasters have prevented environmental recovery making living in coastal and some of Central China like living in a toxic wasteland. South East Asia is leveled to the ground as scattered governments and militaries try to reunite and retain some order. India suffers devastating strikes to its southern tip wiping out cities and forcing people inland. Other disasters eventually bring the Death toll in India to 400 million. 

Oceania: Tsunamis crush all of Western Australia and another large set destroy New Zealand and many of the Oceanic islands. With conditions poor a previously unknown virus breaks out and ravages the surviving 90 million survivors in Indonesia.

India: India deploys its Surviving Military and police forces around the Worst parts of the Country as Repairs are made to the Moderately Damaged New Delhi. A Large expedition of 40,000 soldiers heavily armed and with humanitarian supplies are sent to India's drastically leveled Southern provinces along the coast securing them and beginning Damage clean up. The Only Radio Communication is between Military units with portable units and surviving aircraft that make runs to survivor pockets that the military won't reach on time. With an estimated death toll of 400 million we begin burial detail for the dead we can get to. The Borders with Pakistan are Secured but it is likely the nation as it was known no longer exists. Another 20,000 Indian troops are sent to Assam to secure it and to try to eventually reunite all of Ravaged India. No attempts are made with contacting anyone else outside of Southeast Asia as India learns that despite its heavy damage it may be the least damaged. Heavy amounts of supplies are sent to Southern India to Reincorporate it into India Proper. The Damage nationwide however looks that it will take near a decade to completely repair. Small units of the Indian Navy that survived the apocalypse are recovered as are troops and survivors that survived in bad parts of India. We Secure our Nuclear Arsenal and allow limited immigration from the outright obliterated Pakistan and divert many Towards Iran or China.

Rocky Mountain Confederations (To be Referred to as RMC from here out): The population of this newly declared nation is huddled in the Town of Fort Macloed, a town not too far from the southern border. Fort Macloed is declared the provisional capital of the nation for the time being. Knowing that volcanic winters only last about a year, leaders and officials begin rationing resources that people still have. Conventional weapons, such as manual shotguns and handguns are distributed to around 1500 people. Expeditions have reported they have contacted survivors as far north as Penoka, a town north of the future capital city, Calgary.

Kingdom of Morocco: The King calls upon the nomadic peoples which are still common in the nation to aid in restoring communication and distributing food. Tsunamis rack the Western shore but the Mediterranean shore is effected little. Billowing ash clouds fly overhead as they head north, dropping temperatures and killing crops, so fishing and hunting become a major source of food. Soldiers manage to secure the major cities, and scouts are sent south to find what happened to our Western Sahara Autonomous Province as well as Mauritania. An offer is made to Algeria that the two nations merge to form the Berber Union, as the Algerians are less developed than us and are too Berber (1-4 yes 5unused 6-10 no 9 no).

Scandinavia: Armed Forces: 100,000 Emergency Services: 150,000, free healthcare use passed into law. Gas masks for vapour issued to everyone. Occupy affected areas around us. Ask London for alliance, as well as Germany. 

Iran: The military and emergency service that can be contact are all mobilized to support everyone in need. Thank to the fact that the Yellowstone eruption do not affect much of the Middle East, the communication stay somehow good. All the boundaries are closed to foreigners in order to not add he refugee crisis to the already catastrophic situation. Many radical Islamist think that the arrogance of the west and of their leader cause this crisis, they are particularly influential in the lowly educated countryside and have a number of follower in Tehran and Islamabad. The government leave the city of Tehran to go in a secure location in the case that an other replica hit the devastated city.

If the rest of the world especially India who only suffered major devastation on their southern coast doesn't have major national communication neither do you, also Islamabad is in Pakistan which you do not control.Feudalplague (talk) 23:22, July 6, 2013 (UTC)

I was confused since some nation seem to already restart some international relation like Scandinavia.


North America: Mounting tensions are coming to head as almost 100,000 troops from the US remnant take total control of the Former nations capital as well as trying to extend control into Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland. The action is supported by a Surviving Carrier offshore with the President of the US on board ready to take back his country. The CSA is fully organized as major rebuilding efforts are semi started as ruins are cleared away. The City of Las Vegas re-establishes Radio communication with a few Small towns in California and the San Franciscan Republic begins trying to police the city to prevent heavy immigration and maintain control so the city doesn't slip into anarchy again. Mexico suffers a Major aftershock earthquake which killed a few hundred thousand and further disorganizing the area.

South America: Brazil Continues to reclaim its coast and uses its remaining military to police the once lawless area trying to retain the trickle of people returning to Sao Paulo and Rio De Jeneiro. The Columbian Government now reformed and with much of its former arsenal uses the world wide chaos to begin a massive cleansing campaign on the Cartels. Amazonia's small population dwindles further as many people leave for their former countries which has managed to cope with the situation. However Immigration from a Destroyed Chile and immigrants from Central America begin to settle here. 

Europe: Scandinavia efforts of establishing communications with Germany and London have failed as it seems the networks have totally collapsed leaving local communication at a minimum as well. Many Cities within France with the Government still trying to find a decisive leader begin devolving into City States warring against each other. The Ice Age begins to Encroach in Scotland.

Africa: South Africa begins to reassert its control and uses the huge depopulation to begin securing more territory to try to grow more crops and gather more minerals to replace damaged infrastructure. Madagascar is turned Communist as 2 Nuclear Submarines once from the Peoples Republic of China have threatened total destruction unless they are given control. This doesn't go over well but the people are forced to accept it.

Middle East: The Remnants of the Pakistani Military begin fighting for control to put their own generals in power over the rest of the country however One Moderate general that wanted closer Relations with the US, India and their allies pre apocalypse makes contact with the Indian government wanting an alliance for control of the Country when they are ready. Word of this gets out and Pakistan totally fractures into a war zone between factions. A Central leader arises in Baghdad fully uniting Iraq into a locally powerful state. WMD's rumoured to have been in the country during the US war in the country are used on a Rogue Iraqi General. The Mustard gas among other Chemical Weapons solidify Iraq Position in the area. Seeing the massive amounts of destruction and the minor amount of Damage to Israel Some Palestinians begin seeing cooperation with Israel in a new light. Israel re-establishes its communications mostly radio and isolated TV,

Asia: Ho Chi Min city devolves into a state of utter abandonment as temporary toxic weather from China rains upon northern Vietnam. All of China fractures into separate nations as the Government cant hold it together. Laos and Cambodia begin localized border conflict of immigration resource and territorial issues. Southern India reincorporates into India due to their lack of Central government in the Area. A Central Government in Assam begins attacking the Indian Troops in the Area looking for Independence but the approval rate for this independence is only around 20 to 30% as many See rejoining India a perfect way to rebuild the Area. Korea Begins full rebuilding efforts as it uses the crisis to give its population greater cause. 

Oceania: Australia begins slowly working on its West Coast and sends scouts to New Zealand in an attempt to reconnect with survivors. What's being called the Indonesian Flu continues ravaging the Indonesian islands. 

India: We agree to an alliance with the rogue Pakistani General and begin suppression operations in Assam utilizing the large public support base for Indian Reunification to maintain some control over the area. We begin large rebuilding programs along the southern coast as well as clean up operations. Military forces are used to help police the major surviving cities and to oversee resettlement of the South. We begin re-establishment of medium scale radio communications allowing for air traffic control, and cities to talk to each other. 2 Surviving Frigates are sent to Sri Lanka to check for any survivors and to establish a dialogue. We also send some diplomats to all the South East Asian nations to establish contact between all of them in some small degree. We manage to get an aircraft convoy fueled up with escorts and a jet liner to make a run for Iran to establish communication. this is successful and we manage to land in Tehran peacefully however soldiers numbering about 300 are part of the security detail.

RMC: Continues to cope with the weather. Technicians from survivor communities near and around the former border make their way to Fort Macloed, where they manage to get a backup generator working. People in the town send any fuel they find to the generator, which now powers a school, which has been converted into an evacuation center and administrative building. 2000 people are now in the unorganized armed forces.

Please let me or local handle advancing the turnsFeudalplague (talk) 20:25, July 7, 2013 (UTC)

Arizona: Raiders advance to New Vegas. Scouts ahead confirm the situation is just as bad there as it is in Phoenix. However, Raiders set up guards and take control of the OTL Arizona - Nevada/California border and the Colorado River. The Raiding society establishes a home base in the Valley of the Sun, and Tucson where the women, intelligence, and children can go to begin farming similar to the Hopi and Pima Indians, with use of canals. Solar Panel energy is the main source of energy and scientists begin to replicate it. 

You know that the raiders are a gang, right? They would be smash and grabbing settlements, not being peaceful

Hey ... I have to scout an area before I invade right? I mean it would be implausible for me to just go and attack right? If not im changing it to the 500,000 raiders pillage Las Vegas and capture all the resources of the city, and incorporate it into there territory. 

Sorry, I just thought you might not know, but yeah, scout first.

Scandinavia: We use radios to get through to London and Germany, and start to reclaim the Ice Age effected north.

Colombia: the campaigns against the cartels continues. (Which are in fact weakened in 2013 IDK why they are even a nation but okay; BTW which color is Colombia?) The government in Bogota starts some outposts in the Colombian Amazon region in order to keep safe the government from any shock from the apocalyptic crisis; the military is put on high alert on Cucuta, North of Santander in case of riots, as well as in Bogota, Cartagena, Medellin and Cali. While this occurs, radio contact begins with Venezuela, although no contact is made yet with the government, same with Ecuador. The military is built up and the navy is put on the order of going to international seas where the tsunamis shouldn't be too dangerous for the ships, but about three-fourth of the Colombian fleet is already destroyed or is being destroyed during the execution of the order.

Morocco: Manages to re-establish contact with Iberia which is just on the opposite of the Pillar of Hercules. The navy ships left in Mediterranean ports are left mostly intact, but ships stationed along the Western coast are mostly destroyed, and the remaining ships are sent to make contact with Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Lebanon, Syria, and Albania. Meanwhile, salvageable ships on the West Coast are repaired and the worst damaged ones are scrapped. The Nomadic peoples of Morocco manage to re-establish communication as far as Tripoli, and the government begins handing out weapons to tribes in regions surrounding Casablanca, Tangiers Marrakesh, and Fez to act as a form of police. Several radio stations are repaired and manage to work on an AM frequency, re-establishing contact with much of Morocco.

Iran: we manage to restore radio to a certain point and send a message in Iraq and in Pakistan to know of someone is still alive. The military that could be gather are order to move reclaim our coast and help any citizen they could encountered. The small religious extremist groups start to raid many supply convoys and the government is force to send many police officer and soldiers to restore order in several location where local governments has been established. Sends some scouts in Iraq to established contact with the settlements at the border.

India Dip: Do not take offense to our military on your territory it is security that is all, we also ask for a Non-Aggression pact throughout the Area and Joint cooperation for any local issues cropping up. We also ask anything with Pakistan be handled by us so as to not have Iran drained trying to Rebuild and fight a war with a declared nuclear power at the same time.

England: Ambulances and other rescue units to to red alert as hospitals are filled with patients suffering from various temperature related illnesses. Scientists, however, record a rise in the temp feature of three degrees. SAS units drop into abandoned RAF bases in the South which have not been claimed by London. All military units in Scotland are ordered to move straight back to England, as are the ones in Wales and Ireland. Communications are secured with London and diplomats are sent across the border. Meanwhile, ration packs are distributed among the population as well as supplies of water and thermal blankets and shelters.

  • You're in an Ice age, how did the temperature raise by 3 degrees?
  • Yeah, Dude. Your people are dying from cold-related illnesses or just straight up being frozen to death.Feudalplague (talk) 14:32, July 8, 2013 (UTC)
  • London RNG: 9, no they turn the English Diplomats back.

You know that if they declare independence, that includes the troops stationed there, right?

Please, may I transfer to Scotland as I did not fully comprehend the situation and the changeover will not destabilise the game play in any way?

No, Roman, you chose your nation you don't get to switch to the more powerful one cause you want to. figure it out, rebuild, build yourself up, don't be a warmonger right away.


North America: The US remnant increasingly asserts itself as much of the military has remained loyal. More East coast annexations continue and the US remnant deploys 60,000 marines to New York in an attempt to secure the City. The CSA continually tries to repair itself however Rebel and anarchist movements harass them at every turn. The various Californian Republic's work towards creating the New California Republic for more centralized government.

South America: Brazil continues recolonization of the Coast as well as rebuilding and takes back its original border in Central South America without Protest but due to the largely unpopulated Amazonia not noticing it could cause a major conflict.

Europe: Scandinavian efforts to reclaim some of the ice age land is semi successful but it is increasingly expensive and can not be done practically. The English attempt at retaking the areas in Southern England meet with failure as many of the troops are locals to the area and defect. Scotland also gets a host of Defectors from England and surprisingly is at the top of the Food Chain in the British Isles. France continues trying to calm down its fighting between city states and Germany manages to re establish its military presence and secure its borders.

Africa: the Far lasting effects of the Volcanic conditions in Africa begin to worsen and cause plant life to die off all throughout central Africa.

Middle East: Iraq turns on Kuwait invading the Area in an ill advised attempt at establishing some Iraqi hegemony in the Area. Israel continues reconciliation with Palestinians. 

Asia: China continues to devolve into a Civil war as north and south begin to fight each other heavily with a noticeable People Republic advantage. Pakistan devolves into further conflict as many Factions learn of a powerful General allying with India. Assam separatists continue to fight Indian Reunification but the area has come under Solid Control of India. 

Oceania: Australia continues rebuilding and manages to establish military presence on New Guinea

India: We begin reintegration of Assam and fully reintegrate the Southern tip of India. However poverty and supplies are still a major issue. We begin crossing the border with a distracted China to look for supplies as well as establish a dialogue with any survivors of the country. New Delhi is continuously repaired as are other medium damaged cities. We begin small scale military support for the allied General in Pakistan.

  • India Dip: We ask the Iranians for a Non-Aggression Pact as well as for us to handle any issues cropping up in Pakistan.
  • Iran Dip: Agrees to a Non-Aggression Pact and assures India that we will not intervene in Pakistan.

Morocco: Manages to re-establish communications with Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, Syria, and Albania and offers to create a bloc being the Mediterranean Restoration Program (MRP) with these nations (1-4 yes 5 unused 6-10 no 7 no). Meanwhile, another offer is sent to Algeria to merge with Morocco to form the Berber Pact (1-4 yes 5 unused 6-10 no 3 yes). Begins the reclamation of Western Sahara and manages to reclaim most of the northern coastal territories such as Laayoune. Many of the damaged ships are repaired though restoration is still underway, while the majority of other ships on the Western shore were scrapped, sunk, never found, or beached inland.

You still have a pretty substandard navy compared to any European power just thought youd know.Feudalplague (talk) 06:56, July 9, 2013 (UTC)

Iran: Many refugee camps are established while the infrastructure are repaired. Many farming community are established and several villages are established near the coast with refugee. A small outpost is established near Bushehr to claim the land. The recon mission in Iraq learn about a mobilization of the Iraqi army and mobilize many unit that are near the frontier. Many oil extraction infrastructures restart production. 

RMC: Continues to bear the weather. Supplies continue to be rationed. There is now enough fuel to power the generator for another hree months continuously.

Az flag canyonArizona Raiders: Continue to make a home in Phoenix and Tucson. Take complete control of the Colorado River in Arizona and raid, control, and annex/vassalize (yet to make a choice) New Vegas and its possessions, and Area 51 (Final score 52-13.5). Many children are taken and forced to ride and train with the raiders. Guards are stationed there and along the Colorado River to protect there possessions. Prescott, Sedona and Flagstaff regions are scouted; many women join the ride. Meanwhile, in Phoenix and Casa Grande solar panel construction continues in order to power water cleanup plants. Although farming continues in the ancient Native American Ways. Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Glendale, Peoria, the rest of Phoenix Metro, Casa Grande, Eloy, Tucson establish small local governments to direct expansion of these cities. An additional set of raiders goes out to the west through the _______ Republic and lands in San Diego ... discovering another civilization.  

Don't you need an algorithm?

Yeah, please do an algo if you're doing full-on attacks. Raids are hard to resist so he can do those without algos to some degree. 

Where is the algo for this game? I have yet to find one. G greg e (talk)

Near the top in the related pages section it has the algo and the nation tiers. Algo Completed G greg e (talk)


North America: Us Remnants successfully take New York after Local resistance ends. The Nations of  Texas unite forming the Republic of Texas headed out of Austin. The Various Californian Republics respond violently to The Arizona Raiders and completely wipe out advanced guards as talks continue about Uniting the Entire State into the New California republic, but San Francisco remains adamant that it should be the Capital of the new Republic. Alaska comes under Attack from Forces across the Bering strait but they are not Russian Federation but one of the offshoot republics. Canada continues to suffer from ice age but they also manage to use their vast landscape to provide for the remaining 20 million inhabitants of their country. Many Along the East coast see the inevitability of the US government Reclaiming major parts of the Country so individual States make overtures to the US president wishing to reunite the United States and rewrite the Constitution.

South America: Brazil and Amazonia have localized Conflict as Columbian Cartel Members begin to viciously fight the government forces. Argentina manages to come into Contact with Brazil. Brazil continues Coastal reclamation.

Europe: The Scottish continue consolidating their rule over Northern Scotland but so Contempt for the English and London as well. London remains the the least powerful nation on the Isles. Germany Continues rebuilding and France managed to get a grip on its internal Conflicts. Spain begins to emerge and looks to a vastly Depopulated Portugal to expand its land holdings. Russia looks at its Adjacent offshoot republic for Reunification by force or military means and begins mobilizing to do this. The Nations of Vladivostok and Federal Siberia mobilize their Meager Armed forces in an attempt to Stem an Obvious Tide of Russian forces. 

Africa: Not much has happened Volcanic winter begins to set in heavily.

Middle East: Iraq continues its expansion and fully integrates Kuwait and looks to Either Iran or Saudi Arabia next. Israel is attacked by Military units out of the surviving Assad Regime in Syria. However this threat is ended almost immediately as the Israelis mobilize a huge air campaign which devastates Assads remaining forces.

Asia: India continues major Rebuilding and Growth ahead of many areas. Vietnam Manages to secure itself resources for rebuilding and looks at the Laotian-Cambodian Conflict to Expand itself. Korea continues growth as well and Japan begins major rebuilding.

Oceania: Little has happened Australia continues rebuilding and looks to Create the Australian Commonwealth and Integrating all of the Oceanic islands.

Mod: If Daxus would please make a contemporary map that I could edit as well that doesn't have every province of a nation or counties in a state on it that would be wonderful. that way we can easily add the US reunification, and the national re-integrations.

Doomsday New Start2

additions to Asia and the US Remnant along with the CSA

India: We continue Rebuilding as well as Reintegration of Assam and begin rebuilding efforts on all of Coastal India. Military units are deployed inside Pakistan for Peacekeeping. We also ask Burma, Vietnam and Sri Lanka for a rebuilding cooperation treaty. (1-4 yes 5 unused 6-10 no 2 yes)

England: Begins rebuilding and repairing infrastructure and military.

Scandinavia: We ask London to ally. (1-4 yes 5 unsed 6-10 no 1 yes)



Before War for Imperial Valley

Continues to establish permanent residence in Phoenix area, Tucson, and all cities in between. Yuma becomes of major importance and defenses began to be built. Flagstaff, Prescott and Sedona are added as tribes of people quickly enter under Arizonan influence. Secret: Reaches out to San Fransisco proposing an attack on LA  [San Francisco accepts]. Reaches out to San Diego for a military alliance [1-4 yes 5 unused 6-10 no 2 yes']. Overcoming violence on the way to San Diego, acts quickly to move in on the nation west of Arizona. Recent finds in Area 51 begins construction of more of this top level aircraft to use in future battles. Tanks begin to be constructed in Tucson. Small naval force begins construction in Yuma region. Arizona also expands southward into OTL Mexico. Following the alliance with San Diego, Arizona raids the Imperial Valley/Baja California Region using the I-8 and 1-10 for transport (Algo Completed) for the economic gain in the Imperial Valley and desert regions. Invasion will also occur from the whole Colorado River to avange the deaths of the guards.  Arizona takes control of the Imperial Valley Region and begins vassalizing the area. Promises Support to San Diego into Baja California.

After Imperial Valley War.

  • New Vegas: Becomes a vassal of Arizona, beginning ruled in a Personal Union (i.e., a head of the government in Arizona  put a loyal member in charge of Greater Vegas). Vegas expands northward and westward ... assimilating the rest of the region of New Vegas with minimal riots. Furthermore solar panels begin construction in order to perform basic water cleaning tasks. The Hoover Dam continues to produce massive electricity. Lake Mead's waters will be used for agriculture after they are purified using pumps and iodine (temporary measure). Asks for a Military alliance with Carson-Reno ['1-4 yes 5 unused 6-10 no 2 yes'].  sends support to Arizona. 

​RMC: The weather continues to be severe, but is expected to dissipate within 3 months. More fuel is found and a surplus reserve is created. A plow is found in High River and is brought down to Fort Macoed. 2500 people are now in the semi-organized armed forces.

Berber Pact: Algeria and Morocco now unified an offer goes to Tunisia to join the Pact (1-4 yes 5 unused 6-10 no 7 no) as it would benefit all Berber peoples. Morocco and Algeria are made into autonomous provinces to make their own laws and internal businesses mor the most part. A trade deal is offered to Iberia (1-4 yes 5 unused 6-10 no 9 no). A rationing program for food begins.

  • Morocco: Begins expanding to the south-west and scavenging remaining ships. The nomadic peoples are offered free housing in the ruined cities newly found that are being rebuilt, hoping that they settle. The navy begins to expand to a pre-Doomsday time, with several corvettes being made in several small shipyards.
  • Algeria: Begin to expand to the south via ruined roads in hopes of finding the pre-appocolypse Doomsday cities of the Sahara (e.g Tamanrasset). Some nationalists are upset that Algeria joined into the Berber Pact and have protests in the remaining cities, but most do not care as most of North Africa shares a common culture and since Colonialism have been hoping for unification. Manages to open up several small arms factories and several hundred modern pistols are cranked out.

Iran: A torpedo boat that survives makes contact with the coast outpost. The ship receive the mission to make contact with Syria and Lebanon and possibly make contact with the Egyptian and discover the state of the Suez canal. Take the risk to send an official envoy to Iraq to ask for an alliance with the goal of expelling the western influence in the region and against Israel. Continue to repair the infrastructure of the large cities while farming community. The military are mobilized and the air force remnant are prepared for actions. 

CSA: Begins against raiders northwest to our border. we search for nukes. Greenland: Being a safe place, a flood of refugees flow in. This helps increase the population of Greenland. A military begins to grow, and some islands of the former Nunavit, Canada are grabbed.

  • I'm not sure about an increase in population, since there is an Ice Age going on.

LA: The mayor is overthrown by the police and they install a fascist dictator by the name of Francisco Franco. Franco implements indoctrination of LA nationalism and begins a new and improved program of training the police force causing the police to be better trained and equipped. There are three departments of the Police. Defense, Offense and logistics. Those who are not part of the Police force have to work an 8 hour day and a universal housing/healthcare system is in the works.

Republic of China: We ask for allies and supplies and help in the upcoming civil war. Local, can you give me a rundown on this map game.



US and CSA annexations as well as discovery of the Allied States

North America: The US Remnant and CSA begin taking much unorganized territory up to the Mississippi River where they encounter another US successor nation the Allied States of America or the ASA. The ASA is headed out of Colorado springs and has much of the central and northern United States and even attempts to Annex the Mormon State of Deseret in Utah utilizing their sizeable military to successfully put down most major areas.. While the ASA is new to the Stage in America the lack of knowledge people have about them is purely on the fact most people that have opposed them or tried to run have been killed. The ASA an official police state and most of the regional governments that had popped up post apocalypse had been put down efficiently and quickly, the Natural Resources and Military bases and equipment across the area has allowed for their quick rise. The Nation however has made a bad debut in the western areas by beginning a brutal takeover of Utah and is wiping out the Mormon state without prejudice. The Nations of California begin allying bringing them closer to unification. The US and the CSA both manage to restore a good sized Radio communications network in their respective territories. The US uses an Array in New York to try to make contact with its remaining forces abroad that haven't been wiped out or defected. The Arizona Raiders are attacked by Violent Cartels that have occupied much of Mexico and are using effective equipment. The Disasters in California have destroyed ships in San Diego leaving 39 ships, and Camp Pendleton has suffered major damage and a medium amount of casualties now that the government has gotten around to assessing things. Travel in San Francisco is cut down a lot as a highly Weakened Golden Gate Bridge collapses.

Europe: Germany continues to Grow and reassert its power in the Area however many smaller survivor nations and groups in the area are attacking and sucking Germany dry. France makes communication with the Scottish and the Germans attempting to re-establish major European channels. Turkey begins striking out trying to find survivors in other countries. Russia is noticeable absent as it seems they've turned inward.

Africa: Nations have begun to devolve into tribal states again. South Africa, however, manages to keep its surroundings secured.

Middle East: Iraq deploys forces to the Iranian Border and begins drills along the border as well as rebuilding efforts. Israel begins asserting its military strength in the Area but cautiously watches its supplies.

Asia: The Chinese Civil war rages on as the PRC looks to reunite all of China however the ROC has gotten help from Survivors in Taiwan using state of the art military equipment. The Russian Federation has overwhelmed the successor state in  the middle of Russia and moves east in a push wipe out another Fledgling government in the East. 

Oceania: Australia continues trying to rebuild and secure a commonwealth. The Indonesian Flu has killed 13 million

RMC: The weather has finally let up, however remains noticeably cool outside. Fort Macloed is evacuated and a firm hold on Calgary is set up. An official nation has been declared. Communication has been established with Communities as far north as Whitecourt. 4500 people are now in the armed forces due to the amount of able-bodied survivors from the cities. A working AM and FM transmitter has been set up on a skyscraper in Calgary. People from surrounding communities flock to the city for supplies. People are assigned jobs until stability is at an optimal level. Edmonton is established as a secondary capital. Land claims begin to be affirmed. People are to grow their own food in gardens until crops can be largely established, as crops are beginning to be established. The government sends a force of 25 people to each grocery store to find as much supplies as possible, and a surplus is created. At this point, there is no electricity to any city at this time. (OOC: Volcanic winters last about a year, however the effects can be drastic for at least a decade.)

Berber Pact: Manages to connect the nation with AM and FM radio frequencies and with the FM manage to communicate with southern Iberia and other tribes and nations in Northern Africa, and the population increases as refugees from Mali, Mauritania, and Iberia flock in by the droves. Navy ships continue to be repaired and four new corvettes are made as the nation becomes a local power in the Western Mediterranean.

  • Morocco: Continues to expand into the former West Sahara territories. Rabat, Casablanca, and Tangiers manage to get working electricity in the city and a new newspaper company called the Berber Survivors starts up in Tangiers.
  • Algeria: Continues to expand southward. Algiers, Oran and Annaba manage to get working electricity. The arm factories continue to crank out pistols and even some basic AK-47s and RPGs. A tank factory opens up with a regular 1 tank per month (3 tanks this turn).
Arizona Raiders: 

Portions of Arizona Raiders. Blue- Inland Empire, Gold: New Vegas, Orange is ruled by the above region (is on this map for governmental divisions)

Continues to develop military force using Luke's Air Force Base, Yuma Proving Ground, and Papago Training Base. ~ 50,000 additional troops are trained at the facilities with more on the way. Expansion is halted in the south by Mexican drug cartels, with Arizonans protecting their current borders. Arizona and San Diego declare war on fascist LA Republic, saying fascism is a major threat to the whole region. Massive amount of Arizona's troops are called and air support from the SW's largest air force base is used to paradrop and force citizens to stay  inside. 400,000 Arizonan troops, 25,000 newly trained Imperail Valley/Inland Empire Forces, additional forces from San Deigo, troops from New Vegas and it's military pact member Carson - Reno Confederation will be used as well. All four nations will receive land extending to LA. The forces will extend down the I-10 and up the 1-5 and along the Pacific Coast to outflank LA's Police force, there troops, and whatever forces they have. Government in Phoenix continues to stabilize and some forces are sent northward of Flagstaff to claim the region. Flagstaff, Prescott,

After War for LA

Payson, and Sedona all create strong local governments to govern hunting, trade, agriculture, and energy use. Arizona makes no claim on the Navajo nation and asks others to respect the nation as well, Arizona hopes this will make the region an ally of Arizona [MOD DECISION]. Electricity from various dams on the Colorado is cut to LA, Monterrey, and all other nations not involved in this attack. Electricity will be reconnected after this three month siege of LA. (Completed, using what I believe to be proper numbers, if anyone wants to argue it, give me evidence of what ive already given feudal.)
  • New Vegas: Continues to develop a government and recruit forces to expand into California and connect with ally Carson-Reno, and Imperial Valley. Recruits 25,000 troops from young men and survivors of surrounding regions. 
  • Inland Empire: 25,000 troops are recruited to attack Los Angeles. Infrastructure is rebuilt and solar panels are moved into the area, which is nearly entirely powered by wind and solar. electricity is sent to San Diego in exchange for their alliance. 

I apologize, I should have clarified where the 25,000 came from in New Vegas and the Inland Empire. They are the remnants that survived and joined (some forcibly) into the Arizona Raiders Attacking force.  I think Arizona is being kinda OP. Any agreements?

Please explain your thoughts further. It's sort of my nation's culture by you calling them the Arizona Raiders. Also I have spoken with feudal as to actually the weaponry and military supplies I have. Furthermore, please explain your reasoning, also I understand that this is not long term sustainable, the warring part that is. G greg e (talk)

As it stands his military numbers are way off. you don't get to have that many, that is waaaay implausible

Feudalplague (talk) 05:29, July 11, 2013 (UTC)

I don't believe that... i have given you a list of military installations in Phoenix proper alone, have that many, disregarding Tucson, Yuma, Mohave, and others. 

USA: We continue rebuilding of the East Coast and move forces from Norfolk Naval Air Station which has been crowded with the US Naval fleet, down off the Coast of Florida to force their Reintegration via coercion. We Deploy forces along the Border with the CSA and begin construction of infrastructure across the Mississippi River, continue reintegrating unclaimed states up to the Mississippi River. We continue reconstruction of all the major cities especially New York and Washington DC. We use long range radio communications to make contact with forces across the globe that remain. some forces have joined the local inhabitants nations but a few notable forces are the Carriers in the Persian Gulf which have been raiding surrounding areas for supplies, and a Single Carrier in the Pacific which survived the Onslaught of apocalypse we tell them all to come home and tell the Pacific force to scout out California and then make their way through the Panama Canal if possible. We come into Violent Contact with the Allied States of America and hold them at the what is being called the Blue line AKA the Mississippi River. As of Right now the US maintains control of 6 of 11 carriers with three in port in the East coast, 1 in the Pacific and 2 in the Persian Gulf. One, however, is known to be in Hawaii, 2 were destroyed by the disasters and 2 are in possession of the CSA. We Secure all Nuclear Devices with codes and the Redundant systems which continually broadcast nationwide regardless of the situation. however even if they cant be reached codes are needed to use the missile and other Nuclear munitions preventing any other US successor states from Using US nukes and being forced to make their own or find older nukes. 

US Dip: We ask the CSA to lay down their arms and be peacefully reintegrated into the rightful US government.

Also, voting on the Talk Page

Iran: Mobilizes our military to hold of an eventual Iraqi attack, we send a peace emissary to Iraq to propose a cooperation between the Muslim word instead of fighting each other. An other messenger is send to India to ask support via military supply to push back any Iraqi aggression. A draft is made and all the men 18 years of age are called to the nearest military base to defend their country. We ask the American support via the carrier in the Persian Gulf to stop the Iraqi expansion. Most of the coast that once belong to us is reclaim.

LA:We surrender to the Arizona Raiders.


Doomsday4 map
North America: The ASA has come into contact with most factions in the post apocalyptic US and has violently Clashed with the US. The ASA begins a huge propaganda campaign based at quelling most public unrest while completely destroying the Mormon nation in Utah as well as making their move on the Other nation in Utah. The ASA also brutally puts down all the disorganized resistance within its borders and begins to Redraft the US constitution to provide for its own ideals and needs. The US Remnant secures 6 of the 11 carriers but can only operate 1/3rd of them due to logistical issues. 2 other Carriers have been destroyed, with 1 in the hands of San Diego, 1 in the hands of the CSA and 1 in the Hawaiian Islands. The CSA suffers from its very non industrial base being unable to provide in the rebuilding efforts and many states consider Defecting to the Legitimate US government once again based in Washington to support their rebuilding.

South America: Brazil's Democratic government falls and is almost immediately replaced by an Emperor that rises to power almost uncontested wishing to make Brazil the power it was always meant to be

Europe: The Germans begin making raids into Eastern Europe to prevent the other raids from draining them Further. Scotland is forced to Attack England as the Temperatures in the North begin devastating the area. Iberia suffers from a small disease outbreak and Turkey continues attempting to re-establish contact with European and now Middle Eastern nations alike. Russia's war continues

Africa: South Africa remains the only Southern Nation to remain solid as the rest devolve into Tribes as their population dies off drastically. Northern Africa also remains strangely solid

Middle East: Iraq devolves into a Civil war as the leader has not focused much on rebuilding resulting in a huge war that can be seen from the Iranian Border. Islamabad is Taken by the Indian allied Pakistani General and he begins mop up operations aided by the Indian Armed Forces.

Asia: India continues rebuilding and begins influencing all of Southeast Asia. The Chinese Civil war continues on

Oceania: Nothing more has happened.

Berber Pact: Continues to expand southward. The military is reformed with three Legions, one for Morocco and one for Algeria that then branches out to regular military forces, and a  federal Nomadic Legion that roams around Northwest Africa picking up refugees and patrolling the region, which also breaks up into several divisions. Refugees flocking into the nation also beginning to create a form of creole in the region. Radio signals manage to connect the nation as far north as England and as far East as Iraq.

  • Morocco: Continue sto build the military and manages to get a full and new battleship built dubbed the B.P.S. Survivor and is sent to the Western hemisphere to allow for knowledge of how the West survives, the ship aiming for Florida. Continues expanding into Western Sahara, offering it as a haven for nomads.
  • Algeria: Arms factories continue producing and the tank factory continues to crank out tanks at the same rate. Repairing of railroads begins in the East near the Tunisian border. Continues to expand to the south.

RMC: Electricity begins to be restored to Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton. Contact with survivors in Grande Prairie is made. 5000 people are in the Armed Forces now. The former CFB Cold Lake is looted and technicians begin repairing airplanes.

USA: We begin a massive reunification propaganda campaign to bring the remaining States east of the Mississippi river under our control and begin courting the northernmost CSA states to reintegrate into the USA. We begin organizing our military forces as well as Federalizing all National Guard troops under our influence. We begin using our Industry to not only focus on huge rebuilding efforts but also in a large munitions build up as well as federalizing of the Various State militias that were created post Apocalypse to support their local guard units. Our fleet arrives off the Coast of Florida and uses the strength as well as relative lacking military strength of the Area to bring up Reintegration (1-4 yes 5 unused 6-10 no 3 yes) We successfully reintegrate Florida into the US and deploy over 50,000 marines tagged with the fleet to assist in large scale clean up and reorganizing of the area and to surround the CSA. We send out Transport planes to Canada to find any survivors in the country as well as establish dialogue. Military Forces Fortify our border with the ASA as they are distracted with internal issues. Military Forces also Deploy heavily to the Border with the CSA and we establish Regular Air Patrols over the states that have not thought about joining us (Just Tennessee) We Also begin the Surprise invasion of the CSA using Paratroopers and airdropped equipment and supplies to begin a large scale attack on the Capital of Atlanta while The Main Body of Army and Marine forces advance through Tennessee and South Carolina Our Forces are stopped at Columbia in South Carolina and we get stuck fighting but suffer no issues going through Tennessee. The Total Number of Para-dropped forces equals out to 80,000 plus 2 tank divisions and deep air support which allows for our surprise air dominance. (1-4 yes 5 unused 6-10 no 2 yes) this was only done cause the air forces could have been equal and hence I wouldn't have dominance

  • San Francisco Diplomacy: We ask for an Alliance with the USA, in which they recognise our independence, and we give them a friendly Pacific Port, as calling in the US navy isn't going to help if you lose half of them on the approach to the Western Seaboard. We also request that you protect us from the Arizonans, as they are not likely to be friendly towards the USA, as they are a lawless gang, and will most likely attempt to sink the US navy as it comes into port, and we have the last free port.
  • US Dip: We accept.
War on CSA

Added the Advance against the CSA and the Reintegration of Florida

Result of battle: US forces take Atlanta/Northern Georgia all of Tennessee, And most of South Carolina Surrounding the Capital of the state as almost 80,000 troops are given the opportunity to Surrender.

Arizona Raiders: Finding no more valuable resources in California proper, troops begin to with draw and defenses begin to be built. More troops begin training at the many training sites of Arizona, including Yuma Proving Grounds. A port and small naval force begin to be built on the Sea of Cortez. However expansion south of Arizona is halted as Mexican cartels attempt to take control of the land to the south. Arizona continues to expand Northward. Local governments begin to exert control of the people. Solar city continues to run and power Phoenix and scientists begin to replicate the research done to do so. Soldiers begin to move from California, after establishing the borders, with rougly half headed to Northern and Eastern Arizona as they look to the east and north for resources. Continues to implement native techniques of Agriculture. Relations continue to be built with San Diego, hoping to take Baja California in the future. Development of tanks and air programs continue. Discussion of a true democracy begins and is even supported by some of the triumvirate.

  • New Vegas: Continues expansion into Utah and Northern Nevada. Begins training of military forces. Defensive structures are built up by civilians and local government begins to take control. Discussion of a true democracy begins and is even supported by some of the triumvirate. Air development continues.
  • Inland Empire: Continues expansion northward into the Sierra Nevada's. Comes in contact with Monterrey. Edwards Air Base and other bases begin training of tank and air forces. 

Texas: We repair infrastructure and issue aid to our people. The military prepare for future conflict.

Japan: Japan begins to build up the military and major rebuilding continues.

San Francisco: We begin the construction of defensive fortifications, as we are understandably nervous of the Arizona Raiders, as they have destroyed all other Californian Survivors.

Iran: Breath at the idea that Iraq is no longer an immediate threat and redeploy many soldiers to help rebuild the country, many military stay at the frontier to see that not too much refugee come in the country. The reconstruction is well underway and much of the coast is reclaim. Many farms are now fully operational. Many factories begun to produce military good to reinforce the defense and prepare a intervention in Iraq to established a friendly regime. More oil facilities are repair and restart production. The national unity slowly become stronger as the government policy to build farmland and reconstruction project make it popular.


North America: The ASA continues its War against the Nation in Southern Utah and continues securing
War on CSA2.2

Advances + Fixed Berber

its interior clashing Violently on the Edge of the Washington Republic making it known to many locals that a new power is in the Area especially to the people of Arizona, California, and Washington. The CSA military forces in Columbia surrender and many of the Soldiers are allowed to Reintegrate into the United Sates armed forces as the President realizes that nations would form and all forms of reintegration are allowed. The CSA government on the Run after the loss of its Capital is forced to come to terms that its fighting a War it will not win. The Republic of Texas pulls out of Louisiana so as to remain highly unnoticed and untempting to the US forces reclaiming Territory. The CSA Military is in Complete Disarray and a force of 120,000 and another of 240,000 are in Mississippi and Alabama Respectively attempting to organize a final defense before surrender. The US nuclear Network except for a 3 titan missiles remains under Complete US control as they have been locked out to the president of the United States and the Grid in the Rebuilt Pentagon

South America: All South American Nations continue rebuilding efforts

Europe: The Germans continue attempts at stabilization, Scandinavia suffers more loss to Ice. Russia is fully united once again and begins rebuilding of its Military industry applying its population towards war in an attempt to seize more resources down south.

Africa: Farming is finally able to be done as Volcanic winter wears off

Middle East: The Iraqi Civil war crosses the border into Iran and Saudi Arabia prompting huge collateral damage and issues. The Saudi Arabians manage to get a few oil wells working once again. 

Asia: India Continues to Rebuild and secures Pakistan driving many of the nonconformist generals out of the area with new Pakistani federal troops. The Republic of China manages to hold on as a Stem of Supplies from India and South East asian nations support removing the oppressive People Republic of China.

Oceania: The Australian Commonwealth has secured itself between Australia and New Zealand.

USA: We continue the assaults on the CSA maintaining Ari Dominance over their Territory and moving into Alabama and Mississippi with 300,000 in Alabama, and 200,000 in Missouri attempting to end this sorry excuse for a nation. We move in Tank divisions with our forces in both operations. One battle takes place outside of Jackson to prevent major damage to the city and the other battle takes place in Northern Alabama. We Continue to secure our border with the ASA preventing as much armed conflict as possible and accepting any refugees. The Carrier in Florida is Sent to deal with the CSA in Alabama securing the Southern half while their remaining forces try to fight for their lives in the north. Our Pacific Carrier group docks in San Francisco depositing 28,000 marines directly north of the City in a gesture of good faith to the cities government of our current non reintegrationist policy in the west coast.We move troops into the mostly destroyed and unoccupied Louisiana and begin the process of reintegration and rebuilding. A Transport Aircraft is Sent to Korea.

  • Battle Results in Alabama: US forces secure Alabama as the army there that was deployed was destroyed or forced into submission. 
  • Battle Results in Mississippi: The battle nearly ends in a stalemate at the forces are equally matched and the CSA has greater military numbers. However, when the battle is forced into Jackson, the CSA forces either surrender, flee to limit damage to the populace and the city. 70,000 CSA troops flee to the gulf coast in an attempt to leave as they organize a fleet to attempt to leave and form a government elsewhere.
  • Republic of Korea Diplomacy: We ask for continued US/Korea cooperation.

San Francisco: We bring the US marines into the City, and begin to prepare defences so we can hold our own should San Diego and the Raiders attack us.

Iran: The Iranian military receive the order to contain the Iraqi civil war and try to contact a faction that wold be loyal to Iran, many captured Iraqi rebels (not the democratic) are offer support in their cause and in the reconstruction against the current regime in exchange of an permanent alliance with us. The air force start to be slowly re-established, military production restart slowly and the reconstruction effort continue in his finalization.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the military and major rebuilding continues.

CSA: surrenders to USA.

Russia:prepares to invade The Ukraine with 600,000 troops.

ASA: The President of the ASA announces that he is willing to integrate the people of Texas and Louisiana into the Republic State osf Texas, which will have extensive autonomy, but will be protected by the extensive ASA military systems. We begin expanding south into New Mexico, and now have full radio communications in place in major cities, like Colorado Springs. We invite Reno-Carson City into the nation, and declare war on Washington. We expand from Oregon into grey northern California. Furthermore, we invite Arkansas to abandon the CSA and join the ASA.

ASA offer to invite Arizona in as the Republic State of Arizona, where they will have control over New Mexico and Arizona, as well as influence, if into full control over Utah and Nevada.
ASA offers to the USA that we can coexist in relative peace if our border is drawn at the Mississippi.

Germany: Within all the commotion, a coup occurs. the new leader, a dictator, begins to implement fascist ideologies. This is the start of the Fourth Reich. The military begins to be rapidly increased.

USA Dip: We tell the ASA that we already are in the process reintegrating Louisiana as they are unorganized and without government, we also tell them the CSA has been defeated and all their previous territory has also been reintegrated in the US as is their entire remaining armories and armed forces. We also say we have reintegrated territory past the Mississippi River already but ask that both nations mind their own business for the time being while we rebuild. We emphasize that any attempt to tamper with locked out US nuclear weapons will result in large scale Retaliation.
Republic of Korea: Integration of former North Korean troops is complete. The Republic of Korea Armed Forces (RoKAF) stand at: 750,000 active, 2.1 million reserve. War is declared on China and 200,000 troops invade Manchuria. Reconstruction continues, and farmland in the north is improved with nutrients. The Capital city is in Seoul. The remnants of the North Korean government is on the run, supported by 58,000 troops.

The republic recognizes the ROC as the legitimate heir to China.

US Dip: We offer to maintain the Previous Alliance between the USA and the Republic of Korea. 

Berber Pact: The military, now totaling 715,000 soldiers, being contributed from the various Legions, and the numbers are also aided by a law passing that nomadic tribes must contribute 0.75% of their population to the Nomadic Legion for up to 1 decade after settling. Despite this, the air force is the strongest part of the military as it was largely unaffected by the tsunamis. The B.P.S. 'Survivor lands in North Carolina after overshooting the location of Florida, and manages to dock in Wilmington, establishing communications with the US. With the volcanic winters now over, we manage to have a small food surplus as farmers return to their fields but fisherman remain off the coast. An offer is sent to Tunisia to join the Berber Pact as the Pact could aid them in rebuilding efforts now that the worst is over (1-4 yes 5 unused 6-10 no 3 yes). With the reclamation of Western Sahara and most of Algeria done the country begins expanding into Mauritania and Northern Mali.

  • Morocco: Manages to retake most of Western Sahara. Naval shipyards continue to crank out ships, with three new battleships and four corvettes planned to be finished by the end of the year. Railroads also begin to be repaired in Morocco, and several arms factories begin cranking out sidearms and assault rifles.
  • Algeria: Manages to finally reclaim Tamanrasset, the formerly largest city in Southern Algeria. The railways continue to be repaired, and arms factories manage to crank out more modern guns such as the AA-12 and M16 rather than AK-47s. The tank factory also manages to crank out 2 tanks a month (6 this turn).

US Dip: We offer Communication and trade Dialogue between our two nations and ask for the status of the Other nations in the Mediterranean area. We Also provide a long Distance Communications array so you can re-establish major communications with the US. We also wish to partner up as a Trading partner so we can begin heavily spooling up our Industry again for more than just Military equipment buildup.

RMC:  Highways are secured, connecting all of the former province of Alberta. Electricity has been fully restored to Calgary, Lethbridge, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Whitecourt, Fort Macloed, Red Deer and Fort Macmurray. Farming is now Viable anywhere south of Red Deer, however, private green housing is much more efficient and popular. Technicians restore 5 CF-18's, and a C-130 Hercules. The government establishes the Rocky Mountain Confederate Air Force, though small, 20 people are quickly employed. 15,000 people are in the Unorganized armed forces. All of Alberta is incorporated into the territory.

Arizona Raiders: Prepare to go to battle with the cartels with 250,000 men and women. Training continues across Arizona and its vassals. More local governments continue to be built up, with Phoenix becoming a significant power on the council, talks of establishing a capital to hold meets and stuff arises for the council. 100,000 troops are sent towards New Mexico, currently at the border, in hopes of finding more resources and key installations. Northern communities continue expansion northward. Solar panels continue to be rediscovered how to be made, hopes of building them are completed with the first one being completed and replaces one's sent to Vegas. 

  • New Vegas: Expands northward and eastward. Accepts an ASA diplomat which is taken - albeit blindfolded and everything to Phoenix. Planes begin construction with materials from Phoenix and the Inland Empire.
  • Inland Empire: Begins to stabilize the territory, continues training of troops. Tanks begin construction with materials from New Vegas and in the Inland Empire.


North America:  The CSA has fully reintegrated into the US as the ASA goes to war in Washington, and

CSA integration

seizes parts of Northern California. Texas continues to try to remain noticed as it is forced to try to rebuild more. Louisiana is fully reintegrated into the United States. US forces in California deploy heavy defenses surrounding the city to try to keep any raiders or other nations at bay. The Carrier itself and its battle group are deployed north to scope out Washington and Oregon. Public unrest in Colorado ends with 30 dead from rebel shootings, the ASA responds by removing the right to bear arms from their version of the US constitution.

South America: Brazil continues rebuilding as Argentina and Chile go to war.

Europe: The German's new dictator is seen well by the people as he is taking action against many of the Eastern European raiders. France secures its borders with Germany and Iberia. the Scottish Government is killed as a cold wave freezes them as they were in a meeting up north. England Manages to retake Scotland rather Quickly managing to unite most of the island except London. The Russian Advance into Ukraine is met with near jubilation as they have some form of government for the first time in years, but something unexpected happens. The Chernobyl Reactor explodes once again leaking Radiation all over Eastern Europe and begins irradiate everything.

Africa: The Sun comes out during these months warming the continent and semi reviving the environment.

Middle East: The Iraqi Civil war continues as Israel starts to get involved trying to curb the amount of WMD's used if they are at all.

Asia: The PRC declares war on Korea and tries to fight them off as the Republic of China is forced to strike out while the iron is hot. India's government suffers from debilitating food riots.

Oceania: Australia begins sending Aid to Indonesia

USA: The US reintegrates the CSA successfully as well as Louisiana. We continue Rebuilding all regions and repair damage done during the Conflict. We begin production of consumer goods to jumpstart our Economy. Military logistics allows for the operation of the USS Abraham Lincoln as part of the fleet. We deploy Forces to the Border of Texas in case of Raiders or any other issues. We Begin to help the San Franciscan's expand into California more moving north. We secure Oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico and begin repairing them for use. We sent delegations via transport plane to France, Germany, the UK, Iberia and Poland to begin restoring Trade between the European powers and the Americas. (1-4 yes 5 unused 6-10 no 2 yes)

  • USA Dip: We ask the Texans to ally with us for the time being against the ASA police state. We also wish for future Reintegration with semi Autonomy.
  • Berber Dip: We ask for a trade deal.
  • US Dip: We agree.

Berber Pact: After the annexation of Tunisia it is found that Tunisia is in a very chaotic state. Fires go unchecked in cities, highwaymen roam the streets, and Tunis is mostly in ruins. Much of the nation's resources are used to rebuild Tunisia, focusing in the capital of Tunis, and integrates the nation surviving military into the Tunisian Legion of 20,000 people. Meanwhile, the colonization of Mauritania and Mali is undergone, though some tribal resistance is met in Mali. Navy expands. Railroads continue to be repaired. The Federal Policing Force from the Nomad Legion is deployed in force in Northern Tunisia.

  • Morocco: Any repairable or salvageable ships have been repaired or salvaged with about 45% of the original navy wiped out. Docks continue to crank out ships.
  • Algeria: Manages to get railroads around Algiers and Oran functioning on a small scale. Continues to crank out tanks and weaponry.
  • Tunisia: Continues rebuilding and now with the support of the Berber Pact is boosted significantly and the chaos around Tunis is reduced greatly and supplies are distributed to survivors.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the military and major rebuilding continues.

Iran: More factories are now producing civilian good and a document to found the approximate number of death start to be write as many people are send across the Iranian territory to find out. The military continue to grow and tank, planes and trucks start to be slowly produce. An envoy is sent to the Kuwaiti under occupation to propose a intervention follow by an economic and defensive pact in exchange of Iran support to rebuild Kuwait, each members will have the power to continue his local policy but would have to pay a certain amount of Money to help the badly hit states. Start to repair the highway.

RMC: Electricity is restored to small cities. Farming is becoming more popular.


North America: The People of Washington send an Envoy to anyone alive in California as they know they cannot survive on their own. The ASA suffers a Crisis as the issues with Rewriting the Constitution cause riots. The Republic of Texas remains Neutral in the Obvious Standoff between the ASA and the USA. The San Franciscans manage to begin securing some of Central California.

Feudal, please see the War Results page. I edited a few things, as well as adding a description to my battle plans. We now have won the war. Reximus55 (talk) 17:24, July 15, 2013 (UTC)

No you won a single battle on the border, you'd have to take Seattle Proper Feudalplague (talk) 19:46, July 15, 2013 (UTC)

South America: The Brazilians suffer from a virus which is rapidly spreading throughout the entire continent.

Europe: The Germans begin a full nationalistic Campaign to Unite themselves further and make their nation a European Superpower. France, the New United Kingdom, Iberia, and Poland all agree to rebuild the Global Economy starting with them and Trade with the United States. In Exchange these Nations are to Recreate NATO. Radiation begins to spread across Eastern Europe as the Chernobyl incident remains uncontained. The Turkish begin full scale rebuilding efforts.

Africa: Tribal and Feudal states being popping up all over Africa and making war on each other. South Africa manages to maintain integrity.

Middle East: Egypt reemerges and makes contact with Israel, Iran, and Turkey wishing all of them to stand down from any pre-apocalyse stand points and uniting in some way to rebuild the Middle East into a paradise not a place ruled by war.

Asia: Korea and the PRC continue to wage war as do the PRC and the ROC. South East Asia manages to recreate all of its former nations with no border shifts after violent conflict over the small states erupts. the Whole South East Asian situation is solved by a more powerful India

Oceania: The Australian Commonwealth continues support for Indonesia, and rebuilding operation. 

USA: The US continues full scale rebuilding and begins rebooting the Global Economy to a Certain Extent by starting Trade with the Agreeing European powers. We also use trade with the Berber pact to increase our economy as well. We begin exploitation of Resources within our borders, as well as Oil off the Gulf coast that is now usable, however some rigs will require more time to be operational. All Oil rigs are secured regardless of their original owner. We begin   A Military Buildup on the Border with the ASA in anticipation of an attack of some sort. We also manage to secure the Panama Canal with Special forces and Marines opening it up for Trade with San Francisco. and other states on the West coast. 50,000 Troops as well as heavy military equipment are sent through the canal to reinforce our Foothold in California and possibly discover other Survivor states.

Iran: The reconstruction is nearly over with six months remaining before everything returns to normal, the coastal cities are the only place where all is really to restart. Iran send a communication to Egypt and announce our intention to intervene in Irak to end the civil war in the next months to prevent the spread of the conflict. Many military units start to be amassed at the frontier while factory produce tanks and plane. Try to contact Syria and Lebanon to restart contact with our regional allies.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the military and major rebuilding continues.

Colombia: it secures the remaining territory from the Cartel, and begin the complete obliteration of the cartel forces, while this the navy continues building up and it asks for an alliance with Brazil the biggest nation in South America. while this some troops enter Panama, and Western Venezuela, trying to secure the territories to form provisional governments in the regions, and to bring Venezuela into the Colombian league, made up of nations that got independence from Spain by Bolivar. While this, the military is built up and navy expands.

San Francisco: We intercept the envoy, and warn them that all other survivor states on the Western Coastline are run by a gang, that raids settlements. We send the envoy back to Washington with a military escort, and a USM to train them in the art of war, so that they can hold against the ASA.

RMC: The RMC begins to expand into southern Saskatchewan. Minor conscription of able-bodied people begins, in the event that the Canadians attempt to retaliate. Oil extraction resumes from the oil sands.

Berber Pact: Continues efforts into re-establishing Tunisia. Continues expansion into Mali and Mauritania, as Western Sahara is reintegrated into Morocco and the rest of Algeria is reintegrated into Algeria, with the colonies of Mali and Mauritania becoming official territories. Food supplies become steady in Morocco and Northern Algeria, but due to addition of Tunisia they are strained and several government subsidized farms spring up. Railways continue to be repaired, and manage to be almost fully functional in Morocco and Southern and Western Algeria.

  • Morocco: Reintegrates Western Sahara into the nation. Refugees from Iberia flood into the state. Plans to have two battleships and four corvettes made by the end of the year.
  • Algeria: Refugees come flooding in from Tunisia and Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Tunisia: Continues stabilization and food distribution. Federal and State forces begin moving south returning order to the damaged region.


North America: Following a Re-engagement of forces in Washington the Forces have fallen back halfway across the State setting up a Defensive line with a grand total of 100,000 troops, some of them are  US military remnants absorbed by the state and other are just civilians taking up arms to defend their nation. The City of Seattle prepares for a massive battle following a predicted loss at the Defences in Douglas county. and spread into the surrounding areas. However Fuel supply issues with the ASA force them to choose between fielding Aircraft or Fielding Tanks as only one type of fuel can be shipped via the convoy due to the logistical issues. The City of San Jose makes Contact with US forces and enthusiastically wishes to rejoin the US. The Eastern Seaboard and US controlled States have mostly been rebuilt. Public unrest in the ASA increases due to the rewriting of the constitution. The Amazonian Raiders begin experience Supply issues as New Mexico suffers from a relative lack of supplies that still exist. The USA also Suffers oil issues as many of the offshore rigs still require months to repair

South America: Brazil begins fighting the virus on its soil but is suffering from massive issues with trying to research and vaccinate for what is recognized as a highly deadly Flu

Europe: The UK fully reunites but doesn't regain Northern Ireland. France forces are put into the streets are Food riots break out in the country.  Millions of Germans support the Fourth Reich seeing it as the resuming of their empire and wish to see the nation dominate the Continent. Russia secures Ukraine at Great cost due to the Nuclear fallout.

Middle East: The Iraqi Civil war continues on but any Iranian intervention is met with huge almost fanatical resistance. Pakistan Has been successfully Rebuilt.

Asia: India exerts more power over Southeast Asia and begins supplying the Republic of China as well.

Oceania: Nothing much has happened.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the military and major rebuilding continues.

Iran: Many refugees from Iraq who flee the war are welcome and we send propaganda in Iraq to found follower of the idea that the Muslim world should make a common block against Israel and remember them that Israel is currently in Iraq to weaken the nation (something like a "pro-Iran faction". We send an envoy to Pakistan and India to offer a trade deal. Continue to try contact Lebanon and Syria. The force at the frontier are order to push any intrusion. We continue to build up the army and mass produce tanks and planes.

Arizona, New, Vegas, and Inland Empire: Offer to assist New Mexico with their supply issues in exchange for a full alliance. Solar panels continue construction. manufacturing of arms begins in Tucson. Military members are continued to be trained. Ships are sent out of the Gulf of California to find trade patterns. Small expansion in the economy occurs. 

The ASA offers Arizona/New Vegas/Inland Empire and alliance.
USA Dip: We offer help in Mexico as well as supplies for an alliance with the raiders.

Berber Pact: Continues to repair infrastructure, and most railways off of coastal regions are repaired, but are still not fuly functional. Continues to build up the military and navy. The nomadic population continues to fluctuate as immigrants flood in taking a nomadic lifestyle. Meanwhile, many nomads are settling in Western Sahara and Southern Algeria. Offers Libya to join the Berber Pact as the nation fractured from a decentralized government prior to the Doomsday must be in bad shape now (1-4 yes 5 unused 6-10 no 7 no). Continues to expand into Mauritania and Mali.

  • Morocco: Continues repairing the infrastructure, and begins building schools and irrigation in Western Sahara.
  • Algeria: Continues to repair the infrastructure and build schools.
  • Tunisia: Continues to deal with instability but most of the protest, riots, and insurrections pass with the aid of the Berber Pact.

USA: The US begins prioritising travel as well as repairing our oil refineries in the gulf and in the ocean that have been taken in an attempt to alleviate the oil problem. supplies are air dropped for the Arizona Raiders.

  • Berber Dip: We offer a large quantity of oil in return for an American guarantee to aid us in modernization once the ASA is dealt with.
  • US Dip: We agree.


North America: The Brazilians make contact with the United States and seeing the fractured America.
declares full support for the United States hoping to gain an economic ally to help rebuild the Shattered Brazil. The ASA conflict in Washington had reached a Stalemate in Douglas County as the heavily dug in Washington troops have fought bitterly. The ASA's public unrest continues as the constitutional crisis is still very apparent and people are protesting in many major cities. Mexican Government and military survivors set up a base near the border of Texas and begin waging war on rebel and Mexican forces literally in sight of the Texas border. The US suffers from minor protests over the lack of availability of Oil but with oil to be arriving from the Berber Pact the crisis may end soon.

South America: Brazilian explorer once again make contact with the US and wish to secure an economic Deal. The Infection in South America burns out and almost 13 million have died. 

Europe: The UK is continually unified but food riots continue, the Fourth Reich continues buildup. The Turks meet the Russians and it results in a violent conflict.

Middle East: The Israelis incorporate many reconciled Palestinians into the country vastly expanding the countries population base for war and population in General.

Asia: India sends troops into Tibet attempting to force the collapse of the People Republic of China.

Oceania: The Commonwealth Secures Indonesia completely.

Iran: Despite all the attempt to secure an alliance with a Iraqi faction, no one answer and with the army strong enough to repulsed any attack from the neighboring country, we invade Iraq by starting with the majority Shia south with the promise to bring them to power (ALG) . A transmission nearly reaches Syria and many rumors spread that the metro reconstruction is considered. Nuclear production is to restart in three to four year. food is given to the Iraqi civilian that we encountered to gain support. The air force is re-established with a few squadron operational.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the military and major rebuilding continues.

RMC: Electricity is now completely restored. Continues to expand into southern Saskatchewan for survivors and farmland. A group of ambassadors are sent to attempt to communicate with any governments in the former united states. Offers to sell oil and build a pipeline from the oil sands to the US remnant states are carried with them. 25,000 total soldiers in the armed forces. Bunkers begin to be built for national security in the Rockies. 

San Francisco: Continues to send weapons and troops to Washington. We officially declare war on the ASA. We intercept a RMC messenger as he goes past, and warns of the Raiders below us. After we hear him, and accept, he turns around to return with the news. We are unable to stop another messenger passing us on his way to the Arizonan 'Badlands'. We reactivate many of the cities generators. We expand southwards cautiously, with armed convoys of US military vehicles and police cruisers.

Berber Pact: Continues to rebuilt the infrastructure. Media resurfaces in Rabat, Oran, and Tunis as several new TV stations open as well as radio stations and newspapers and magazines. As expansion goes southward into the Mali and Mauritania Territories many Islamic extremists resist the secular nation and Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) start appearing in Eastern Tunisia and establishing insurrections. We send a small fleet of three ships southward to establish connection with Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Morocco: Immigrants from Iberia seem to decrease in number. Continues development.
  • Algeria: Continues to expand to the south and manages to fully reclaim all territory. Continues development.
  • Tunisia: To deal with AQIM federal and state forces are deployed in certain regions. Continues stabilization and development.
    • Berber Dip: We offer a trade deal to Texas and Cuba (1-4 yes 5 unused 6-10 no 3 yes Cuba accepts) Texas has been forcibly reintegrated into the US now/

Arizona, New, Vegas, and Inland Empire: Offer to assist New Mexico with their supply issues in exchange for a full alliance. Solar panels continue construction. Manufacturing of arms begins in Tucson. Military members are continued to be trained. Ships are sent out of the Gulf of California to find trade partners. Small expansion in the economy occurs. Soldiers are sent to the Mexican Border. After receiving both offers of alliance, meets secretly/privately with each one to discuss more details in hopes of receiving a better offer from one. 

New Mexico RNG 1-4 yes 5 unused 6-10 no 2 yes

USA: Forces on the North American West Coast now number 80,000 as we deploy our Carrier to Washington in direct support to the San franciscans and the Washintonians. With Oil we now begin the Full Scale Invasion of ASA following our ally in San Francisco. The Invasion comes from all Border States Shared with the ASA with numbers being drafted for the event. with 1.2 million troops across the whole front with another 500,000 on the way through training. Our first Conflict is to Attack North and South Dakota Seizing the eastern part of the Two States as there isn't Much Resistance. We also continue through Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma continuing to Advance until we Meet ASA troops (ASA needs to post their counter troop movements to this as well Algo to Follow since I can't take the whole state without an algo cause im assuming there are troops there.) The US armed forces are to be trained up to 3 million active troops in a full year with some fluctuation for speedy training or increased industrial production. 40,000 Paratroopers are deployed throughout North and South Dakota to seize all Nuclear Silos and Bunkers. We splurge our logistics heavily deploying 3 carriers off the Coast of Texas and Request their formal reintegration into the US under threat of Annihilation (1-4 yes 5 unused 6-10 no 4 yes) Texas if forced to reintegrate under threat of annihilation

2015.75 Edit

North America: The US has Forcibly Reintegrated Texas under threat of destruction and the Full scale
invasion of the ASA is under way. Oil production in the ASA picks up but its possible they could lose even this if they lose the Dakotas. The Arizona Raiders have begun to settle down and form their own society. San Jose is officially reintegrated into the US. The Battle for Washington remains undecided.
  • Why does the US own the Bahamas?
  • Whoops i thought those were the Florida keys tbh, mind making them white again?Feudalplague (talk) 19:41, July 18, 2013 (UTC)

South America: Brazil begins huge oil development looking for Buyers, The Indonesian flu dies out.

Europe: The resurging European powers have begun full rebuilding and border tensions have increased.

Middle East: Iran continues its war production and movements, Israel and the interim Turkish government, now purged from radicals signs an alliance with Israel

Asia: The Chinese Civil war continues

Oceania: Rebuilding continues

Japan: Japan continues to build up the military and major rebuilding continues.

RMC: Contact is made with the USA and the ASA, we ask that they accept a trade deal for oil.

Iran: The country is fully rebuild and life like it was before doomsday restart, trade with Pakistan continue and a possible expedition in Afghanistan to gain knowledge on the country current situation is prepared. Many loyal Shiite Iraqi regiment lead by Iranian are formed in the south to defend the area secured. An operation aiming at Baghdad is launched and two army are included, one is order to walk from the south and an other cross the frontier slightly north of the city (ALG PLEASE). The military goes up to one million men but the country is unstable in several places and holds several hundred thousand troops. 

Colombia: navy and military are built up, it asks Venezuela, and Ecuador's government to for a federation of nations culturally equal, and it begins to finish the last campaign, it opens contact with the strongest African nation, The Berber pact. While this it contacts Brazil and asks for a status quo antebellum in the Amazonian territory, meaning that if any nation would fight Amazonia it would relinquish any ambition to the previous amazonian territory belonging to the other.

  • Berber Dip: We offer a trade deal with our off-the-line weaponry in return for food.

The official Government of the ASA is overthrown, but pockets of resistance remain.

Iberia's government begins to slowly relinquish control of some AM/FM radio towers and stations, citing that the spirit of Iberia is to allow for free-markets. Contact with our satellites is made, greatly reducing a lot of tension in the nation. We quickly organize into 5 states - Portugal, Aragon, Castile, Granada, and Basque Navarre. We communicate with as far as the USA. With no more tourism, many Iberians attempt to promote local tourism, like staycations in addition with inviting Berbers, French, and Germans to visit. An incentive program is put in place for former refugees to return to Iberia. We begin to grow olives, tomatoes, wines, and other luxury fruits, which we then attempt to export. (Still many years from being profitable.) In addition, pharmaceutical companies like Almiral and Natra begin to work on penicillin-based drugs. Grupo ACS and other construction companies work to rebuild damage.

  • Berber Dip: We offer a trade deal of oil in return for pharmaceuticals.

USA: Following the fully organized invasion of the ASA the government has collapsed, due to its police state nature the US easily reintegrates all of the ASA's former States however large pockets of resistance remain as the US attempts to pacify them. The US uses its same program it used with the CSA to reintegrate the ASA's armed forces with the USA armed forced. some have refused and are part of the resistance but many have in fact joined the US military

Berber Pact: Continues to expand into the Mauritania and Mali Territories whre more Al-Qaeda linked associations giving resistance. Due to the large influx of immigrants from all around Africa and Southern Europe the nomadic lifestyle becomes more and more common with refugees as housing and over-crowding is an issue, and they begin migrating to the East causing disputes and nomad-Libyan skirmishes which raise tensions between the two nations. Continues modernization and stabilization, as television is established in most of Morocco and Algeria but barely in Tunisia.

  • Morocco: Begins sending state soldiers southward to deal with Al-Qaeda agents in Mauritania. Continues the settling of nomads in the largely depopulated Western Sahara. Boat factories and drydocks continue to be put to use.
  • Algeria: Begins sending state soldiers southward to deal with Al-Qaeda linked agents in Mali. Continues settling of nomads in the largely depopulated Southern Algeria. Weapon factories continue to be opened.
  • Tunisia: Manages to stop most riots and large insurrections but anarchists still roam wildly and food distribution is improved but still spotty in the Southern region. Strengthens border with Libya.


North America: The US has successfully secured all former ASA territories and most rebellion has



South America: Brazil manages to construct a fragile trade network with the rest of South America restarting trade in the Area, Columbia suffers from huge Cartels movements in an attempt to take over the government.

Europe: Iberia has begun to re-emerge as the economy is re-established in Europe.

Middle East: Iran has successfully completed its military operation opening a host of others, Israel however comes into direct contention with the Iranian air force and a small engagement occurs but however it ends with the total humiliation of the Iranian air force

Asia: Korans continue their mass movements agains the PRC as the country slips into a state of semi-anarchy

Oceania: Australia begins explotation of the oil within commonwealth borders.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the military and major rebuilding continues.

Iran: The government is outrage by the Israeli attack against our air forces and a propaganda campaign aiming the Iranian and the Arab started. The Iraqi are asked to do their choice between joining the clan of the Muslim Iran or the Zionist Israel, the Iraqi army is also send the message with the hope that many will defect. Local pro-Iranian are hired in Baghdad and in the "stabilized" region to keep order, food is given to the people in the occupied area. Try to contact Lebanon and contact Damascus for a short period. The final push in Iraq start toward Mosul, the rest of the country being mostly a desert. While a lot of factories produce military goods, civilian goods continue to be produce, especially radio and other communication device.

  • Berber Dip: We offer aid in the form of new weapons and supplies.
  • Iran Dip: We wholly accept your help.

Russia: sends aid to Israel. puts 700,000 troops on our borders with Iran.

You probably don't have access to them, nor that many troops. Inferal (talk) 23:18, July 20, 2013 (UTC)

Berber Pact: Manages to establish radio communication with the majority of the world, stretching as far East as Kazakhstan and as far west as Colorado. Continues to expand to the south into Mali and Mauritania, offering it as land to refugees pouring in from Sub-Saharan Africa, Southern Spain, and Italy. A colony is formed on Malta to act as a military base and a homestead, while colonization of Niger also begins. Tensions continue to rise with Libya as nomad-militia skirmishes continue. Factories continue to open up across the nation and stabilization continues. Confrontations with Al-Qaeda continue. The ship that we sent to Southern Africa previously returns with news of savages and nothing but.

Arizona and associated states: Begin a formation of large regional governments, division into provinces begins. Education becomes a focus of the government as a change in the guard takes place during the consul meeting. The new leader is Minister Pastore. 

RMC: We again ask the USA if they will accept a trade deal for oil from the tar sands. Energy becomes a large sector. What people defined before 2012 as a normal life has returned statistically. Contiues expanding. Farming expands.

US Dip: We accept.

'SF: Celebration fills the streets as news that the ASA has been defeated reaches us. We ask if Washington wants to merge together, as we are allies, and are both small nations reliant on the USA, and if we combine, then we will have slightly more say in what happens in the USA if we are made semi-autonomous members of it.(rng).

Iberia Doomsday

States of Iberia - Spanish in Red, Portuguese in Yellow

As our economy is being re-developed, major cities like Barcelona and Lisbon are working to prevent and reverse any damage caused by flooding. New states are decided upon, mostly leaving Portugal and Spain separate. The new map is used to institute the Iberian Congress, which meets annually to discuss matters of legislative decision-making. Meanwhile, we begin to intensify relations with Andorra and urge them to join us. Our military seizes Gibraltar, and claims it as a Military Region of Iberia.

USA: Regardless of the Situation the US seizes most of northern and Central California reforming it into once again the state of California. US forces move into the major cities that are currently not independent and begin putting down rampant gang violence. When confronted on Gang Turf the US military responded with deadly force and televised it letting gangs know that their days were numbered if they did not disband. The US begins using the Mafia to patrol and keep New England secure from refugees as they have expanded exponentially and need a use for their talents. The US economy is highly re-established. The US begins gearing industry once again towards consumer goods. We look to begin reintegration of New Mexico.

  • Berber Dip: Now that the ASA is done with I believe it is time for you tell help us in modernization as was part of our deal.


North America: The US has successfully united much of their nation and begins looking to resolidify its
hold as a dominant Global Superpower. The ASA has been fully reintegrated however many of their leaders that were willing co conspirators in the travesty have been put to trial.

South America: Brazil rejoins the Global Economy as it begins forming a South American Union between itself, Venezuela and Argentina.

Europe: Germany comes into Conflict with Poland on a major scale as the Fourth Reich begins a campaign of rapid domination against Poland. The UK begins striving our to reform the Commonwealth after it has secured its borders and rebuilt.

Middle East: Following a failed assault by the Syrians, Lebanise and multiple terrorist groups based out of a large Military base in northern Syria, Israel puts on a huge show of force by detonating a Thermonuclear missile on top of the base heavily populated by Militants and the Muslim Forces. The invasion of Iraw continues. The Israelis defiantly tell the Iranians that the same fate awaits them if they attempt any action on Israel. Egypt Surprisingly has developed a pro-Israeli Stance following the latters support in establishing a well operating democracy in the country that keeps radicals out.

Asia: The PRC falls back on all fronts as Korean and ROC forces push on all fronts forcing them back heavily. Rebellions in Tibet supported by the Indians has completely standred almost 400,000 Troops in Tibet in an attempt to fight this massive uprising. India looking powerful for quite awhile begins to fracture as new party lines has developed definitive boundaries in the country possibly causing issues in the near future.

Oceania: Contact is made finally with the UK.

USA: Making good on the Agreement the US begins to send supplies and equipment to North Africa and the Berber pact to facilitate their modernization. However as part of this a US Carrier group has been sent into the area to make sure no rebels or mercenaries attempt to raid the materials. The Infrastructure of the East Coast infrastructure is now under a project of rebuilding as Highways such as I-95 are being modernized to model after German highway models. We continue to support and reintegrate California into the US and we begin to push on the borders with San Diego demoralizing them as Cell phone Service has been resstablished throughout the country minus Data Services. The US once again deploys forces to panama this time Permanently seizing the Canal and removing more Debris from it. The Panamanian restoration project is started to create a modern nation of Panama. The USS Abraham Lincoln and its carrier group are moved through the canal towards Hawaii with 80,000 troops.

SF: After Washington unites with us (RNG:9), we begin to open up the thin passage between the two areas. We request that we remain partially autonomous upon integration.

Iran: Continuec to invade Iraq and remember Israel that we are not at war with them but instead on a restoration of order operation in Iraq. A civilian government appointed by Iran with many Shiite and Sunni is created in Iraq, it is in reality a puppet government. A non-aggression pact is offered to Israel if they agree to withdraw from Iraq (rng) . A "colony" is established in former Saudi Arabia where the oil extraction facility were before doomdays near the former city of Dhahran. A small force of 15,000 soldiers land on what was Bahrain to found a ravaged city and a few survivors who are offer support to rebuild The navy start to be rebuild to control the Persian gulf along the air force. The nuclear program is still not restart but many in the government think that this is the only way to keep Israel out of Iranian affair.

  • Berber Dip: We offer more weapons and supplies in case of another confrontation with Israel.
  • Iran Dip: Graciously accept and offer a trade deal to strengthen the tie between our two nation.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the military and major rebuilding continues.

Berber Pact: As tensions rise with Libya preparations for war are made in case of diplomatic catastrophe, and one last offer to join the Berber Pact is sent to Libya (RNG). Factories continue to be built as the economy begins to return, and many pre-Doomsday lives seem to return in metropolises. The supplies from the US are immediately set to be used and electricity is returned to most of Northern Morocco and Algeria and Western Tunisia. Refugees from Iberia decrease significantly as the nation begins to kick-off again, but many still come from Southern Italy and Southern France, as well as the Sub-Saharan. Continues expansion into Mali, Mauritania, and Niger and founds a colony on Sicily.

RMC: A pipeline begins to be built into the united states. Development continues.

Iberia: We continue to redevelop our economy, with the hopes of becoming a dominant economic power now that we are all reset on a level playing field. Attempts to pay off all of our sovereign debts are made, but since a lot of people died, we get away with paying one-third of our debts and calling it a zero-balance. The Balaeric Islands are secured, and we begin to set up shop in Corsica and Sardinia. Andorra decides to accept being a vassal, and we add them as their own state (for now).

You don't control NPC or Non-existent nations

  • Berber Dip: We accept.
Iberia: Proposes an alliance with the Berber Pact.


North America: Canadian soldiers appear on the RMC border, but claims that it a routine training exercise restarted after the apocalypse. Canada also offers a deal for the RMC to become an autonomous state. Meanwhile, Mexican refugees flood north fleeing something from the South.

South America: Brazil continues to develop its economy and begins to trade as far as Vietnam; Brazil begins massive military buildup.


Europe: The Fourth Reich continues to invade Poland and tensions with the Reich and Scandinavia rise. The UK continues reaching out globally to re-establish the Commonwealth and for allies.

Middle-East: Israel continues to dominate the region, spreading East into Jordan and going North into Syria in attempt to dominate the Levant. Egypt begins reclaiming land into the South, but latching onto the Nile. Meanwhile, several Afghan holdouts manages to send radio signals to each other in the AM but the signals don't leave the old Afghan border.

Africa: South African radio signals reach the Berber Pact, most of them calls offering help, as they seem to believe the world has fallen into complete chaos outside of their reach. Meanwhile, some civilization starts up again in Eastern Somalia in the form of a Islamic Theocracy. Libya begins placing troops along the border and demands that the Berbers stop allowing their people to leave so freely, viewing the nomads and invaders.

Asia:The PRC continues to lose heavy battles against the RC, Korea, and Tibetan rebels. India continues rising in power.

Oceania: Papua New Guinea forms a union with the Solomon Islands. Radio from signals from Tonga reach Australia, claiming civilization and refuge.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the military and major rebuilding continues.

Iran: The government is shock by the Israeli invasion and urge the area of Iraq that are not secure to unite under the new government established by Iran to not become a Israeli colony. The final push toward the frontier with Syria start to save Iraq and established a Syrian government if possible in eastern Syria. A secret message transported on a cargo ship arrive in Morocco, offering the Berber pact all our nuclear data that we save for a joint progress that would be have for base a base in North Africa as Israel surely have spies in our country. We start communication with many states in southern Europe.

  • Berber Dip: We accept.

Berber Pact: Stops waiting for a response from Libya and declares war (ALGORITHM). The navy sets out to blockade major ports and bomb and coastal forces, while the Nomad Legion charges across the border angered by the Libyan killings of nomads. Continues to modernize as electricity spreads to most of Morocco and Algeria and some more Tunisa. The nuclear data received from Iran are used to begin development of a nuclear reactor in Tamanrasset to supply energy to the Mali, Niger, and Mauritania Territories. We reject the South African offer of help.

  • Tunisia: Sends the Tunisian Legions across with the Nomad Legion to go on the offensive.

USA: The US continues rebuilding of the central areas of the country and prepares to reintegrate San Francisco as a semi-autonomous city under the US government, The Same thing is to be done with Seattle Washington while the rest of the State is to be completely reintegrated into the former United States.

RMC: Forces are put on alert. We politely decline the offer, however state that we will continue to consider it. Development and recovery continue.


North America: The Continent has mostly calmed down as the US has retaken much of its former territory and maintains peaceful relations with the rest.

South America: Brazil emerges as the Continent's Major power and mana
ges to directly or indirectly influence much of the Continent as well as the Caribbean

Europe: Much of Poland is Seized by Germany following hte Conflict, Eastern Europe remains severely disorganized. Scandiniavia fall completely to the ice age as millions die or flee the country, Much of Northern Russia also remains an apicalyptic iceland

Africa/Middle East: The Area of the Planet still remains in total disarray as much of the pre-existing infrastructure has suffered total neglect or destruction.

Asia: The PRC manages to stall out the Advances of most of the enemy forces.

Berber Pact: We continue the invasion of Libya and begin settling in former Libyan lands to the south. A colony is started on Sardinia, and we continue expansion into Mauritania, Mali and Niger. The nuclear reactor in Tamanrasset continues to be built while tidal, solar and petroleum reactors continue being built across the nation restoring power to most of the three states. We continue to build up our military and navy.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the military and major rebuilding continues.

Russia: sends 300,000 troops to retake Kazakhstan and war begins with airstrikes aginst military targets .

  1. Where did you get 300,000 troops from? Last time I checked your nation was an apocalyptic tundra.
  2. How do you have a functioning air force since you have posted nothing about repairs from the Doomsday.
  3. No one lives in Kazakhstan. Literally, just colonize it.
  4. *Kazakhstan.

​RMC: Continues development.

Iran: Declares that Iraq is stables but resistence to the regime still exist, many equipments are sold to Iraq. The Syria expedition help to established a pro-Iranian government there while the expedition continue further west. A small military expedition is send to secure what was the Qatar while the Bahrain territory and the small colony in the former territory of Saudi Arabia start to produce oil once again. The Iranian navy is officialy reformed and take the entrance of the Hermuz strait, all the coast is to be eventually annex or attached to Iran somehow in the futur. The doomsday finally bring more prosperity after that the Iranian oil extraction output double with the annexation of many other sources in the regions. The joint nuclear reseach with the Berber pact is planned to furnish a bomb by 2019. Is that a good date?

  • 'Yes, an also 'Saudi Arabia is still a country, I'll have a map showing all countries by next turn.


North America: the peaceful situation in the Former US has led to large scale rebuilding of many nations

Light grey = No government but people. Black = No people Dark Grey = NPC Nation Red Arrows = Refugee migrations

however the population has been cut back quite a lot with a new census posted that out of 313 million people only 209 million have survived. 

South America: Brazil continues pushing through South America going to war with Amazonia in a very militaristic faction.

Europe: The only notable thing happening in Europe is the Total and brutal subjugation of Ireland by the reformed UK.

Asia: India suffers a major issue when many Hungry people are rioting in the streets and the Military is forced to pull out of China.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the military and major rebuilding continues.

Berber Pact: Continues the war against Libya. Continues expansion into Sardinia, Niger, Mali, and Mauritania as well as the Libyan desert. Condemns the acts of Brazil against Amazonia and sends supplies to Amazonia. Modernization and development continue.

Iran: Push the frontier of the Islamist republic of Syria further to the east. The massive influx of refuge from the north lead the Iranian government to send an expedition in the sparsely populates country to stabilize the area before the annexation. Iraq and Syria start to receive fund to repair their infrastructures. The air force starts to be improve with new planes and more practice hour by the pilot.

  • CHRIST! I LABELLED TURKMENISTAN LIGHT GREY FOR A REASON. Also, I'm not sure if you're talking about OTL or ATL Syria because OTL is secular.
  • In Syria, I only use the term Islamist republic to re-inforce the link it has with Iran and to show that some religious ideas are in the government, not entirely. Also, the name do not alway represent literally the true. I change the Turkmenistan thing.

Canada: Builds up its military.

USA: The US with large amounts of rebulding accomplished begins to resume its role as the worlds sole superpower, A Fleet is sent to Hawaii in an attempt to retake the island nations for the US as well as many of the US's former Pacific bases. The US begins aiding Canada as an ally in order to prevent them from being consumed by the Ice Age. The US makes contact with Australia and begins securing a trade route to the nation


''North America: ''''''Mexican refugees continue to flee north crossing the US border in droves, and Cuba 
starts a colony in Jamaica.

S. America: Brazil begins to spread into Suriname and Guinea, and and begins to gain the upperhand against the Amazonians. Brazil continues a massive military build up.

Africa:  Somalia begins to spread to the West and establishes contact with Yemen who sends them support. S. Africa begins spreading northward and welcoming tribes.

Asia: Tibet manages to gain independance from PRC. Meanwhile, RC wins a war against the PRC claiming much of its southern lands forcing the PRC to move their capital to Qindao. Korea also wins a war agaisnt the PRC and takes control over Manchuria; PRC in attempt to deal with space issues and to build up their strength begin colonizing Mongolia. Malaysia colonizes Bruinei and Singapore, and begins a naval invasion of the Philippines. Afghanistan continues stabalization.

Europe: The UK takes over and annexes London and formally annexes Ireland. Germany begins an invasion of remaining Scandinavia in the Jutland Peninsula.

Iran: Continues to expand in Turkmenistan and rebuild Bahrain and Qatar. The Iranian fleet is nearly in full control of the Hormuz strait and of the Persian Gulf. We start to sneakly support rebel in the area of Syria and Jordan under Israel occupation, the political parties in Egypt that are hostile to Israel or to his occupation start to be fund as well. The quality of the Iranian air force is slowly improving. The reconstruction of the region of Syria under our control, Iraq and Turkmenistan continue with Iraq starting to receive support to build a military capable of defense but also small military offensive.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the military and major rebuilding continues. Japan begins colonising Micronesia.

Berber Pact: Continues to expand into Mali, Mauritania, and Niger. Sicily, Malta and Sardinia are made into an official state called Mediterranea. Tensions rise with Egypt as they are pressured into joining the Pact and to stop supporting Israel. Supplies are sent to East Syria, Iraq and Iran. Modernization continue and most of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Medditterania are fully modernized.


North America: Cuba continues development, and starts a colony in the Bahamas and Hispaniola.

S. America: Brazil continues to spread and gain the upperhand against the Amazonians. The Cartels begins to loose heavy losses to Colombia.

Africa: Somalia continues spreading to the East with heavy support from Yemen. Egypt continues its pro-Israeli policy, raising tensions with the Berber Pact.

Asia/Australia: Malaysia continues to invade the Philippinse and forms an alliance with the Melanesian Union. Australia takes over East Timor.

Europe: Germany continues to war with Scandinavia and tensions rise between them and Britain.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the military and major rebuilding continues. Japan continues colonising Micronesia.

 Iran: Continue to push further in Turkmenistan and prepare an army to stabilize the former UAE. Conrinue to support the Arab nationalist politically and with limited supplies until the nuclear bomb become available. The army continue to be develop along the army of our allies Iraq and Free Syria. We continue to support the anti-Israeli parties and pro-berber pact in Egypt. Contact Germany to offer new diplomatic relation and an oil trade. Welcome much of the Afghan refugee and offer them to help them stabilize their homeland.

  • Afghan Dip: We decline the offer.
  • German Dip: We accept the offer.

Berber Pact: Continues expansion into Mali, Niger and Chad, and begins a colony on Cape Verde and begins spreading into Senegal. Continues development and sends supplies to Cuba.


North America: Cuba continues development and colonization fo the Caribbean. America continues to in
reclamation and annexes Los Angelos. The Volcanic Winter begins to subside and Alaskans begins spreading north.

S. America: Brazil continues its war with Amazonia.

'Europe: Germany annexes remaining Scandinavia and starts a colony in Skane. 'The Volcanic Winter begins to subside.

Asia/Australia: Melanesia starts a colony in Vanuatu, Fiji and New Caledonia. Melanesian and Malaysian ties tighten and tensions rise between them and Australia. Yemen begins spreading into Oman. Tensions continue to rise between Israel/Egypt and Iran/Iraq/Syria/Berbera.

Africa:  Somalia and S. Africa continue expanding north.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the military and major rebuilding continues. Japan continues colonising Micronesia.

  • Korea Diplomacy: We offer Japan an alliance.

Iran: Expand further in Turkmenistan and start to expand in the ravaged area of Azerbaijan and Armenia to colonize the rich area. A small army enter and swiftly occupied Kuwait where a vassal is established. The nuclear research continue with a slightly increase fund due to the oil industry. The Arab nationalist in the territory occupied by Israel continue to receive political support to secede and the parties that are anti-Israel and/or pro berber continue to be support with money. Iranian Turkmenistan start to be build up and the Turkmen receive a seat in the government. Trade with Germany flourish.

RMC: With the last of the Volcanic Winter subsided, farming explodes. The Capital is re-established at the former Alberta Legeslature. Development continues.

Korea: Forifies borders and begins to improve mines. The nation is divided into states.

Berber Pact: Continues expansion into Mali, Niger, Senegal, and Chad, and the reclamation of Libya. Mauritania is made into a state and is given the Cape Verde colony, and North Mali is made into a state as well. Continues development.


Turns will now go in half years.

North America: Alaska continues reclamation - as does America.

S. America: Columbia continues winning against the Cartels.

Asia/Australia: Tibet begins expanding into Bhutan and Nepal. Melanesian/Malaysian ties strengthen and tensions rise with them and Australia. Israel fortifies its borders with Iraq and East Syria. Turkey begins mass stabalization programs.

Europe:  Russia annexes Moldavia and gives the land to the State of Ukraine. Germany spreads into Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxumbourg.

Africa:  As the Berber Pact continues to expand into the south where they encounter more Blacks than Arabs the farther south they expand the greater the cultural instability.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the military and major rebuilding continues. Japan continues colonising Micronesia. Japan accepts Korea's alliance offer.

Iran: Continues to maintain good relation with Germany and the Berber. the expansion in Turkmenistan continue and a push is made toward the Turkmen il field. The expansion in Armenia and Azerbaijan continue to gain the local resource. continue to support Syria and Iraq in their interior conflict and for the modernization of their army. Meanwhile, after many year of development, the Iranian army is modernized and the defense at the allies' border with Israel are re-inforced with several air-sol missile and other modern equipments.

Berber Pact: Continues expansion into Mali, Niger, Senegal, and Chad, and the reclamation of Libya. Continues development. To deal with instability many of the people in Sub-Saharia are slightly Berberized by the teaching of Berber to locals.

Iberia: (Yes, Daxus convinces me to play again!) After stabilizing entirely, and continuing to grow and, actually, prosper internally, Iberia decides to undergo a series of changes in the government. First, a new leader is elected. He promises to grow Iberia, and begins by revtalizing the military. The Baelaric Islands are retaken, after they had been left out of the picture during the immeadiate (understandnbale) chaos. We also take small islands in the Antilles. A rise in interest about America occurs, and we begin to show our influence in South America (especially Brazil), and in Cuba.


N. America: Cuba manages to strongly resists Iberian influence and a rising power in the Far West and 
continues expansion into the Caribbean. America continues reclamation and declares war on Arizona.

Europe: Tensions continue to rise between France, the UK and Germany. The Volcaninc Winter continues to subside.

Asia/Australia: The Volcanic Winter continues to subside. Malaysian and Melanesia continue in their tensions with Australia. Tibet and India form an alliance. Afghanistan continues stabilization. Turkey begins reclamation and begins a pro-Israeli doctrine that was discontinued during the Doomsday. Israel begins to act more aggressive diplomatically to other Middle-Eastern countries, and a Turkish-Egyptian-Israeli alliance is formed.

S. America:  Brazil manages to take the former Europeans colonies and Suriname and make them into the State of Suriname and integrates Uruguay into Brazil. Brazil manages to resist Iberian influence even greater than Cuba as Brazil is now a world power.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the military and major rebuilding continues.

Iran: Continues to expand in former Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan while some teams are sent to restore the oil facility there. Decide to increase the relation with Oman and the new Saudi government with a trade deal in order to get a good relation and maybe an alliance later, at least prevent the Israeli alliance to grow. The colonies in the Caucasus grow with many settlement established at strategic area. The nuclear program arrive to the final preparation. We propose the Berber pact a new organization like the Organization of Islamic Cooperation that had collapsed.

Iberia: The pharmaceutical sector grows a lot this year. We do not give up on Cuba, but focus more and more on Brazil. We continue to add islands in the Antilles into our overseas empire. We also look to the Philippines, a former possesion, and try to influence them a bit.

  • Philippines was invaded and annexed by Malaysia.

Berber Pact: Continues expansion into Mali, Niger, Senegal, and Chad, and the reclamation of Libya. Continues development. Continues to build up the military.


Americas: Iberia manages to get some influence over Cuba but still almost none on Brazil. America
annexes Arizona. Brazil annexes Amazonia.

Europe: The UK and Germany prepare for war.

Asia/Australia: Israel and Egypt declare war on Iran. Israeli forces charge into East Syria, while Libya sends reinforces and Turkey sends supplies but has not contributes militarily yet. Malaysia and Melanesia declare war on Australia as allies and begin to take land. Yemen continues expansion and sends some minor supplies to Iran.

I'm officially returning as head mod of the game and returning as the US.--#LivinLikeFeudal (talk) 00:51, August 15, 2013 (UTC)

Iran: The Iranian government moves more troops into Syria, thanks to the expanding number of oil sources. Our military is now more prepared while the atomic bomb is near completion. The order on the front is to hold the line while a major counter offensive prepared in the eventuality of a war is prepared. Meanwhile, we start to supply the rebels in the territory occupied by Israel and call the Muslim world to unite in order to prevent a Israeli hegemony on the Muslim world. The Berber pact is ask for support by invading Egypt or create instability in Egypt to force the Israeli forces in a three way battle, African front, Asian front but also an internal front against insurgency that we support. We ask Iraq to attack Israel and tell the government of Yemen that they will be reward for their support.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the military and major rebuilding continues.

USA: The United States continues mass rebuilding of deteriorated infrastructure and begins using its recovered navy to move on Hawaii in order to Seize it. The United States hardened by War begins to expand itself heavily in its military ventures and reforms the government to a degree to allow for the government to respond in a more streamlined fashion and prevent the mass fragmentation that the US suffered before. The US contemplates recovering Alaska and Integrating Canada into the union as a few separate states. The US reiterates its previous trade agreements and alliance with Brazil and begins to Move on Mexico as well wishing to restore order to the demoralized and failing nation.

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