The eastern Roman empire is the biggest and most extended Empire ruling over the middle east the balkans and parts of italy as well as of Persia Its centered around the Greek regions of thrace


the nation rules over most of the Middle

Eastern Empire

east and the fertile crescent and Western Persia as well as most of eastern northafrica and Western arabia,and italy, its ruling has been asserted by the last few years expansionist campaigns lead by zeno and later by Flavius in which he aided the Venetian citizens to fight the goths and gained most of italy to his Empire


it will probably become a world power in a few centuries but nothing can be assured

Provincial DivisionEdit


Roman Provinces

  1. Thrace: Constantinople
  2. Pontus Et Bitinia:Nicaea
  3. Asia:Miletus
  4. Galatea:Ancyra
  5. Cappadocia:Caesarea
  6. Lycia Et Pamphylia:Attaleia
  7. Cilicia:Tarsus
  8. Syria: Antiochia
  9. Assyria:Nisbis
  10. Iudaea: Caesarea
  11. Arabia Petraea: Bosra
  12. Aegyptus:Alexandria
  13. Nabatea:Petra
  14. Arabia Felix: Augusta Arabica
  15. Mesopotamia: Ctesiphon
  16. Parthia Media: Flaviopolis
  17. Armenia Superioris: Neapolis Oriens
  18. Armenia Persica: Artaxata
  19. Arabia Persica:
  20. Pontus Albaniae: Trebizond
  21. Cyrene:Cyrene
  22. Gades:Gades - 22.b Baetica
  23. Tarracona:
  24. Italia:Roma(Rome)
  25. Africa:Carthago (Carthage)
  26. Byzacena:Hadrumetum
  27. Numidia:Constantine
  28. Mauretania Caesariensis:Iol Caesarea
  29. Moesia:Tomis
  30. Macedonia: Thessalonica
  31. Illyria:Singidunum
  32. Dalmatia:Salona
  33. Pannonia:Sirmium
  34. Regnum Gepidarum Daciae:Sarmizegethusa
  35. Epirus:Epirus
  36. Achaea:Athena
  37. Imperium Persia: Prima Persiae
  38. Taurica:Chersonesus
  39. Scithia et Caucasia: Tanais
  40. Armenia Albaniae:
  41. Regnum Suessionum:Suessionum
  42. Suessionum Germaniae:
  43. Baleares:
  44. Sardinia:Caralis
  45. Corsica: Aleria
  46. Sicilia:Syracuse
  47. Cyprus:Salamis
  48. Crete:Gortyna

Diocesis Division of the Empire


476 - The byzantine empire receives

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