Hello! This is a crpmw tutorial page ! As you may or may not know, there are 2 main types of editors. The visual editor and the classic editor.
I will tell you about both of them.

visual editor Edit

This editor is the most commonly used one. Is has a row of buttons at the top, and each one has an icon. The icons tell you what the buttons they are on do. For example, an icon that looks like a chain link is used to post a link. Note: markup text does not work in visual

basic editor Edit

This editor is less common, and the only editor you can use in a talk page. This editor also has icons at the top, but they work a little different. They work by pasting the markups for wikitext.

basic markup help Edit

Titles (like the one above!): ==your title here== Links: [[[[1]]]] Italics: really good for proper nouns! Bolds: use this for all your bold needs

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