The Empire of Shugārasshuto, also some times has called Shugārasian Empire or shortly Shugārasshuto, is a massive and colorful empire located in Uncharted Space. Shugārasshuto controls of ca 1000 planets about the southern part of Milky Way and currently in 4110 AD (900 IY-910 IY), the Shugārasian population stands at ----------- people. The word Shugārasshuto comes from the Japanese word Shugā rasshu, which means Sugar Rush. If Empire of Shugārasshuto translated to English, it would called Empire of Sugar rush.

The home and capital planet of Shugārasian Empire is Random Rostah, other biggest planets like having most population is Vanijoto, Taffyota, Lighter Head and Buttercup. All other small planets are not listed then before, complete list also added on article. All of planets are mainly populated by Shugārasians and speaks not Shugārasian, it speak also other languages just like OTL India and each main planet in Shugārasshuto has its own official language.





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