The Kingdom of Errumaniako is a small kingdom along the banks of the river Tuna. The nation sits on the large eastern peninsula of the Bayasseau landmass. 


The Errumani were a tribe living in the river mouth of the Tuna, dating back to the year 530 YIG. The tribe grew in strength as trade with the outside world allowed the tribe to centralize and expand. In the year 600 YIG bronze working was introduced to the Errumani by traders. This new found technology allowed the nation to quickly conquer the small nation of the Vengrija which lay to the south of the Errumani. 


The Kingdom of Errumaniako is led by a king who is elected every 5 years by the Counsil of the Greats. The Greats are elders of one of the 9 Great Houses or Clans. The Greats and House Fathers are the leaders of their houses Housemen, the average member of any house lesser or greater.

King - Military Leader, and First Diplomat, Forgein affairs 

Great - Internal affairs

House Father - Ruler of a House, Swears loyalty to Great Council

Houseman - Daily Affair on assignment of Greats, or House Fathers

Un-Housed - Those who are not of a Great or Lesser House


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