Signing up for Map Games Edit

Lets say you want to sign up for a map game. What do you do? First of all, read the rules on that page, or the rules page for that map game, to make sure they do not have any extra critera (like "create your own nation" or "post on talk page before signing up"). There are 3 main types of sighn up sheets.

  1. Some will have a set of prefabricated nations for you to play as. Simply place your signature next to the nation's name in the editor (i will put a screenshot here)
  2. Others will require you to create your own nation. For this either you need your own article, or you just put its name. (I will put a screenshot here)
  3. Lastly, others will have no real formatting whatsoever, and be dependent entirely on the whim of the creator.

Posting your turnEdit

This is mostly dependent on the whim of the creator, but most map games will follow this format: (I will put a screenshot here)

Starting your own Map Game Edit

You are having fun playing, but really have a good idea! You can create your own map game with a few things in mind:

  1. Is it alternate history, futuristic, modern, or something else? Make sure to have a clearly defined goal, or it won't be much more than a few words tied together
  2. Is there combat? Economics? Mabye even politics? For each level of realism, you need to have an algorithm. An algorithm, or algo for short, is a kind of simulator. It decides what happens in your game. An important tip: have a randomizer. I recommend [1]
  3. How do you know what is going on if you cant see it? A map is an important thing in a MAP game! It gives a visual representation of what is happening in your map game. Make sure to regularly update it!

Talk PagesEdit

Every page has a thing called a talk page, even this page has a talk page! Important tips about talk pages:

  • They are only accessible from the full site. If you are on the moblie site (personally, i hate the mobile site), go down until you see a blue bar. There there should be a white link that says "ffull site". Click on it. You are now in the moblie site. (I will put a screenshot here) note: you must be in an article other than the main one to accses the blue bar.
  • They use classic editor. As you will learn in wikitext, classic uses a few different convections then visual.
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